The White Haired Lady

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2016 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Jay Nelson stopped for a bottle of juice in the midst of his run. A quiet voice from behind him accosted him with the giggled accusation: "Young Man, you're not wearing any underwear!" He turned to face the grinning white haired lady. Was she crazy or just brash? Or was she maybe a lifetime's love?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   .


When he finally slowed down from the sprint part of his run, Jay Nelson was sweaty and panting. It did feel good, however. He'd been a runner for a long time. It was his chosen way to keep in better shape. He rounded his running habit out with workouts at a local gym to keep himself fit.

He had, of course, the object of his Dad in mind, who'd been all business and slid into late middle age not having taken care of himself, and a smoker to boot.

At an early age, even before his beloved Dad died of a cardiac incident, Jay reacted and began to take care of himself. He was, like his Dad had been, big: 6'6" tall and about 225 lbs. But he carried that weight well and saw continually to his exercises.

It had been law school for him, after college and now he was out and working. He'd gotten a job with the law firm of an old friend of his Dad's and practiced corporate law with them.

He'd inherited the family home from his parents, when his lovely Momma had faded and died about a year after his Dad's own death.

It had so many lovely memories for him and he found that he still loved the big place. He'd spent some of his inherited money getting some updates made to the house and settling it in his own special way.

He'd rescued, from the local shelter, a 'mutt' for himself. Growing there hadn't been any pets, because of his Mom's sensitivity to them but now he and General Buford, 'the General', were the best of pals. There were often enough times, when Jay would take 'the general', as he called his faithful companion, running with him.

'The General' was a shaggy black and white mutt with the grace and personality of a true lover. He never met a person that he didn't like and was extremely popular in the neighborhood.

Jay Nelson was 34 that year and in spectacular shape, and today was his workout day. He tried to get time to do his running several times per week, giving himself some off times too. He had never gotten around to carrying out his promise to move them from their ultra small house to a bigger and finer place, though he thought of it time and again.

So, it was out that morning for a run. It was a spectacular Saturday. The sun was out and it was balmy and warm. It was a marvelous day for a run.

Jay left 'the General' at home to 'guard the place', as he so often said to the adoring dog, and went out on his route around the neighborhood.

He broke off the first part of his run at a convenience store that was on his running path. He frequently stopped there for a drink of some kind before finishing his morning workout.

So, Jay Nelson was a familiar site at the convenience. He knew Mr and Mrs Waters, the owners and always greeted them cordially.

That morning the store was crowded and Jay got his 'naked drink' and got in line to make his payment.

For his run that morning, Jay had opted for a pair of bike like shorts that were tight and went to just above his knees. His tee shirt, now ringing with sweat, was a bit on the short side and came just to the top of his bike shorts.

As he stood in line, mind wandering and thinking of the rest of the run that he'd have that morning, once he'd had his 'naked juice' drink, he heard a soft voice from behind him.

At first, Jay didn't think that he'd heard what he had in fact heard from the voice.

Then it happened a second time. The soft voice from behind him said quietly, so that only Jay could hear her: "Young Man," the voice said, "You're not wearing any underwear."

Jay turned and just gaped.

(Of course the voice was correct. The running/bike shorts that he was wearing that day were snug and he usually never wore underwear with them.)

When he turned to look, he found standing behind him a somewhat short, very pretty white haired lady. He couldn't determine her age. He was never very good at that.

She was in fact, Ellen Nygert, a petite and very friendly 50 year old woman. And, when Jay turned, after hearing what she'd said, she stood and grinned at him.

His staring at her was answered immediately by a kind of a tinkling, crystal kind of laugh, and her smile was simply huge.

He didn't know what to say.

She spoke to him as though they were or had been friends forever.

"Deny it?" she asked pleasantly.

"Deny?" he said, still processing what she'd said.

"No underwear," she said, grinning.

"Ummm," was all that he managed.

She grinned at him again and let out her lovely laugh again and said: "Got you! Don't I?"

He said a soft "Yes, Ma'am," to her causing her to laugh again.

