by Vfalcon29

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Fiction Sex Story: Neighbors go for a boat ride. They learn a lot about each other.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Swinging   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Nudism   .

Drew and Teri are our neighbors. I’m Jim and my wife’s name is Linda. We’d been married for two years when these events took place. I’m an attorney and Linda worked part time at a plant nursery back then. Drew is retired from the airline industry and Teri stays home or goes and does what she wants. Sometime during our first week here, Teri and Drew appeared at our door to introduce themselves, and Teri brought us a nice apple pie.

She invited us to dinner with her and Drew the following Saturday night. “Don’t worry about dressing up or anything,” she said merrily. “I’ll be lucky if I can get Drew to put his pants on [Drew snorted at that]. I’ll probably be wearing something like this.” She indicated her obviously braless tank top and shorts, with flip-flops on her feet.

They seemed pleasant enough, so of course we agreed. After closing the door we wasted no time tearing into that pie. We learned we were in for a treat if Teri’s cooking equaled her baking.

“How old do you suppose they are?” Linda asked me.

“Hell, once I passed 30 I couldn’t tell anybody’s age any more. He’s retired, but I’d bet he is still in his fifties, Teri, maybe ten years younger.” I shrugged.

“I guess that’s about right,” she said. “They must be fairly active, though, or they would probably not be so slender.” Drew carried less fat than I did. Teri’s legs were shapely without any cellulite.

“Yeah, maybe they climb mountains on vacation or something.”

“He’s retired and she doesn’t work. Every day is a vacation.”

“Well, maybe they just have good genes.” I don’t like conjecture. “We’ll ask them Saturday how they stay so fit. If she has trouble getting him to wear pants, maybe they’re nudists.”

We learned that Teri was a very good cook. Pork roast, mashed potatoes and corn were well conquered. Drew pulled me with him to the patio so he could smoke a cigarette while ‘the girls cleaned up.

“Man, Drew, I don’t know how you stay so thin if Teri cooks like that every night.” He chuckled.

“Shit, I’m lucky if she tosses me a piece of bologna usually,” he said. “This was a show for you two. She is a great cook, though. We decided as we began to feel older that we’d eat like that three or four times a year, not including the end of the year holidays. Special occasions, like my birthday if I ask. We eat more when we’re out on the boat.”

There was no boat under the carport attached to their garage. I frowned. “How big is your boat, Drew?”

“She’s a thirty-five foot motor sailboat.” He mentioned some boat brand name that I didn’t know. “That more than anything keeps us fit. We love sailing,” he added.

“Wow, an old girlfriend invited me out on her uncle’s sailboat once. I loved it. I just never followed up on it. I’ve often wished I had though. I tried to talk my parents into letting me join the Sea Scouts. They wouldn’t go for it though.”

“Too bad. You might have gone to sea instead of becoming a damn lawyer.”

“Aw, I like the Law. It gets kind of weird sometimes, but it’s mostly straightforward. Well, until a judge or a jury chimes in, that is. That’s not the only dream I gave up along the way.”

“Yeah, tell me about it, man,” he said, not explaining about his own lost dreams. “But, hey, why don’t you and Linda come out for a day sail this summer? We could even go down the coast overnight if you want to.”

“That sounds like a great, idea, Drew! Thanks a lot! I can’t speak for Linda, but I’m in, for sure.” I had remembered that evening on Hannah’s uncle’s boat many times through my life. I would love to go sailing and take Linda along; or she could stay home if she wanted to.

“Sure. Let me show you some shots I took last year. Maybe that will convince her. Women practically wet their pants over sailors, you know!” He laughed at his own joke as we went back inside.

There was a built in bookcase in the living room. He pulled a photo album out and we sat on the couch while he located the pictures he wanted. God, the boat was beautiful. Thirty-five feet looks a lot bigger than it sounds, even in a photo. Teri and Linda brought their wine in and sat with us.

“Honey, look. This is their sailboat,” I said, turning the album so she could see the pictures. She was impressed, too.

“Drew says that’s what keeps them fit. Wait...”

I turned back to Drew. “The two of you crew this thing alone?”

