Camping With Kathy

by Reltney McFee

Copyright© 2016 by Reltney McFee

True Sex Story: A romantic interlude with a woman I dated 36 years ago, floated into my mind today. She was a classmate in Nursing school, and, for quite a while, she was "The One That Got Away". I thought I'd try a flash story, simply as a change up from my usual wordy style

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .

We were camping together, early in our relationship. She had never camped before, and I, well, I camped a lot. Several reasons: it was cheap, it was flexible, and I enjoyed being outdoors.

She, on the other hand, found every single thing new, and exciting. From hiking in to the campsite (and she was petite enough, that a large bookbag was about an appropriate load), to selecting a tentsite, to setting up the tent, and opening the sleeping bags to let the insulation loft back up, it all was fun and exciting. I was starting to see why, so long ago, I started to love to camp.

Once we had eaten, we went for a walk. This state park had trails along a lovely river, and the vistas were entirely unlike what Kathy and I were accustomed to in Detroit. We held hands, and paused occasionally, oohing and aahing over the pretty autumn leaves reflected in the water's surface.

As twilight developed, we returned to our tent, and crawled in. We slept in sweats, to ward off the chill Michigan camping in the fall could bring. Snuggled together, she whispered how much fun she was having, and how much she wanted to try this again, in the spring.

We kissed goodnight, and I caressed her firm form affectionately. She wriggled like a puppy, and ran her hand down my shirtfront, and back up, beneath my sweatshirt, and against my skin. The coolness of her hand made me gasp, and she giggled.

"Poor boy, I guess I'll have to warm you up!", as she batted her brown eyes at me in the lantern light. Matching deeds to words, she reversed course, and slid her cool hand beneath my sweatpants, and traced the outline of my hardening tool. "Oohh! Somebody is happy to see me!", she whispered, "I guess I'll just have to get better acquainted!"

She slid my pants and shorts down (with my eager assistance!) and laid her head on my stomach, stroking my length. "He looks lonely, I'll give him a little kiss, so he doesn't feel left out."

She pursed her dark lips, and smooched my glans. Evidently, she thought enough of that maneuver, that she slid her lips over my endowment, laving her tongue back and forth as she tested my length and savored my rigidity. I moaned my approval of the warm whirlpool of her mouth.

She pulled off me with a "Pop!", and brought her caramel face to mine. "If you cannot appreciate my efforts with proper dignity, I'll simply stop right now! I will not have you making animal noises, like some beast, while I'm showing you my skills. I'm a learned and professional woman, you will show some respect!" Her grin belied the schoolmarm tone, but I wasn't taking any chances.

"Yes, Ma'am! Quiet appreciation, that's what I'm about!"

She murmured something that sounded like "That's what I thought!", but I couldn't be sure, as her descent to the base of my prod pushed everything besides that heat from my consciousness. I rested my hands in her curly black hair, and ran one hand down her neck, to stroke her upper back as she licked and suckled my organ. Reaching one hand to my scrotum, she teased and stroked my balls, and timed her movements to her oral caress.

She drew off me, and daintily wiped her mouth with her shirt tail. I reached for the garment, and raised it. She reached for the tent ceiling, and I tossed it into the corner. The lantern softly illuminated her firm bosom, her aureolae contrasting darkly with her chocolate breasts. I pulled her closer, as such a treat demanded a taste test. I explored one nipple, and it tautened under my attention, evoking a stifled whimper of delight.

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