The Shave

by Ombligo

Copyright© 2016 by Ombligo

Romantic Story: As she is shaved for the first time, a woman reminisces about her youth and the joy her hair had brought her in the past.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Vignettes   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Relaxing back into the pillow behind her, Lori looked down between her legs at the large, thick, bushy patch of hair that grew there. It was black and curly and came nearly up to her waist line. When she became aroused the hairs would glisten with moisture. More than once it had been matted by a lovers cum, taking days to clear out completely.

Lori had always been proud of her hair and took extra pains to to regularly shampoo and condition it; even giving it an occasional hot oil treatment. As she laid there, she closed her eyes and remembered the joyful feeling of running her fingers through the wet, soapy strands. She remembered letting her slick fingers trace her lips and plunging them between the folds to find the little nub. The ecstasy that followed as she teased and tickled that erogenous center.

Now she felt a wet warmth and looked down again to see a steaming hot towel covering her mound. She could feel the heat penetrate her skin and warm her deep inside. The heat growing in intensity but never becoming uncomfortable; still she sensed her breathing increasing and she spread her legs a little more to feel the cool air touch her warm skin in a delicious tug-of-war.

Lori fought the urge to reach down and touch herself. She wanted too but knew it would break the spell of the moment. She still wasn't sure how she came to be in this position. She knew there wasn't any logic to it. But her lover wanted it and she could not bring herself to refuse the request. A part of her had screamed "NO!" but her ears had heard her voice say simply "Of course you may." Now she laid back and prepared to lose the hairs that had been with her all these many years.

She remembered back to her childhood, when as a girl of twelve she would hold a mirror to herself and eagerly watch for the first hair's growth. It came first as a smooth down; velvety and nearly transparent. So smooth and sparse that it was hard to tell if it really existed, but it did and that soft fur signaled her start into becoming a woman.

The first dark hair came in a few weeks later and Lori remembered her joy. She remembered the tingling she got as she searched for more hair growth. Her fingers pulling at her skin and moving her slit aside. She remembered the dampness that flowed from her and the strange pull she felt as she slid a finger inside herself for the first time. She smiled inwardly as she recalled the intense tingle that spread through her young body as she felt her first orgasm. How she had brought her wet fingers to her face afterwards and smelled the musk of her fluid, hesitantly bringing her tongue out to touch just a single fingertip then eagerly sucking her own juices. She remembered how she had vowed to celebrate each new hair by repeating her masturbatory discovery.

And she had for weeks after that as more and more hairs grew from her skin, each a cause of celebration. Soon she could no longer see her skin under the dark patch and felt a pride in knowing she was a woman. Since that day, she had cared for and babied her hair; letting the locks grow until they had become the rich forest she had today ... a forest about to be cut.

Suddenly, snapping back to reality, she felt the cool air cover her as the hot towel was removed. Looking down and at the same time feeling a pull as her lover's hand took hold of her bush. She felt what she thought was each hair give way as the scissors made the first cut.

She could feel the cold metal touch her skin as the blades came together time and time again.

She could see each handful of hair come free and be dropped into a pile beside her body.

She could hear the quiet chopping sound the scissors made as they sliced through each strand.

She felt herself being transformed, but into what...

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