"I love your politeness," she said to him, as the line began to more a bit. "And I adore the fact that you're here without undies."

It was so weird. She wasn't discomfited at all by what she was saying to him but he was red faced and almost stuttering.

Jay didn't know rightly how to answer her; yet she stood there and grinned at him as though expecting some kind of answer.

"Um, no, I'm not," he managed but his face got redder.

With his admission, she grinned at him again and her hand came up to her mouth to hide her glee.

"Marvelous," she said, as his turn at the register came.

He only quickly glanced down at her, at what she was wearing. It was more of an idle thing than anything else but it prompted her to say: "Yes, I am and they have pink bows."

Her conquest was complete. Jay paid for his drink and, with one last look at her, where she stood grinning at him and wiggling her fingers at him in a kind of pretty wave, he left the store, blushing a bright red.

He didn't stop to take a drink and clutched the 'naked drink' in his hand the rest of his run and then all the way way home.

The voice in his head, that played over and over and over again was the soft voice of the short, pretty, white haired woman saying to him: "Young Man, you're not wearing any underwear."

It took Jay almost forever to stop hearing the voice in his head. He was at first confused and then disconcerted at his reaction to what had happened. He found himself, the more he thought of the encounter and what had happened, enchanted by the 'white haired lady'. He couldn't get the incident or her out of his mind.

Try as he may, with constant probing, reviewing and thinking, he couldn't, didn't find any nastiness in the voice or the insinuation, which had, after all been basically correct.

The overwhelming impression he got and retained was the impression of a very pretty, slightly older woman with white hair, a charming voice, a world winning laugh and a great deal of nerve. He heaved a sigh and tried to push his thoughts of her to the back of his mind. Yet she remained; the impression remained.

He rediscovered his 'naked drink' only when he got home and sat, on the porch with 'the General' and told him about the lovely 'crazy lady' at the store and what she'd said to him.

It was in one of those moments of reverie with 'the General' that he remembered her own contribution to the 'discussion' —- it if could at all be called a 'discussion' but it didn't feel like an accusation it settled in with him more as a great discovery on her part —-and he remembered her saying, in response to his quick glance at what she was wearing: "Yes, I am and they have pink bows."

The sense of that now dawned on him and simply amplified the effect of what had happened, that whole encounter.

"She was talking about her panties, General," he said to the dog, whose tail was beating a tattoo because of the attention that he was getting from Jay.

He shook his head and said: "My, yes; that's what she was saying. I hardly heard it at the time. She must think that I'm retarded or something."

He drank his drink a bit and put in a last note for 'the General': "She was pretty, General; really pretty, and you know what? She had pink bows on her panties."

(Yes it's necessary to admit that Jay was a panty fan! Thoughts of women in panties —- and he couldn't rev up such thoughts about most women but this white haired lady was the exception —- were among his most treasured erotic events.)

He went on just a bit, as though he and 'the General' were actually having a discussion about the woman: "Not sure how old she was; I can't really tell that too well but she seemed a big older, maybe. You know, mid forties or maybe even fifty."

He went in then to shower and cool down for the rest of his day but his mind kept playing tricks on him and he, for the rest of the day, frequently had the phrase 'pink bows' bouncing around in his consciousness and in his mind. He found himself smiling at the thought and the mysterious white haired lady, after just a very little bit.


Jay, with his having specialized in Corporate Law, was a valuable member of the team at Combs, McCurley and Welks. He had taken over a number of accounts from the former corporate specialist who'd moved away for family reasons.

There was also a new account whom Dan McCurley, both his friend and a partner in the firm, wanted Jay to take over. It was an industrial account and they were asking for a number of things to be done. The firm was 'Drivers Inc'; it was a local firm that did some work with the defense department plus a range of other kinds of things.

Jay was looking forward to this new client. It would be the first to be his own client and he was excited about that possibility.

He was due at 'Drivers' at 11 AM that morning and parked his car in their lot by 10:45. He wanted to be sure that he was on time.

He was shown into the office of the CEO of 'Drivers', whose name was Ellen, he was told. He was also told that Ms Nygert was a very easy person to get along with and would insist that Jay use her name, Ellen.

