Manny the Manager

by Jeff the Ripper

Copyright© 2016 by Jeff the Ripper

Humor Story: Manny is a manager in his company and receives a new boss who is intend to destroy him in all areas of his life. Can Manny beat the odds?

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Zoophilia   FemaleDom   Bestiality   Violent   .

Kingsoft Company was a cruel and brutal place. Manny hated every single day he went to work. He wasted more time in office politics than actual productive tasks. His days went from 8 am to 10 pm, sometimes even later if his boss handed him some last minute stuff.

Manny's wife, Raquel asked him to quit but he feared he couldn't find a job at his age. He had to do something drastic and he got the idea while watching National Geographic one night. It was a documentary about Bonobo monkeys. Manny liked the narrator, Sue Donner as she was pretty and her clothes clung to her shapely body as she navigated the damp jungles. Bonobo monkeys settled territorial claims through penile fencing while hanging on trees. Manny was enticed by the way of the jungle. He sat there in the dark naked and sweaty as he pondered. Could the same techniques be used in the concrete jungle to become the lone silverback alpha male?

Raquel was sleeping soundly when he heard the monkey within whisper to him. Manny tore off his pajamas and violated her from behind like a Bonobo monkey. She screamed then realised what was happening. She enjoyed the shocking backdoor entry and knew Manny was different.

The next day, Manny whistled as he entered the hectic office. He sat at his desk and propped his feet up on the desk. Alan slammed a file on his desk and said, 'Hey dumbo, I don't agree with your assessment. I did very well on the Baker project but you gave me a low grade.'

Manny continued whistling, watching as other employees stared at them in anticipation of a quarrel. 'Alan, you deserved that because your work was shit. Complete crap.' He felt good saying it finally. Alpha male baby.

Alan flared up in anger. 'You don't get to play that card with me dammit. Change it or else I'll scratch your car.'

'Let's settle it now, ' Manny said, standing up. 'Penile fencing.'

'What?' Alan said, eyebrows curved in disgust. 'You're crazy.'

Manny forcefully unzipped his pants and unleashed his dragon. The whole office formed a tight circle around the two men chanting for Alan to fight.

Alan gritted his teeth. 'You can't be serious.'

Manny wasn't smiling. 'Do it.' He grabbed Lena's large bust to get stimulated. Lena hated Manny but he overpowered her till her blouse was ripped open.

Manny's dragon was fully awake and alive. Alan with trembling fingers, unzipped his pants but the zipper stuck. A short oily-faced man grabbed the front of Alan's jeans with his sharp fingernails and tore off a patch, exposing the small worm-like appendage.

The whole office roared in laughter at the diminutive size. Manny rushed forward and began his penile fencing. He jumped onto a table and used his dragon to slap Alan's face. Alan's face was bleeding profusely from several cuts. 'I give up!'

Manny stood there in pride at establishing his alpha male authority, his dragon glistening. 'It's not over yet.'

Before Alan could escape, Manny ejaculated hot sticky semen on his face. Alan coughed and slipped on the slimy patch.

'Now it's over bitch!' Manny kept his dragon and everyone went back to work, leaving Alan unconscious in a pool of blood and semen.

Then, a huge African man came into the office. He was so dark skinned and hairy, some thought he was actually a gorilla. He was wearing a flowing dress that flapped in the wind, revealing a massive dragon underneath that resembled a garden hose.

'Who are you?' Manny asked the seven-foot tall beast. 'I thought we all evolved already.'

'How dare you, pygmy man. I have an MPA.' The African swept Manny's items and computer off the desk.

'You mean MBA nigger?' Manny asked.

'No my friend.' He pulled his flappy robe off. 'Master in Penile Arts. Mine is from the lost jungles of Africa. I penile fenced monkeys to hippos and even elephants.'

Manny shrank back and knew he was defeated already. 'Fine take my desk. I'll sit somewhere else.'

Manny wanted to take his name plaque from his desk. The African caught him. 'No need my friend. My name too is Manny.'

'Really?' Manny said, feeling a heat of envy that the second Manny was better than him in every aspect.

'Fool! Who wants a stupid name like Manny?' He tossed Manny's plaque into the trash bin. He beat his chest. 'My name is Adiwalala, Master of the Penile Arts.'

Adiwalala pasted his MPA certificate on top of Manny's programming cert. Then he spotted a photo of Manny's wife. 'She is beautiful. I believe you cannot please her like I can.' He patted his loins tastefully, stroking it like a pet dog.

Manny angrily snatched the photo frame away and setup his desk in the pantry. How dare this negro usurp his rightful place! He would show him his prowess.

He heard women screaming. Manny rushed out to the office and saw Adiwalala breaking wooden boards with his penis. Then he built the wooden pieces into an exact replica of the Eiffel tower. Several ladies, even an old grandma, was smitten by him. Adiwalala said, 'Come to my palace tonight. I have many pleasures awaiting you.'

The short oily-faced man begged Adiwalala with tears, 'I want to come too!'

'If you come, we must fight with our penis. You are a good man, I don't want to kill you.' But the man continued to moan and plead and Adiwalala agreed.

Manny decided to follow them and burn his palace to ashes.

That night, Manny hid in the bushes as Adiwalala entered a huge bungalow with a group of women and one short man behind. They were singing an occultist tune from days long forgotten.

Manny crept up to the side window and found it open. He climbed in. The ground was covered with velvet carpet. He ducked behind a cupboard as the chanting group went past the room. Manny saw a withered corpse of a Neanderthal on the wall and he shivered. Who was this Adiwalala?

Manny sneaked to the door and peeked around the corner. Adiwalala was attacking the short man with a baton. To his horror, the baton was actually Adiwalala's penis! The man's clothes were torn and bloody after a few intense attacks.

The man tried to surrender but a woman shoved him towards Adiwalala who quickly rushed from behind and penetrated the man. Manny let out a sharp gasp and everyone turned to look.

'Manny my friend.' Adiwalala smiled and tossed the writhing man aside. 'Have you come to enjoy the show? I have destroyed this man. He is not a worthy competitor.'

'I'll call the police you freak, ' Manny said, taking out his mobile phone. He punched the police hotline but there was no reception. 'What the heck?'

Several women caught Manny and dragged him to the hall. Lena cruelly scratched his face with her fingernails, opening deep gashes and rivers of blood. She ripped his clothes off till he was naked.

Adiwalala tapped Lena's shoulder and licked her ears passionately. 'I'll let you play with Manny. I have a box of toys for you.' He pointed at a wooden chest in the corner. 'Meanwhile, I'll take some girls with me upstairs.'

Adiwalala took a few girls upstairs and left Lena with Manny. Manny was shackled to the wall. 'Please Lena, this is madness.' Manny's face was burning with pain as blood streamed down.

'I'll give you a night to remember.' Lena opened the heavy chest and took out a whip with nails attached to the end - the cat of nine tails. He shivered in primal fear.

'I'm sorry Lena for everything - Ahh!'

One whip. It dug into his chest and clawed his flesh.

'I'll divorce Raquel and marry you - ahh!'

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