Amber and Friends

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2019 by Victor Echo

Erotica Sex Story: Jake had managed to avoid his ex-girlfriend Amber, but fate had other thoughts. He did not often come to this bar, and he did not know why he came tonight, but Amber was there with her friends Sara and Marco. And Amber needed Jake to help her finish their evening. NOTE: This story contains male/male sexual contact. If that is not your cup of tea, keep right on going.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

He thought he had gotten away clean when he saw his ex and her friends come into the bar. Alas, he was not so lucky.

“Jake? Jake!” Amber said.

She ran across the lot and caught his arm ten strides before he got to his car.

“I thought that was you.”

“Oh, hello Amber,” he said.

“Hello yourself. I thought you were in Miami.”

“I was.”

Jake took a moment to look at her. She had lost weight through her middle, which only served to accentuate her ample chest. Her hips and ass also appeared to be smaller, and she had let her hair grow, so it now fell in waves past her shoulders. She wore a loose blouse and jeans. He would say she was more attractive now than when they had been together. She was also five years older, but that did not impact her looks. She had run out without her coat, so her nipples rose in the chilly air under whatever flimsy bra she wore.

“Come back inside. I want you to meet some people.”

“Amber... , “

“Please? I need your help.”

“What sort of help?”

“Could we go back inside? It’s cold out here.”

He did not know why he agreed to go, but then, he did not understand why he had chosen this bar. It was not one of his usual places. Fate stirred the water, so he followed Amber back inside.

“Jake, this is Marco and Sara. This is my friend Jake. You may have heard me mention him.”

Everyone said hello, then placed their orders.

“Amber said you moved to Miami,” Sara said.

He remembered her name, if not her face. She and Amber were friends from one of Amber’s many clubs, but Marco was an enigma. He had that handsome face that Amber liked, but he was no one Jake knew immediately, not that it mattered.

“Yes, I was there for about six months, then I was in New Jersey for a bit. I have been living out of a suitcase between here and California for the last little bit.”

“What do you do?” Marco asked.

“Keep companies out of trouble.”

“Highly specific,” Amber said with a smirk.

“No more specific than what you do,” Jake said with a smile.

Jake took a sip of water. Amber worked on the black side of life, but Jake was not going to say any more than he did. Marco let it drop. In DC, half the population worked on the dark side, so not talking about work was as common as discussing politics.

“I did not get the ending to the movie,” Sara said, changing the topic.

“It was an exploration of man’s inner longing,” Marco said.

“Sounds like bullshit to me,” Sara said with a laugh.

“Suit yourself. Excuse me a minute,” Marco said.

Marco left the table and headed for the restroom. Sara noticed his direction before she hopped up and quickly followed behind him.

“What sort of help do you need?”

Amber looked around, then pulled me close.

“It’s a huge favor.”

“I’m listening.”

“Marco and I are going to take Sara back to my place and have our way with her.”

I must have looked curious but did not say anything before she continued.

“The problem is Marco. It would seem he is more gay than bi.”


“And ... would you come with us?”

“What do you expect me to do?”



She just smiled at me.


“I know what your limits are. I need you to help where you can. I am sure you can figure it out.”

Jake sat back in his chair and took another sip of water as he considered her. Marco came back at that moment, and Sara was not far behind him. He watched Sara as she approached the table. She wore black pants and a loose blouse with a blue stripe undone to show some cleavage. Her chest was nowhere near as significant as Amber’s but seemed well-formed none the less. Her blonde hair was cut short, but pretty, and she had fetching blue eyes. She also had a lovely curved ass he noticed as she returned to her stool. Sara was a lovely lady in her own right, even if she was not someone he would take out. She watched him watch her get settled and smiled.

Marco wore jeans and a polo shirt. His arms were toned, tanned and the edge of a tattoo that must have been higher up on his arm poked below the hem. His hair was in the current style. He was attractive in a masculine sort of way, but Jake did not find him that masculine and if he was gay, well, good for him. It did not bother Jake one way or the other.

“What?” Sara asked as she picked up her drink

“Nothing,” Amber said.


“We were discussing buttons,” Jake said with a smirk.

“Buttons,” Sara said.

They each ordered another drink while Jake continued to drink water as he looked between Sara and Amber.

“What about buttons?” Sara asked.

“I proposed that Amber had too many done up. She seemed to disagree with me. That is when you returned.”

