by LazarusLong

Copyright© 2016 by LazarusLong

Romantic Sex Story: Attraction and desire can be dangerous. be careful what you wish for.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Light Bond   Snuff   .

Corrine opened the door to the apartment, and set down her shopping bags. She giggled to herself just a little. "If this new outfit doesn't get his attention nothing the only thing left would be to strip naked and jump in his lap." she thought.

The last five times she had been to the club he had been there. She didn't know his name, or anything about him really, but she felt drawn to him. If only she had the courage to just go up and talk to him, but there was something intimidating about him. He wasn't particularly handsome, though he was pretty easy on the eyes. His dark brown hair, always seemed to be just on the verge of being tousled but still in place, barely. Sure he seemed to be a few pounds overweight, but he carried it well, and seemed to only add to the sense of presence he carried. And his eyes ... she could never quite make out their color, sometimes they looked blue, sometimes green, and occasionally even gray. His eyes were ... it was hard to explain ... more alive ... than any others she had ever seen. They seemed to draw her in and repel her at the same time.

He was as intriguing, as the other men she fended of were repulsive. Like James "call me Jim" at work, in five years working with him his eyes had never been higher than her breasts. She HE looked at the women at the club, but somehow it wasn't the same. When HE looked at a woman, it was as if he was seeing them as more than a sex toy that talked. He was looking at something the other men weren't.

She had almost worked up the nerve to talk to him two nights ago, but that Damn redhead got there first. Talking to him and putting her hand on his knee, pushing her tits out like the slut she probably was. Corrine had watched/not watched then for twenty minutes before giving up and leaving.

She came home to her bed and little plastic friend. Dreaming it was her he had been so interested in. but the next night he had been back. Alone. And Corrine made up her mind. She would talk to him tonight. If he didn't come to her she would go to him. Even if she made a fool of herself, she wouldn't just sit back and watch another girl get him without at least talking to him once.

Corrine entered the living room and flipped the light switch. Nothing happened. "Damn must have blown the light bulb again." she started for the lamp next to the sofa. Something was wrong. She started to turn and was grabbed from behind as she started to gasp in to scream something covered her nose and mouth. She passed out without making a sound.

"Corrine. Hello Corrine, time to wake up."

Her eyes fluttered open, but it was dark. No, her eyes were covered. She was dizzy and her felt a dull ache in her arms. She tried to roll to her side but couldn't. Her arms were tied to the headboard of the bed she was on. Her feet seemed to be tied to the foot of the bed.

"Whats happening? Where am I?"

"Well Corrine, as to where, you're in my home. My bedroom to be precise."

She felt a hand slide along her leg. Up to her hip and then along her stomach to her right breast, cupping it with a light pinch to the nipple. That was when she realized she was naked. She began to tremble.

"Are-are you going to rape me?"

"tsk, tsk, tsk, Rape is such a negative word. So full of bad images." The hand squeezed her breast gently before he removed it. "But yes. I will be having sex with you. I hope you will be open minded enough to relax and at least try to enjoy it."

The hand was back. On her cheek, sliding down her neck, between her breasts to rest on her stomach. Making slow lazy circles, caressing her. It was sexual but it wasn't, and despite her fear she felt her shivers of fear start to change.

"How do you know my name?"

"Its amazing what you can learn looking through a woman's purse. By the way you really should have renewed your driver's license back in September."

"I-I forgot. I don't really drive that much."

He chuckled softly. The hand slid down to her hip and then on down to her outer thigh. She tensed expecting him to touch her pussy, but the hand kept on down to her calf. Kneading it gently. Then his hand moved to her knee. His fingers were course, calloused, but amazingly gentle for a confessed rapist.

"Are you going to let me go after you Ra ... Have sex with me?" no sense in getting him angry.

"Don't worry Corrine. I have plans for you." He didn't sound menacing, but that didn't sound reassuring either.

She felt the bed shift as he sat next to her, leaned across her, leaned over her. "this is it he's going to rape me now." She tensed.

His lips brushed against hers lightly. His breath smelled fresh and sweet. Not minty, just clean. He didn't smell like she had imagined a rapist would either. He smelled warm and manly, but not sweaty or offensive.

"You are a lovely girl Corrine. Not just pretty, lovely, the way you move, your laugh, even this cute little mole here."

His finger touched her mons, just to the left of the strip of hair left by her bikini waxing.

"Yes Corrine, I've been watching you for a while. It took a while to work up the nerve to take you. I'll admit your not my first, but I think you will be special."

He bent again and kissed her again, with more pressure this time. His tongue gently probed her lips. His hand slid up her belly to her breast again. Kneading it gently. She found herself responding despite herself. The bed shifted again as he moved between her spread legs. She expected the worst, but instead felt his breath flowing across her lips and pubic hair. She heard him inhale deeply.

"Aahh! As I said before, Lovely."

She felt his tongue as it slid up from her perineum, along her labia and approaching her clit. At the first touch she jumped slightly and tears started to form in her eyes, only to be soaked up by the blindfold. As he continued, gently, teasingly, her body began to betray her. His tongue pressed deeper working itself deeper into her, seeking the magic sports that would complete her body's betrayal. She head someone moan and realized with shame it was her. This man was violating her, raping her and her traitorous body was responding as if it was her fondest desire, and her body flushed with embarrassment as she realized that it was.

No she had never wanted to be raped, not assaulted with violence and pain, taken and used like an object to be discarded, and then maybe killed. But ... To be seduced against her will, made to submit and give power over her body to someone else. It had always been her darkest secret, one she didn't even want to admit to herself. Yet when she was alone at night and even her little plastic friend couldn't bring relief. The thought of silk ropes and submission would finish what her battery powered lover couldn't.

His tongue was magic. Finding rhythms and locations in her lust slicked folds that even she had never found. She trembled and shook not from fear, no not anymore, lust pure and simple drove the sounds coming unbidden from her throat. As his tongue circled her clit again he slipped a finger inside her, swirling it, stirring her lust. A second finger joined the first as he sucked her clit between his lips, she felt his fingers curl inside her finding that magic spot along the front of her passage, she moaned, long low and loud. He lightly bit her clit, and her world exploded.

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