Midnight Snack

by Saint Sinner

Copyright© 2016 by Saint Sinner

Erotica Sex Story: I visit my little in the middle of the night. NOTE: There is no real incest in this story, the characters are all of age and the sex is safe and consensual. It's all about role play.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Oral Sex   .

I tapped quietly on her door and waited to hear any response. Only silence followed ... The door was closed, but not latched, so I pushed gently and opened it a few inches. Peering inside, I saw the dim interior of my little girl’s room. The drapes were closed, but enough light leaked in from the window to show the outlines of the room. I couldn’t yet see her tucked under the covers, but I could tell she was fast asleep.

Stepping fully into the room, I pushed the door mostly closed and stood still, letting my eyes adjust to the light. In the dim, the colors of her room were muted, but I knew it well. Her bedding was white with pink butterflies. The bed frame itself was white. The rest of the room followed that theme - pink and white with some touches of other soft colors. She had decorated this room her self. My lips curled into a smile, she was such a sweet little girl.

Placing my feet carefully to minimize the noise, I approached the bed. Now that my eyes had adjusted and I was closer, her sleeping form became clear. She lay on her side, her face obscured by bedding. I mentally chuckled, recalling how much she twists and turns in her sleep, and in the pursuit of it. She had kicked one of her legs free of the covers and it was bare all the way up to the bottom of the t-shirt that I remembered her wearing when she kissed my cheek before heading to bed.

I admired the smooth skin of her leg and flexed my fingers, aching to touch her. Not yet, I told myself. Examining the coverlet and sheets she was under, I decided I could free much of it without waking her. She sleeps pretty soundly anyway, so it was probably possible. Working carefully and slowly, I pulled the fabric this way and that. Eventually I had uncovered her from the waist down. The only thing protecting her virtue was the t-shirt she wore, which was printed with a unicorn and the words “ALWAYS BE YOURSELF - UNLESS YOU CAN BE A UNICORN - THEN ALWAYS BE A UNICORN” I had given her the shirt last fall and it was one of her favorites. It was a big shirt and covered her halfway down her thighs, the black cloth contrasting nicely with her pale skin.

Moving gently and with care, I eased my weight onto the bed at her feet. Luckily, my little girl likes a firm mattress. I hesitated, listening to her even breathing. At last I allowed my self to touch her, gingerly sliding my fingers along the skin of her calves, up to her knees. As if by magic, they softly parted, and my breath caught - my eyes riveted to the cloth covering her “special place” as she calls it. As her legs spread a little, the cloth became taut and slid up just a little, revealing another inch of her thighs. Also, it wafted her scent up to me - a heady mix of her natural aroma and the body oil that she used when she took a bath before bed.

It was with force of will alone that I restrained my hands from ripping the cloth up and revealing what I was after. Now that I could smell her, it was a real struggle. I was going to get what I wanted, but patience would be rewarded, I told myself. I looked up at her face, now partly revealed. Her mouth opened briefly and closed. I listened and she was still breathing softly and evenly. Flexing my fingers again to calm my nerves, I reached for the edge of the cloth and tried to ease it upward. At first, this had no effect again tempting me to force it. I could feel her warmth now too. She always gets so hot when sleeping, almost feverish.

Her leg kicked a bit, making her foot contact my knee on the outside. I took the opportunity and managed to push the cloth up another inch. Now, I could make out the faintest outline of my objective. I squinted in the dim light, trying to determine whether she had worn underwear to bed. Another wave of her faint spicy scent drifted up and I quietly groaned as my cock hardened inside my sweat pants.

Trying another tack, I reached down to the cloth under her legs and found that it was loose. I was able to shift it to the side, giving the cloth on top more slack. Then, it was an easy task to raise it further and reveal what lay between her legs. The black cloth was now pushed up all the way to the top of her thighs, and beneath it ... I leaned forward and drew in a long, slow breath. I could smell and almost taste my prize.

My little girl has the most beautiful pussy, I thought. Her outer lips were completely uncovered by hair. The mound above was still obscured, but I could make out her inner lips peeking out a little below. They were a slightly darker color than the surrounding flesh. And she smelled delicious...

“Daddy?” she mumbled.

I froze, my breath caught in my throat. She shifted, her leg coming to rest against mine. For a moment, it seemed she was going to sit up, but it turned out she was just shifting a bit. Her legs fell a little wider apart and the shirt actually moved even further up. Now I could see her mound as well, which was also without hair. Leaning even closer, I took a real whiff of her scent - so intoxicating...

This was the moment of truth. I eased my weight down and got comfortable, my mouth only an inch from her treasure. I breathed out a soft warm stream of air onto her pussy. Her scent now surrounded me. Steeling myself, I kissed the inside of her thigh just to the right of her pussy. I waited for a reaction, but other than a slight change of her breathing, nothing. I parted my lips, extended my tongue and delicately licked the same place on the other side.

Her hips shifted and she parted her legs even more. Her breath caught for a moment and I waited until the normal pattern returned. Now was the time, I said to myself, flexing my own hips to press my very hard cock against the mattress. Throwing caution to the wind, I kissed again this time directly onto her pussy. Then a light stroke with my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to where her clit still hid inside its hood. Finally tasting her, I wouldn’t have stopped now for anything. She moved in little ways as I continued, and her breath deepened and sped up.

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