“Mostly, but we like taking a friend or two along.” He turned to Linda and repeated his offer to take us with them.

“Sure, that sounds great!” she said.

Then Teri said, “There are two pretty fair-sized cabins and a really nice galley. I insisted on that when we ordered it. AND a full sized ‘head’, full shower and tub, in there.”

We took our leave with much gratitude for the hospitality. At home I told Linda about my sole time sailing, and how nice it was. “The evening was summer warm and I was 17. My girlfriend was just back home from her first year in college.”

“Wow, a college girl! What a charmer, you must have been.”

“Hey, smartass. I charmed you, didn’t I?”

“You sure did, baby,” she said, snuggling tighter to me. We had poured a drink and we sat on our couch at home.

“Anyway, this was a catamaran – two hulls, you know? We sat on a board at the front that connected the hulls, so our feet were only about two feet off the water. The only sound was the water hissing past the hull as we moved. It was a fine place to make out.” Linda chuckled.

Then she stopped. “Wait, who was sailing the boat?”

“Oh, her uncle, her dad and her brother were aboard. Otherwise the most we could have done is sit on the thing tied up at the dock.” She laughed.

“Well, it sounds like a good time, going along with the Kimballs,” I said, draining my drink.

We went to bed and made love. “I thought you wanted to go to that clothing optional place,” Linda said quietly near my ear. We both sleep naked and that night we were feeling like making love.

“We can do that too. I’ll be a partner by next summer and I’ll get twice the vacation I do now. When we go sailing, I’ll only need one day off, or two if we go overnight.” Linda was quiet for a few minutes while we kissed and got our motors warmed up. I pulled my head up to look at her. She gave me a peck on the lips and explained.

“I was just imagining if sailing with them could turn into a naturist adventure. You know, out there alone, the four of us. Probably we’ll be in our swimming suits anyway. As fit as they are, I bet they have a lot of sex.” I had to chuckle at the thought. Being somewhat older, they’d make an interesting picture making love.

“Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that.” I tried to picture Teri nude. Her tits were a nice softball size, and she was slender. I wondered if she colored her pubic hair the way she did on her head. Or maybe she just shaved that off. I posed the thought to Linda.

She just gave another giggle as she dropped down to take my erection into her warm, wet mouth. I couldn’t help but wonder about Drew then, too – how well-hung he might be. But there was no way of telling that when he was covered by baggy shorts.

We loved ourselves to sleep and slept soundly all night. In the shower the next morning I thought about the discussion in bed the night before. Then I thought about some of the things I fantasized about being nude with our new friends on the water. I didn’t really have a problem with being naked. But if there were a lot of other people around and I was alone, I guessed it would be okay. I had talked to some people about it. They said there wasn’t even a hint of an erection – not for any of the men that they’d seen.

By the time I met Linda, I’d lost my self-consciousness – both about being naked around other people and the fact that I regularly shave my pubes. She thought it was cool, too, because her pubic mound had been hairless long before we had met. We’ve been together ever since, giving each other touch-up shaves from time to time. Hairless sex is incredible.

But imagining being together nude with our neighbors, I wondered if they’d react negatively to my hairless state, or even to Linda’s, even though it was common enough among women by then. And with the company being limited to the two couples, how would my dick react?

I talked to Linda about my thoughts. “Well, some of that literature you gave me actually addressed ‘the stray erection’ (as if the visual THAT gave me wasn’t enough to set me off! Imagine a stray erection bouncing around on its balls... ). Anyway, it said if it happened, you are supposed to cover it with your towel until it goes away.”

“Yeah, I read that. But that was assuming you’re among a group of strangers. I’m talking about us being naked with them on the boat, far from anything or anybody else.”

“Well,” she said, “that shouldn’t make a difference if you aren’t already thinking about it.”

“You know as well as I do, honey, that it would be very different. What if one or both of them put the idea in our head? Maybe they’re over there fucking and talking about how they want to do us, sort of the same way we are. You know I can’t exactly control an erection. What then?”

Linda was quiet long enough I thought she had gone to sleep. But she took a deep breath and sat up. “Well, answer your own question. What then? What if Teri corners you in the galley or head and tells you she wants to suck you off?”

