by RejectReality

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Erotic Sex Story: His annoying neighbor makes him want to pull his hair out. The guy's 20-year-old daughter makes him want to pull something else. Little does he know that when she shows up at his pawn shop with an iPad that the interest on the loan isn't the only interest she has.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace   .

It was another long day at the pawn shop. I thought at least once a day about selling it or getting someone else to run the damn place, but I couldn't do it. My grandfather had started it, and then my dad kept it going. I couldn't bring myself to break the chain when he passed away.

Seeing my neighbor shut off his hose and put his hands on his hips when I pulled into the drive at home didn't brighten my mood any.

"Why don't you take care of your lawn?" he complained as I climbed out of the car.

As I walked to the door, I answered, "The grass is three inches tall."

"I'm tired of having to deal with all your dandelion seeds. You need to dig those things up like any responsible person. The whole neighborhood..."

I closed the door, cutting off the rest of his tirade and muttered, "I'll dig them up and shove them up your ass."

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I took a shower, whipped up some grub, and then kicked back to watch some t.v. Same old, same old. I ended up dozing off at some point, and woke up in the middle of Fallon's monologue. The guy's better than Leno, but I was raised on Carson. There's just no comparison.

I shut him off and headed upstairs to bed. The last thing I needed was to sleep all night in the chair and wake up as stiff as a board.

Still half asleep, I stripped down to my boxers, shut off the light, and turned toward the bed. That's when something moving in my peripheral vision drew my attention to the window.

I stood there in the darkness of my room, hypnotized by the sight of my neighbor's twenty-year-old blonde daughter. She was right in front of her window with the lights on. The contrast of the darkness surrounding that window focused my attention, as if I needed any help in that.

She lifted her arms over her head, stretched, and yawned. The tight top she was wearing clung to her like a second skin, giving me a hell of a show as her breasts lifted from her stretch. She ran her fingers through her hair before letting her hands drop back to her side.

Her parents made me want to pull my hair out. Cammie made me want to pull something else.

I finally snapped out of it, and the dirty old man shame washed over me. Embarrassed by my behavior, I shook my head and closed my eyes for a second.

The mistake I made was opening them before turning away.

She grabbed the tail of her top just as my eyes opened, and in a flash, she'd pulled it over her head. I had a couple of blissful seconds to drink in the sight of her perky breasts before she tossed her top aside and walked away from the window.

I have no idea how long I stood there with my eyes bugging out and my mouth hanging open. Even after she vanished from sight, I could still see her in my mind's eye.

To say I was a little distracted at the shop the next day was an understatement. I couldn't keep her out of my head. Every time my thoughts wandered, they made a beeline to Cammie's tits. In my defense, it had been about seven months since I'd been laid. What do you expect from a guy in his forties under those circumstances?

I was finally getting a handle on it as closing time drew near. A couple of encounters with people trying to sell me shit or pick up stuff for peanuts had pushed up my frustration factor, which helped.

With the shop empty, I was planning to close up early. So, when the door chime sounded just as I was about to lock up, I wasn't especially happy about it. I looked that way, hoping it was someone coming in to make a payment and leave. The last thing I expected to see was Cammie.

The top she was wearing was every bit as tight as the one I'd watched her pull off the night before. Her skirt danced around her thighs, barely hiding anything. It certainly did nothing to conceal her long, smooth legs. She smiled as she walked toward me, carrying an iPad box.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Her smile widened and she waved. "I wanted to see what I could get for pawning this?"

"You do know how this works, don't you? You're paying back a good chunk of interest on a pawn loan," I warned her as she sat the box down on the counter.

"I know, but I need the money like right now. It's worth it."

I nodded and said, "Well, so long as you understand. Let's see what we've got here."

For all intents and purposes, the iPad was brand new. The box was in pristine condition. All the literature was there, and all the components. It was the latest model with all the bells and whistles as well.

"I need to make sure it works, but everything looks good so far," I told her. "Does it have a lock on it?"