Sara looked at Jake.

“I suppose I could make the same argument about you as well,” Jake added.

“You just want to see my boobs,” Sara said.

“What man wouldn’t? From here they look lovely.”

Sara giggled.

“And what are you going to do about it?” Sara asked.

Jake stood up and walked around to where Sara sat on her stool. He smiled at her, then ran his finger along her jawline. He watched her blush a little as a small tremor went through her body. He went back along her jaw until he reached her neck, then followed the line of her blouse down to where it was buttoned. He felt the warmth of her skin through his finger as he teased her. When he reached the button, he deftly undid it, then traced his finger down to the next button. The button was just below where the cups of her bra met. She shivered again when it stopped at the button, then traced his way back up the other side, his finger touching the soft skin.

Sara sighed when he took his finger back and returned to his seat. Sara gulped half her drink. Amber looked between them, then reached up and undid her button. She pushed her shoulders back a bit as she did so. Jake noticed that while Marco was following the exchange, he did not seem to react visibly, which only enforced Amber’s opinion. What Jake wondered was why Amber had selected him to play with Sara. Or perhaps Sara had made the choice. Jake took another sip of his water and tried not to think anymore about it.

They ordered another round of drinks and consumed them before Amber suggested they move the party back to her place before no one was able to get there. Once there, she opened the wine and poured for everyone. Sara sat in an oversized chair, while Amber and Marco sat on the couch. Jake perched on the arm of Sara’s chair.

Amber smirked at them, then undid another button. Her red bra was visible, as was the extensive amount of flesh that it supported. Jake looked at her, then back at Sara.

“Sara, go sit on the couch. Marco, come sit here,” Jake suggested.

As Sara moved, Jake pulled his shirt over his head then tossed it aside. Sara gasped when she saw him. Jake sat on Sara’s left side, Amber on her right. He reached over and undid all the buttons on Sara’s blouse, then leaned in to kiss her as he ran his hand over the soft skin of her abdomen. Sara leaned into the kiss, then groaned. Amber’s hand moved across Jakes as they crossed Sara’s body. Jake slid his hand up over Sara’s white cotton bra. Her nipples were large and hard. He squeezed the flesh of her tit under the material of her bra, but only let his palm graze her nipple as he moved up to stroke her neck. Jake looked over at Amber. She had already removed her blouse, and he could see her nipples were also hard under the material.

“Sit up,” he whispered into Sara’s ear.

She did, and he slipped her blouse off of her shoulders. Amber finished pulling it off. He paused a moment and looked over at Marco. He paid attention to the scene on the couch. He had removed his shirt and pants, and his cock bulged under his boxers. Jake noted that he did have an athletic body with several tattoos.

Jake returned his attention to Sara. He kissed her neck before he began to kiss softly across the exposed skin of her tits. Beside him, he could see Amber rhythmically squeeze Sara’s other nipple. Sara raked her nails across Jake’s shoulder. Jake gently bit Sara’s nipple through her bra. Her back bowed as she pushed her tit into his face. He bit it harder and she groaned. Jake noticed motion out of the corner of his eye. Marco had pulled off his shorts and stood in front of Amber. She had one hand wrapped around his cock as another hand played with his shaved balls. Clear fluid shone on the tip before Amber ran her thumb over the head.

Jake slipped the strap of Sara’s bra off her shoulder before he pulled down the cup and attacked her naked tit. He sucked hard on the nipple before he bit down on it.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Sara groaned.

Jake played with both her tits as he watched out of the corner of his eye as Amber took Sara’s free hand and pulled it towards Marco’s cock. Sara shivered as she touched it, then again as Jake sucked harder on her tit. He noticed Marco squeezed one of Amber’s tits as Sara stroked his cock.

“Suck him,” Jake whispered.

Jake moved aside and helped Sara forward. Amber moved aside as Sara wrapped both her hands around Marco’s cock. It seemed to grow larger with each passing moment as she stroked it.

“That’s a monster,” Jake said as Marco rose to full erection.

“Isn’t it though,” Amber sighed as she slipped off her bra.

