A Stepmother's Permission

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2016 by Midsummerman

BDSM Sex Story: He thought it was just a formality, being viewed by her stepmother - he was told she'd need her permission to marry her, and he did what he was told as it was. Already a slave to his wife-to-be, his vision of a homely older woman soon evaporates - along with what little liberty he had left.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Analingus   Doctor/Nurse   .

The feeling had always been there in the back of his head, a kink that gave him a rush of blood whenever he met that certain sort of woman, be it socially, at the workplace, or just in a casual smile in the street. It was partly that urge which attracted him to Trudy; he was younger than him by a good ten years, but she had found him attractive just the same, he was nicely suited to her for a covert reason she kept to herself as he wooed her. He would realise the pleasure of those closeted feelings from an unseen source, to an extent he could only dream of.

Adam Drover had noticed her amongst a group of girls at a club one night, the natural feminine authority often shown by redheads was so apparent as she cooly bossed the other girls without their seeming to notice, and dismissed the advances of several males looking for a dance with nonchalance. His cock had perked as he looked longingly at her pert arse and legs in tight white slacks; she had everything he liked in a younger woman - and that extra spice he sought - and had eventually found the courage to approach her, thinking even her sharp rebuke would give him a buzz. To his delight, she accepted him warmly and after a dance or two and some simple conversation, she was happy to agree another date with him.

Trudy Farrer had more than just a penchant for males she could manipulate, and she had detected Adam's weakness immediately. As he was older than her and obviously comfortable financially, unattached ... and despite her youth, her expertise told her he was submissive, perfect for passing on to the main source of her income, as per many males before. To Adam's surprise, the relationship moved swiftly forward over the next few weeks; he was soon treated to sex by her, and quickly confirmed his darker urges, finding himself dominated. Her natural superiority was enjoyed to the full by both, her youthful spite bringing the seed from him in torrents as he was teased and lorded over, while she waited for him to inevitably ask her hand in marriage; she ensuring he was quickly smitten.

Trudy knew it was coming as she sat in the chair with her thighs pulled back, Adam licking lovingly at her rosebud, on his knees as she chided him with contempt for his inferior service; she had thoroughly enjoyed dominating him, but it was time to pass him on and earn herself some income. Adam looked up to her, through the delectable ginger tufted cleft he had worshipped so obediently to order, and she heard the words she needed to hear.

'Trudy ... will you ... will you marry me?' Trudy smiled with pleasure, and lay her head back, laughing with studied contempt, enjoying engendering the effect of leaving him crestfallen in believing he'd be denied. The laugh made him lavish his tongue on her soft pucker again, the hurt feeling of expecting her refusal, tempered by further sexual arousal at his insignificance to her. Her laughing stopped, and he felt his head being lifted by the hair. She smiled at him, as a mother would on praising a child for good work.

'Of course I'll marry you Adam.' He gasped in surprise, and stared wildly at her face, overjoyed. Her smile broke into a gentle sneer and she brought her legs down, pointing to her feet. She smiled with smug contentment at her control as he knelt and kissed her feet automatically. He was nicely conditioned for the trip which would shape his future.

'Oh ... there's just one little thing ... I'll need to get Ma's approval; I want her to continue with the allowance she gives me, and getting married is something she'd need to know about. Don't worry, it'll be a formality, and we'll enjoy a nice vacation at her place down the coast.' Adam was a little puzzled at such an independent girl needing approval from anyone, but the bit about the allowance had him swallow the notion. She smiled sweetly as he carefully posed a question, not wanting her to have any reason to change her mind.

'She'd want to see me in the flesh? ... stay at her house with you?' Trudy's cunt tingled as she reeled him in.

'Oh she'd want to see you in the flesh alright ... to satisfy her curiosity and make sure you're worthy of me, and give her permission.' She laughed and rubbed his hair like a pet dog.

'It's all for show, her being a little old fashioned; seeing you won't make the slightest difference to things, the decision is mine but I need to keep her sweet, and she's a very sweet lady.' Adam knelt upright on his knees, looking into space and thrilled with her acceptance; a week or so down on the coast wouldn't hurt either.