"No, I turned it off before I brought it in. Go ahead. It works, and it's charged. I haven't really used it much. So, how much?"

"As long as it's working, I can go $275."

"Perfect," she said while flashing me a heart-stopping smile.

I tore my eyes away from the sight and went to work. A few quick tests confirmed that it was fully functional.

"It checks out," I told her when I finished. "We just need to do some paperwork, and make sure you know exactly how much you're paying back on that loan of $275."

I spelled everything out to the letter, stressing the interest and the final amount she'd end up paying back. The last thing I needed was for her to go to her asshole father complaining. Cammie said she understood, and seemed sincere enough, so I finished the paperwork, and got her cash.

Naturally, I had to admire her ass in that little skirt as she strutted out the front door.

I blew out a long, slow breath once she stepped out the door, giving her enough time to make it a short distance down the street. Then I walked to the front of the shop, locked the door, and flipped the sign to Closed.

Since I'd already started the end-of-night, it didn't take long to close up. After a quick stop at the bank night deposit, I rolled in at home to go through the nightly routine.

When I walked into my room at bedtime, of course I was thinking about the previous night. My eyes homed in on the window, and the one across the way, but it was dark. I'd say the best way to describe the feeling was equal parts relief and disappointment.

It didn't last long, because a new feeling - panic - shot through me when her light came on and she appeared in the window a moment later. Cammie looked right at me, smiled, and waved.

I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot as I forced a grin and stiffly waved back to her. I shut off the light and moved out of view almost immediately with my face burning. Then I dropped my head into my hand, groaned, and got ready for bed. The whole time, I could see the light shining through my window, dimming and brightening to let me know she was still in front of hers. I buried my head in my pillow, and thankfully I was tired enough to drop off before too long.

I went in early the next morning, because it was what I called default day. That's the time in the middle of the month when I processed the bulk of the delinquent loans and put the items out on the sales floor. Within an hour of opening, I'd already sold two game consoles and a flat screen. By the end of the day, the finances were sitting pretty. I was feeling good at closing time when I got hit with Deja Vu.

Once again, Cammie strutted into the store. This time, she was wearing a lacy black dress. Thin straps held it up, leaving her shoulders and arms bare. The neckline plunged in a V down to her stomach. The skirt was just as short as the one she'd worn the previous evening, and her black high heels served to make her legs look even more incredible.

I honestly don't know how she managed to walk without showing off every inch of her in that outfit.

As she walked up, she said, "I realized I left some pics on the iPad that I thought were in the cloud. Is there any chance I could transfer them to my phone?"

"Sure. The files aren't important, because I put everything back to factory settings if I have to sell it anyway. I'll go get it."

She smiled and said, "Great. Thanks."

I was thankful for the opportunity to turn away and walk into the back. It was taking everything I had not to look at what was trying to peek out of that plunging neckline. Of course, it was a short reprieve.

The moment I walked out of the back room, she took a step back and ran her hands down her sides. "This is what I bought. Isn't it amazing?"

Jesus fucking christ, I thought as the sexy display hit me like a sledgehammer. My thoughts raced and I seized on the first response that didn't sound creepy. "Well, it should for almost three hundred bucks."

"Actually, I've got a hundred left. I got a better deal on the shoes than I expected."

I put the iPad down on the counter and said, "Well, I don't usually do this, but if you want to give me that hundred back, I'll redo the loan to cut down your payments."

She nodded and said, "Sure," while reaching into her purse.

Once she put the C-note on the counter, I told her, "Go ahead and get whatever you want off there, and I'll change everything in the computer."

Cammie turned on the iPad while I went to work on my own computer. While I was bringing up her account, she asked, "Have you ever found anything interesting on a phone or computer someone has brought in?"

I chuckled, remembering stories I'd heard from other pawnbrokers, and my own father. "No, I make a point to not go digging around."

"Hmm," she said, sounding surprised. "I don't think I'd be able to resist snooping."

"You're just as likely to see something that will scar you for life as anything else," I responded.

