Cousin Meg Is Pranked

by LiteroCat

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Erotica Story: Beautiful, buxom, annoying prude is tricked into getting naked in public with her open cousins.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Incest   Cousins   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

Suddenly, Meg started screaming and pointing down into the water. "A SHARK! A shark is circling me, help! HELP!" I saw a large shape swim toward then away from her. She tried to suppress her screams as she threaded water. When the creature surfaced next to the boat, I saw that it wasn't a shark, just a playful manatee. When it headed for Meg again, my devious mind kicked in. Suppressing a smirk, I figured I could later toss the blame for my joke on the date - national pranking day, April Fool!

"Meg! I think your neon pink suit is attracting it like flags attract bulls. Lose the suit now! Take it off and let it drop. Hurry!" I shouted. Sue stared silently at me, just a bit concerned with losing her lent swimsuit. Meg froze, open mouthed. It seemed to make sense to her feeble mind. She protested that she'd be naked and didn't have other clothes and God wouldn't approve.

How did we get to this point with a bible thumping prude? About two months ago, sexy, beautiful, guileless Meg broke up with her sixth boyfriend in six months. She was crushed by the string of relationship failures and had lost all confidence in herself and fickle men. Sue and I were concerned about her depression and invited her to stay over a few days. Those days crimped our lax and skimpy dress code and feckless sex everywhere. It only got worse with each passing week. When Sue had enough constraints on her essential freedoms, she roped me into not so subtly making Meg want to leave. If only... !

Two months ago:

Her third grade smarts and eternal brainless questions quickly ran the gamut from ingratiating to irritating, despite her incandescent beauty. Her last six boyfriends didn't have the patience she commands. Her infantile modesty kept her in flannel PJs with us and them, if she ever got that far. Sue was determined to change that and I was happy to reap the benefits. At 5'6" and 125 lbs., her 34Dx24x36 frame was a tight fit for her eight-year-old flannels. When Sue pointed out they were getting threadbare at her nipples, ass and knees, Meg added a robe to cover up. Tant pis! Lucky for us, Sue didn't mention the well-worn acre that Meg's bush wore away. We both enjoyed the peeks we got when Meg relaxed her hated robe.

Instead of pushing her limits, we continued to make her jaded at her current exposures. Sue began more frequent and intense displays of affection when Meg was nearby. Her kisses were more soulful, sultry and inspirational. Her hands wandered more freely, manipulated my swelling dick over and inside my slacks. I took the hint and let Meg see my over-shirt nipple stretches and my openly cupping Sue's pussy in shorts, slacks and even just panties. It took Meg two weeks to stay in the room when we began mutual fondling. When she did, she sat in a nearby chair and slyly watched us. A blanket covered our further foreplay. She saw the energetic 'bumps' in the blanket when Sue released and pumped my dick or I pulsed her pussy deeply.

Yesterday, March 31:

Sue wanted some time away from Meg for unrestricted sex, so 'we' decided to rent a Key West sailboat for a day. Problem solved! Right?! We were not clear when we told Meg that we'd rented a sailboat, so sexy, beautiful cousin Meg invited herself on our private outing into the Gulf. Sue and I had hoped for just a LITTLE isolated time to skinny dip, yet within sight of the coast of course. Sue loves to be fully seen if she has some deniablility, and is easily 'convinced' by dares or 'accidents' though she knows better. You'd think another beautiful body could only help, right? So where's the problem? Well, gorgeous Meg is still a bible thumping conservative with mid double digit IQ. She is as gullible as she is beautiful and wasn't aware she was infringing on our special time.

Meg didn't have a swimsuit and wanted to shop for an ultra conservative one. She asked Sue where she could get a one piece with a crew neck and tennis length skirt. My playful wife smirked when she told me she could discourage Meg easily by offering one of her most outrageous and smallest bikinis. "Why buy a new suit for a day when you can just borrow one of mine?" Meg gasped when Sue offered her a choice of similar thong suits in neon pink or nude with translucent panels.

After a minute of extreme eyeball gymnastics and gasping, Meg surprised us by grudgingly selecting the neon suit. She accepted it and said she'd just keep a skirt or towel on so her bare, pale buttocks were safe. If she put on the suit, she'd be showing us and strangers more skin than we've seen in two months. Fortunately, or maybe not, though the cups were much too big for Sue's tiny tits, they would still not contain Meg's very full D-cups. I can't wait to see her dive into the cold water!

Today, April 1:

We packed a cooler with ice, beers and sodas and lunch meats. Besides light jackets and large towels, we didn't pack any clothes and 'accidentally' forgot Meg's rucksack full of her conservative safety clothes. Meg wore her jacket and sweat pants over the tiny suit Sue lent her, so we didn't see any skin yet. Sue wore her jacket, but nothing over her thong bottoms. As she scurried around and bent over, she made sure her bare cheeks were aimed at Meg.

We left at dawn and found our boat ready and waiting. Though it was already hot when we cleared the dock, Meg was still in her light jacket and sweats while Sue was catching rays face up. Within minutes of leaving the dock, Sue took off her top. Horrified, Meg closely watched her sunlit tiny tits gyrate with the rocking. After getting just a few hundred feet offshore from a public beach, I dropped anchor. Sue stood up, topless, and faced the beach. From the rear, Meg would have sworn she was completely naked and teasing the small beach crowd. Sue abruptly dived into the gulf and swan closer to the beach. Meg was aghast.

I stripped to my Speedo and let Meg watch my obviously swelling shaft as I stowed my jacket. I suggested she take a swim too, but she said she was too embarrassed to expose the tiny suit. I teased her and pantsed her before tickling her to get her jacket off. Her bright, bare, pale ass glared in the sun. As she wiggled and squirmed, I got the jacket off and managed to slyly caress her full, soft tits then began to release her top. "Sue's already topless, don't you want an even tan for a change?"

But she pulled quickly out of the jacket and resisted. Her nipples were still covered, but her big, pale tits moved temptingly as they were tossed around. "OK! OK! I'll di-dive in! Let me dive in. Those people can't see me so..."

Looking thru my binoculars, "Yes, you're right. Except for that group with the telescope, they can't see your beautiful body." She quickly dove into the gulf! Unfortunately, her top stayed on, but her nipples were visibly and deliciously hardened. While treading water, she watched Sue leap from the water like a dolphin, tits up then ass up. Sue was loving her near naked exposure to everyone.

After circling and teasing Meg for several minutes, Sue charged her and pushed Meg's top up to her neck, briefly exposing her big, beautiful, voluptuous tits and stiff nipples to us. Meg shrieked loudly and turned heads from the beach. Sue slowly climbed on board, land side, to maximize her ass and perfect nipple exposure to everyone. Far too quickly, Meg covered her pale brown nipples and puckered aureoles.

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