“My response would be the same as if we were just at a party or somewhere like that. I’d gently turn her down and get out of the corner.”

“What if you were single? Would you let her do it then?”

“It would depend how Drew felt. He would probably have dropped clues into the conversation along the way if they wanted to play.

“But I’m not single. What if the tables were reversed and he cornered you with a stiff dick? How would you respond?”

Linda looked me right in the eye and said, “That would depend on my agreement with you. If we had decided to allow others into our sexual world, I might allow it, but definitely not without your agreement.” She hesitated before adding, “Drew is kinda cute, though. Teri, too. I would ask him if I could rub my pussy on his bald head.”

“I’d kinda like to see his expression when you did,” I said with a laugh. It did sound kind of sexy though.

We had not, until that night, discussed sharing our bed and bodies with others. I don’t know why, exactly except in the interest of honesty. We had told each other about past relationships, but ours was a first marriage for us both.

That night, though, her answer was so straightforward and openly honest, I was dumbfounded. All I could say in reply was, “Well, that’s fair I suppose. I can agree to that, and I would promise you the same consideration.”

Summer faded. Autumn turned to winter. Linda and I had several discussions about opening our marriage to include other people. As far as I was concerned, as long as I was with her, I didn’t think I’d mind if we invited another man to share her deliciousness, if that would make her happy. And I certainly wouldn’t object to another woman with us.

Linda was still unsure about that but she said if I wanted to watch her fuck another guy, she’d be willing. But she added that she didn’t think I could take it if she did. “You know I’d enjoy it, and you’d probably stop it when you saw that. What if he made me come harder than you do? Think about that.”

“You might be surprised, honey,” I told her. I pondered her last caution. How would I feel, watching my sweet little wife riding some other guy’s cock like a mad woman, screaming at the top of her lungs? Thinking about it was making my erection harder, though.

It didn’t escape Linda’s notice. She had me in her wet mouth in seconds. I think she understood why I’d gotten so hard so suddenly, too. I felt a door open somewhere inside me and I was okay with it.

Thinking about it over the following days, I realized that if that did happen, it would mean I’d get to realize my two women fantasy. That led me to thinking again about Teri. Linda said she was ‘cute’. But that was meaningless, really. I found it easy to imagine fucking Teri while Linda (and Drew, I suppose) watched.

Over the short winter months, we saw them fairly often, living right next door. We invited them to dinner and I made my very best deep-fried Almond Chicken, dipped in a corn starch and egg white base and coated with chopped almonds. They loved it as much as everybody I’ve made it for has. I thought back on Linda’s almost challenging words that night. They could be taken several different ways and have been just as honest in any case.

With the colder weather that time of the year, more layers of clothes went on, so no more ogling bare legs. Instead, we bonded with them more as friends the more we hung around with them. We all got to know a little more about each other.

Being older than we were garnered them some respect to begin with. But personally, they became friends so that the years between our ages meant a lot less. They were more like older siblings or something, not at all like parent substitutes.

After they had eaten Thanksgiving turkey with us, Linda hugged them, as did I, and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. Linda kissed them both and I gave Teri a peck on the lips before they left.

As we cleaned up whatever dregs of drinks were left and straightened up a little, Linda wrapped me in a hug and curled my toes with her kiss. “Wow! What did I do to earn that?” It wasn’t that we never kissed that hard any longer; we did – we still do now, years later. But it was so sudden it surprised me.

Linda was giving me what I called her ‘secret grin’ she had when she was holding back from telling me something. “Oh, well you may have noticed Teri having quite a bit of the punch.”

I agreed that she seemed to be feeling no pain. She usually stuck to wine or a small drink or two. The punch was loaded with vodka, and strong.

“Well, according to her and that friend of hers from up the street, Nell, you have the nicest looking butt in the neighborhood.” I grinned at her.

“No shit? That’s cool.” The truth was I was embarrassed. So I said, “He hasn’t said anything yet, but I know where Drew’s eyes go when you move across a room. It was more obvious back in July and August when you wore fewer clothes, but tonight he loved watching your legs below your hem.” She’d worn a brightly patterned dress that came to mid-thigh on her, when she was standing up.

