The Taking of Taylor

by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2016 by tunefulbob

Erotica Sex Story: A strong and lovely woman is overwhelmed by passion and submits helplessly to all my desires, including anal sex and a double penetration using my cock and a large vibrator.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   .

My mind was awhirl when I knocked on Taylor's hotel room door. I was curious about what would happen, perhaps a bit anxious about how she would react to actually seeing me in the flesh for the first time.

When she opened the door, my first look at Taylor's face immediately settled all issues for me. This was the face that had appeared in my dreams, a face that was as familiar to me as it would have been if I'd known her all my life. And her body ... Ah, she looked impossibly alluring in thigh highs and a short skirt, her full breasts straining against the fabric of her blouse, a generous amount of lovely, curving cleavage exposed to my hungry eyes.

I was immediately filled with atavistic lust – my cock sprang to life, engorged with passion and desire.

She must have seen the hunger for her that flashed in my eyes, for she looked suddenly uncertain and took half a step backwards. Yet when I walked toward her – it must have seemed to her like a tigerish leap – she accepted my embrace and my first passionate kisses as if yielding to an irresistible force. No word had yet passed between us as my mouth locked onto hers. Then for a moment, she seemed to want to tear her mouth away from mine and to push me away. But the strength of my grasp was not to be denied.

With one hand, I grabbed Taylor's ass and pulled her forcefully against my body, while simultaneously groping her breasts fiercely with the other. Her eyes widened in a look that was a mixture of surprise, hesitation, desire and something like acceptance, perhaps even submission. She obviously could feel the rigidity of my cock pressing against her loins. Whatever uncertainty she might have felt about what was going to happen at our first meeting was overwhelmed by the force of my passion. I could feel her trembling, and sensed in the swaying of her body that she was unsteady on her legs. She knew that she was powerless to resist me. My desire and my physical power completely overwhelmed all resistance that her mind and her strength tried to muster. She knew that her only possible course of action was to accept that she was under my command.

And command her was exactly what I planned to do. One way or another Taylor was mine for the taking – willingly if she chose; by force if she resisted.

When I put my hands on Taylor's shoulders, she immediately sank to her knees before me, unzipped my zipper and reached inside to grasp my cock and extract it from clothes that had become far too confining. I was delighted at the feel of her soft hands on my hard cock. She sighed quietly when she saw the length and thickness of the ultimate instrument of my command and taking of her – and she immediately grasped the base of it, wrapped her lips around it and took it in deeply, then pumped her hands and her mouth up and down on it. Wanting her to know that her service was pleasing to me, I said my first words to her, "Yes, that is good – very, very good."

"I want to feel your breasts around my cock," I told her, then added "but don't stop sucking." She immediately began to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra, while still pumping her mouth up and down on my cock, though she slowed down a bit. It was clear that she was highly motivated to please me, which was exactly the way that I wanted it.

Taylor's breasts were large and beautiful. I knew that what was coming next would delight my senses. She straightened up on her knees to lift her breasts higher, then cupped them in her hands to push them up around my cock, while still holding the tip firmly in her mouth. The smooth flesh of her breasts felt fabulous as she squeezed my cock between them. The pressure of her mouth on the tip of my cock excited and stimulated me. I looked down with approval at her and said, "Oh, that is truly excellent. You will have me exploding in your mouth if I let you keep that up for more than a minute or two."

With that, she began to fuck my cock with her mouth and breasts more vigorously, as if the prospect of my semen shooting down her throat excited her. I put my hands on her head to slow her down, then told her to lie down on the bed, with her legs extending over the edge. When she did so, I paused a moment to study her and to let the anticipation build in her. Her lovely face looked up at me, rapt with attention, her lips half parted. Her unbuttoned blouse and unhooked bra provided no cover for her breasts. I was pleased by their shape and fullness. They were the breasts of a real woman, one who had borne and nursed children – perfectly fulfilled and wonderfully sexy. I was most pleased.

Taylor has the kind of body that I prefer over all others – smooth curves over enough muscle to provide shape and demonstrate strength. Her tummy was lightly cushioned. I looked forward to the feeling of her tummy against mine when we got around to fucking in the missionary position. That thought led me to wonder how her ass would feel against my tummy when she was in, say, reverse cowgirl position. So I ordered her to lift her legs up and pull her skirt up to her waist. When she did that, I was a bit surprised to see that she was wearing no panties. Her legs were spread slightly, which exposed her lovely pussy to my admiring eyes. The other conspicuous fact was that the area around her pussy was slick with her juices. Being taken and under my command had turned her on intensely.