'I'll do whatever you ask of me Trudy, and it'd be nice to meet your mother.' She pointed to her feet again, and sighed with satisfaction as he immediately sank and kissed the blood-red nails of her pedicured toes.

'Oh she's actually my stepmother, but she has red hair just like mine, you really wouldn't know she wasn't my maternal mother.'

Trudy watched Adam sleeping through the bedroom window as she stepped outside with her phone.

'He's ready Ma. I'll bring him to you on Saturday; he's been really easy and very pleasurable, he'll fetch a good price.' A dark and confident voice, edged with satisfaction, responded.

'Well done Trudy, I'll arrange a party for the following Friday; I have a few clients in mind who'd appreciate what you describe, and I know how you love to see them broken by the truth. I'll make him so welcome, and I may even decide keep him for myself.' Trudy laughed along with Madam Brooke Farrer as she ended the call.

Being a freelance agent in the advertising business suited Adam perfectly, it meant he could work when he chose too, sealing deals for magazines and TV stations from one-off clients before moving on to the next deal, the majority of his work carried out from home; it also suited Trudy, he'd not be missed by anyone. He arrived with a bag from his flat, to find Trudy waiting with hers on the doorstep. He took a deep breath and smiled at her choice of clothes; a tight leather pencil skirt, black stockings and tall heels, a tight silky blouse which did not hide her nipples.

'You look gorgeous Trudy ... but will your stepmom approve?' She simply pointed to her bag which he duly picked up.

'Oh, she's more than happy with anything I wear. Oh ... give me your flat keys, I've arranged for my daily to dust your place - I know how you single men are.' He smiled at her thoughtfulness and handed them over. She grinned to herself as she dropped them on the inner doormat and locked the door.

They drove for an hour or so, down a twisty coastal road with vistas across the ocean, then reached a very up-market neighbourhood of large detached villas. Adam gasped as Trudy directed him into the drive of a luxurious Deco style house built in the thirties, white with a green tiled roof, the gates opening to allow them within the walled garden.

'Your stepmother lives here?' Trudy raised a gentle smile of indifference.

'Why of course. She's a lady of impeccable taste, and also very shrewd; her last husband left it to her; he had no choice in the matter.' They parked the car, and as Adam retrieved the bags, the front door opened and a figure stepped out into the light. Adam's cock pulsed as the mental vision of the little old lady he'd held in his head was erased in an instant. Her red hair in a severe bun, high cheekboned face displaying piercing green eyes and glossy red lips, Brooke Farrer stood wrapped in a silk kimono tight at the waste to display her full breasts and splendidly curved hips. At about 50, she was the very image of a screen goddess. She embraced Trudy, then looked Adam up and down with a half smile which was laced with contempt, yet somehow judging him immediately. Adam gasped as he fought to simply say hello, such was her impact on him, and was glad to have the bags he struggled with to cloak his awestruck state.

Brooke didn't wait for any introduction from him, it wasn't necessary to her. She just led Trudy through, past a curving stairway to the rear of the house.

'Come my child, I'm out by the pool. Adam's eyes stared like a startled cat as Brooke untied the kimono and simply let it drop to the floor as she walked, leaving him to view her superbly generous and shapely arse in a red bikini, the thong tight at her crotch and displaying the flesh of her cheeks which jostled as her long legs strode on in high heeled sandals. She half turned her head as she stepped away from the kimono.

'Pick that up would you ... err??' Trudy stepped in without pausing her step or forward glance, nonchalantly.

'Adam, Mother ... he's called Adam'. The two continued as Adam duly complied, wrestling with the bags and sorely wishing to sniff closely at the perfumed silk garment, but transfixed by the sight before him as he stumbled. Her elegant shape was complimented by the panorama which spread before his eyes; the pool sat in a large patio with a pathway down to its own secluded section of beach, the ocean opening up before him. Brooke eased down into a lounger and lay with legs together, on her side to maintain his view of her ample arse and the lush feminine curve of her body, smiling at him as he followed out with the bags.

'Trudy will show you your room in a moment, but I'm sure you'd like a little refreshment after your drive first.' She pointed him to some open glass doors to the right side of the house, kept cool from the sun by a large awning.

