A Cry for Help

by werewolf

Copyright© 2016 by werewolf

Sex Story: just a silly little story about a rather beautiful and extremely dense young wife

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Humor   Interracial   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Analingus   .

My young wife was really bubbly when she came home after her first day as an actress,

"I learned ever such a lot today darling, I met my Errol co-star, he was really nice and he explained the plot to me, well basically I play a young married woman who has an affair with her black gardener when her husband goes away on business, I tell him that I like girls so he gets me a nice sexy girlfriend"

"He showed me how to act like a proper loving wife by sitting on his knee and kissing his ear while he had his hand up my skirt"

"Did you do it for real?"

"No silly" she laughed, "It was acting, but I really got into the part, I nearly started to enjoy it when he was playing with my pussy"

"So it was real?"

"No of course not, although he said that when we actually film the scene, he'll have to get his fingers inside my panties otherwise it won't look real will it?"

"I suppose that's true enough"

"He also said I should think of you while I'm sucking his cock, I'll try but he's a lot bigger than you so it will be hard"

"So did you suck it today?"

"Only for a few minutes darling and he did say sorry for coming so quickly"

"Oh that was nice of him"

"I told you, he was really polite, he even said my pussy tasted nice"

"How did he know that?"

"Oh you are silly, we had to rehearse didn't we?"

"Oh yes, I forgot"

"But I wasn't really dressed for the scene so he wants me to wear stockings when we film it in Jamaica"


"Yes I thought I told you, we're flying there tomorrow"

"But that means you'll be away from me"

"I know darling, but think of the money we'll have when I'm done, besides I can email you every night"

"As long as you promise"

"I promise darling"


"Well we had a nice long rest after our flight darling, it's really beautiful here, I'll soon be as brown as Errol, mind you he told me not to walk about naked quite so much as I might burn, he was really nice to me this afternoon, he rubbed sun screen all over me!"

"I've a good mind to ring the travel agents up and give them a piece of my mind, they really messed up, they put Errol and me in the same room, the fools, but he was very kind, he let me share his bed, so we practised our loves scenes a bit, well a lot actually, I suggested that we filmed them but he told me we need to have some more practise first and he knows best"

"We've just heard from reception, I should be able to have my own room next weekend, anyway, must dash, bye bye for now darling, I love you"


"Hello again darling, wow what a day we had today, Errol and I practised loads more last night and this morning too, I can deep throat him now without gagging at all, we went onto the beach after breakfast, Errol said it would be all right for me to be naked as long as I wore a butt plug, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I soon got used to it, in fact I've still got it in now, it's starting to feel quite nice!"

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