So as I brushed my teeth, I decided there was nothing troubling on the horizon. But her words still bothered me a little. We made love twice that night, including jokes about being thankful and how nice my butt was.

A few weeks passed and it was Christmas week. We went to a party at my firm, shook some hands, had a drink and left. We went to a party at the nursery that we both liked a hell of a lot better than my office party.

We went to neighborhood parties and hosted one -- a Christmas barbecue/pot luck party -- at our house for the neighborhood (I worked at the grill in my parka). Of course, Drew and Teri were at all the same neighborhood parties we went to.

They treated us to Prime Rib on Christmas since we had them over at Thanksgiving. Of course, dinner was made by both Linda and Teri. While the roast was in the oven at Christmas, Drew and I went out back for a smoke. I had taken up the practice – not yet a habit – a month or so before.

“You know, Jim, I have a great idea. I think a guy should be retired until he turns sixty-five and then go to work.” I told him it sounded good to me. Later, Linda related all the things they talked about while Drew and I were smoking or in the garage TV room they have.

Our neighbors were, indeed, home nudists. “They cruised down to California somewhere summer before last – when the weather was so bad here, remember?” I nodded. “They looked up a place they could moor the boat and walk right up into a naturist campground.”

“So ... what? They just stripped down and went native?”

“Oh, no. You haven’t done your homework. The difference between ‘naturist’ and ‘nudist’ is that at a nudist place everybody is nude and things are a lot less rustic than at a naturist area. That’s more like the clothing optional places, where you can go bare or not, according to your whims.”

“So, you said this place they went was a naturist place?”

“Yeah. Teri said she felt nervous and so did Drew. So they went up to a snack bar and had burgers. After watching all the people around the snack bar, she said they were ready to shed their clothes. They both went topless back to the boat where they stripped down and grabbed some towels to sit on. They made some friends and even made some connections with relatives who some of these people knew back where they were from. She said it was one of the best times she’s had in the years they’ve been together.”

As spring came on we’d frequently grill out back together, either at their place or ours. One evening Drew said he had the boat ready to go, but he didn’t want to risk running into spring storms.

“You got it ready so soon?” I asked. “I’d have been glad to help, if you’d asked me,” I said. I’d been hoping to learn more about sailboats than that they were great places to make out.

“Aw, wasn’t much to do to it – at least for me. The guys at the marina dragged it into their dry dock and did all the work. I just replaced a couple of worn lines and Teri and I cleaned up the cabins and stuff. Just spring cleaning, really.” He laughed and added, “The hardest thing I did was write a check!”

“Well that’s great!” I said. I guessed I’d be able to learn more when we actually went out.

“Yeah, it’ll be warm enough soon – as long as nature doesn’t shit on us like it did last year.” The year before was a very cool and rainy summer there. Linda and I had nicer weather where we lived before, farther inland, but I remembered the weatherman talking about the terrible rain and overcast they had.

By May, the local weatherman was predicting clear, warm days and easy nights for the foreseeable future. Drew assured me the guy could only look at his crystal ball for a week at most, however. Finally, on a Monday the middle of May, Linda told me that Teri had come over for coffee and asked if the following weekend would be time enough for us to get ready for a sail.

“I told her I thought so, but I’d have to ask you.”

“Yeah, I mean, what do they need for us to do or get? Drew just shrugs it off and says our clothes and stuff would be fine.”

“Teri made sure she mentioned swimwear,” Linda grinned and went on, “but she said not to be surprised if we found Drew naked when we were anchored somewhere and he had a few drinks.”

I grinned back at her, but my eyebrows went up. “Remember back when we wondered about them? Maybe this is where they start.”

“What do you mean, ‘where they start’? Do you think they’re serial ... what? Seducers? Predators? Killers? You think they want to get us out there and seduce us?”

“Well, maybe. Why not?” Our words reminded me that I still didn’t know what she had meant back in that other conversation. “By the way, I was wondering if you would tell me if some guy came on to you. You would, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, I will if you want me to. But what do you mean?”

