St Katherines Day Feast

by LazarusLong

Copyright© 2016 by LazarusLong

Flash Sex Story: Getting ready for the Holidays can be a real Pain.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Light Bond   Torture   Snuff   Cannibalism   .

It was a very tired and thirsty Corrine who greeted her Father as he entered the house.

"Hello Daddy!"she panted. "How was your day?"

John set down his brief case and hung up his jacket, before patting Corrine on her cheek.

"Same as always sweetie, to many girls. They all know someone needs to be culled but no one wants it to be them." he sighed and ran his hand down Corrine's shoulder to her side and cupped her breast, tweaking the nipple. He gave a light chuckle. "So what have you been doing all day?"

"Oh you know me Daddy, just hanging around." She said weakly.

John ran his hand along his daughter's arms and checked the ropes that supported her at the shoulders and wrists, then the he inspected the skin around the nails that went through her wrists and into the cross she was hanging from.

"Flex your fingers for me sweetie."

Corrine did so with a slight grimace and John nodded in satisfaction. He bent to check the the ropes that held her feet to the small block that allowed her to take the strain from her arms.

"Looking good so far sweetie." he stood running his hand up her naked thigh to rest on her hip.

"Think you'll be able to make it?"

Corrine shuddered at the feel of her father's hand on her hip.

"Yeah Daddy its only another day." she smiled a tired smile.

"I'll get you a drink and maybe a little snack." He slid his hand from her hip as he turned from her toward the kitchen, his fingers trailing lightly along the skin of her lower belly.

Corrine watched from her place mounted on the cross in the front hall, as he went into the kitchen. She could hear him moving and the clink of glasses and plates. Soon he returned setting a small tray on the hall table and raising a glass to her parched lips. The water was cool and refreshing. She drank deeply but carefully too much at once, after going without all day. might make her sick.

"Thank you Daddy." she said as he took the glass and set it on the tray.

He lifted a thin strip of meat from the plate and held it up to her lips. She smiled as she opened he lips to take a bite. Chewing slowly and savoring the sweet and slightly spicy flavor.

"Mmmmm, Jenny?" she asked.

John nodded. " I still don't believe that idiot thought he was still on the hunting preserve. He knew he was out of bounds, but with his tracker broken there was just no way to prove it."

Corrine's sister had been taken by a hunter, a poacher really, who claimed he mistook Jenny for one of the runners that had been released for the hunt he had signed up for. Daddy was still annoyed about it. He had gotten a premium offer for her as a wife/breeder for the head of the local bank. Mr Collins had ended up buying Meredith Johnson instead.

John held up another slice of meat for his daughter, letting her lick the au jus from his fingers. Then held up another glass this one was fruit juice. When Corrine signaled she was done for now he set the glass on the tray.

"Are you sure this is what you want Sweetie? We don't have to do it this way."

"No Daddy, I said I wanted this to be an authentic Saint Katherine's Day Feast and I meant it."

The short outburst cost her, Corrine slumped against her bonds wincing at the pull of the nails through her flesh.

"I know sweet buns. But to go through the suffering too?"

John hated to see his daughters any of them in pain. But Corrine was his favorite. Always the little trouper. She had been her older sisters best supporter among the younger girls when Sarah had replaced her mother as Johns wife. And stepped up to take charge when Sarah had taken ill three years ago. And she just doted on her little brother William. But ... she had always had a stubborn streak and when she made up her mind, it was hard to change it.

"Daddy, if I don't go through with it now. How are the girls and William going to understand the sacrifice Saint Katherine made for us."

John shook his head and kissed his daughter lovingly, he should never have let the girl spend so much time at church talking with the nuns.

"At least let me help you with the pain." he said sliding his hand down her belly and rubbing her filet gently. His fingers caressed the her labia, his middle finger parting them to slide into her folds and then circle her clit. As her eyes closed and she let herself go to his touch he pulled the upright of the cross away from the wall and sliding the table behind it, allowing her to rest her weight on the cross itself, and rest her arms and legs.

"Mmmmm Thank you Daddy. That feels nice."