'There's a tray of drinks just inside there, you'll fetch them for me.' Adam dropped the bags and walked awkwardly to where he was pointed, a little bemused at being utilised to fetch and carry immediately, but feeling the tone of her naturally commanding voice thrilling him inside. He stepped into the huge and luxurious kitchen, half the size of his flat, and was startled on finding a maid in black uniform sat cross legged at a table, smoking. Her breasts heaved in her tight top as she smiled at him knowingly, and simply lifted her nose to direct him to the tray on the side. She followed him as he lifted the tray and stood in the doorway with her arms crossed, smiling as he did her work. Adam gaped and nearly dropped the tray as his eyes took in Trudy, she'd quickly stripped, and stood naked, perched on the edge of the pool. His cock boned as he watched her pert body extend on her toes as she posed in feminine splendour under the hot sun, then dived into the cool blue water of the pool.

Adam slowly paced over with the tray, in shock at Trudy's indifference at her exposure before her stepmother, looking for somewhere to place it the other side of his host's superb arse which beckoned him to it, wishing to cool his ardour. But there was no furniture the other side. Brooked arched her slender neck and pointed to the small table next to her sumptuous body, and as he lay the tray down, close enough to take in her scent, she postured and twitched her globes teasingly, knowing his eyes were captivated by it. She removed the sunglasses she'd put on and looked over her shoulder at him with an air of authority.

'Mine's the Campari and soda.' Adam's fingers trembled as he lifted the glass of red liquid, having to lean over her body to pass it to her. He couldn't help but look at the the tiny triangles of the bikini top, centered by her nipples which poked hard. His eyes quickly diverted to her face, to see her smiling warmly at him and pursing those red lips.

'I see my daughter has your training coming along nicely.' She leaned forward while he pondered over what she'd said, not sure if the remark was tongue in cheek or a genuine reflection; either way, just hearing her sultry voice say it did nothing to ease his growing erection.

'Be a good boy and undo my top.' He swallowed hard, and Brooke smiled contentedly at Trudy as she surfaced and faced her over the lip of the pool, enjoying seeing Adam fumble with the tie. Brooke peeled the tiny top off, and lay back slowly smiling softly at Adam as she displayed her full rounded breasts in all their glory, nipples poking hard as the excitement of making the new male uncomfortable grew.

'Join Trudy in the pool, I can see you're a little hot and bothered in this heat after your drive.' Adam's heart pounded he looked to his bag; his swim shorts were down at the bottom somewhere. Brooke read his mind, and made the decision for him.

'Don't be shy, see how Trudy went in, we all like to swim naked here. I've seen nude men before ... and I'd like to see what my daughter's brought for me.' She knew he'd not want to offend her, and Trudy gave him a stern look as he eyed his bag again; the control her young charge had over him was confirmed and made Brooke's cunt tingle as he paled and started to undress. If her youthful daughter could lead him so easily, he'd be powerless when she took control. Adam's soft humiliation at stripping in front of someone he'd just met didn't bother him too much; it was the fact that he found that company so attractive, and the swelling of his cock made it all too obvious. His situation worsened as the maid now came out from the house, exchanging smiles with Brooke as though they were close friends rather than employer and employee, and stood smirking as he undressed. Blonde and as equally curvaceous as Brooke, something about her body clad in that uniform also raised Adam's blood pressure.

He got down to his underwear, then took a deep breath before quickly slipping them off, and made to quickly dive in. Trudy swam into his path with a wicked smile, delaying his departure for a few extra moments, having him stand exposed just a little longer. Her direction also made him turn so that his forward profile was even more evident to Brooke and the maid, displaying his half erect cock for them. Brooke savoured his pleasing masculine shape along with the maid; she removing her bikini bottoms and letting the air play over her aroused cunt, as her new prospect left the side of the pool. The maid sighed wistfully.

'Those buttocks will take the whip well Madam Farrer, I can't wait to assist with his processing, and to lead him out at the party.' She gave Brooke a cigarette and held the lighter as her red lips pursed and sucked the smoke through, knowing she liked to smoke on those special occasions, Brooke pulling her thighs back so that her capture's next glance would be a good view of the cunt he'd soon worship in utter obedience. The maid picked up the two piles of clothes, as was part of her usual routine, and smiled.

