A Birthday Present for Hazel

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

Erotic Sex Story: A special birthday present for my wife

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

Hazel opened the door to find him standing on her front porch, carrying a large case. "Sorry," she said, "I'm not interested."

He looked down at his suitcase and smiled. "Oh I'm not selling anything," he laughed, handing her a business card.

Hazel read it it and her eyes widened. The card read. "P. J. Williams. Professional Masseuse. Be pampered in the comfort of your own home." Plus contact details.

"Your name is Hazel, right?" Hazel nodded.

"Well I'm Peter. Your husband has paid for a full body massage for your birthday," he said, smiling.

"Did you say a body massage?" Hazel said, more than a little surprised.

"Yes, a full body massage."

Hazel didn't really notice the emphasis on the 'full'. If she had she probably wouldn't have let him in, but as she hadn't, she did. "You'd better come on in," she said, stepping back, and showing him into the living room. "Do you need help for the rest of your stuff?" Hazel asked.

He smiled at her once again. "No, this is everything I need."

Hazel looked puzzled. "I thought that people who did massages usually used one of those padded tables."

Peter smiled, "Oh yes I have one in my salon," he said, "but I've found that the best way to relieve tension properly, is to do it in the client's home, using their own furniture and in familiar, comfortable surroundings."

Hazel still looked good for her age and Peter found his thoughts straying from the massage onto more intimate things. Peter knew that the massage was for her sixtieth birthday but thought she could pass for ten years younger.

She gave him a sceptical look. "Really? Well, I don't think the couch will do, will it?"

Peter shook his head.

"I didn't think so, it's a bit small, the only real place with enough space that would be comfortable would be my bedroom."

"Believe it or not," Peter continued, "that's where I usually wind up doing most massages. It's the most comfortable place in the house, and offers the best opportunity for total relaxation."

Now feeling a little apprehensive, Hazel led him down the hallway to the bedroom. When Peter saw the huge king sized bed he smiles and put his case down on the it and got to work setting up the room. He pulled out half a dozen scented candles and placed them on dressers and tables around the room, and lit them. Next was a CD of soothing music. He spotted a clock-radio with a CD player and put it in and started it playing low. Next he took a bottle of oil out of the case, closed the case, and put it on the floor out of the way. The last step was to peel back the covers of the bed.

"Now Hazel, if you'd please undress and lay face down on the bed so we can get started."

"You want me to take all of my clothes off?" Hazel said in a surprised tone.

"Please. This is a full body massage, and it makes things easier."

Hazel shrugged her shoulders and began to remove her clothes. Then her eyes widened as Peter proceeded to do the same.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said almost breathlessly.

"I'm sorry Hazel but I've found that my female clients don't really relax properly if they're nude and I'm not. If we're both naked it seems to work better."

"And my husband knows all about this?" Hazel asked, incredulously.

"I've explained the methods and reasoning to him, and he's quite happy for me to continue. But only if you also agree." Peter replied.

Hazel thought for a moment then replied. "Okay if you say so," she said, shrugging again.

"Hazel, I'm a professional," Peter assured her, "just relax."

But Peter was finding it hard to remain professional as Hazel took off the last of her clothes. Her naked body might not have been classically beautiful, but it was still sexy. Her breasts were the right size, large without being too large. He was finding it hard not to react in the way most red blooded men would have. If his concentration slipped, hard would really be the word of the day. After all, he had nothing to hide any stirrings that occurred.

He knelt on the bed and began from the bottom, working on her feet and calves as he explained to her the purpose of the massage was to relax her and bring her body into tune with her spirit. Her sighs of pleasure told him that she becoming more relaxed, so he kept on going.

He felt her muscles loosen as he worked up her legs, going from the calves to the backs of the thighs. As he worked higher, Hazel spread her legs slightly and her breathing increased. There was a mirror along the wall opposite the bed, which was a big help since it helped him gauge her reactions to his technique. Hazel was definitely reacting, reacting subtly, but noticeably. As Peter reached higher and higher, he could feel the heat rising from within her, and there was a definite dampness as his hand brushed the top of her thighs and Hazel let out a small gasp.

Peter looked up briefly, and caught her gazing at him in the mirror. His growing erection grazed her side once or twice, but Hazel didn't seem to notice. He kneaded her lower back, then moved up and worked on her shoulders, which had suddenly become tense. He continued to move up the mattress to give himself a better angle and to make the massage strokes more effective.

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