Breakfast Time Fun

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Lodgings with benefits

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

It was Saturday morning and I was looking forward to a lie in but I was woken early by my landlady clattering about in the kitchen. My cock had obviously woken before me and was tenting the bed clothes. As I lay there, I began to imagine her bending down to get things out of the cupboards, her tight skirt stretched over her ass. I began to stroke my cock at the thought of it.

I had taken the room a month before and from the first day I'd moved in I'd imagined what it would be like to get into her pants. She was in her early sixties, forty years older then me, but that made no difference, she was still fuckable, with a good figure and a great pair of tits. I'd laid in bed many nights listening to her with her boyfriend at the other end of the landing. She must have known I could hear her but it didn't seem to worry her. I'd had many a good wank as I lay there listening to them go at it hammer and tongs.

That morning though, just thinking about her wasn't enough. I needed something else!!! I suddenly had a thought, I'd go and find a pair of her panties. I went to the bathroom, guessing that I'd find a pair in the laundry basket. I had to pass the kitchen and decided I wouldn't put my dressing gown on. I had a huge bulge in my boxers and hoped she'd notice. I said good morning as I passed the door and she turned round but, just said good morning back, nothing else. I carried on to the bathroom and found what I was looking for. A pair of pale blue lace panties. I could smell her on them, the smell of her cunt. I stuffed them down the front of my boxers and headed back to my bedroom. The feeling of the lace on my cock as I walked almost had me cumming before I even reached my room. I stripped off my boxers and lay back on the bed, the lacy panties wrapped around my cock, and began wanking into them. I was so turned on that it wasn't long before my cock erupted into them, covering the crotch, the crotch that had covered her wet cunt, with my hot creamy cum.

Relieved of my tension, I got dressed and returned the panties to the bathroom and went to the kitchen for breakfast. As I sat there drinking my coffee and eating my toast I watched her, still bustling about. She was dressed as she normally was in a tight skirt and blouse. I smiled as a thought crossed my mind. What would she say, if she knew that I'd shot my load into her panties?

A couple of days later I went down for breakfast, my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I'd decided to push my luck, the worst she could do was throw me out. When I entered the kitchen I couldn't believe what I saw. Instead of her usual skirt and blouse, my landlady was wearing a short satin dressing gown. It was as though fate had stepped in and made things easy for me. She was at the sink when I entered and I quickly crossed the room and stood behind her. She was about to turn round when I pressed her against the sink and put my arms round her. My hands went straight to her tits and I squeezed them gently, feeling her nipples harden under my palms, she wasn't wearing a bra under her robe. She did resist a bit but it was plain she hadn't been expecting anything like this and it allowed me to press home my advantage.

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