Jake undid Sara’s bra as she ran her finger through the precum that oozed from the tip. Sara seemed fixated on Marco’s cock. She stroked slowly along its length as she moved towards it. Marco, too, moved forward until there was barely a breath between her lips and the glistening head of his cock. Sara’s tongue flicked forward over his cock. She laved the head before her tongue slid along the shaft. Her mouth slipped over the head as her hands moved to the root of Marco’s cock. Marco’s hips thrust forward, and more of his cock slid into her mouth. Sara pushed against his thighs as her head bobbed up and down Marco’s length. Above her, Marco panted.

Jake watched them as Amber stood up and undid her pants. Jake looked over at her. She wiggled her hips and pushed her jeans down, which left her red thong in place. He saw the dark spot where it rested tightly against her pussy lips. He also noticed that she had shaved, an accurate indication she was trying to impress someone, but certainly not him since she did not know they were going to bump into each other. She smirked as she squeezed one of her tits for emphasis. Jake smiled at her as he slipped his hands around Sara’s body and cupped her tits from behind before he kissed her neck.

“Amber, you should take care of Marco so I can help Sara out of her pants. Or you can help her out of her pants and Marco can help me out of mine,” Jake said as he breathed across Sara’s ear. She shivered and let Marco’s cock go free. Amber smiled broadly as she watched it pulse with the beat of his heart.

“Stand up,” he whispered in Sara’s ear, “you will find this fun.”

Sara stood up. Amber went down in front of her. She unbuttoned Sara’s pants, then slipped down the zipper. She pulled her pants down slowly including her cotton panties. When they hit the floor, Amber had her step out of them and tossed them aside. Then Amber moved forward. Jake and Marco watched as Amber planted kisses on Sara’s hips, and stomach before she slipped a tongue between Sara’s lips. Sara gasped, and her eyes fluttered as she pushed her hips forward. Jake ran a hand over the curve of her ass. Amber sat back on her knees, and Jake helped Sara sit down.

Marco moved forward and repeated Amber’s actions. He undid Jake’s jeans and pushed them down, gently pulling Jake’s erection out. Jake noticed how soft his hands were as he did this. When his jeans hit the floor, Jake stepped out of them. Marco ran his hands up and down Jake’s leg. Jake watched as Sara paid full attention to the scene while Amber gently stroked one of Sara’s nipples. Marco moved forward to flick his tongue over the crown of Jake’s cock a moment before he sucked the entire length into his mouth. Jake groaned with the sensation as Marco’s nose hit Jake’s skin.

“That is so fucking hot,” Sara said breathlessly

Sara’s legs fell open as she watched Marco suck on Jake’s cock. Marco went at it with gusto. His head bobbed rapidly up and down Jake’s length. Sara’s breath came in short gasps. Sara slipped a finger between her legs and played with her pussy lips as she looked back and forth between them with glassy eyes. Marco slowly pulled back off of Jake. Sara watched his head glistening in the low light.

“Can I?” Sara asked.

She bent forward and sucked Jake’s cock slowly into her mouth as Amber continued to play with Sara’s tit. Sara moved a hand to play with Jake’s balls. She sucked Jake’s cock for several minutes before she too pulled off with a last lick of the purple head.

Amber moved in to suck Marco’s cock next. Marco may not have liked girls as much as guys, but from the way his hips flexed, he enjoyed anyone who could suck his cock, and as Jake knew, Amber could suck cock with the best of them. Sara’s breath came in ragged gasps as she watched all this. Jake gently pushed Sara’s legs apart. She looked down at him as she figured out why he settled between her legs. Sara moved forward, then returned to watch Amber suck off Marco. Unlike Amber, Sara had not shaved completely. She had trimmed her bikini line, but a thick pelt of hair covered the rest of her cunt. He took a moment to admire it before he slipped his tongue between her drenched folds. Sara gasped and shook. Jake flicked her clit several times while Sara mewled with delight and lust. He could hear Amber as she gobbled and sucked on Marco’s cock, but he still wondered what the next shoe to drop was. He soon found out.

“Fuck,” Amber gasped. “Don’t make her cum Jake.”

“OK,” he said.

He looked up at Amber from between Sara’s legs. Sara let out a sigh of disappointment.

“The original plan was to double team Sara, and she’s never had that sort of experience. But, well, the guy I had in mind was not available, and Marco came out to the vineyard with us. I asked him to help, and well...”

“I don’t get off that much on girls,” he said quietly. “I wouldn’t do that good a job of it. She might not even get anything out of it.”

“You are not putting that monster in my ass,” Jake said.

