Trapped in the Lift

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: They are working on the weekend and become trapped in the lift during a storm. She freaks out at the confined space, so he finds a way of distracting her from her fears.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Size   Workplace   .

I had been called into work on a Saturday to assist Rebecca (Bec) with the deployment of some new software into the live environment.

We had been working together on the software for months, and our relationship had always been very professional. We joked together but there was nothing more personal between us.

You can imagine my surprise on the Saturday morning when I found her very casually dressed - a mid thigh length colourful skirt with a loose fitting white top. Under the top was the surprise - by the wobble of her tits it was plain to see that she was braless. On her feet she wore thongs which showed off her sexy feet with their red painted toe nails.

I had problems concentrating that morning ... and she caught me a couple of times but said nothing.

We finished work at 2:00 PM, noting that a massive storm was brewing outside. Thunder and lightning was already the order of the day outside.

We took the lift from the 8th floor heading to the Ground floor.

With the lift indicator showing the 1st floor, the lift came to a shuddering halt and the lights went out to be replaced by the much dimmer emergency lights.

"Oh shit" I gasped.

"No ... no ... it can't be" commented Bec.

She was immediately on edge, pacing back and forth in the confines of the lift.

I pushed the intercom button, and after a minute or so I got a response.

"All the power is out in this part of the city" the security guard told us. 'You will just have to wait it out" he added then he hung up.

"This is not good" remarked a visibly agitated Bec.

"Oh ... you are claustrophobic" I commented when i realised her problem.

"Yeh ... I can handle lifts but only for short trips" she explained as she continued to pace.

I could see that I needed to do something to settle her nerves - to distract her from her thoughts.

"Bec ... don't hate me for this please ... it's only to help you" I explained as I stepped forward and grabbed her, taking her into a hug and then planting my lips against hers.

"What ... what are you doing ... stop" she gasped when able to unlock her lips from mine. She struggled against my hold on her but I held into her.

"You will go crazy if I don't distract you" I explained again before locking lips again with her.

The kiss lasted longer this time, and towards the end of it she was actually responding to it.

"Oh my god" she whispered before I silenced her again with my lips, with one of my hands slipping down to cup her firm ass, and to pull her closer against me.

She was getting visibly calmer.

When I broke the kiss this time, she brought her hand up to my face, caressing it and then pulling my lips back against hers. This kiss was initiated by her. My cock had grown in my baggy shorts and was pressing against her tummy - she must have felt its presence because she slipped a hand down between us to grab at it.

Her tongue probed at my lips. I responded with mine, and soon they were probing at each other.

My hand on her ass grabbed at her skirt and slowly pulled it up until I was able to place my hand on her bare ass - she was wearing a g-string. I groped her ass and slid my hand down between her ass cheeks across her anal pucker and to the edge of her pussy.

I teased her for a few moments before she broke the kiss. I allowed her to step back, releasing my hold on her.

Bec quickly removed her top, giving me an uninterrupted view of them. Her areola and nipples were cone-shaped and dark pink in colouring.

My hands were drawn to them, holding them, caressing them and playing with their nipples before I ducked my head to bring my face to them. I licked and sucked on her nipples, feeding them to my hungry mouth.

"Yes ... yes ... lick and suck them" she gasped.

I loved their shape and weight - cupping her tits from below and feeding the nipples between my lips and nipping them with my teeth.

After a couple of minutes, my lips travelled back up her beautiful chest to lock onto her lips again, tongues probing with lips mashing together.

I slipped my hand down between her thighs bringing my fingers into contact with the lacy gusset of her skimpy panties. I caressed her for a moment before I pulled it aside to allow my fingers to slip between her very wet pussy lips.

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