The Beast

by LazarusLong

Copyright© 2016 by LazarusLong

Horror Story: sometimes you cant escape the past.

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Horror   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   .

Jack woke in a cold sweat, eyes darting wildly around the room. Getting out of bed he went the the window and stared at the city, sleeping unaware of the horror that crept its dark alleyways.

It was the dreams again. IT was out there, hunting, that ... thing. He could feel it, its dark desires, it's hungers. He would stop it. He had to stop it. He had hunted it for so long. This time he couldn't fail.

Amy sighed and rubbed her temples. It had seemed so natural, combining her certificate in therapeutic massage with her growing reputation as a personal trainer to move into Physical therapy, but the paperwork. Reports for the doctor's, the insurance forms, if it wasn't for the satisfaction she got from helping someone overcome an injury, to be whole again, she would have chucked it.

She smiled to herself. There had been a time when she would never have believed she could be here. A time when thinking beyond her next meal, or her next fix, had been impossible. Her youth had been dark, scary, cold and dangerous. She had seen things no teenager ever should.

Then James had found her. Oh it hadn't been easy at first, there had been times when she had hated him, when she wanted to just get away. But fear had kept her with him, fear of the streets, the pimps and dealers even fear of the other street kids, and Fear of him, what he would do if she left. Soon Fear of what he would do became fear of disappointing him. So she had stuck it out and her life had changed for the better for it.

Sighing again she picked up the forms and hurried to finish. As she signed the last insurance form, she looked at the clock. Damn she was late. Maybe if she picked up a few thing and made James a special dessert it would help to smooth things. She had a brief though of strawberries whipped cream and her sitting in front of him. Hmmm, that might do it. She smiled to herself at the tingle that ran through her.

She took her bag and headed out, turning out the lights and locking up as she left.

Jack roamed the streets looking for the signs of the beast's presence. He was playing catch-up. It had killed three already and its attacks were getting more brutal with each repetition. He had to stop it. Too many times it had gotten away from him. To many cities had seen its evil. This city would be it's last. He would catch it and end it.

It hid in the shadows, watching, waiting. It's hunger growing. It's jaws ached to rend, to tear. It's claws clenched and relaxed, longing to feel the flesh, the warm soft flesh, it's tongue slid across it's lips in anticipation as it spied the animal leaving is hole. It could smell the creature from here. It watched, then it moved. It would Feed.

Amy opened the door of her truck and dropped her bag on the seat and started to slide in when she was hit and thrown against the door. The attack was savage, brutal and short. Before she could even look at her attacker her head slammed into the door frame and her vision blurred she tried to fight back, she clawed her attacker and slammed her foot into his(?) groin. An impossibly strong hand gripped her throat, squeezing. As her head was slammed repeatedly into the trucks door. She heard glass breaking and her world went black.

Amy tried to open her eyes. One opened, the other was swollen shut. Her nose ached and she could taste blood, in her throat and on her lips. She was hanging by her wrists in a filthy room. Her neck, and almost everything else, hurt and her breath was ragged. A sharp pain in her side said she might have a bruised or even broken rib. She looked around the room. She pulled at her bonds but they were secure.

She heard a growl coming from behind her and hands gripped her hips. Fingers digging deeply and painfully into her. That was all the warning she got before something was slammed into her cunt. She screamed in agony, and kept screaming. He was brutal, raping her savagely, she could feel the damage he was doing and knew the liquid that began making his thrusts smoother was blood. He ripped out of her cunt and slammed onto her ass. Her screams made her already raw throat, fail. Her screams becoming hoarse squeals and rasping squeaks.

Then as quickly as it began it was over. He punched her in the kidney as he tore his cock from her ass. She could feel the blood trickling down her inner thigh as she heard a door behind her open then close.

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