"Of course, and thank you," he said to the young woman who'd taken him to the CEO's office.

He was introduced to the secretary, who said that her name was Val and that Ms Nygert was ready for him.

Val used the inter-office intercom to announce that the lawyer from Combs, McCurley and Welks was there, a Mr. Nelson.

The reply over the intercom was: "Thank you, Val, please send Mr. Nelson in."

Then the world stopped dead still for Jay Nelson. He told himself, with much head wagging, only later, that 'these kinds of things just didn't happen' but in this case, it did.

When he was shown into Ms Nygert's office, with Val closing the door behind him, Jay found himself face to face with the very same short, white haired woman.

The grin on Ellen Nygert's face was simply world winning.

"Well, well, well," she said, as he simply stood and stared. Then she said, with a broad grin: "Ten muz bez bielizeny!"

"What," he managed, stuttering.

"The man without underwear," she said, "Czech."

"Oh," was his only comment.

"Come, come, Mr Nelson," she said then. "I fully intend to behave myself."

Jay finally came to himself again, stopped staring and took the hand that she was offering, and, giving her a smile of his own, said: "I am pleased to meet you."

She said to him then: "Are you?"

He knew immediately what she meant and said a soft "Yes".

She grinned and said: "So am I but no pink bows today."

"Oh," he said.

She then went into an apology for being 'that way' with him but he, having gotten a hold of himself, simply said: "No, please don't apologize.Just continue to be exciting."

Her grin was world encompassing. Jay found himself to be both riled and totally pleased at this turn of fate.

She ushered him into her office then and they sat in an alcove with a table and chairs for their discussion.

"Seems like a strange trick of fate, doesn't it?" she said pleasantly, as though she were able to read his mind.

"It certainly does," he said, turning a bit red.

She giggled and said: "One moment I'm intending to show you my pink bows and get into your pants and the next moment you're the firm's lawyer."

He stared and shook his head 'yes' just then.

"Okay," she said, holding up a hand. "I intend to behave myself, at least for right now but I'm putting you on notice that the next time we meet, I'm going to wear my pink bows and I want you to wear pink bows too."

"Pink bows?" he said in a half strangled voice.

Her laughter brought him out of his trance and he joined her providing a smile of his own.

"Behaving now," she said, holding up a hand.

"Yes," he said, "Behaving but why do I doubt that?"

She laughed at that. "You are so much fun," she said, and added: "And you are a genuinely gorgeous young man."

"Thank you," he said, "And that coming from a beauty."

"Oho," she replied, "You're trying to get to see my pink bows."

"Can't get very far ahead of you for long," he said to her, and joined her in a grin.

"Okay, work!" he said and they both got to the work that the moment was meant for.

In the very back of his mind, Jay had the thought bouncing around about how refreshingly marvelous this white haired lady was. He worked at suppressing the thought, and setting aside any residual thoughts of 'pink bows'.

Her attitude, when she did in fact turn to 'work' was open and very efficient. Jay was pleased with the questions that she asked and the directions that she indicated for their relationship and what the firm needed.

They talked for about 45 minutes and came to some valuable conclusions about what Jay would do for them. He took notes and promised to make progress on their list of things to be done.

They stood then, as she was about to show him out of the office. He noticed right away that her grin was back.

"Oh," he said to himself, feeling a bit corralled by the return of her fey attitude.

"Yes?" he said in anticipation.

"Nervous, counselor?" she asked with an impish grin.

"Um," was all that he managed. Then he felt her hand. It was on his leg.

"Just making sure," she said, feeling the bottom edge of his Calvin Klein shorts through his pants.

"Ohhhh," he said.

"Got you, counselor," she said. "Can feel your undies; at least today you're wearing them."

"Yes," he croaked, his throat and mouth gone dry on him.

She giggled and said, in a soft voice: "Pink bows?"

"Um no," he said, barely audible.

"Thought not," she said, "But today me neither; just plan pink nylon."

"Ohhh," he managed again.

"You're such a lovely talker, Jay," she said. "Do you mind if I call you 'Jay'?"