Her thoroughly lubricated state invited the question of what to do to take advantage of it – or, to express it more fully, what to do first. I deliberately paused to think about that, and used that pause to study her thighs and her ass. They were flawless, unbelievably shapely, once again illustrating the great beauty in a woman of smooth skin over strong muscles.

She was holding her legs up high enough that it wasn't a strain – and she seemed to know that I would be severe with her if she moved them without permission. In order to test her a bit, and simply enjoying the thrill of my mastery over her, I let the moment stretch out a little before saying, "Spread your legs a bit more, Taylor," then adding, "Your body pleases me very much, my dear. I am going to enjoy you." Her eyes softened at those words, displaying both submission and appreciation.

I disrobed rapidly, letting my clothes lie where they fell, then spread her legs further apart, and unceremoniously inserted my cock deeply into her tight but waiting and willing pussy. She moaned softly, then looked into my face to see if she had my permission to take pleasure. I nodded and smiled slightly, saying, "I like the fit, my dear Taylor. You are passing every test with high marks and earning my thorough approval." She blushed with pleasure, and then her lips parted and she moaned again when I pressed my cock deeply into her, pushing my body against her clit in the process.

But I wasn't ready to fuck her brains out quite yet. There were other tests to try – I wanted to know about her responsiveness to different stimuli. Withdrawing my cock, which elicited a sound from her like a protest that was quickly stifled, I ordered her to take off her clothes except for her thigh highs and then lie down beside me on the bed. She complied quickly. I started by fondling her succulent breasts, enjoying the weight and the shape of them. Her fully erect and perfectly-proportioned nipples were next. I sucked each of them lightly in turn, then sucked hard on one while squeezing the other between my thumb and forefinger. She sighed but gave no sign of protest.

I began to caress Taylor's tummy and then her inner thighs, sometimes near her pussy, at other times further away. Her entire genital area was slick with her desire. At first, she had her thighs close together. But the first time I began to draw my fingers further and further up her thighs and nearer to her pussy, she spread her legs wide, inviting me to get to the center of things. But this was all going to happen on my schedule, not on Taylor's. After teasing her this way for a while, I brushed my fingers lightly over her clit several times. Finally, when I could almost hear her moan with frustration and desire, I pushed my forefinger between her outer labia and pressed it lightly against her clit. Taylor's reaction was immediate, a sharp intake of breath followed by a long, sighing exhale.

She was pleasing me more and more – and I told her so. "Your responsiveness gives me pleasure, my dear. I want you to know that." She smiled sweetly, but avoided looking into my eyes. She looked shy, perhaps a little embarrassed by how much she was enjoying her subordinate role in our sexual interactions.

I caressed her clit lightly, with little circular motions, allowing her the merest taste of the gratification that she would get when I was ready to give it. Her eyes remained averted, while her lips were parted. Her breasts moved alluringly with her breathing, which was slow and deep. Seeing her breasts this way brought to mind the delightful memory of how, just a few moments previously, the flesh of Taylor's breasts felt when she caressed and squeezed my cock with them.

I rubbed her clit with increasing pressure and tempo – and was interested to note the faster movement of her breasts as her breathing speeded up. I began to use two fingers to caress and rub her, so that her entire clit was being stimulated, and increased the pressure and tempo still more. After a short time, not more than 20 seconds, she began to gasp and moan. Oddly, though, it seemed that she was trying to suppress her responses, perhaps even to stop herself from coming, as if she felt that she hadn't earned her pleasure. "It's okay, Taylor," I said. "I want you to come. In fact, before I am finished with you this evening, I want you to come harder and longer than you ever have before." I continued rubbing her, hard and fast, and the intensity of her orgasm increased. Then, as her orgasm ebbed, I eased off, following the downward curve of the intensity of her response. Her eyes were closed; she was savoring the aftershocks and the calm that followed her storm.

After a moment, she opened her eyes and looked at me, beseechingly. "Yes?" I said, giving her permission to speak for the first time. "Will you fuck me now?" she asked.

I looked at her for a moment, and she could not hold my gaze. After she had averted her eyes, I said to her, not unkindly, "Not yet, Taylor. I will fuck you eventually. It will be hard and long – but not until I am ready. I'm not ready yet. When the time comes, I will want you to ask me again. You will request that I fuck you, and you will say please." She glanced at me, then away, and nodded.

"Do not think I am displeased with you, Taylor. Far from it. You please me greatly. Your body pleases me. Your responsiveness pleases me. Your submissiveness to my directions pleases me. Before we finish tonight, you may well please me more than any other woman ever has." She shivered a little at that, as if the thought of my pleasure was too gratifying for her to absorb comfortably.

