The Primal Contract

by Sterling

Copyright© 2016 by Sterling

Humor Sex Story: A man and woman enter impulsively into a contract as old as the human species, reduced to its bare bones and made explicit.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Humor   Pregnancy   .

A young woman sat on her front stoop.

A young man walked past. He looked at her once, then glanced again and hurried on. A minute later he came by from the other direction, and once again stole a furtive glance. The woman found this sort of interesting, as he was a fellow with an intriguing look to him. He returned again, stopped in front of her, turned to face her, and took a deep breath.

"I am somewhat embarrassed to say to you what I am about to say, but I must nonetheless speak. I have a desire -- rather selfish, I fear -- to repair with you to a private location, then relieve you of your elements of clothing, one by one, and gently caress with my fingers the flesh underneath."

The woman smiled inwardly as he spoke. She too had some nerdy qualities.

"My desire is to pay especial attention to the parts of your body which differ from mine. Notably, I wish to caress your breasts, and I wish most fervently to caress the area between your legs. I also wish to remove my own clothing. I have between my legs a peculiar bit of flesh, and when beholding your unclothed and well-caressed body it will likely become hard and stiff. I have a strong desire to lie on top of you, and then to probe insistently between your legs with this stiff prong of flesh, trusting I will find there an opening which will accept my probings and receive my extruding organ up inside. I desire passionately to force this organ in and out repeatedly until it disgorges a sticky fluid into your body. I would then withdraw my organ, dress, and bid you good day. In the interest of full disclosure, however, I must note that this sticky fluid might very well transform your body, causing your abdominal area to swell gradually over the course of nine months and then to expel, via the same orifice that I would like to penetrate, a small baby. This baby would then be your responsibility and a great deal of work for many years to come." He paused. "Gosh, it certainly does sound preposterous when I put it that way. Well, I just did feel obliged to speak my mind -- I don't know what came over me. Now I bid you good day."

He had gone several steps before she spoke.

"Wait! Come on back."

He returned and stood before her nervously, meeting her gaze briefly before looking down.

"I've got a counter-proposal. After performing this bizarre-sounding act which you describe, you stay around. When the baby comes, you buy us food and stuff and help take care of it."

"Hmmmm. If I were to stay around, I fear that I would be strongly motivated to repeat that bizarre-sounding act on a regular basis. This would greatly increase the chance that your belly would start to swell. But I would need to be able to repeat the act."

"That could be acceptable. What about I let you do it at least once a week."

"Not enough. Every day."

"Every other day, health permitting."

"I think we are close to a deal. However ... If I am to stay around and provide food and 'stuff' for this baby after it arrives, I would like to resume this activity at the same schedule after you expel this baby, which might cause another swelling and baby expulsion."

"Did you have in mind any limit to this repeated madness?"

"Yes. I think that it should end when a total of six babies have appeared and grow as children."

"Why wouldn't they continue to grow as children?"

"Sadly, a few babies and children die."

"True. How about three."

"Four. My final offer."


They shook hands.

After a slight hesitation she said, "Will you accompany me to my bedroom?"

"Why certainly, miss," he said.

She entered her townhouse and he followed. With the bedroom door closed, she faced him, put her hands on his shoulders, and smiled pleasantly. She said, "OK, do it to me. That bizarre act."

With a gleam in his eye, the man looked the woman up and down as she stood before him in T-shirt and jeans shorts. He ran his arms over the woman's arms briefly, before concentrating on her stomach area. His hands tended upward towards her breasts, which he caressed gently through the cloth. Reaching below, he ran a hand over her thighs, first on the outside, then inside, between the legs, and raised his hand to press firmly up against her crotch. He relieved her of her clothing piece by piece.

When she was in nothing but panties, she started to take off his suit jacket.

Getting the hint, he removed the jacket, then his shoes and socks. She relieved him of his tie, shirt, undershirt, wristwatch, pants, and underpants. As promised the removal of his underpants revealed a stiff prong of flesh. She lay on the bed on her back, and he lay beside her.

He kissed her shoulders and stomach and then proceeded to lick her breasts and suck on her nipples. He then massaged her between the legs. After a while she moaned softly and wriggled her pelvis. He began to move himself up on top of her.

"One thing first," she said.

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