She let out a silvery laugh and said, "I guess that's true, but I still don't think I'd be able to resist. Who knows what kind of naughty things you might find. Well, I'm done."

"That didn't take long. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll have your new ticket ready."

"Would it be okay if I picked it up later?" She glanced at her phone and continued, "I'm going out, and I'm already running late."

"That's fine. The payment date is the same, so you can come in any time between now and then."

"Sweet. Gotta run. Bye."

"Goodbye." Somehow, I said it without stammering or my voice cracking. The way her ass looked when accentuated by that tight dress and those high heels ... There are no words to describe it.

"Ought to be illegal," I muttered once she was out the door.

I left the iPad on the counter while I went through the end-of-night process. Once I'd locked up, I grabbed it and headed for the back room. I was just about to put it on the shelf when the conversation with her popped into my head. More specifically, I remembered the sly, crooked smile on her face when I looked up from my computer.

Remembered, or imagined? I thought, arguing with myself.

I looked at the iPad, which was still in my hand rather than sitting on its marked place on the shelf. I knew it was a bad idea - and little more than wishful thinking - but the devil on my shoulder was screaming at me to look.

I grunted, shook my head, and defiantly put the box in its place. If anything, she was probably talking about pictures she'd just removed. That's what she had come in for, after all. Maybe there had been some risque selfies on there, but they were surely gone now.

That's what I tried to tell myself, anyway. It kept nagging me, lurking at the back of my thoughts as I gathered up the night deposit bag and turned out the lights. Standing in the darkened shop, ready to walk out the door, I found myself glancing toward the back room.

There was no getting it out of my head. If I didn't look, it was going to drive me crazy all night.

"Damn, this is stupid," I muttered as I surrendered.

I walked into the back, turned on the light, and picked up the box. Find out there's nothing on here and go home, I thought while sitting the box down on the table. I pulled out the iPad, turned it on, clicked the photos icon, and my jaw dropped.

Every thumbnail was a nude, and there was more than a full page of them. My finger was moving before my brain caught up, enlarging the first. It was a close-up shot with the front camera showing off her breasts. I stared at the perfect teardrops with rosy tips I'd seen from a distance two nights before. They weren't large, but they were easily the most perfect tits I'd ever beheld in my life.

I scrolled to the next picture, which had her sitting in a chair, again bare-breasted, and wearing a frilly pair of pink panties. The next shot was just her panties with her legs parted enough to see a faint silhouette of what lay beneath. The one that followed made me groan, because it was a nearly identical shot, but she had her hand in her panties.

Next was a shot taken in a mirror, showing her from almost the knees up, arching her back and cocking her hip out to the side. I knew they had to be recent, because she'd changed her hairstyle a few months before, and the pictures matched. Next was a shot from behind, showing off her nearly bare butt. Then one that followed had her bent over toward the mirror, and I had to reach down to adjust the swelling in my pants.

I kept scrolling through the sexy poses - all topless - though she wore different underwear in several of them. I lingered on a picture of her pulling her panties into the cleft between her legs with her labia peeking out. That's always been a big turn-on for me.

When I finally flipped to the next image, my mouth started to water. The panties were gone. She was shaved completely bare, with not a single bump or blemish. Because she was standing with her legs together, all I could really see was the cleft. A quick swipe of my finger gave me a better view.

She wasn't shy. That's for sure. The next picture had her with her legs spread wide. She had tiny little pink lips that were barely parted despite her splayed legs. Again, I got a better view in the next picture, where she parted those lips to reveal the treasure within.

I kept scrolling, burning every little detail of her young body forever into my brain. There were even pictures of her with her fingers buried inside her, and shots of them glistening with wetness. Almost any pose I could imagine was there.

By the time I hit the end of the extensive album, I was as hard as a rock. It was a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination, but damn, it was worth it. She was a sexy little minx. It took some force of will to close the photo app, and I let out a long sigh when I did.