'I take it he'll be eased into his new life immediately, he looks easier than most we've taken - I'll hide his car keys and give them to Trudy when she's ready to depart.' Brooke puffed a plume of soft smoke from her lips as he surfaced to face Trudy, still blissfully unaware of what was to come, the mature woman's sex beginning to moisten as she watched the rear of his broad shoulders in the pool

'Oh yes ... I'm more than eager to introduce this one to a new life, and I think he'll embrace it willingly.' Adam's face blushed pink as he got closer to Trudy who now stood in the waist deep shallow end, leaning against the wall and sunning her pert breasts, eyes closed. She opened them as he opened his mouth, half smiling, half bewildered about the surreal predicament he now found himself in, and about to voice his opinion, when Trudy pressed her index finger to her lips and silenced him. Her stern look made his balls tingle as it broke into a sneer the knew so well.

'I'll only hear of good things about Ma, I told you she'd want to see you ... and I see she likes you.' Adam turned cautiously to look in Brooke's direction and was greeted by the sight of her feet brought back to her thighs standing gloriously as she lay, legs slightly apart, her shaven cunt and delightful pucker displayed and open to view. Adam's heart seemed to miss a beat while his cock boned in the water. He forgot whatever it was he intended to say, but the last thing on his mind was anything negative about his commanding lover's guardian. His heart gave a rush again as he saw the maid striding toward the house with his and her clothes, she smiling as she caught his glance. He turned to Trudy again, to find her smiling contentedly.

'Ma likes things 'just so' when hosting guests. Don't worry, the maid will bring you something to wear - less restrictive than your jeans and shirt.' She let him stew a little, watching him swallow hard, but unable to hide the obvious excitement in his eyes at being controlled without the merest consultation.

'Ma wouldn't go naked so readily unless she felt comfortable with you, and you'll have the chance to make her even more comfortable this evening when I'm out seeing my local friends.' Adam quivered in the water, and gaped at her revelation, wanting to protest but overwhelmed with inner excitement at the prospect of being alone with Brooke, to fend for himself. Trudy perked her breasts as she enjoyed his bewilderment, then flicked her eyes toward the house; the maid returning from it with towels and other items in her arms, her smile one of smug arrogance, her uniform now replaced by a tight leather dress, her flat shoes replaced by tall heels. She placed the towels down and lifted her head to beckon Trudy from the water.

Adam fought to control the excitement in his cock as Trudy led him through the shallow water to the steps, sensing the total control which was slowly emerging over him, and wondering what the evening had in store. Brooke lowered her legs and lifted her sleek body on one elbow, smiling softly as she studied the naked male led so obediently by her young charge; his submissiveness to the female of the species so apparent, no chastisement or whip necessary to break him down, but he'd know it just the same. Adam's face was blushed pink as the maid obligingly handed him a towel, looking him up and down as he dried himself, her off-duty attire doing little to help his situation, which he deftly covered with the towel after swiftly drying the droplets from his body. Brooke picked up a long black chiffon kaftan which had arrived with the towels and slipped it over her body as the maid lifted her phone.

'Hi ... Dr Spence? ... hello ... fine thank you very much ... He's here and ready for your physio ... OK, bye.' Adam stared at Trudy, puzzled and shocked at the call, gaping speechless. Trudy smirked as she donned a red chiffon and handed him the remaining item.

'I told you you'd be viewed - and I know you probably haven't seen a doctor in years ... it'll just confirm you're fit.' Brooke watched his firm buttocks quiver as he slipped on the silk kaftan passed to him, and added her words in a calm yet softly assertive voice which told him he had no choice in the matter.

'We have to make sure you're heart and everything else is in good order if we're to take you in, and you'll find Dr Spence most professional. She was most supportive in her diagnosis and support with my late husband, it prepared us for his departure, easing our shock when he took his own life.' Adam's mind flicked from the one teasing dilemma to the next, seeing all three women smile casually on the subject of her late husband, then focusing on the garment he'd put on with indifference, intent only on hiding his sexual excitement. Still with his mind in a quandary about the indignity of being assessed physically - and by a female doctor, and puzzled by their strangely pleased reaction at the mention of the late husband, he now realised an equally strange pleasure that the garment gave him.

