Cousin Dick

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2019 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Big dick cousin Steve tries to seduce my wife, including his during a visit. They tease, flirt and expose.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Swinging   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   .

Tuesday, three a.m., a sudden noise woke me and I instinctively felt for my wife, Sue. She wasn’t in bed with me. Though she rarely woke at the witching hour of three a.m., when she did she would roam the kitchen looking for some oral satisfaction---a sweet or a beer. Since we sleep naked, she would roam naked and then stand naked at the open window. Because the noise came from the kitchen, I assumed she was restless and looking for a snack again. I was about to stagger out there when I remembered we had two house guests for a week already.

Sue’s teasing Steve around the pool earlier in her deliberately loose top and tight thong were enough to make him struggle to avoid spurting in his trunks. Her staring blatantly at his obscenely tented swimsuit delivered the message that she liked what she saw. Ribald humor and teasing grew more free between them as his cock grew conspicuously and barely restrained. Though we were comfortable around him and shared more frequent and more risque humor, I thought better of going out there naked---he, or they, just might be up too. After pulling on my white briefs, I quietly stumbled to the kitchen but stopped short at the doorway.

Not sure what to do about the sight that assaulted me, I froze and stared. There, facing each other, were my wife---in sexy demi bra and panties---and my cousin Steve in lewdly tented boxers. Several thoughts hit me at once. Since she always slept naked too, dressing up in a special bra and panties took some forethought. Forethought meant she expected he’d be out there too, yet she didn’t put on a modest robe. Knowing that dual layers of sheer lace barely hid her succulent nipples was more than an “accidental” tease and explained her broad smile.

This happened in a time of transition which may, or may not, have been for the better. My lovely wife, Sue, still wrestled with her “modesty” lies. Any attempt by me to help her preserve said modesty resulted in glaring anger and a cold, silent, separation for at least a week so I learned to observe her flashing without comment.

Last week, a close friend and cousin I had long lost contact with called to say he and his new wife were house hunting in my area and they wondered if they could stay with us a few days. Of course, I said of course.

Sue and I had recently adopted an agreement that eased her tension, yet did little for mine. Before she met me, she had been promiscuous, but not in her opinion. Twenty lovers before she was thirty isn’t promiscuous, is it? She felt that was a normal number despite statistics which disagree. Though we’d committed to a monogamous marriage, she enjoyed yet was bored with the same cock every day---often three times a day. That made me wonder how much of that boredom was my fault.

She loved flashing her tiny tits as often as possible---as long as she could deny doing it. Her embarrassment inexplicably spiked when she was caught flashing them to strangers, especially those she would never meet again. Though she generally avoided flashing family and friends, she was much more comfortable doing that despite having to see them frequently. That paradox had and would cause severe tension and conflicts if I dared to try to protect her illusionary modesty.

Sue prohibited me from making ANY comments about her clothes, whether they exposed her or not. Once, when one internal bra cup of a tiny bandeau kept falling away from her tit as she vacuumed in front of a friend and her husband, they looked at me in shock and expected me to say something. Under Sue’s rules, I covered my mouth, shrugged and pointed at her hardening nipple. She later attacked me for NOT telling her she was exposed. It was another lose-lose situation she created.

When she questioned her sexuality, she had to know if she were gay or straight. There was no such grey area as BI in her world. Yet, I was sure she wanted both sexes. After several stealthy dates and lies about them, I confronted her and told her I was fine with her _safely dating and fucking women as long as she didn’t lie about them. I preferred to platonically share her girlfriends with her even if I never screwed them. However, she was adamant that HER friends had to be exclusively HER friends. Excluding me widened the small crack developing between us and told me she wanted a deeper relationship with them---without me. I confess I felt the sting of rejection even in that unusual trio.

Since she claimed to hate PDAs, she never allowed me to go beyond moderate kisses if anyone were nearby. Paradox on paradox, she once or twice went to a nude spa with a girlfriend and enjoyed being surrounded by naked female strangers in multiple hot tubs. She confessed that her intimate girlfriend managed to persuade her to partake in PDAs beyond passionate kissing, even getting to finger her in front of others at the spa. Sue dated her several months before returning to me in full.

She also chooses not to be embarrassed in situations where she is required to be nude---as when she loses a bet (she expected to lose) and is honor bound to strip naked or perform a sexual dare.

When she finally confessed that she “liked cock as well as pussy,” we had a tough decision to make. She wanted variety and I wanted to support her. It took weeks to adjust to the idea that she still wanted me, but also wanted other cocks for fun. We came to our life-changing agreement soon after that. I would accept her need for variety on three conditions:

1. There could be no more lies. This meant no more stealth dates and included confronting her exhibitionist acts truthfully.