John slid his fingers along his daughters filet, rubbing her clit with the palm of his hand as he slit first one then two fingers into her. Feeling her tight passage clutching at them as he probed deeper and curled them against the front of it seeking out the sensitive rough patch that would help her forget for a few minutes about the constant pain of her crucifixion.

Corrine tried to ignore the pain in her arms and feet and concentrate on the wonderful feeling her Daddy was stirring in her. Her hips rocked involuntarily sending bolts of pain from the nail that pierced her feet and secured her to the cross. A moan of blissful pain and pleasure escaped her lips.

"That's it sweet buns, let it go. Cum for Daddy" John put his hand on Corrine's waist across from him and stood with his body against her to keep her from sliding off the narrow board under her back. Soon Corrine's moans became louder and she shuddered and clamped his fingers as she came. It wasn't big cum, just enough for the endorphins to ease her pains. But it was good enough for now, given the restrictions of her current situation.

As she got her breathing back under control, her father lifted the cross and slid the table back into its regular place and lowered the cross back against the wall.

"Thank you Daddy that helps."

John held his fingers to her lips and she licked them clean.

"The rest of the girls will be home soon. You should try to rest before they get here. I need to start getting things ready for the next step." He told her. Corrine nodded and tried to relax into the ropes bearing her weight.

The front door opened with a flurry of activity as the rest of the family returned fro the weekly shopping trip. First Delia, opening the door and ushering the younger ones in and out from under foot. After the little girls came Missy carrying several shopping bags. Then Amy and Angie, Amy caring groceries in one arm and pulling the stroller that held Mary and Jillian. Angie carried the babies in, little dozing against her shoulder while Lynn suckled at her breast. Finally William, the only other male in the family, struggling to prove his manhood by wrestling a sack of potatoes almost as big as he was.

Amy squatted and set the heavy bag of groceries down on the floor as she started to unbuckle Mary and Jillian from the stroller. She looked up at Angie.

"Ofph, your the slave so why to I end up lugging bags AND dragging these two?"

"Cause you know when Lynn gets done eating, you're getting the leftovers." she giggled.

Amy licked her lips as she set Mary down and stood up"Well ... OK but we need to get this stuff put away first." she ran her hand up her twins ass to the small of her back and kissed her.

Corrine watched the exchange with a smile from her place on the wall as the children rushed in and passed her into the house. The Twins had always been a set, never further apart than they had to be. It had been a worry for their father.

Identical twins could bring a high price as a set, but no one in town could afford the pair of them together and the girls would never have been able to be happy apart. He couldn't stomach selling them to a clearing house. Sure he would have Gotten the price they were worth, but he would never know what happened to them. Would they be wives. Breeders, or just the main course at a fancy banquet. His Concern for his Daughters well being and Happiness was one of the things that Made John so unusual and made all of his daughters love him so much more than other girls loved the men who controlled their fates.

William, having finally put his burden in the kitchen, rushed back into the hall taking something from his back pocket. He dodged around Mary as the baby girl started crawling toward the sound of her father's voice coming from the study.

William rushed to Corrine and hugged her knees. Letting go quickly when he saw her wincing.

"Sorry Corri, I forgot."

"Its OK William, sometimes I forget too." she smiled down at him.

"Look what Momma Amy bought me. Its Bluejay, she's Sargent USA's number one".

He held out a small doll, no boys insisted they be called 'action figures'. It was a well proportioned girl in a collar with a small plastic leash, she was dressed in combat boots, a camouflage vest, and a green cap on her head.

"She looks very pretty. I bet the Sargent will be happy to have her help."

"Her box said 12 and up, but Momma Amy said she could trust me not to try and swallow her."

Corrine wished she could hug the little scamp. It was amazing that despite all the best efforts of his older sisters, the boy was NOT spoiled rotten.

William Looked up at Corrine, his eyes a little sad.

"Does it hurt bad?'

"Don't worry about me William. Its not so bad once you get used to it." She wanted so much to hold him. His concern for her so much like their fathers. "why don't you go and introduce Bluejay to her master. I'm sure she's eager to get to work."

"OK Corri, see you after dinner." he rushed up the stairs to his room.

It was well after the others had gone to sleep that Corrine was roused from her half sleep by the clinking of the tray being set on the table next to her. The lights were still out, only the pale light of the moon coming in the windows allowed her visitor to she what she was doing. The girl took the bowl from the tray and lifted a spoon to Corrine's lips.