The maid smiled with satisfaction at her choice of attire, which was echoed in the smiles of Trudy and Brooke as he stood sheepishly but sexually aroused while they stroked the cream coloured silk admiringly; he felt feminised by the soft flowing silk which only reached down to the middle of his thighs, making him feel vulnerable and increasing the sexually submissive urges which the assertive women knew controlled him. His eyes were drawn to Brooke's curved form, her full breasts shining and caressed by the black chiffon as she toyed with the silk, the unavoidable sight keeping his cock up to display its presence, unhindered below the soft touch of the silk. Her stern smile told him his erection more than pleased her, it showed her just how his inner pleasure outshone his bewilderment. Though he'd dared not let his thoughts linger on the situation before, it was now becoming clear that there was more to it than just her stepmother's need to give assent to her daughter; his anus tingled on what ulterior motive may lay behind it, but the gorgeous redhead's persuasive manner compelled to him to be carried along, and it excited him.

'There. We like to have things nice and casual here, and you look so cute now.' The maid moved behind him and adjusted the way it draped, the creaking of her leather dress, and her sweet scent making his balls tingle. She sighed as she deftly stroked his hip.

'I'm off now, but I'll be back later. It's so thrilling to have another male in the house.' Brooke took his hand and led him toward it.

'I'll see you at about eight Anna, we should be nice and comfortable by then.' Adam followed meekly, the grip of her hand electrifying, the elegant movement of her body in the black chiffon seducing him. He already felt compelled to do anything she asked without question, his anus tingling as he thought on being alone with her that evening. Trudy's nubile form in the red chiffon teased him further; he was so glad he'd met her as he compared her slender shape with the generous curves of the mature woman. He shamed himself as he found he hoped that visits here would be frequent; he so wanted to masturbate over the vision before him, she eclipsed his lust for Trudy so damningly, and his weakness for strong women ensured his fate was sealed.

He was taken into a large and luxurious split level lounge, one end raised about a foot above the other, stage like. The room was appointed with soft leather furnishings, one set in a huge arc which faced up from the lower lounge to the one above. Across the ceiling ran several large beams, one directly across where the levels split. Huge wall length windows looked out over the ocean to the rear. Adam was still admiring the overwhelming luxury he'd be treated to, when the doorbell rang. Trudy grinned and strode to the door, returning with Dr Spence. Adam inhaled hard as he set eyes on a very attractive middle-aged brunette, mature and shapely in her tight grey skirt and matching top, her gloved hands carrying a black leather bag. She grinned as her eyes took in his masculine form, already assessing, and her relaxed air told him that she was more than familiar with Brooke, not simply a professional acquaintance, as she circled Adam and felt his thighs.

'Well Trudy, you've certainly done well.' Brooke eased into a chair facing him and crossing her legs, intent on enjoying a full inspection. Adam's eyes felt drawn to hers, despite Trudy standing so close, Brooke's cunt tingling as the look told her he was already more concerned with how she viewed him, rather than what her stepdaughter thought, and it also sparked a little something extra within her - and her comment on the phone about keeping him came back to haunt her. She averted her gaze to Dr Spence.

'Please take your time with him Bella, I know how you like to be thorough at times, and Adam won't mind; if he knew what your fees were he'd probably need the defibrillator.' Adam's excitement was not dampened by the giggles at Brooke's humour, and he blushed red as Bella lifted the kaftan.

'Let's have this off ... now!' Adam gasped and raised his arms as Trudy assisted Bella in lifting the silk, leaving him standing on show, cock poking semi-erect, exposed for inspection. Bella grinned and eagerly cupped his balls, the flesh of her wrist warm against the underside of his cock, Adam feeling the glow from his own face as his erection pulsed harder.

