Widder Lucy's Lament

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: A widow at 50, she isn't going to let her pussy wither away from disuse. She knows from much experience that exercise is the best therapy.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   .

Her body was sturdy and healthy even of not as sexy as it was when she got married. Until a month ago her pussy was well exercised by a strong and horny husband. At least they thought he was healthy until the aneurism ripped open a big blood vessel in his chest and he died holding her.

The only one who could stay with her after the funeral was a male cousin slightly younger than her half-century. Orval had lost his wife to a stroke in the last year so could empathize. He hated living alone so was in no hurry to go back to his farmhouse in the hills. The bigger town Lucy lived in offered more entertainment. At least there was cable TV and the internet. She was in no hurry for him to leave either, needing the companionship of a man after living with one for more than thirty years.

She wondered as she said goodnight to Orval if he remembered the family reunion out at the farm he still lived on where they skinny-dipped at the beaver pond and he was the second man/boy to enter her pussy. They’d screwed a half-dozen furtive times before they had to separate and had eyed each other when their paths crossed, like at each of their weddings. Would he still be interested in her older body?

Orval was trying to play the gentleman and not impose on her grief but felt the pangs of celibacy as well. He fell asleep with his hand on an erection cause by his memories of her.

The stalemate had to be broken somehow, but how?

Fate or God or the Universe or something stepped in. “Hey Lucy,” said Orval, “My neighbor called and I’ve got to go fix something at the farm. You want to ride along?”

“I’d love to,” she replied, “I haven’t been there in years.”

“Take along a few things in case we have to stay over.”

The problem required he call in some help. It was hot and the old place didn’t have A/C so he suggested, “Remember the beaver pond?” Sure she did! “Let go out there and cool off.” Her pussy dampened since she hadn’t brought a suit, just like the last time they went there.

Both were shy about showing their much older bodies but got past that and the water felt good. She began teasing Orval for staring at her much more substantial tits and asked him to stand up to see if he was getting hard. When he wouldn’t she swam underwater to just behind him and surfaced where she could reach around and got a handful bigger than she remembered. THAT made him big and he dragged her into the water, the first real physical contact of their time together. They wrestled and played and finally got out on the blanket they’d brought. Each toweled the other and that wordlessly led to serious kissing and groping. She remembered years ago staring up at the same tree canopy as he entered her again after so long. She sobbed as she released her combination of grief and lust and he had to hang on as she bucked with his thrusts.

They lay quietly, both sated for the first time in awhile but didn’t disengage from the delightful embrace. Orval filled again and they made tender love too. That night in Orval’s marital bed cemented their relationship as very dear friends.

They spent one more day and night there before the problem was resolved and returned to Lucy’s house in a very different and happier relationship. The guest room was unoccupied this time.

Her friends noticed the great improvement in her spirits which she put down to the country visit and the determination to move on with her life. Orval stayed a week and had to get back home. They would visit each other frequently.

Their lovemaking must have created an aura around each of them because things started happening. A long-ago boyfriend, her first, looked her up and wanted to spend time. As with Orval, she remembered the long ago fumbling pleasures and he was in her bed after a decent interval.

Her backyard neighbor, ten years younger, asked her advice for his landscaping and thanked her with dinner. A few homecooked dinners later she was enjoying a new and vigorous cock, amazed at herself but thrilled with the adventures.

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