"You should be asleep."

"And you need to eat something to keep your strength up." she sipped the broth and then nibbled at the thinly sliced meat held out for her

"You know, She was left with out food or water. Kind of breaks the spirit of the thing."

"SHE wasn't my sister. Besides you know as well as I do that if that part was true she would never have lasted till the feast." the shadow continued to feed her between breaks in the whispered conversation. "Besides, for all we know, this is how the first Miracle was done."

Corrine had to keep from laughing."You're the last one I would have expected to stray in to blasphemy."

"Not Blasphemy, realism." her sister said with a smile.

"Thank you for your pragmatism." she chuckled sadly.

"Its for me as well. What happens if you don't make it through, hmmm."

"Well there is that I suppose. But still, I appreciate it."

They kept talking, Corrine eating as her sister fed her. They talked of the past, of their mother, and all their sisters who had gone before them. They talked of the future and what they thought their younger sisters might grow to be like. And they spoke of William and their father. Of the similarities and how luck Some young girl would be if she caught his eye. Soon the bowl was empty and the sliced meat was gone.

"Are you still sure this is what you want?"

"More than anything. I-I know I don't talk about it. But Mother and the others, seeing them there. On their serving platters. They just looked so ... complete. That is what I want."

She nodded sadly.

"Then I will do my part just as we agreed."

They kissed tenderly. Corrine watched her sister's shadow return the tray to the kitchen and listened as her footsteps climbed the back stairs.

Corrine Screamed as the nail was removed from her feet. Daddy tried to do it as gently as possible, but the wound had already started to heal around the steel spike. Amy and Angie held her and comforted her as Daddy wiped the blood from her feet and applied the gel that would seal the holes and prevent infection. Removing the nails from her wrists was almost as bad. She trembled and her eyes were clouded with tears as Daddy untied the support ropes and lifted her down. Whispering soothing words in her ear. She was weak as a kitten, when daddy carried her to the Kitchen and laid her on the counter.

Again he cleaned her wounds gently and reapplied the antibiotic gel. Then reached to the table behind him and took the ropes laid out there. He leaned over Corrine and whispered softly to her again.

"Its still not to late to change your mind."

"I need to Daddy. If I don't do this ... I just wouldn't feel right."

John nodded. Stubborn till the end. He bound her hands in front of her and then ran a rope around her waist and to her wrists. Corrine winced and clenched her teeth at the spikes of pain this caused. Next John Tied his daughter's legs at the knees and then the ankles. Once she was secured he lifted her again and placed her in the box.

It was barely larger than Corrine herself. She looked out at her sisters and her father as he put the lid in place. The last eyes she saw as the box was closed were William's. She heard the locking pins being slid in place and then all was darkness. The lid pressed the end of her nose and she could hear everyone talking and moving about the room. The room emptied soon and Corrine was left with her thoughts.

Sometime later, she wasn't sure how long, she heard a small voice.

"Corri, I know Daddy said that we're supposed to pretend you're already gone, but I miss you already. I just wanted you to know I love you."

Corrine didn't answer. She couldn't. She wasn't gagged and she wasn't short on air in the less that airtight box. She couldn't answer because she new William was hurting, but she couldn't help him and it almost broke her heart.


Corrine woke up as the box opened. It was night and the kitchen light was off, but to Corrine's light starved eyes it was almost as bright as day. Daddy helped her sit up and rubbed her back and shoulders.

"Hey sweetie, how are you holding up? Thirsty?"

Corrine nodded and John held a glass to her lips. She drank slowly and then looked at her father as he set down the glass and rubbed a gel on her wounds. The tingle told her what it was.

"That's cheating Daddy."

"So is letting you out to drink and use the bathroom, but I'm doing that too."

He lifted her from the box and carried her to the Bathroom in the hall setting her on the toilet. Standing back to watch her.

"I still don't understand why you insist on doing it like this."

Corrine sighed. Both in frustration at her father and relief from her bladder.

"Daddy, I don't think you CAN understand. No offense but you're a man."

"Thank you for noticing."

" ... sorry Daddy. It's just a girl thing I guess."

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