Miss Oh Loses Her Last Cherry

by harry lime

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The fascinating Miss Oh learns she has one more cherry to lose.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Father   Uncle   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Workplace   .

There can be absolutely no doubt that the seductive and submissive Miss Oh no longer possessed traditional openings in her luscious petite frame that had not been completely ravaged by multiple male admirers with juicy cocks that spread her open and sprinkled her with wet abandon for almost a full decade.

She had been of the unfounded opinion that she had seen everything and done everything in the field of kinky relationships. She had been tutored diligently by her father, her uncle, her older brother and then the dissolute banker boss of her father who used her so meanly that she often was exhausted at the end of the night and in need of rest to restore her shattered soul.

Now, she worked in an office of mostly female employees all of whom were fully obedient to the whims of the male supervisors that constantly made physical demands on their person with little thought to their sensitive natures. She had been stripped naked in the workplace and put to ridicule of the other employees who all took great amusement in her predicament.

Miss Oh was introduced at an early age of only sixteen to the desires of older males to take pleasure in the female hindquarters and she was obedient to spreading her delicate cheeks to accommodate their attentions even in the presence of others. It was her honored father that had first revealed to her the pleasure of the budding lotus flower and she had acquired the skills of an accomplished Geisha girl in bestowing her anal treasures on partners startled by her talent in that much revered skill-set.

After her first anal taking, she vowed that she would never be so submissive ever again. Unfortunately, her sense of duty overwhelmed her modest protection of her delectable posterior delights and soon we was well-versed in presenting her hindquarters for any male that implored her on her generosity of the flesh. Her younger sister Tushima was inquisitive about the training for such activities but Miss Oh was determined that she would stay innocent and pure in such matters of the male carnal appetite.

It was a cold, rainy day that Miss Oh made the important decision that she would find other employment because she did not want to become a mere object of humiliation and degrading use in a business setting. Her family was distraught that she would have the effrontery to leave a company of good reputation and seek employment with one of the more common trades that made a profit on the edge of accepted commercial trade.

In fact, they were quite concerned that she would now be searching in an area that was considered much too ordinary and common-place for their upper-class life-style. Her friends were mostly married now and they chattered away endlessly trying to dissuade her from her impetuous decision.

The very first day of her search she wandered into a place of business that catered to the sailors from the ships in the harbor and she knew it was certainly not a place that she would want to spend endless hours working with males of such uncouth demeanor. Her submissive nature caused her to ignore the demanding hands on her tight skirt and she thought the men far too assuming in regard to her hidden passion. The only reason she did not jump up and exit the establishment was that she was wearing her fully shaped one hundred percent cotton undies and the reinforced pantyhose with the control top and the reinforced toes. She felt well-protected by the combination of the cotton undies, the pantyhose and the tight skirt that shaped her behind into a perfect heart shape. Most of the men would just touch her lightly with an experimental brush of the back of their hand and she found it more amusing than irritating. Her time in the terrible office with the office men with nothing but boredom and time on their hands was a good training ground for her to deal with these greedy laborers looking for a free feel of her feminine delights.

Her interview went well and she liked the older male boss who treated her with respect and kind words of encouragement. Even if she didn't get the job, she felt that she had been treated fairly and with the exception of the crude laborers, she was much more relaxed in the rough working environment than in the high-class office with the rude and demanding office men with their nasty hands.

On her way home, she took the bus and that was a mistake because she was unfamiliar with this route going uphill from the harbor. The bus was shaking and crowded and the mostly male crowd rubbed her pretty outfit with their hard shafts in every direction causing her to ignore them all with a haughty attitude. Shamefully, she had to admit the sheer number of the hard cocks surrounding her caused her internal passions to rise and she knew her cotton undies and pantyhose were probably damp with her juices before she moved to the door to exit the bus.

A pair of disreputable workmen followed her as she walked up the steep hill. She knew her hips were swaying and that her buttocks made a tempting target for the men but she had no control over that at all. She was almost to the corner when they pushed her into a deep doorway and down on her knees out of sight of the other pedestrians. Her heightened sense of horniness from the bus ride insured she made no objection and she fully expected to receive one or both cocks into her mouth to satisfy the stranger's needs.

It was a complete surprise to her when they totally ignored her wet and willing mouth and hooked her nose with a stretching device that opened her nostrils wider than usual rubbing their hardened cocks on her face with great delight. She noticed they were more joyful than abusive and they did not give her the verbal insults that the office men cast her way when she was on her knees and defenseless against their will. She lifted her face up and took their humiliating treatment with a spirit of discovering a new and obscene way to lose a cherry in an opening she had never suspected to be desirable to the male libido.

The first man who was by far the youngest let loose a barrage of creamy spunk straight up her nostrils and she was forces to let it go all the way back and eventually trickle down into the back of her throat like some flow of lave from a volcano inside her head. She got to taste the male cum from the inside out and it was a novel experience because she found it easier to swallow than to spit back out.

The other man who was both mature and much better-looking spurted much later and she got the first spurt up inside like the first man but all of his other spurts of cream landed on her forehead, her closed eyes and even dripping down her pointed chin.

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