“Well, I’m sure you’re friendly to the customers that come into the nursery, and I presume some have flirted – and you flirted back. I mean if some guy wants to take you out, wedding ring or no ring.”

“Yeah, we covered all this back when we were first getting serious. Don’t you remember?”

“I know we talked about flirting. That was how we caught each other, after all.” I hugged her to me tighter.

“But we are a few years older now, and I hope wiser. I’d want to know if you allowed an interest to develop, even accidentally, though that never really happens by accident.”

“Of course. And you’re right, that isn’t an accident. There is no one I want but you. Can you say the same to me?”

“You know I can. You are my life.”

“Oh, Jim, you also have your job, secretaries and clients; enough interests to fill your life without me.”

“But honey! I almost shouted as I jumped off the couch. “You’re the part of my life that makes all the other stuff bearable. It gives me somebody to do all that for, and stay sane with all the rest.”

“But it may not always be enough – for either of us, babe,” she said tiredly, and she rose to go to bed.

I was a little worried by that. I locked the doors and turned out most of the lights. We left a kitchen light on low as a night light. I hurried after Linda and caught her brushing her teeth. She was bent forward, her pale butt gleamed in the bright light. I pulled off my clothes and crowded in behind her suggestively, my rising dick poking her ass.

She nudged me gently and spat into the sink. “Jesus!” she spluttered but laughing. “I nearly swallowed the toothbrush!” She rinsed vigorously and kissed me with a grin. She gave my dick a gentle jerk and encouraged me to hurry.

I left for work the next morning promising to pick up a “really good” bottle of Tequila and the same of Irish whiskey. Along with limes, a case of beer and mixers, that should do it for beverages. Linda assured me the Kimballs would supply the coffee and/or teas of choice, plus the food.

It was only Tuesday, so picking through clothes could wait, at least for me. Linda had already been at it for her stuff. I figured a couple pairs of shorts, a few shirts, and swim trunks. Along with some deck shoes and flip-flops, I figured that should do it. I’d talk to Drew to see if there was any need for ‘dress-up’ stuff, like slacks and button down shirts.

Drew said he always keeps a pair of slacks and a couple shirts aboard. “Some of those fuckers are hoity-toity assholes and ask us to dress ‘casually’ for their parties.

“They don’t mean speedos and bikinis. Teri likes to play yacht owner, so I go along to get along, as they say.”

Yeah, I was familiar with the sentiment. So I tossed in some no-iron slacks and two permanent press shirts too.

Drew’s reference to speedos made me wonder if he, like European men I’ve seen in photos, had stayed with briefs, as I’d worn back when I was ten and most men dressed that way to swim. Well, whatever, I thought.

I’m comfortable in my trunks. They aren’t surfer baggies, not briefs, just loose and a little shorter than my street shorts.

Since the weather had warmed up, the times we were with the Kimballs gave me an opportunity to reassess Teri’s body. She was definitely slender. Her breasts seemed to still have little sag. Her butt looked tight and it had acquired some fleshy roundness, despite her otherwise fit appearance.

Wondering if Drew had trouble keeping her in her panties like she claimed to have with him, I decided I wouldn’t mind seeing her naked.

Drew was also slim. He did have a small beer gut, smaller, though, than mine, though I’m heavier in the chest and shoulders. Evidence of years spent reading and physical work growing up, rather than flight school and piloting jumbo jets – or as Drew was quick to point out to me, navigating those jets. That had been his job.

“The big bucks and the horniest girls go to the pilots and copilots. Teri was a flight attendant when we met, did she tell you guys that?”

“Not as I’ve heard,” I said. “That sort of explains your levels of fitness.”

“Oh, shit, you aren’t one of those guys, are you? The ‘fitness nerds’?”

I patted my extended belly and said, “Oh, no! Not in a million years! I may live to regret it but I’m not like those guys. I have a gym membership my firm pays for, but I only go four or five times a year.”

“Good. I might have had to make you walk the plank if you were,” he laughed.