Then my eyes fell on the video icon. I had to look. There was only one video stored, and I clicked it without a second thought.

The image was blurry at first, and the reason was her starting the recording. When she sat back into frame, she was naked on what I assume was her bed. She laughed as she lay back and parted her legs. One hand went to her right breast, and the other slid between her legs. That's when I paused it.

I knew what had to happen at that point, and it wasn't going to happen in the shop. I closed the app, shut off the iPad, and against every notion of propriety and business ethics, took the tablet with me.

It seemed to take forever to get to the bank and then home. My erection didn't droop in the slightest through the entire, torturous journey. My ears were burning as I walked toward the door with my contraband held on the side facing away from my neighbor's house. I made it safely inside, and went straight to the bedroom.

Cammie's window was dark, but I still closed the curtains for the first time in ages before proceeding to the bed. My monkey brain, which was in full command by this point, had already formulated a plan. There was a lip along the top of the nightstand. Pulling the lamp toward me formed an impromptu stand that would keep the iPad upright. I put it in place, decided that it was stable, and went back to turn off the light.

It was only when I returned to the bed that second thoughts tried to bubble to the surface. The key word there is tried. I had a video of my sexy young neighbor only a couple of clicks away, and I knew I couldn't resist the temptation. From the moment I took the first peek in my shop, I was caught in a spiral there was no escaping from.

I stripped, and ended up catching my prick on the waistband of my underwear as I tried to pull them off, because I was still hard as a steel bar. I sat down on the bed, pulled the box of tissues close, took a deep breath, and brought up the video.

After only a couple of seconds, the video was back to where I'd paused it in the shop, and she didn't waste any time. Her finger moved in circles over her clit while she squeezed her breast. She let out a really loud moan, and I had to assume nobody else was home when she shot the video.

Immediately after that, she gave the camera an intense, sultry stare, and lifted both of her legs into a V. That's when I wrapped my hand around my cock. Two fingers spread her pussy lips wide, showing the glistening pink within. Then she switched to a back and forth motion with her fingers, and her feet dropped back to the bed.

I grunted just as she let out a whimper even louder than her earlier moan. There is no way anybody else was in the house when she did that. That sound couldn't have been mistaken for anything except sexual pleasure. I started stroking when she plunged two fingers deep inside her, and brought them back out visibly wet. The slippery digits went back to her clit, and she gasped when she touched it. She paused only momentarily before her fingers kicked back into gear. I could hear the faint, almost snapping sound of them sliding over her labia.

That didn't last long, though. Her fingers dived back down and deep inside her again. This time, she thrust them in and out for several strokes, fucking herself hard before returning to her clit.

Cammie half sat up, once again looking intently into the camera. She picked up the pace, her fingers blurring in the video image. Her breasts began to jiggle from the motion of her arm, and she sucked in a high-pitched gasp. I matched her, stroking faster, and groaned as a drop of pre-cum welled up.

"Oh yeah," she whimpered. I could tell she was pressing down harder while keeping up the furious pace. Her facial features began to tighten. Whimpers and moans tumbled from her lips. I glanced down at the progress bar on the video and held back, seeing there was still quite a bit of time left. The sight of her had me already wanting to blow my load.

Her head lolled back and her fingers faltered for a fraction of a second. I could see a trail from a drop of wetness trickling from her pussy down toward the bed. She must have been soaking wet. She cried out as she jerked her head back up, and then lifted her left leg to support it on her other hand. After a few quick circuits, she let out a desperate sounding whimper and plunged her fingers inside her again - but only long enough to get them slippery.

Her face flushed and her eyes narrowed as she attacked her clit once more. She seemed to be losing control, and her fingers moved into a more diagonal motion. Her other leg straightened, splaying out wide, and trembled. She regained control, keeping her fingers moving back and forth at a furious pace for a couple of seconds, and then cried out, "Oh god!"

