Allie's Cucky

by Harry Carton

Copyright© 2016 by Harry Carton

Erotica Sex Story: A brief little tale about Allie and her cucky. April Fool! But who get's fooled?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cuckold   Light Bond   Interracial   Oral Sex   Size   . says: "cuckold: a man whose wife has sex with someone else"

Allie was a looker, that much was a dead certain lock. She was 5'8", slender, had long shapely legs that went all the way to the ground, a nice set of 36Cs and a nipped-in waist. She was a blonde; hair so pale that it was two shades past platinum. An all over tan that proved she didn't waste time wearing a bathing suit when she laid out by her pool in the Dallas suburbs. Silvery blue eyes that she'd look up at you with when she had a dick between her ruby lips. Perfect.

Oh ... and she loved sex. Oral was her favorite – getting, giving – didn't matter. She also liked getting her pussy filled with a nice hard one – preferably not plastic. She liked the real thing. But with a real thing in her puss, she liked to have a long, thin rubber one in her ass.

That was the best. Well ... maybe second best, behind getting eaten and taking a nice cock on her tongue. Letting it slide deep into her throat while it was shooting off. She didn't really like the taste of most cum, but when it was shooting down her throat she didn't have to taste it.

She hadn't had a chance to get a double oral – as she thought of it – since college, three years back. That was when she learned that black cock was almost always big, black cock. Well, at least if you looked for 'em big. Maybe there were normal or even small black ones, but they didn't count for Allie.

Tonight she was going to try something new. She hoped that her little cucky would like it. She was sure she would like it, plenty.

"C'mon, Harry," Allie cooed. "You'll like it. I'll make sure you do."

Harry looked at her. She was wearing a filmy negligee. It was supposed to be black, but mostly it was transparent. She touched a finger to her left nipple. "I just want to taste you, without you getting all hot and bothered about it," she said.

So Harry gave in. What could he do? A BJ is a BJ. Right?

She smiled and led him to the bedroom.

"Now," she said. "We won't need all these clothes." She started stripping him, kissing all his body parts as they were revealed. She was giving him an all over tongue bath. Almost all over, no mouth to cock action, yet. She touched his cock, when it popped up as she dropped his tighty-whities, with just a fingernail. Sharp little index fingernail, as it turned out. The fingernail slid down the hard-soft flesh tube, until it sliced across the exposed head of his circumcised dick.

"See? He's ready." She smiled at him, and batted her baby blues.

Harry didn't say anything. He already had a ball gag in his mouth.

"Now, follow mama." She had him place his back against the headboard and buckled a cuff on his left wrist, then buckled it to the brass bars of the headboard. Allie pushed his chest back against the brass and then, using another set, buckled his right wrist to the other end of the headboard.

"Oooh!" she said with a little moue. "Is'ums cold on his back? I'll warm you up soon."

She proceeded to restrain his ankles with cuffs, this time buckling them behind him, so he was kneeling on the bed, barely touching it.

Allie took a black silk bandana and blinded him with it. To his surprise, she then placed noise canceling headphones on him. Lifting one off of his left ear, she murmured, "All I want you to concentrate on is where I touch you. Nothing else. Nod if you agree." After a brief second, Harry nodded. Really, what else could he do now?

She got on the bed and ran her tongue along the underside of his nice 7 inches. It jumped at her slurp, and she smiled to herself. She gave it a little sucky kiss on the head, and it jumped again.

Allie got off the bed and removed her black negligee, then opened the walk-in closet that faced the bed. A large black man took a step and kissed her. "He can't hear us, Mike," she said gesturing to the man affixed like a bug on a card on the brass bars.

Make that a naked black man with an 11 inch cock. He was a good half-foot taller than her. He had large balls that looked heavy with unspent sperm. But it was the size of his cock that was of most importance to Allie.

She turned and pushed him onto the bed. Crawling over him, she settled her pussy on his upturned face, then reached forward to take Harry's cock into her mouth. She shuffled forward to get more of Harry's cock into her mouth, and began to give it a tongue lashing in her mouth. Mike shifted to keep her pussy where she wanted it.

Mike licked and sucked, softly, on her vagina. His tongue snuck toward her ass, and he pulled on her hips to make sure it found its target. She moaned deep in her throat and wiggled her hips.

Harry felt the moan and was amazed that she could get so turned on by just sucking on him. He strained to get deeper in her mouth. Allie obliged him and was soon lashing at the underside of his shaft with her velvety tongue. He rocked his pelvis back and forth, fucking her mouth as much as he could, restrained as he was.

Mike inserted a pair of fingers in her ass and returned his attention to her labia, pulling them into his mouth one side at a time, as he washed them alternately with his tongue.

Allie applied a little suction to the cock in her mouth and Harry knew that he was going to cum soon. It started like a little electrical shock at the base of his spine. His hips shot forward as the cum shot up his shaft, and Allie took it deep in the back of her mouth. She rubbed the cock with her tongue as it spewed again and again down her throat. Allie had to suck the last little dribble, giving her a small sampling of the taste she really didn't like.

But Allie was distracted. The fingers in her ass were pumping in and out. His lips slid up and he started to suck hard on her protruding clit. He knew she like it hard. Then he began lashing it with his tongue, side to side. Allie erupted, shaking like a leaf in a spring breeze. She tried to clamp her knees together, but Mike's powerful arms were now locked around her hips from beneath and he kept her in place. She sucked so hard on Harry's cock in her mouth that it left a hickey on its poor sensitive head.

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