My Flight to D C

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2016 by raplucknett

Erotica Sex Story: I have fun with a stranger on a plane.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Oral Sex   BBW   Public Sex   .

I handed my boarding pass to the flight attendant she smiled and said, "Have a nice flight." I honestly didn't care at this point it was a redeye flight to DC all I wanted to do was get home. I looked down at my seat and was thankful to have an aisle seat. The florescent lights were harsh on the eyes this set a dull mood for the plane. Most of the people on this plane were older guys in suits, most likely business people catching last minute flights to see clients. I finally found I was thankful to see there was a chubby girl about my age, early 20's, with pulled-back dirty blond hair and a spaghetti-strap purple blouse. She was sitting looking out the window. Better her than some old guy drooling on me that was for sure.

I sat down took my backpack off and stowed it under my seat. I turned to her and we nodded to each other as I sat down and nodded at each other. I have never been a fan of awkward silence but there was too much going on to really start a conversation.

The flight attendants finally got the passengers settled and the safety video started and everyone had to turn off their electronic devices.

I told her, "You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning three times than crashing in a plane."

She giggled and said, "You probably shouldn't have said that, my friends jokingly call me Murphy, after Murphy's Law."

"That's anything that can happen, will happen, right?"

"That's the one."

"Oh boy, I guess we are in for a bumpy ride."

She laughed again and said, "Good thing I haven't been on many planes, so the odds are probably low."

As the plane reached cursing altitude our conversation subsided and it seemed like everyone was a sleep except for a couple people.

I watched the night sky for a bit, and then shifted my gaze down to the girl next to me. As I said, she was chubby, but pleasant to check out, there was something kind of sweet about the little bulge of cleavage between her big round breasts, the roll of her tummy, her little chubby fingers with tribal-style rings on each hand, the tattoo on one ankle, the little chubby toes in her flip-flops. From her feet I looked back up at her face and her eyes were open, staring at me.

"Busted," she whispered.

"Sorry," I said, my face flushing. "Not much else to do on this plane but look around."

"I'm kind of cold," she whispered, apparently unbothered by what I'd been doing. "Is there a blanket anywhere?"

"There should be a couple blankets at our seats." I reached around on the ground to find out blankets and accidently brushed her ankle.

"Oh, I see where you were going with that."

I blushed again and said, "Sorry."

"I'm just messing, with you." I found the blankets opened them up from their packets and handed them to her

She unfolded them and started to pull them over herself, then offered one corner of them to me. "If you're cold too," she said.

"Yeah, a little, I guess," I whispered.

I moved up the armrest dividing us and we both scrunched into our seats. We were kind of but not really facing each other, and she closed her eyes. I sank back into the zoned-but-not-really sleeping state that I normally go into on plane rides.

And then I felt her hand on my leg, under the blanket. I looked over at her but her eyes were still closed. There was a faint smile, though. Was she asleep or coming on to me? Did it really matter?

Her hand traveled up my leg, brushing my cock which was rapidly getting hard, then went under my shirt and rubbed my chest. No way she was doing this while asleep. But her eyes were still closed. Who knew what her fantasy was as it played out, but if she wanted to use me for it, I was just fine with that.

I reached across under the blanket and put my hand on her hip. She didn't seem to mind so I slid it under her top as well. Her chubby belly was soft and jiggly, and she let me feel all around it and up to her bra which somehow she had already unclasped. I slid my hand under a big round tit, letting the weight of it drape over my hand, feeling the slightly sticky area right under her tit. I liked the feel of her size, the way the curves just kept on coming and shifting around as she squirmed in her seat.

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