Both feet dropped back to the bed and she lifted a hand to her head, where her fingers slid into her hair. A yelp escaped her, and the redness of her face grew even deeper. She switched to an up and down stroke for a few seconds, dragging her abundant wetness up to her clit, and then centered over it again.

After only a couple flicks of her wrist, she said in a tight voice, "Oh, I'm right there."

I stroked faster, knowing she had to be getting close. My grunts grew in volume right alongside the sexy sounds tumbling from her lips. Her fingers slowed down, and I could tell her arm was getting tired, but her eyes narrowed as she fought the weariness. Then her eyes snapped shut, and I could tell she was pouring every ounce of energy into sating the screaming need growing within her.

Suddenly, the hand behind her head thumped hard onto the bed. In a rush, she squealed, "Oh god, I'm going to come!"

Her hand began to jerk, barely able to stay over her clit. Her mouth dropped open. Whimpers emerged with each and every breath. I was right there with her, fighting the urge to explode. With my teeth clenched, I snatched up a fistful of tissue.

Cammie's eyes shot open, and then immediately rolled up in her head. She let out a quavering, "Oh yes," summoned up one last burst of energy, and pushed herself over the edge.

A loud scream burst from her lips and the speakers as her head slammed down onto the pillow. I let out a roar of my own as I exploded, overwhelming the wad of tissue held over the head of my cock. I grunted with every explosive burst, mindless of the cum dribbling down my hand and onto my stomach.

It took everything I had to keep forcing my eyes open so I could watch her come. Her hips thrust up to her hand, which moved in jerky bursts. Her legs began to shake, and she cried out repeatedly as her orgasm tore through her. The last few dribbles of my cum oozed out, and I squeezed my cock tight, still watching her.

While I breathed hard through my nose, her knees began to twitch closer together. Still, she kept forcing her fingers to tease her clit, keeping her coming. Eventually, the intensity must have overwhelmed her, because her thighs clamped tightly around her hand, and she rolled onto her side.

I tried to catch my breath, while Cammie did the same on the screen. In time, she rolled onto her back, and with what looked like a great deal of effort, forced her legs apart again. She let out a final yelp when she buried her fingers inside her. They slid out a moment later, and her arm went limp.

I gave in, letting my eyes drift closed. I could still hear her panting, and the sound slowly took on an amused tone. When I heard the bed creak, I opened my eyes in time to see her sit up. She looked right into the camera and moaned. After making a kissing motion with her lips, she let out a weak laugh, and then leaned forward to shut off the camera.

I stared up at the ceiling, gasped when a shiver shot through me, and groaned, "God damn."

It took me quite a while to drag my ass out of bed and into a shower that I desperately needed.

I left early again the next day, but not because there was anything I needed to do at the shop. I wanted to make absolutely sure that nobody saw me as I smuggled that tablet back to where it belonged. Yes, I was ashamed of myself, but I also didn't regret it. The way she played with herself was raw - frantic. No woman had ever done that for me before, and no porn flick could ever hope to match it.

Putting that iPad back in the box without copying the video took quite a bit of willpower.

I dived into busy work, dropping the prices of items that had been sitting around the shop for too long. Then I took care of paperwork and other odds and ends that weren't critical, but would save me some time at the end of the month. It was still an hour or so after my normal opening time before I felt as if I could face customers.

I should have hung up a gone fishing sign instead of unlocking the door.

It was another one of those days. I had a local pothead begging for more time after a missed payment, some woman sticking her bad boob-job in my face, trying to pass off a zirconium as a diamond while I was 'distracted', and some punk kid who tried to steal a game system, on top of the usual daily grind. The only good thing about it was the frustration factor once again helped me forget about Cammie - for the most part.

As the day wound down and the customers thinned out, the images of her masturbating and the sound of her crying out in passion crept back into my head. I was fighting off an erection for the last hour and a half of the day, and my monkey brain was back at it, whispering plans to copy the video and all the pictures before I left for the night.

Of course, right as I was beginning to listen to the devil on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Cammie step in front of the door.

She poked her head in and asked, "I'm not too late, am I?"

