Dom the Dom Dommed

by Mr Phibb

Copyright© 2016 by Mr Phibb

BDSM Sex Story: What happens when you give your trust to a fellow professional who's not deserving of it? You could very well end up like Dominic, a broken slave, a prize to be shown off and shared with guests of any gender.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Gay   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Double Penetration   Body Modification   .

I shouldn't be here, especially not like this. I shouldn't be wearing a high collar that keeps me from looking down, and allows my mistress to lead me where she likes. Nor should my arms be fused together in a monoglove, elbows touching. Some would say a man's elbows can't touch, and while it took a bit over a month, she proved it could be done.

A man doesn't normally wear a corset, especially one that gives him a hint of an hourglass figure.At least I still have all my ribs, thankfully she doesn't seem to want a wasp waisted man. A tiny cocked one, definitely, as right now my cock is trapped in a tiny three inch cage, its latest prison. Every couple months she puts a smaller one on, forcing it down inch by inch, and now if she were to free me, I'd be lucky if it swelled to five inches, despite once having crossed the eight inch mark. In the end, I doubt I'll be left with little more than a nub, a man clit as she calls it. I will know when she is satisfied, as she will likely rivet the cage on, a permanent reminder of what she has taken from me.

No, this isn't how I should be, but it is how it is.

Dom the demon dom, that's me ... Or was. Yeah, its gimmicky, but it works, and surprisingly I was the first yagi to take that role. While I'm mostly human, I do have a few goat bits, notably my cloven hooves and thick curling horns, so slap on a red calf length latex suit, some make up, and I can pass for a demon. Well, I can if you don't look too close. Still, the worldnet loves a gimmick, so no one looks that close, or at least they pretend not to. A small home dungeon, the occasional willing or at least desperate girl, a decent camera and the worldnet, and boom, money. I wasn't rich, but probably could be, I could have turned it into a small empire I'm sure. But, I was just having fun and making enough money doing so, and really, how many get to do that?

Winding up here started with a small bondage con. At best it could be called the amateur BondCon, but that'd be being generous. But it was close, cheap, and a great place for shopping and learning, an annual treat for me. The resort was old, the area once a vacation hot bed, but that had largely ended. The resort was neat, clean, and had its event space in its own wing. With enough event space to set up a sales area, an art gallery, some 'discussion' rooms, and most importantly, a few dungeons.

Late one night I'd run into iLisa in the hotel bar. Yeah, iLisa, another gimmick. She was just setting up shop on the net when the whole i thing swept it. When you're named Elizabeth but go by Ilisa, why not take advantage of a craze? Her site wasn't much different than mine or those of a million other doms, paid membership, pictures and videos of her 'willing' submissives, mostly men, but occasionally women.

There were rumors of course, and accusations, but its the worldnet, what do you expect? I'd said as much on forums, though I was open to more evidence ... actually any evidence. Mostly she had been accused of ignoring safewords, but as her subs were often gagged, it was easy for me to accept it as an honest mistake. Some people claimed she was extorting money too, but it wasn't like she lived in a mansion or anything, just on a small farm with a big and nicely appointed farm house and barn. It could have just been a good deal as easily as an inheritance, it was still just rumors, and I never was one to put much faith in those.

Any how, we got to chatting over drinks, one professional to another. She took a phone call, at least I think she did, and then told me she had a surprise waiting for me in one of the dungeons. If I hadn't been so trusting, or had I realized that she had slipped something into my drink, I doubt I would've taken her up on the offer. Instead I just sort of smiled, nodded and said sure, figuring she had a sub waiting for us.

So I followed her down the hall, around a corner to the farthest playroom, the one no one went to because it was off in its own little corner and oddly shaped. Sorta L-shaped with a stumpy arm that was more like a bump. Like the others it wasn't extensively furnished, mostly ropes, chains, cuffs and some straps. Exercise mats covered the floor, not just for padding, but to protect the carpet. Furnishings comprised of a bench currently pushed into bump, and an X frame leaning against the wall. There was also a low platform mounted pillory in the that looked quite upmarket from the other two cheap easy assemble furnishings. Laying on the bench was a folded latex suit, already turned inside out and powdered.