'Cough!' Adam duly obliged, and Bella squeezed his balls gently after they had jumped for her. She then reached down to the bag and pulled a stethoscope from it, the cold steel head making him tense as it was placed over his heart. Brooke and Trudy grinned as Bella listened for a moment, then stroked his buttocks, making his already rapid heartbeat race.

'Excellent! It's a great deal stronger than one of the previous tests I carried out here.' The women smirked, Brooke lifting her head and looking back with a satisfied smile at the beam just behind her head. Adam now noticed there was a black steel ring screwed into it. Her eyes returned to Adam's as Bella continued to check his physique.

'When we first moved here, there was one of those chairs on a chain - a relic from the sixties - left by the prior owners. Of course, we removed it, it was so outdated, but my dear husband made good use of the ring later.' Bella added a little more to Brooke's strangely pleased telling of her late husband's story as she reached for another item from her bag; her tone showing she was equally pleased at what became of him.

'We told him he was depressed, but he claimed he wasn't; I made sure it was recorded officially that he was, there for the perusal of the coroner when he did what we all suspected he'd do. I do so love to be proved right in my judgement.' Brooke's smug smile increased while she elaborated with pleasure on the situation.

'It was almost a relief to see him hanging there, knowing he was free from his own torment. Both I and Anna were out when he did it, confirmed officially as being at a friend's house, by her and several other friends of course. The verdict of the inquest was eventually recorded as suicide, though they were torn between it being that or a sexually driven accident; a great deal of semen was found on the floor where he hung, and the only other puzzling factor was that the stool he'd used was standing upright, several feet away ... they surmised it must have tumbled then righted itself as he kicked it away, a most extraordinary thing, you couldn't do that if you tried.' Adam's cock maintained it's semi-erect state as her soft and satisfied smile told him that another version of what happened might be locked away in her mind, then her grin broadened as Bella held up the object from her bag.

'Time to take your temperature.' Adam opened his mouth and Bella looked sternly at him, with a studied look of dismay.

'Oh no ... this is a rectal thermometer; it's the only way to get a good reading. On your knees, arms flat to the floor ... and face the other way, I need the light from the window.' Adam duly obliged, raising his arse high and giving Brooke and the doctor a good view of the buttocks and dangling balls which would accept cane and whip nicely. Those balls tingled as he was humiliated so systematically by Bella, taking great pleasure in easing the glass tube home, Adam feeling his cock perk as she slid the tube in.

Trudy sneered at the obedient result of her work, taking this moment of his humiliation to further punish his mind in announcing her departure.

'I'm going to get ready to go out now, I'm so looking forward to seeing a few friends.' She embraced Brooke and kissed her, but said nothing to Adam, leaving him prone and awaiting the rise of the mercury, soon to be at the mercy of Brooke. He wanted to call out to Trudy as she strutted away, but felt powerless - crushed at knowing she'd do just as she pleased - and leaving him to be with friends pleased her. The two older women studied for any body language he might offer, in defiance of the dominance that they knew the assertive young woman had imposed on him, Bella smiling and nodding her head at Brooke as he suffered her will obediently without question; the bondage that some of her prior requisitions had needed, in order to be subdued fully with the whip, would not be required with Adam. What little defiance he might harbour would be quickly put down forever, he would be broken ready for display to a crowd of suitors so easily.

Bella remained for another half hour or so, taking blood and urine samples to test later, on the premise that they needed check for viruses etc. This was true, but not for the reason that Adam was led to believe; an official clean bill of health needed be made available to any prospective purchaser, guaranteeing clean and quality slavery; the well to do women involved in the darkly sexual association would not buy just any unattached male lifted from the streets downtown, though some had indeed found their way to a new life of incarceration via that route, Brooke taking great satisfaction in securing males herself that way. Anna returned to watch as Dr Spence drew the last phials of blood for testing, then grinned at Brooke knowingly as she attached a syringe with a clear liquid to the tube in his arm. Adam was now at the point of making a feeble protest, suspicious of what the good doctor was administering. She placed a finger to her lips on detecting his edginess, then resumed discharging the contents.

'This is just a little something to replace the blood I've taken ... it has vitamins in it, and will relax you.' Brooke grinned and rose from the chair, smiling with the knowledge that there would be no protest or edginess from him within half an hour. Anna smiled softly and took his hand as the doctor packed her things.