I froze up. I was standing there, half hard, daydreaming about watching her video again, and she was standing right in front of me.

Her lips curled up into a smile - a disturbingly knowing smile - and she walked in the door.

I managed to snap out of it and belatedly answered, "I was just closing up, but I'll grab your new ticket for you." As soon as I said it, I spun on my heel and headed behind the counter. Once there, I heard a familiar click.

Cammie flipped the sign to closed, and then walked away from the door she'd just locked. "Since you're trying to close up, I figured you wouldn't want anybody else sneaking in at the last second."

A nervous chuckle was the best I could manage. She walked toward me, and I redirected my gaze below the counter. I grabbed her new ticket from where I'd left it under a book I needed to have appraised, and held it out to her. "There you go."

She still wore that sly smile when she took the ticket and said, "Thanks."

I swallowed hard as her brown eyes caught me. I knew they were looking right through me. Then, her smile widened.

"You finally looked," she said.

I did my best to look confused and asked, "What do you mean?"

Cammie rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Please. You looked at the pictures I put on the iPad. It's about time."

That caught me off guard, and before I could think better of it, I said, "You put them on there?"

"I figured you'd look as soon as I walked out the door that first day. That surprised me. So, did you like them?"

There was no sense in lying any more. I'd been caught. The look on my face when she first peeked in the door was probably screaming guilty loud enough to convict me all on its own.

"You wanted me to find them?" I asked.

"Well, yeah."


My legs nearly buckled when she first bit her lower lip, and then licked the upper one before answering, "Roxanne Vaughn ring any bells?"

"Roxie?" I said, wondering how she knew her. Roxanne was the last person I had dated. I don't know how she felt, but I was right on the verge of asking her to move in when she got a job offer in New York that she couldn't refuse. The goodbye sex had been amazing, but I was falling for her, and losing her was the primary reason I hadn't been laid since. It hurt too much to get back in the game.

Cammie nodded. "I answered phones where she worked for a while, and we ended up talking on break. She talked about you a lot. I didn't put it together until I saw her going into your place, though. From the way it sounded, she wasn't exaggerating."

You probably could have fried an egg on my face at that point, but she wasn't done.

She reached up, squeezed her breast and asked, "You know what I was doing that night?"

"Cammie," I gasped, and took a step back.

"You never answered my question," she said, and then pulled up her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Do you like them?"

Remarkably, I only looked for a fraction of a second. Then, I looked out the windows, praying nobody was outside, and said, "Pull your shirt back down."

"Nuh uh. Not until you answer me," she said.

"Cammie, stop it."

"Not until you answer."

There were a million more intelligent things to say, but I was in a panic - and it was the truth. "They're incredible, okay?"

She grinned and pulled her shirt back down. "See, that wasn't so hard. I bet something else is, though."

She was wrong. My heart was beating a mile a minute, but it was because I expected someone I knew to walk in front of the shop at any second and see what was going on. "Cammie, you really need to go."

"No, I really need to come."

That dumbfounded me even more than her flashing her tits. My mouth dropped open and I grunted something unintelligible.

She walked around the counter, and like a cornered animal, I backed away until I bumped into the closed side behind me. Rather than chasing me down, she tested the door to the back room. When it opened, she stepped inside.

"Cammie, come back here," I blurted out, but the door closed behind her. I called her name twice more, to no avail. That left me no choice but to follow her. The shocks continued when I opened the door.

Her shirt lay on the floor just inside. Her shorts were only a couple of steps away. Cammie was sitting on my work table pulling off her shoes - the only clothing that remained on her lithe young body. Before I could process what was in front of me, even those were gone.

She scooted back on the table and bent one knee, letting me see her pussy. "So, Roxanne said you almost made her pass out every time you went down on her. Why don't you show me?"

I stepped in and closed the door behind me. With the outside world shut away, the cage door on my monkey brain flew wide open. Damn the consequences. I had a naked twenty-year-old telling me to eat her pussy.