"No, not at all," he said, managing a smile.

Her hand was still on his thigh and it was causing him terrible consternation.

"Seems appropriate," she said, "Especially since we're talking about your undies and my panties."

"Yes," he said, "Panties."

"Like that thought?" she asked, her wicked grin widening.

He only was able to shake his head 'yes' to indicate. She had him transfixed.

"Like the thought of my panties?" she asked, his hesitance emboldening her.

He paused, and she looked at him and he managed a "Yes, I do."

"Thought so," she said, "Pink nylon with some lace at the waist."

"Oh," was his only reply.

"Got you," she said decisively.

He shook his head 'yes' at that thought.

"You?" she asked then, and it took him a moment to come out of his fog and realize what she was asking.

With a really red face, which caused her almost no end of joy, he said: "Pale blue Calvins."

"Lovely," she said. "But next time pink bows."

"Next time pink bows," he said, no really sure if she meant him or her.

She giggled.

He struggled to get his mind in gear and finally, holding his breath, asked her: "Dinner?"

"Oh, yes," she said, "Dinner for us. When?"

"Soon," he said, "Friday?"

"Friday it is; pick me up at 6 PM?" she said.

"Yes," he replied.

She gave him a card that had her address on it.

"Here's where I live," she said and he nodded.

"Pink bows," she said. "I promise."

"Oh, yes," he said, beating a fairly hasty retreat, "Pink bows.

He did turn before he left the office and found her standing there and grinning at him. She lifted her hand and gave him that same cute wave and he left.

He was talking to himself about as soon as he left the building: "Stop acting like a witless fool!" he said severely. His only answer was to shake his head at what just happened and at his undeniable feelings about how exciting it had been. The phrase 'pink bows' and then 'pink panties' kept surging through his mind.

"I need to talk to the General about this," he said.

That night he had a simple supper for himself and shared it with his pal 'the General'. He explained to his pal, who paid rapt attention all the while, what had happened, and how it had kind of taken him over.

It left him shaking his head.

"What do you think, General?" he asked and got an appreciative 'woof' from his friend.

"I agree," he said. "Her talking about her panties fairly floored me. But I have to make sure that next time, at this dinner thing, I don't act like a witless fool."

He got another woof about that and went to bed with these thoughts on his mind.

They had a phone conversation during the week and Jay took the opportunity to half way apologize for being, as he said, 'such a witless fool'. Ellen's response was to giggle loudly and proclaim that she had him in her sights.


Jay spent a good amount of time, during the week, to think about the dinner on Friday and what he might give Ellen, for he was determined to take something, hopefully exciting with him for her.

He was precisely on time to pick her up that Friday at her house, a rather imposingly large home.

She greeted him at the door with a smile and a hug, drawing him into the house but not letting go of him.

"Love your home," he said.

"My indulgence; at least one of them," was her answer.

"At least one," he said, smiling.

She was dressed all in white: a white, pleated skirt, relatively short, and a white knit top, white heels and off-white hose.

Jay was saying, immediately, how lovely she looked.

"Oh, exactly right words!" she said, hugging him again.

She looked up at him then and he kissed her. It was a first kiss but the excitement of it was obvious to both of them.

He enjoyed the feeling of her so close up against him and even tried to shut off the threatening thought of getting an erection. Not entirely successfully either. The pressure of her fairly large breasts filled his mind, as well as making an impression on his senses. It left him sighing and her giggling. He kissed her then.

The kiss began simply and softly but grew as she slowly opened her lips and darted a tongue out to lick his lips. He responded with his own tongue, invited into her mouth by her opening her lips wider. When his tongue entered her mouth, she grasped it with her lips and began to actively suck on it. It caused a moan to escape from him.

"Hi, handsome," she said to him, leaning back just a little. "You taste so good."

"You do that so well," he countered.

"One of my talents," she said.

"Only one!" he declared.

"Only one!" she agreed.

He then handed her the flowers that he brought, pink roses, which got a kind of squeal of delight from her. She went away instantly to get a vase for the flowers and then was right back and hugging him again.