Saturday morning dawned clear and calm. We waved to them across the yard as we gathered everything we thought we’d need. Linda brought out two suitcases! “Oh, come on, honey! We’re only going maybe overnight and maybe two nights. You can’t need all this shit.”

“But babe, there’s all the extra stuff in case...”

“In case what? In case we get shipwrecked along one of the busiest coasts in the world? Trim it down to one, at least.” I was taking an overnight wheelie bag that had more than enough room.

Drew honked out front. I went out and explained. Teri rushed inside and helped Linda sort out what she could possibly need – down to the tampons that even I knew Linda wouldn’t need for at least two weeks.

They came out and we loaded everything up. Linda had cut it down to her smaller suitcase. We were off. Teri reached a thermos cup back to Linda and Linda sipped.

“Ooh! Hot!” I caught the scent of whiskey. Linda handed me the cup and watched as I slurped. It was hot, but it was also laced heavily with whiskey.

“That’s ... uhhh (I gasped) ... hot all right. Nice afterburn, Drew. Did they teach you that in flight school?”

“Haha! All that and more, bud! I’ll tell you all about it sometime.”

Teri told some racy stories about being a single “stew”, short for stewardess, a term that was politically incorrect these days. I was surprised to hear stories about some pilots – some friends of Drew, some not – and how Teri went to parties with them and got loose and wild. Drew held his end up with stories, about passengers more than crew, that he had bedded in the old days.

As I listened, I realized these stories were a part of what made their relationship work. They were things they had lived through separately but could enjoy without jealousy between themselves and friends they met, like us.

The more I listened, the more I learned. I already had known that jealousy was a backward emotion. It is a sign of selfishness, tying a person or thing unjustly to oneself. Call it an epiphany if you want to, but suddenly it didn’t matter if Teri liked my ass, or Drew liked looking at Linda’s legs and tits. Linda would stay with me as long as our life together was satisfying for her. I was free to make the same decision for myself. For now, we were happy together.

I’ve been tempted at times. But it wasn’t like there was any danger of me acting on those feelings. I just wouldn’t. Linda was too important to me. I loved her and being married to her was too important to risk losing her. I trusted her to feel the same way.

But as she had said, “sometimes love isn’t enough, babe”. I knew there would be warnings if that ever came to pass. I just hoped I’d be smart enough to notice them if they were there.

We unloaded their SUV and got everything onto the boat. Teri showed Linda our cabin and Drew began to explain all the motor controls and safety switches to me. We sat on the bridge, Drew in the command chair, of course, and I in the mate’s chair.

He cracked a beer for each of us and sat back. It was only seven thirty in the morning, but I figured I might as well have one. He took a long pull and waved to the women who, unbeknownst to me, had been releasing the ropes attaching us to the dock. They had both stripped to bikini tops and shorts. ‘A step at a time,’ I thought. I had a feeling where this was all going. I was not unhappy.

Drew piloted us out of the harbor. “The wind seems fair. Would you like to start to learn to sail?” he asked me when we were clear of the jetty.

“Man, I thought you’d never ask!” I was overeager.

“Okay,” he laughed. “The first thing you need to learn is, if you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, you need to wait to be told. Calm down first. Want another beer?”

“No, I don’t think that would calm me down.” I said.

“How about a toke then?”

“A what?”

“Oh shit you are young. A toke; a hit; a puff on a joint – marijuana, weed!” He laughed.

“Oh.” I could have been knocked over with a feather. Here was this ‘old guy’ offering to get me stoned.

“Well, it’s not a big deal either way. I’ve been sailing so long I could do it drunk (though I never would) and being a little stoned helps me to concentrate; feel what the boat wants to do.”

Now he had me feeling like a pirate. “Well, yeah,” I said. “I’ll try a ‘toke’ with you.” My voice hardly broke at all.

I had friends in school who offered me a hit from a pipe. I smoked it. I smoked some more. It was fun, but I knew I had more important things to do. So I passed it from then on. Until that day with Drew.

Drew called to Teri and she led Linda up from the afterdeck. Drew asked Teri to bring the bag from the compartment in their cabin. Teri spun on her heel. When she returned, she set a small tray down on the map table. Along with a rolled plastic bag and a deck or book of rolling papers, were two different kinds of cheese and three kinds of crackers. “You roll one up, Drew,” she said turning again. “I’ll be right back.”