Cammie moaned as I walked toward her and asked, "Did you watch the video too?"


"Did you jack off to it?"

"Of course," I answered when I reached the table.

"Poor Daddy has no idea what his little girl is up to," she said while leaning back onto her elbows. "You like that, don't you?"

I grabbed the office chair in front of the table and pulled it around to the end she was facing. In all honesty, he was the furthest thought from my mind until she mentioned it. It brought a smile to my face when she did, though.

"Thought so," she said, and then lifted one elbow off the table so she could reach her nipple and pinch it. "Me too."

I sat down in the chair, and as I had guessed, it put me at exactly the height I wanted to be. I curled my hands around her thighs, and pulled her toward me as soon as my butt hit the seat. She squealed, and then laughed as she wiggled her sweet little ass right up to the edge of the table. I let out a groan and dived in.

Cammie's ankles came to rest on my shoulders, and she gasped as my tongue slid the length of her pussy. She tasted like pure heaven, and there was no doubt she was already wet. The scent of her arousal filled my lungs, giving me chills. I reached her clit and pressed a little harder.

"Oh yeah. Uh huh," she encouraged me as I flicked my tongue over her bud.

I parted her nether lips and delved inside with the next swipe of my tongue, causing her to shiver. When the quiver subsided, she asked, "Did you see me when I was trying to show off in the window?"

"The night before you came in here the first time," I answered in a rush before wiggling my tongue along the parting of her lips.

"Aww ... I thought you were watching the night before last too. I was naked then." She drew in a fast, ragged breath when I stabbed my tongue under her hood. "I almost started fingering myself in the window. Ooo! But this is much better."

For me, the time for talking was long, long past. I was drunk on her nectar. I kept it slow - savoring her - and feeling her out. She was anything but silent, giving me plenty of physical and auditory clues. Twitches, moans, shivers, and gasps let me know when I was pushing her button the way she liked, punctuated with the occasional yes or oh god. Every so often I would glance up, and her gaze was always focused tightly on me licking her.

Moans rumbled unbidden in my throat every time I swiped my tongue down low to drink up her juices. I can't begin to stress how good she tasted. Whether it was just the excitement of licking a woman half my age, or any real difference, I can't say. Not that I cared.

I stayed in control - somehow - carefully building the pressure I was putting on her clit.

"Oh, she wasn't lying," Cammie said when I gave her the first hard suck over the apex of her nether lips. "You're so goo-."

I growled when a hard lap over her bud caused her to lose the last word in a sharp whimper.

My tongue circled her clit, and then lapped it again, tugging at her folds. I followed that up with fast flicks of the tip, and then another lap that I changed into a suck. Her hips began to lift toward my mouth. Sometimes it was a slow rise. Sometimes it was closer to a spasm. I kicked up the pace and pressure a little.

She rewarded me with a cry of, "Oh! Uh huh," and followed it up with a long, loud moan.

I had enough experience to know that she was really beginning to heat up, and it was time to try the trick I'd stumbled upon with Roxie. I locked my lips over her folds and her clit, sucking them in, and went wild with my tongue.

Her legs pressed down hard on my shoulders, her hips lifted, and she cried out, "God, yeah! Oh yeah!"

I kept that up for a good half minute, and I wish I could have seen her toes. From the way her calves were tightening, I'm sure her toes were curling. When I held on while pulling back, letting her slip from my lips with a slurp, a loud, high-pitched gasp filled the room.

Before the sound had even faded, I slid my right hand around from where it gripped her thigh, and tugged up her hood with my thumb. Her every indrawn breath was a gasp, and every exhale a moan as I tongued her naked clit with slow, hard strokes. After a few licks, I locked my lips on her pussy again.

As before, her muscles contracted. This time, the words that emerged in a rush were, "Right there. Like that. Like that."

I only held on for a few seconds that time, but it was long enough for her to let her elbows slide out from beneath her. Her freed hands grabbed and squeezed her breasts hard when I let her slip from my lips again. This time, I teased her with quick, feather-light licks.