2. There was to be no impulsive first date fucking bareback or fluid exchanges. Any partner, male or female, had to show US a clean and current health report before any bareback sex. They had to get a new health exam if they had sex with anyone else and a new exam every two months even if they had protected or no sex with others.

3. She had to ask the new partner to include me in their activities, sexual or otherwise. I would always have the option of observing their intimacy whether or not I chose to participate.

With that hammered out, I had to update Sue on cousin Steve’s reputation after their pool teasing. I brought it up at bedtime that night. “Um, Sue, come sit a minute. I’ve known Steve since we were kids. He had a well-deserved reputation for seducing and using girls just for momentary pleasure. If you wonder why any girl would go out with him once she knew that, consider that they all knew him as Dick---big Dick. I showered with him and the others in our swim classes and his cock either impressed or scared us all. You got a clear idea of his size at the pool and he will flaunt that whenever he can to tease you until you give in and beg to see and feel his cock. He’ll want to fuck you in every hole before he moves on to another conquest.” The twinkle in her eye and puckered, twitching lips warned me my words might be having the wrong effect. Her pulse raced at the thought of adding one more notch to her bedpost.

It should not have been a surprise that at three a.m. in our kitchen Sue kept glancing at his growing, mobile tent and smiling. He laughed too and thrust his hips toward her, sure of his prey. I could see the longing in her face and her deep breaths. Too far to hear their whispers, I heard the word “juice” followed by Sue’s bending over sharply, one hand on the fridge door, her mini-bikini clad ass aimed directly at Steve in teasing invitation. More than an inch of exposed butt crack tempted us; her labia stood snugly surrounded by her mini panties.

He mimed thrusting his cock fully at her as his hands feigned clenching both her hips. This wasn’t simple risque humor. Sue wiggled her ass as she pretended to search for the juice. Even from across the room, I could see how puffy her lips were and a dark spot in her gusset. The air took on the slightly musky scent of sweaty lovers pining for each other. Sue put the juice on the counter and stared at his enlarged tent. The silence was deafening. Her thick, deep camel toe had me licking my own lips in envy. Deep breaths echoed off the walls. Steve shifted his hips and his thickly veined cock escaped the confines of his boxers and stood proudly, firmly exposed and pointed at my wife. She smiled.

“Umm, s-s-sorry Sue,” he lied. He made no move to cover himself and Sue didn’t turn away. This was the first time, as far as I knew, that he fully exposed his thick cock for her. Pointing at his cock in case she missed its lewd presence, he added, “This almost happened at the pool every time you walked near me in that sinfully tiny thong bikini. I swear I saw your bush peaking over the tiny triangle and the creases surrounding your pussy pointed to it like neon arrows lit up. That alone made my cock surge. I wanted it to escape into the sunlight for you. Still, I guess you saw me adjust my cock so it didn’t slip out from under my trunks, if that,” he pointed directly at her groin, “sultry camel toe is any proof. I love that it seems as thick now as it did then.” How fucking direct!

“When you passed by with a drink or went to dive into the pool, that tiny string between your cheeks vanished and your petite, rounded ass looked totally bare. Your flexing cheeks swaying side to side made my heart skip, my cock throb, and my mouth water for a taste. I saw you staring often at my bulge especially when you dropped off a drink and let your floating tits visibly hang bared in that loose top. You’re wearing more now than at the pool. Every time I commented on how stiff your nipples were when they pushed hard against your clothes or bikini, Al always said I should see them bare. He bragged how they are perfection. I can’t wait to see them undraped. Do me a big favor and check me for injuries where my cock meets my balls and under them where I can’t see. They feel tense so check to see if they are getting blue. You’re already staring at it. Would you help me out?” He pleaded, and I predicted what she would do.

Slowly, she bent for a closer look. “You’re a fool,” she laughed. “But taking a closer look won’t hurt. I can’t tell anything like this.” She casually pushed his boxers to the floor and allowed his warm stiffness to slide up her cheeks and along her ear. He stepped out of them and deftly unhooked her bra while she was bent over. “Hey! What are you up too?” Her protest was lame as she let the bra fall off. I had to adjust my painfully throbbing cock in my briefs as I chose to watch how far she would go without explicit permission to play. “You do know that we can’t play unless we know we are all disease free?”

“I told you I couldn’t wait to see your cute titties and your perfect nipples uncovered. Sam and I get tested monthly for STI and STDs, so we are safe too.” Totally naked, Steve pinched, twisted and pulled a nipple into its full, perfect stiffness. Before she could _slowly react, he pushed her shoulders down so she had to kneel. Well, maybe not “had to,” yet kneel she did. With a big smile plastered on her face, she gingerly lifted his uncut cock against his belly with two fingers and looked closely at the shaft---very closely as she inhaled his musky fragrance.

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