'I came back as quickly as I could, just to see you ... I'll take you for a nice shower now, you need to get the chlorine from the pool off you, and the warm water will make you so relaxed.' Adam felt his cock pulse involuntarily as the maid imposed her own assertive manner in leading him up the stairs, compelled to follow the leather clad maid whose strong presence would not be denied. Brooke saw Bella to the door, the latter enthusing about the latest capture.

'I take it you'll let him know his fate as soon as the drug takes hold, I wish I could be here to enjoy that - he's so attractive, I trust you'll indulge me when I bring the results back tomorrow - he's nicely fit and they'll be fine; you'll have no problem passing him on, I can think of at least three ladies who will bite your arm off.' Brooke looked wistfully up the stairs as she spoke, her nipples poking hard through the chiffon. Bella grinned and clicked her fingers to gain the redhead's full attention, smiling mischievously.

'Ohh! ... I see there might be a problem beyond any price asked.' Brooke sighed, her cunt moist and tingling in anticipation of dominating him that evening.

'You're so perceptive Bella, he's so desirable ... of all the males Trudy has blessed us with ... I don't think I've ever been aroused so quickly. Oh ... and of course you can sample him tomorrow ... but I'll have him all to myself again when you're gone.' As she clicked the door closed, her sense of sweet sexual anticipation grew, having new males know of their destiny at her hands was always such a thrill, and this one's enslavement would be such a pleasure; she hoped he would show at least a little reluctance at the prospect of becoming the property of a rich woman ... telling herself that her soft attraction for him was just a novelty, he must be sold.

Adam had now guessed that his liberty was in question; too much interest in him had been shown by each of the three women, and Trudy's indifference in leaving him alone with Brooke was worrying him. He was aware that Anna sat on a chair beyond the shower curtain, watching his movement and waiting to take him under her charge once more. As the warm water played over his flesh, the cock which had relaxed while he pondered his predicament without the visual stimulus of the women, suddenly began to stiffen again; he found himself unable to divert his mind from the commanding tone and sumptuous curves of the stepmother, the assertive manner of the mature and shapely maid beyond the curtain, and the clinical arrogance of the attractive doctor - what she had given him, now taking effect. Though he remained lucid, the substance was certainly calming mentally, but his thoughts would not be detracted from his submissive yearning. He turned the shower off, and as he swept back the curtain, there was Anna standing with arms crossed with a towel hanging from her hand. She gave him a smug look, studying the cock which stood erect, and which Adam no longer felt any inhibition about.

'Out you get, and kneel on the floor while I dry you.' He did exactly as he was told, feeling his cock ache as he faced her long legs and boots, the hem of her leather dress moving against her thighs as it squeaked with the motion. She rubbed his upper body down, then caressed his short hair dry with the towel, then he watched as her fingers lifted the skirt while she wriggled to lift it high. She grinned with satisfaction on seeing there was not the slightest reaction from him now, no movement in the natural disbelief or modesty he'd have shown earlier. He felt her hand behind his head, pulling him toward the crotch of her panties; he offered no resistance. She sighed with pleasure as she felt him nose her slit and sniff frantically.

'That's it, sniff my cunt boy, you'll know its scent blindfold in a day or two ... I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my part in your training.' Adam's anus tingled as the confirmation of his capture was openly stated by her authority, it registered so clearly and he was bewildered by it, but unable and no longer wanting to offer any resistance. Her delicious feminine scent took him to the place his inner soul craved to be, in total obedience to a dominant woman. Though his rational mind kept his physical state alert and his anxiety fought with his urges, the substance ensured the desires which had brought him to Trudy, slowly and thoroughly overshadowed these and rendered him helpless. His cock boned rigid as the delectable sexual pleasure of being put firmly in his place by feminine power enveloped him, so much stronger than in any lurid dream he'd experienced.

Anna smiled with satisfaction on pulling his face away and feeling his reluctance to be drawn from the lush scent of her arousal, slipping the kaftan over him once more, and laughing softly at the tent created by his eager cock.