"No," she protested as I let her cool down - but not for long. As soon as one of her hands reached for the back of my head, I sucked her pussy again. The fingers reaching for me curled into claws, and she let out a screech.

I held on longer, and added a minuscule shake of my head to the mix. She begged, "Don't stop," three times, and then lifted her head to look at me. Her red face and tight expression was burned into my memory from the video. I knew she was close.

A desperate, weepy sound escaped her when I let her go again. Once the shock passed, her hands shot to the back of my head, trying to pull my lips against her folds. I held back, swirling my tongue around her clit until she dug her fingers into my scalp and whimpered, "Please."

A full-throated scream echoed off the walls when I took her back between my lips.

Her hands remained on the back of my head, but the pressure trying to hold me down vanished. She squirmed on the table, emitting whimpers faster and louder by the second. I was able to look up and see that the flush in her face had spread down to her chest. At that exact same moment, she lifted her head to look at me. I narrowed my eyes and slowed down my tongue ever so slightly.

"No, no, no, no," she pleaded, falling for the ruse.

I dropped my eyes back down and sucked as hard as I could.

Her fingers twined into my hair and I could feel as well as hear her fast panting, which rose in pitch with each breath. When the last ended in a squeak, her grip on my hair tightened for a few painful seconds. I winced, and the momentary pause of my tongue must have been what pushed her over the edge.

Cammie let out an explosive scream and lurched violently, pulling her clit from my lips. I tightened my grip on her thighs, but there was no need. Almost as soon as I'd formed the thought, her legs squeezed tight around my head.

I forced my way back to her pussy as soon as I could, and she went into an equally violent spasm the moment my tongue touched her. I rode her bucking hips, licking her swollen clit at every opportunity, and smiling the whole time. Having such a stunning young woman come that hard for me was like a drug. I couldn't get enough of it. I wanted to keep her coming until she couldn't take any more.

The first time she pushed on my head and tried to slide away from me, I took advantage of her thighs not pinning me in place to suck on her button again. She let out a shriek, and I saw one of her hands slam to the edge of the table, where she held it with a white-knuckled grip. Her whole body quaked briefly, and then she sucked in a ragged gasp. When she pushed on my head the next time, it was fueled by primal strength, and I relented.

Cammie snapped her legs together as I sat back in the chair. My chin, and even the tip of my nose were wet with her juices. She slid a trembling, protective hand over her pussy, and the touch set off a shockwave that caused her back to arch high above the table. I sat her dangling feet on my knees and caressed her legs as she squirmed and whimpered from the throes of her orgasm.

After a minute or so, she let out a long moan and lifted her head. She smiled at me, but an aftershock caused her to quiver and gasp almost immediately. She took several deep breaths, smiled again, and quietly moaned the word, "Whoa."

I slid my hands up her legs, curling my fingers around her thighs, but before I could get anywhere near her pussy, she pulled her legs together again and scooted away.

"Sorry. Hard to resist," I said.

She laughed, let her legs sink down to the table again, and said, "She wasn't exaggerating. I needed that so bad."

"More where that came from," I told her, more than ready to slip back between her thighs.

She shook her head, and instead beckoned me with a crooked finger. I stood up, and as I walked to the side of the table, she wriggled her way back far enough to rest her feet. Once there, she pointed at her lips.

I was just fine with that.

Cammie moaned into the kiss, her tongue intertwining with mine, and her hands caressing my back. When our lips parted, she licked hers and said, "I taste pretty good, don't I?"

"Yes, you do."

Her gaze left mine, and dropped down between my legs. She let out a hungry moan, and then stretched out her hand to my crotch. I sucked in a hard breath when she squeezed my erection.

"I guess she wasn't exaggerating that, either," Cammie said, and then released me to go for the buckle of my belt.

I don't know whether it's self-depreciation, unlucky women, or white lies in the heat of the moment for my benefit, but I've heard that a few times, and it never failed to surprise me.

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