Amber looked at Jake and fluttered her eyes.

“No, Amber, you can take it in yours first.”

Jake knew Amber could take something that substantial in her ass, but she had to be a lot further gone with lust before she would.

“No, of course not, Jake, but would you mind if he says sucked your cock while I ate Sara and you, played with her? Or something?”

Jake noticed the way Sara’s pussy got much wetter as Amber talked. He leaned in and licked it slowly. Sara grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to her center.

“I am sure we could arrange something suitable for everyone’s enjoyment,” Jake mumbled.

“Why don’t we move this to the bedroom,” Amber suggested.

Everyone moved that way, but Jake caught Amber’s arm.

“Why not postpone it?” he hissed

“Have you seen how big his cock is? Jake, Marco does not ‘get off’ on girls, but that doesn’t mean he won’t fuck them. At least a bit.”


“So you need to let him play with you, and I will blow him. That will be enough once he fucks Sara. She’s never had one that big. Hell, I’ve only had one other. I would not let her pass this up.”

“It better be, or one of us will have a sore ass in the morning.

“Oh, God I hope so,” Amber said with a shake.

Jake only shook his head. When they got to the bedroom, Marco was on the bed, and Sara was between his legs, his cock in her mouth. Amber leaned into Jake, then ran her hand over his naked ass.

“Why don’t you go sit by the headboard.”

Jake moved around the pair on the bed and got comfortable. He suspected he knew what she had in mind.

“OK, you too, break it up,” Amber said with a laugh.

Sara sucked hard on Marco’s cock as she came up. His cock flopped down and bounced off his abdomen. Sara’s eyes were glassy.

“Sara, go sit between Jake’s legs. He will help you get comfortable.”

As Sara moved up the bed, Amber whispered in Marco’s ear. Jake watched him nod before Sara was in his arms. They kissed, deeply while Sara fished around for his cock, stroking it back to life.

“Minx, you need to turn around. Trust me; you will enjoy this if you aren’t split open.”

As Jake said this, he watched Sara look over her shoulder, then back. Her eyes were wide as she turned around in his arms. He helped her settle between his legs with his arms under her arms, and his hands rested under her tits. He gently squeezed them as they watched Marco turn over and knee walk towards Sara. From where he sat, Jake watched Sara’s mouth fall open. Jake teased her nipples as the tip of Marco’s cock nudged her clit. Sara sighed.

“Pull her legs back,” Amber said. “She’ll need the help.”

Jake did as Amber asked and pulled Sara’s legs back at the knee, opening her up. Marco moved the head of his cock into position, looked at Sara, then at Jake, and began to push forward.

“Oh, oh, oh! Slow, slow! Fuck, so fucking big! Slower, slower.”

Marco was barely pushing forward. Sara’s head rolled back and forth as her hands clenched and unclenched in the sheets.

“So big, so big.”

Half of Marco’s cock appeared to be deep in Sara, and he had stopped moving forward.

“Amber, your help is needed.”

Amber was already moving forward. She smirked and bent down between Marco and Sara. Jake watched her start to lick Marco’s cock and Sara’s clit. He could tell her actions were effective because Sara began to moan louder and Marco’s body got closer to Sara.

“OH FUCK NOW!” she screamed.

All at once Marco slammed home and closed the remaining distance as Sara spasmed uncontrollably. Amber nodded at Marco. He started to push in and out of Sara. Her back arched and she screamed. Jake could see from where he was how wet Marco’s cock was as he pumped in and out of her. Sara relaxed as Marco continued to pump in and out of her. Sara started to stiffen up again. Jake pinched her nipples a moment before her next orgasm crested through her body. Her back bowed away from him, and this time she shivered as if she was attached to Marco’s cock from the top of her head to her feet, then she collapsed.

“Enough, enough, get it out,” she pleaded.

Marco eased his cock out of Sara’s pussy. Jake noticed the puddle where Sara’s fluids pooled as they poured from her. Sara slumped back again Jake. She panted, and he could feel her heart hammering inside her chest. Amber came up and kissed Sara.

“How was it?”

“Holy fuck, that was incredible.”

“When you’re ready, we’ll let Jake have a go at you. You can feel him cum deep inside of you.”

“I would like that very much, but in a moment or two, if you don’t mind,” Sara said.

“Why don’t you move over and I will take your spot,” Amber said.

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