'You'll soon have the opportunity to worship my cunt in earnest, but another awaits you first. I think you're nice and ready to pay homage to your host in thanks for her hospitality, and learn of the service you've brought upon yourself ... you wanted her daughter's hand in marriage - eager as you are to serve below her I know - but you'll get so much more than the firm hand of a young novice now.' Her satisfaction swelled as she enjoyed the totally obedient state he was now in, ner power over him absolute. She smiled as she put her hand behind her back, and pulled something from the tight broad belt which held her waist tight, displaying her hips and full breasts in the black leather so pleasingly in his eyes. His balls tingled at what he first thought was a whip, but as Anna unravelled it with a pleased grin, he saw it was a leather leash and collar. He lifted his chin obligingly, now wanting to know the feeling of its grip, and the lush submission it would grant him, Anna sighing and quivering in her own flush of dominant pleasure at his gesture of helpless desire. She watched his cock bob, his chest heaving in excitement beneath the silk gown as she buckled the thin leather collar tight, her cunt moistening by the moment, then sneered as she slipped the leather leash through her hands and pulled it tight.

'There! Now we're ready to show you to the Mistress of the house in your true position.' Adam's desire to see Madam Brooke again, burned within him as he thought on the supreme woman's shape from his earlier encounters, her image glowing within his head and appearing goddess like; even the clinical bathroom he was in was now bathed in a warmly erotic hue, he was truly enslaved by his own weakness as Anna led him from it. Trudy watched unseen from her bedroom door, keen to play a satisfying part by ensuring he still grasped how he had arrived there, bringing him back at least partly to a demoralised state and boosting her own bitchy ego. She allowed Anna to take him down the first few stairs, the maid looking back and smiling smugly toward the slightly ajar door. She then followed, strutting confidently on tall heels and feeling supremely dominant in her tight pencil skirt, and looking over the stairs to the hall below. Anna led him a few feet from the foot of the stairs to the centre of the hall.

'Kneel!' Adam did just as he was told, and felt his anus tingling as the door to the main lounge slowly opened. Brooke stepped out from lounge, taking each step nice and slowly, the black chiffon floating across the curved breasts and thighs that it did nothing but mask ever so slightly, her stern smile of contempt radiating from her red lips, her red hair magnificent. Adam took a sharp intake of breath on seeing a short black riding whip in her hand; there would be no hiding from the truth now, the facade was over. Anna handed her the leash, and Adam felt himself cower, bringing his cock to full rigidity in awe of her as she pulled the leash tight. Her contented smile went from his face up to the stairs, Adam hearing the sharp sound of stilettos on stone and looking to see Trudy descend, her curt smile expressing the triumph she felt.

Adam's mind, confused by the substance and immersed in the euphoria of submission, took a sharp twist toward reality as he viewed the ginger girl who had dominated him so easily, and delivered him to this place; his memory flashing back to his handing over of the keys to his flat, her indifference to her stepmother's naked display ... he dared not think that her affection for him was merely a sham. Looking more attractive than ever in her tight leather pencil skirt, her view of him now held nothing but contempt as he knelt leashed at the feet of Brooke, her cruel capture of him giving her a rich and spiteful satisfaction. She stepped closer and grinned down at him, then looked up to her contented stepmother.

'I'm off to celebrate with some of the girls from the association, they'll be delighted to see me, knowing it means only one thing. I'll stay tonight of course, then tomorrow I'll take his car and see how much Madam Paula offers me this time.' She looked down at Adam with a curt smile as she enjoyed having him know the truth.

'I'll contact the rental agency with the keys to his flat, after sending a mail from his desktop telling them to expect me; he'll explain he has no need for it anymore - bored with things, going to tour the world and find himself - he'll just disappear like so many other males.' She watched Adam gasp in disbelief, the pleasure in crushing him exhilarating. He motioned to speak, and felt the whip pressed to his lips by Brooke; he was silenced by it, sniffing at the leather binding and flap which his flesh would soon know. Trudy smiled down at him, then turned and strutted to the door, showing him the pert arse which had seen the surrender of his tongue, and had now enslaved him completely. Brooke delighted in bringing him further down as she opened the door to leave.

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