When she again appeared, she had a bottle of wine, glasses, and two beers for Drew and me.

“Take notes, hon,” I said to Linda. “When we get a boat, and I’m the captain, you’ll be First Mate. You’ll fetch the wine then, wench.”

“Hey, don’t get carried away there, Captain Kidd. Pirate captains were elected by the crew. I learned that on the History Channel.”

“She’s got ya’ there, Jim,” Drew volunteered.

“Yeah, well, pirates stole their ships. I’ll buy mine.”

“That’s why we decided a ‘dual throne’ captaincy,” Teri said, slipping her arm around Drew’s waist and down a little into the front. “It’s only fair.” We watched Drew skillfully roll a ‘joint’.

“Well, I’m all about fairness, isn’t that right, honeypie?” I asked, teasing Linda. She pinched my ass and I jumped, bumping Teri.

She chuckled and moved away a bit. Drew spun his chair to check our boat’s progress. I tugged at Linda’s shorts and she came closer, but with some resistance. I didn’t get it.

“Well, just seconds ago I was a ‘wench’, ‘fetching’ for you and now I’m ‘honeypie’? “Hmmph!”

“Hmmph?” I could see Linda’s nipples hardening inside her top. “Come on. I don’t know anything about boats. I’m just teasing. You know that.”

“Yeah, I do,” she said with a smile. We kissed. “I was mostly playing, too,” she said. “Mostly.”

We motored out to sea. Just that was great. After a while, a dark hump appeared on the horizon. The hump became an island. Drew pulled the throttle down and killed the motors. Silence settled around us.

Without sailing at all, Drew had piloted us to a deserted cove on the island. I looked all around – back out to sea and all around the large cove. There was not another soul or boat in sight. He lit the joint.

After he took in a puff, he passed it to Teri who followed suit. I took it when she held it out. I took a drag and almost immediately coughed it out again. “It takes a little getting used to, man,” Drew said. “Don’t take such a big hit next time.”

My jaw dropped when Linda took a ‘hit’ and held it in. She smiled and winked before releasing it through her nose. She laughed then. “Old college memories, honey.”

I wondered why she hadn’t told me. But we never discussed weed, just Drugs, with a capitol ‘D’. I decided I needed to find out more details sometime.

It went around again, and by then there wasn’t enough to hang on to. Teri produced a small set of tweezers with a lock on them, a ‘roach clip’ she called it. The butt was called a roach.

“This is great!” I whispered. It just felt natural to speak with a lowered voice. The women had disappeared just after the roach went out. They reappeared on the foredeck. They wore bikini bottoms and nothing else.

“Whoa, it looks like Teri is a good influence on Linda! Drew said with a slap of his hands together.

“Yeah, good or bad, I’m not sure. Nice view anyway,” I said, as Drew filled a little pipe. He held it for me and lit it. I got a better hit that time and I smiled when he repeated his actions. I was releasing my final hit and looking around me in a kind of daze.

Drew said, “Well, I want to go soak up some sun.” With that, he slid off the stool and went to the stern to drop the anchor. When he came back to the cabin, he pulled his white shorts down and off. He was left with a shiny blue speedo kind of pair of briefs.

“Comin’ along?” he questioned.

“Oh, yeah. I am so stoned. I was only around this a couple times in college.”

“Well, this is more powerful stuff these days, too. Legal on the state level, too, councilor,” he added.

“Yeah, I know. I think it’s great. I wish they’d do it on the fed level and release several million people busted for a joint, too.”

“Amen, man,” he said. I was down to my trunks and I joined the women out front. Drew handed up a small cooler with beer and wine for us all then he climbed up, too.

We sat and sipped. I rubbed sunscreen on Linda’s shoulders and, when she asked, did Teri’s shoulders too. Teri said she’d ask for me to rub some on her chest but Linda might get mad.

Linda was casual when she said, “No, I don’t mind. Jim can rub lotion anywhere he wants to.”