As we lay side by side, I continued to take delight in the look and feel of her body – her curves, the feel of her skin. I kissed her softly on her mouth and caressed her breast and nipple, then kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue deeply into her mouth, and at the same time squeezing her nipple hard. She started a bit, and perhaps would have gasped if her mouth hadn't been completely blocked by mine.

I let my hand trail along the long lovely curve from her breast, along her side, over her hip, to the top of her thigh. Her hand moved toward my cock, which had remained fully erect since that first moment when she had sprung it loose from my pants. I put my hand gently but firmly on hers and pushed it away. Then I pushed her over onto her back. She spread her legs sweetly, invitingly. The message was crystal clear; she understood that her body was mine to do with as I desired. She glanced at my face, saw my smile, and glanced away, smiling shyly.

I positioned myself between Taylor's legs, wanting to taste the sweet nectar of her pussy. I touched my tongue lightly to her pussy lips, inserted it between them, then trailed it to her waiting clit. I placed my hand on her tummy above her clit and pressed lightly, feeling the soft rising and falling as she breathed. I reveled in the mastery I had over her, the power to command her compliance, the complete surrender of her body to me. I pressed my tongue firmly against her clit and began to insert my fingers into her pussy. When the fourth finger went into her, she writhed and sighed. I could feel that we had approached the limit of her flexibility. With the intention of stretching that limit a bit, I pushed my fingers deeply into her pussy so that the knuckle at the base of my forefinger was pressed against her g spot. Her sighs became moans. I placed my thumb on her clit and began rhythmically to press her clit and her g spot in the same rhythm. With my other hand, I reached to one of her breasts and began squeezing her nipple in that same rhythm. Then I moved my thumb aside and replaced it with my tongue. Taylor's leg and tummy muscles were contracting slightly; her entire body began to pulse to that same steady rhythm. It wasn't long before she drew up her thighs, her pussy began to squeeze my hand spasmodically. She made a sound of released breath, half gasp, half moan, then began to call out, softly, wordlessly, sweet sounds of deepest pleasure. She came with an initial level of intensity that was a different order of magnitude from her earlier orgasm. From that high starting point, the intensity rose higher and higher for several long, slow seconds, then began gradually to ease. As it eased her legs came down so that her feet were on the bed. I reduced the pace and force of my pressures against her g spot, clit and nipple, keeping pace with the level of her orgasm. Finally, her spasms of pleasure came to a shuddering halt, though there were aftershocks that made her pussy clamp down on my hand from time to time.

When she had stopped coming completely, I pulled my hand against pressure out of Taylor's pussy. It was wet with her sweet juices. I touched my fingers to my mouth for a final taste, then lay down next to her and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of her nectar with her. My still-engorged cock pressed against her thigh. I held her close, pressing her breasts to my chest, and caressed her back, her ass, her thighs with my hand, which was still damp with her essence.

After a few minutes, she hesitatingly moved her hand to my cock, and meeting no resistance from me, grasped it firmly. I was smiling at her as she looked me in the face, and that further emboldened her – or at least gave her permission – to speak. "Now," she said softly, sweetly, "now will you please fuck me?

"Yes I will, my darling Taylor," I replied. "I will take you now – all of you."

I told her to lift up her ass, then slid a pillow under it so that the angle of the entrance of my cock into her would permit the deepest penetration. I got between her legs and stopped there a moment, on my knees, and gazed down at her beautiful pussy. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy lips were slightly parted, as if inviting me to spread them further apart and then to drive deeply into her. I leaned down over her to put my weight on my elbows, put my mouth on one of her nipples, sucked on it hard, then moved it between my back teeth and chewed on it lightly. Taylor said, "Oh!" softly. She seemed surprised that having her delicate nipples chewed on was highly pleasurable.

I began probing with my cock toward her pussy, touching her above and below, and on each side, without quite hitting the target. She was anxious to have my engorged cock inside of her, and moved her body toward my cock in an effort to help me find the right spot. Finally, she couldn't stand any more of it and, searching my eyes to make sure she had my permission, reached her hand between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it to the spot. I paused there a moment, and even withdraw slightly when she squirmed her body downward to try to engulf and embrace my cock with her pussy. The pillow under her ass made it difficult for her to go very far in that direction.

Yes, I was teasing her. In part that was to reaffirm my mastery of her, in part to let her know that being taken meant surrendering all initiative to me, in part to build her anticipation of being penetrated so that she would enjoy it all the more. But I was also pondering the method of my deep penetration of her – whether to plunge into her suddenly or to enter slowly, inch by inch. It was a near question for me, one that I eventually decided in favor of the slow penetration. And so I began, entering her bit by bit, expanding the walls of her pussy gradually with each increment of penetration. She began to moan, very, very softly, and then to breath more deeply. It seemed to me that she was having a light orgasm. It was a sweet thought.

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