Whatever she used left me in a suggestive state, I was willing to do what she asked if it wasn't unreasonable, hence my following her in. While I thought it odd no one was waiting for us, I figured they were on their way. My usual schtick involves being dressed in latex, and occasionally going au naturel, so I saw no harm in stripping down and suiting up. Jeans, t-shirt and boxers came off, then the suit went on. It was a generic full coverage suit to the neck close enough to my size that with the stretchiness of latex it would fit. I put my hooves into its feet, a tricky task as my legs aren't shaped like a normal human's. Then I tucked my cock and balls into a pouch for them, the design hiding them from sight. I wrapped my tail around myself as the suit had no pocket for it. It had a zipper at my ass that was currently open, causing the suit to settle into my cleft, spreading my ass. As I worked the suit over my torso, I noticed had small breasts, really little more than padded barely A cup bumps on its chest, which made the voice in my head scream at me. Then I worked the sleeve over my left arm, and got my first surprise, no hands, instead it just ended with a stump.

Seeing my confusion, she just smiled and helped me with the other sleeve. While the drug was already starting to wear off, it was doing so slowly, and while I knew I should be stopping her, but by this point, I'd lost the use of my hands. She just smoothed the suit over my shoulders and neck, and it was done.

I tried to escape, making clumsy weak swings that barely connected, but she just brushed it off and pulled a hood over my head. Inside out like the suit had been, she rolled it down, starting over my horns, and working it over my face. Cleary this was meant for me, or at least a yagimimi, as it allowed for my horns, and the ear holes were more or less at my ears. A reinforced ring gag pressed against my lips, one of the few openings in it. There were a pair of holes under my nose, not that they mattered as she pinched it shut, forcing me to breathe through my mouth. As I opened it, the ring gag popped into place, forcing it to stay that way.

Now I was blind, nearly deaf, and unable to do more than grunt and drool. I didn't think it could get worse, but she proved me wrong. Deftly a collar was fastened around my neck, the soft snick of a padlock closing reaching my ears. She had me, and with a tug on the collar, she made it clear that she had plans for me.

Guiding me to the pillory, she opened it, and pushed down to my knees. Another tug on the collar and I bent forward, my mind screaming at me to fight, but some how I just couldn't bring myself to stop her as my neck was put into place. My wrists quickly followed, and then the pillory was closed. A pair of cuffs wrapped around my ankles, and were clipped into place on the platform, my legs spread and my ass exposed.

Leaning close, I could hear the smile in her voice, "Just perfect, my guests will love you when they get here in ... about twenty minutes. I arranged a little party and promised to supply an anal and oral only slave, that's where you come in. You're just an anonymous rubber clad fuck toy to them, and they'll work perfectly for breaking you. I know you only like girls, and only giving, but that's going to change now that you're my perfect little fuck demon."

Reaching into her purse, at least that's what I assume she did, she got out the tools of my training, a long double ended dildo, and a bottle of numbing agent. I didn't know this until the dildo slid into my wide open mouth, liberally coated in something that made my mouth numb where it touched. It soon pushed against the back of my throat, and I would've retched if it weren't for whatever she coated it with since she wasn't at all gentle.

"Easy, easy, relax, its going down whether you let it or not."

My hands clenched as I struggled to relax, to calm myself, to ignore the fact that there was a cock being shoved down my throat. Sure, it was just a piece of rubber, but its still a cock. Sure enough, it pushed into my throat, just a little bit, then drew back, then a bit more. With each thrust another inch or so went down, it felt like it was five feet long and going into my stomach, but it probably wasn't much more than a foot of it in my mouth really. Twisting and thrusting, she made sure I got good and used to it before pulling it out. I knew what was coming next, how could I not? I heard her move, then something slipped under my tail, pressing up against my pucker, and with no ceremony, not gentleness, she pushed it in.

I'm sure she knew what the noises coming from my gag were, my screams as it split me, my enraged hollering at her to stop it, that I wasn't a fag, and on and on, not that it made any difference. Roughly she fucked me with it, working it in, testing how deep I was, only to stop suddenly.

I assumed she walked away as the toy slowly slipped from my ass and fell to the floor. Maybe there had been a noise, I couldn't really say, not distracted like I was, but soon I heard voices, but could only make out hers.

"Jackson, you're early, you know the party doesn't start for another ten minutes, the food isn't even here yet. Yes, I know, you love to get first dibs of all my new toys. Fine, you can take it for a test drive."

It? That's all I am, an it? Not a he, I could have even survive hearing her lie and call me a she, but just an it? I couldn't make out his voice, at least not until I heard a deep voice say "suck" as a cock was shoved into my mouth.

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