The Inside Shower

by Simontog

Copyright© 2016 by Simontog

True Sex Story: A story of a trip taken with my wife. We had some fun!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

We'd both agreed that our holiday would be a chance to explore the kinky side of our fantasies. So when she started to snigger on the plane, I had to know what was going through her dirty little mind.

"you know we've got 200 extra cigarettes over our duty free allowance? Well when we get to the hotel, do you fancy playing the naughty customs officer and the international smuggler?" she smirked.

"Could be fun, but we forgot to pack the latex gloves," I grinned.

It took me and my dirty little slut a few days to acclimatize to the Tunisian heat, but once we got stuck into the Duty Free Vodka, she decided it was time for an interrogation. I had popped out for some cola from the bar, and when I returned she was dressed up in a tight white blouse, strict make up, and a short black skirt.

She threw the extra duty free fags at my chest, and demanded to know what else I had smuggled in. She started to search me, patting me down like a professional. Insisting I strip, she started searching, first running her fingers inside my mouth, and then down my chest edging towards my hardening cock.

Roughly pulling back my foreskin, she started to search my cock with her probing tongue, running it all over my hardening shaft, and darting inside my foreskin. Finding nothing but the taste of my pre cum, she pushed me roughly back onto the bed.

"Lie face down," she demanded, "as I've found nothing so far, I'll have to search deeper."

I heard the opening click of the lubricant, normally reserved for taking her anally, followed by the distinct snap of Latex gloves being pulled onto both her hands. So the conversation on the plane had been a lie, the dirty little slut had remembered them after all, but her punishment for dishonesty would have to wait.

"You'd be surprised where people hide contraband," she said, spreading my arse cheeks with one hand whilst smearing my tight hole with lube at the same time.

"This gives me no pleasure, but I must check."

Slowly she pushed the tip of her finger into my clenched hole before stabbing the full length deep inside. My whole body tensed and my cock twitched as her finger roamed inside my arse.

"I can't find anything with one finger, but it is my duty to be thorough."

This time I felt the extra width of two fingers at the entrance to my hot arse, this was going to stretch me further than ever before. I ground my hard cock into the bed and moaned with pleasure as she fondled my balls whilst continuing to finger me.

"I hope you are not enjoying this," she barked, but my dirty little slut knew I was loving every moment of it.

"I can find nothing there, you nasty little man; and you are enjoying this far to much for me to continue. I will now require you to provide a urine sample for analysis, follow me."

She led me into the en-suite bathroom.

"We have no paper cups, so you'll have to use my mouth."

Kneeling in the bath, with her painted mouth level to my cock, she signaled me to continue. Although we'd played with watersports before, this was the first time she'd ever asked me too piss in her mouth, so I hesitated.

"You require a demonstration?"

Standing up, she raised her skirt over her hips, and placed one foot on the edge of the bath, revealing her glistening slit. Pressing on my head, she forced me down to my knees and ground her wet cunt against my face.

"I will show you what to do."

As she spoke I felt the first warm trickle flowing over my chin, splashing down onto my chest. I moved my dry mouth down to catch her hot stream. Abruptly she pulled away from me.

"You'll get no pleasure from this, provide me with a sample or face the consequences."

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