Swinging Hard

by Victor Echo

Copyright© 2016 by Victor Echo

Erotica Sex Story: Who cares whose idea it was. In the end the three of us had a lot of fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I am not sure how it started, or who suggested it first, but in the end, it really does not matter. What is important is that fun was had by all. OK, so I had fun, and I am sure they did too. It began something like this.

I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business for the most part, working on a project that needed to be completed in a couple of weeks, when I got an email with a picture attached. The email said simply:

"What do you think?"

The attached picture was a two pane view of a guy from the neck down. In the left-hand pane, he was wearing shorts and a tank top, showing a decent physique and some tattoos. In the right-hand pane it appeared to be the same guy, naked, and solidly erect. It was clear that he shaved his balls and around his cock and that he was circumcised. It was a little hard to tell how big he really was but he was solid. I looked at the picture again and composed my response.

"He looks substantial," I typed. "Did he send along any more details?" I hit send and went back to work until the next email.

"He did not send length and girth if that is what you meant, but he did offer to let either of us measure him when we meet. He said he was bi and it was a fantasy of his to take another man's ass as well as participate in a DP. I sent him that picture of me taking your ass from a couple of months ago, and two separate pictures of us naked. I also sent him my measurements. So?"

So. "Are you going to take him for a test drive?" I typed back, knowing the answer even as I hit send.

"Of course. We are meeting for drinks at Charlie's at 6. Joining us?"

"Not tonight. I have to close this project. Have fun." I sent the last response and went back to work.

It was after 10 P.M. when I finally put my head back against my chair and closed my eyes for a minute. I was about to start again when my phone buzzed, a moment before it pinged my workstation. It came with an attachment. I opened the email.

"He is showering now and leaving after that. He has an early breakfast with some friends tomorrow. You're bigger but he came three times in a couple of hours and his cock is really sensitive and his balls are so smooth. I lost count of how many times I came, but it was good. He needs practice eating me, but he sure can pound it in. Coming home soon?"

The attachment was two photos. One was of her hand wrapped around his cock as she stroked him off. It showed her smiling as she did it. The other one showed her sucking his cock, her hand around the base as a brake. She was right about his size. His cock seemed to fill her hand, and if the rosy glow on her chest was an indicator, she was certainly turned on by it. Whether it was the size, a prior round of sex or the idea of the three of us having sex though I could not tell. It did look like she was having fun. I turned off my PC and looked at the picture on my phone for a few more minutes before I picked up my gear and made my way home.

I crawled into bed after hanging up my clothes. I thought she was asleep, but she rolled over as soon as I got settled. She wrapped her hand around my flaccid cock and squeezed it, before she kissed me and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I ran my hand along her back and kissed her just as passionately. Her hand began to stroke my swelling cock and her thumb ran over the oozing, swelling head. She stopped kissing me and turned her attention to my cock as she sucked it into her mouth smoothly and squeezed the base of it. She pumped it up and down with her mouth, as she got it hard and wet before she pulled off with a pop and threw her leg over my hip and dropped down on my stiff peg with one smooth, wet motion.

"You are bigger. You fill me so full," she said stroking my ego as her pussy stroked my cock. "He gave it to me from behind. It was the only way it filled me but he is shorter than you. The angles are different too. He hit different spots than you do and triggered some very intense feelings deep inside me."

"So you had fun then?" I asked and squeezed her nipples as she rode me.

"Oh, we had fun, no question about that. Now take me," she demanded as she rolled off of my cock and onto her back before she pulled her legs back at the knee and opened herself wide for my cock to plunge into her swollen gash.

She was wet and ready and cried out as I shoved my cock into her in one motion. There was almost no friction as I hammered into her. I knew I would not get multiple orgasms out of her, but I hoped I could get at least one from her, even though this was not a normal for us. I reamed her cunt while she pulled her nipples and rubbed her clit until she thrust her hips up against me and cried out. I had reached my limit and slammed against her as I poured my cum into her. We squished together a few times before I rolled off onto my back beside her. I panted as I tried to catch my breath.

"I can't wait to meet him," I said as I gathered my wits.

"Good, because he is coming for dinner on Saturday."

"Is that what you are wearing?" I asked as I set the table for dinner.

"Too much?" she asked as she pirouetted on the spot.

I had selected button fly jeans and a loose button up shirt, going for casual and comfortable along with quick and easy access. She had elected to go with a brilliant green corset, black stockings, and high heels, but had neglected her panties. Since I was doing the cooking, I guess her outfit was appropriate for the lady of the manor, but we would not make it to the appetizers with her dressed like that, despite what he might think about my cooking. She opened the wine and poured us out a glass each before she went into the family room to wait. I continued to putter around in the kitchen as I finished up the preparations for the appetizers. When the doorbell rang, the first bottle of wine was almost empty and I knew I had only had a glass of it. I heard conversation in the front room but I was busy cutting vegetables and did not notice that the voices had stopped. I put down my knife and looked around the corner.

She had pushed him against the wall and was on her knees in front of him. He was fondling her nipples inside the top of her corset as she sucked him off, her mouth moved over his cock slowly and left it shiny where she had sucked it. I must admit it was exciting to watch her suck another man. He started thrusting his hips into her face and she swallowed every inch of his cock except for the base which she stroked furiously. I watched him freeze and could see her throat moving as she swallowed his spunk. She continued to stroke the base of his cock a couple of more times before she gave him a final long suck. His drained cock fell out of her mouth. Unlike mine, which tends to lose most of its length and girth after an orgasm, his cock seemed to flop, before he put it back in his pants.

"Wine, anyone?" I asked as he buttoned himself back up and she stood up and adjusted her top.

She came and got the wine and the three of us stood in the kitchen while I set out the hors d'oeuvres before we moved into the family room. We chatted casually about the events of the day, both of us being distracted by the lady between us on the couch us who kept rubbing her legs together, or who would draw a hand across her breast or grabbed at one or both of our crotches. It would seem that all this build-up was too much for her because she told us to strip, and left no impression that this was optional. So we stood up and peeled off our shirts and jeans and sat back down again, our rampant manhoods left nothing to the imagination about the state of excitement we were in.

"Now this is better," she said, taking one cock in each hand. She stroked them gently as she got the feel for them.

We leaned in and kissed her. When we both started sucking on her nipples, her hands clenched our cocks and she thrust her chest forward almost demanding we take all of her tit in our mouths. I am not sure who was squirming more, but all of us enjoyed the sensations. He moved first and stood on the couch, his cock level with her mouth. She started sucking him again and I moved my hand between her legs and fingered her clit as I licked, sucked, and bit her nipple. But this was only the tease, the promise of more to come.

"I want to watch you suck his cock," she said to me.

I am not bisexual, or even curious, well, maybe curious, because she knew I was interested in what it would be like to suck a guy's cock. She pulled him down so he sat on the edge of the couch and indicated I should get between his legs while she watched me from the side. Tentatively at first and then with more gusto I sucked his cock as I tried to remember all the things I had read about how to give head. Get the cock wet and slippery, tease the connecting tissue, move your hands up and down, and watch the teeth. Above me, I heard him moan and I felt his hips thrust his plump cock deeper into my mouth. It was fun, but that was all I got from it. There was no excitement on my part. She could tell because she pulled me off of him. She kissed me and suggested we move to the bedroom.

She directed me to sit at the head of the bed and then she climbed up, bent over my cock and started to suck and lick it as her naked ass waved gently back and forth.

"I think she wants you to fuck her," I observed. She hummed her agreement around my cock.

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