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Erotica Sex Story: Gaby was his bus seat buddy. They talked often on the way to and from work. It was different this day - she was casually but beautifully dressed - spending a day treating herself at the day spa. He noticed her makeover on the way home - a trip into the teeth of a vicious storm. She drives him home from the bus stop. and stays.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Size   .

Gaby was my seat buddy most mornings and afternoons on the bus.

We got on and off at the same stop, and I allowed her to join me in the waiting line so that we could get seated together. I enjoyed talking to her - she was a bubbly 25 year old brunette who worked in a chemist, and was always smiling.

Gaby was in a relationship with a slightly older man (he was 30 years old), and they had been living together for about 3 years. She was short (about 5ft 3ins tall), not skinny and not fat with nice curves - I liked the size of her breasts which were probably a C-cup, and her nice rounded ass.

On the other hand I was a recently separated married man with three kids. I was 39 years old, having been married for 16 years before she turfed me out. There had been no love in our relationship for many years - we co-existed for the sake of the kids.

Then she "discovered" herself when she found some Internet friends - both male and female. I suspected that one of the male friends was fucking her - she had resume taking the oral contraceptive pill despite me being sterile as a result of a vasectomy.

I had noticed that Gaby wasn't as chirpy lately, but I respected her privacy and didn't ask if there was a problem.

It was a Friday morning when I found Gaby at the bus stop ... and she was not wearing her normal uniform - it had been replaced by a beautiful mid-thigh length floral patterned dress, with a clingy black top that showed off her nice bust line. On her feet she wore strappy sandals - I was in heaven because I have a slight foot fetish ... I love the look of well kept sexy female feet. Hers were all I had dreamt of.

"Hey ... what's happening?" I asked her.

"Day off today ... I'm treating myself to a full day spa experience" she explained.

"Good for you ... you deserve a day off ... and some pampering" I added.

We sat together on the way to the city, chatting the whole time before going our seperate ways.

I was surprised to see her at the city bus stop that afternoon.

"Wow ... you look sensational" I blurted out.

She looked fantastic - her hair had been cut and coloured, her makeup done, her finger nails manicured and painted with a deep burgundy polish ... and her toe nails with the same colour.

"You like?" she asked shyly.

"Love it ... scrumptious!!"

She laughed and smiled - the old Gaby was back and I loved it.

We sat together and chatted on the way home - commenting on the impending storm. We were heading directly towards the worst of it, and hoping that we could get off the bus without getting drenched.

I had a 2 kilometre walk home from the bus stop, but Gaby only had short walk to collect her car to drive home from there.

When we got close to our stop we found that the rain was holding off but it was very close to bucketing down.

Gaby spoke "I'll give you a ride home ... you will get drenched if you walk".

"That would be great ... are you sure that I'm not inconveniencing you?" I asked.

"Nah ... I'm in no hurry to get home" she responded. I sensed a bit of sadness there.

We got into her car just as the rain started.

By the time that she parked in my unit's driveway, the rain was torrential with the thunder and lightening very severe with strong wind gusts. It was quite scary.

"You can't drive in this" I told her. "Would you like to come in and wait for it to pass?"

She hesitated a moment, obviously thinking about the offer before she said "Yep ... that sounds like a good plan".

I smiled ... happy to spend some more time with this lovely young lady.

I rummaged in my briefcase and found my garage door remote - the garage was empty courtesy of the separation.

"You can drive into my garage ... we can stay dry that way" I told her as the door opened slowly.

I showed her around my unit whilst the storm raged on outside. At the end of the tour we sat together on the large three-seater lounge chair and continued to chat.

I got up the courage to ask her "You've been a little sad lately ... can I ask if there is a problem?"

She got a little teary but she eventually shared with me the news that she and her boyfriend had split up, and that she was living alone these days. She said that the relationship was over - no hope of any reconciliation with him already having a new girlfriend.

We exchanged war stories about our broken relationships.

With the storm showing no signs of abating, I asked her to share dinner with me. I had some nice steaks and accompaniments. After initially refusing, I talked her into staying, but she insisted on helping prepare the meal.

I took the opportunity to get changed into something more casual ... and Gaby kicked off her heels to go barefoot. "Yummy" was my thought - I would love to devour her toes.

Over the next hour or so we worked well together in the kitchen ... and then we shared a nice candle-light dinner - the power went out just as we were serving up.

Dumping the plates in the sink, we returned to the lounge to sit together again - this time she sat closer with her hip pressed against mine. She picked up my arm and redirected it to behind her ... so she could move in a little closer.

We had opened the curtains so we could sit there and watch nature's fury outside.

She turned to face me.

"Thank you" she whispered "I've had a lovely evening".

Then she moved her head closer to mine - we were drawn together until our lips met in a gentle kiss. Her lips were soft against mine, becoming more animated as the kiss continued.

Our lips finally came apart ... just for a moment before she wrapped her arms around my neck drawing me back into a passionate kiss with a little tongue play. I held her close, feeling her rounded breasts pressing against my chest.

Then Gaby climbed onto my lap as the kiss continued, pulling her skirt up in the process and pressing her panty-covered mound down on my growing erection in my shorts.

"Oh ... oh ... Grant ... love me please" she whispered when lips parted.

Our eyes came together - looking at each other intently looking for a sign as to the next step in this unexpected situation.

Gaby was the first to make the move - she pulled her clingy top over over her head, and then reached back to release her bra clips. She quickly removed the loosen bra to reveal her rounded breasts and their hard dark nipples.

She drew my face to her breasts.

I kissed, licked and nibbled them much to her enjoyment ... and mine. She actually orgasmed from the breast play.

"Wow ... that felt so good" she gasped as she wiggled about on my hard cock.

I put my hands on her nice ass, and shuffled forward on the lounge so I could carefully stand whilst carrying her. She put her legs around my waist with her arms around my neck.

"Let's try out that bed" Gaby suggested.

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