"Thank you," she said, brushing his lips with her tongue.

"And this," he said, handing her a package that was wrapped.

She gave her little squeal again and opened the package. Her enthusiasm then abounded. In the package she found a pink velvet ribbon for her neck, with a diamond at the bow. Also in the package was another six small pink ribbons.

"You remembered!" she squealed at him.

He smiled at her and nodded his head.

"Wait here!" she fairly shouted and went scurrying off to get something.

When she came back, she had safety pins in her hand. Then, to his utter amazement and consternation, she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. She lowered his pants to his knees, while he was simply staring at her.

She giggled, when she discovered his white, A & F shorts.

"These for you!" she said, taking the safety pins and attaching a pink ribbon to the waist band of his shorts at each of his hips. It made him grin.

She stepped back and, with him staring, lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist. The stockings were white thigh highs and she had pink ribbons on her white, nylon bikini panties. There were ribbons all along the waist band of her panties.

He simply stared and she held the skirt up to let him.

"You go ahead and stare," she said.

The panties were thin and light and, despite the white hair on her head, showed off a nest of dark curled hair between her legs, and she had pink ribbons on the waist band above her butt cheeks.

"See," she said then, "Ribbon on the back too." As she said this, she turned around to show him the back of her panties.

The swell of her butt cheeks, thrusting against the fabric of her panties was wonderful. Jay was mesmerized by it.

"Gorgeous!" he said, and she spun around and launched herself into his arms.

Before they went out to dinner, she had him help her put the pink velvet ribbon piece around her neck.

"People will think that I'm your slave," she said, brushing his lips with hers and capturing his tongue to suck on it, as he responded to her kiss.

"Good," he said and she giggled.

Their dinner was at a locally popular steak place. They settled in and looked over the menu, when the waitress came to the table. She was a large afro-american woman.

Before he could say anything in response to her telling them that her name was 'Romane' and she'd be their server, Ellen spoke up and said: "He has pink ribbons attached to his undies."

He put his head in his hand and shook it at this latest show of her outrageousness.

Romane grinned at the two of them.

"Really?" she asked quietly.

"Pinned them there myself," Ellen said with great pride.

"Well good for you, girl!" the waitress said and took their order. She said, looking at Jay with a grin on her face, as she walked away: "Pink bows!"

"Difficult to ever get ahead of you," he said.

She grinned at him and said: "But I'm your slave, remember; you can do all sorts of slave things to me later."

"I'll also report you to the general," he said.

"Who's that?" she asked, her chin on her hands and her face leaning across the table toward him.

"My mutt at home; best friend! General John Buford," he explained.

"He's literate! He has pink bows on his undies and is literate!" she crowed. "I love it, General John Buford. I need to meet him. Maybe a pink bow for the general too."

He turned a bit red and she grinned at him. "Maybe so," he responded.

Every time Romane came to their table during the meal, she had a huge grin on her face. When she finally showed up with their check, which Jay insisted on taking, Ellen passed across the table a pink bow with a safety pin fastened on it to Romane.

The waitress grinned at them and said: "Why thank you."

"Need to wear it," Ellen said, "You know where."

Romane grinned and shook her head 'yes'.

"Put it on here?" Ellen asked, Jay laughed and Romane walked away laughing too. She came back and, smiling at the two of them, nodded her head.

They sat for a few more minutes and it seemed that Ellen was about to have a reality check with him.

"Do I need to tone myself down?" she asked softly. "I know that I'm being outrageous."

Without pausing to think very long, he answered: "I think that outrageous is exactly what I need." He laughed then and said: "It began as a kind of assault on my senses. I mean: 'Young man, you're not wearing undies.' How about that for a lead in?" It made the two of them laugh.

She clapped her hands together and said: "Goodie!"

"Slave things next?" she asked.

"All sorts of slave things!" he said.

"Goodie," she repeated.

"I'm taking you home to the general," he declared, as they made their way out of the restaurant."

"Goodie," she said, "The general!"

They went then to Jay and the General's home.

"Nice," she said, when they got there.

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