I recognized it as a trap immediately. I turned to Linda and said, “Honey! If you’re playing, stop it!”

“I’m not playing, honey. I’m right here. I’ll be happy to watch you rub sunscreen on Teri’s pretty breasts. Then afterward, Drew might want to do mine.” She reclined and covered her eyes with dark glasses.

My choice. I looked at Drew and he was barely holding back a giggle. Teri winked at me and nodded her head in invitation. I let my gaze fall on Linda’s eyes as I squirted some lotion on Teri’s chest between her tits. I rubbed her gently at first.

When everything else was all slick and lotioned up, my hands sledded smoothly over her mounds, topped with cherry pink nipples that hardened with little encouragement. A glance at Drew told me he was erect. Linda’s upper lip was dewy with perspiration – a sign I knew usually meant arousal.

Teri’s eyes rested on mine. She made small moans now and then. She smiled and let her toes reach out to my crotch. Linda was right there, watching, I presumed. She didn’t jump up in objection.

I handed the tube of lotion to Drew. “Knock yourself out, man,” I said, and returned my attention to Teri.

That was how it started. Whatever delight Teri had planned for dinner never left the refrigerator. We retired to the cabins. Starting in their cabin, we stripped down and got familiar with each other. Teri’s ‘landing strip’ looked less sexy to me than Linda’s totally bare mound, and I guess Teri thought so, too. She and Linda took a break and went into the head.

While they were gone Drew stoked the pipe again. He held it to his lips once it was lit and moved closer to me, reversing the pipe. I finally realized what he was doing. I opened my mouth and inhaled the smoke he blew out to me as it burned in the pipe. I’d seen it done with a joint back in school. They used to call it ‘shotgunning’.

It hit me hard! My head felt like it was coming loose. About that time, Linda and Teri came back up from the head. Teri paraded around with her newly bared crotch. Drew reached to feel it and grinned. “Feel that, Jim! Wow, so smooth!” Of course I felt her smoothness. She closed her eyes and swayed back and forth, dragging herself across my hand. She was so smooth! I let my mind wander as I felt her.

I heard Drew chuckle beside me and realized I was groping his wife, sliding my hand along her slippery slit. I jerked my hand back. “No, sorry I interrupted you, man,” he said. “You both were getting into it.” Teri, too, seemed to wake up. She grabbed her glass and downed it. She dragged Linda to the galley for more wine before I thought to gauge Linda’s reaction.

I was feeling kind of out of the loop. I’d sobered enough to think rationally, at least for a while. “Hey, you mentioned a ‘friend or two’ that you guys had along before. Was sex always part of the deal?”

“Well, I won’t ask you your sexual history, but let’s ignore your rudeness for now. No, sex just ... kind of happened a time or two. The first time we went overnight for a sail, we were all alone. We enjoyed the hell out of it but it was kind of lonely.

“Most of the rest of that summer, we stuck to just day sails. Then we got a call from another old stew we both knew in the old days. She had retired and found Teri’s name in an old address book. She finally ran her down. Well, she came for a week, then extended it to two.

“Sally loved sailing. She was the one who got us into nude sailing. She and Teri came up one day naked as jaybirds. They stripped me down and we spent every minute we could undressed. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, well we thought nothing of sharing a hotel room with two or three other crew members of either gender. They were wild times,” he said.

“Teri could see I appreciated Sally’s round ass and large tits. So one night she said I should make love with Sally since Sally had been on a ‘dry spell’. Well my reaction was clear. Sally sat there, legs spread and my wife was telling me to fuck her as a favor. That was all the suggestion I needed.

“From then on, we’ve only had one other couple out with us that we shared it all with. Until you guys. These days you don’t dare go to the personals column if you want company. We’d never have done that anyway.”

“Okay. I’m sorry I didn’t have the right to ask. I’m sorry. It just seemed ... strange, you know?”

“I guess,” he admitted.

“It just seemed like Linda went along too easily, you know?”

“Maybe she’s feeling tied down. Some women get that way. Or maybe she’s just horny, he laughed. I couldn’t think of any reason Linda might feel like she was ‘tied down’. She was always horny. We always had great sex.

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