Patrick's Namesake Day Is Memorable

by harry lime

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: An early St. Paddy's day story.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Orgy   .

In a tiny little village in the smallest county in Ireland right smack dab in the very center of everything lived a quite ordinary wee man called Patrick Shamus Maloney.

He was not one of those lads that bragged about all the females he had bedded and embellished his exploits with details that seemed almost impossible to believe. In fact, he seldom had very much to say in any conversation in his desire to stay away from the limelight that might call attention to his shortness of stature and hidden pointy ears under an unruly mess of terrible red curly hair.

He was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend of sorts by the name of Mary Kelly that was the runt of the litter of three sisters all belonging to the still attractive Eileen Kelly with her long shapely legs that looked devastatingly glorious under her almost sheer frock of pale green. She wore her revealing dresses like a flag of unhappily married life. Poor Mrs. Kelly had a husband often away on voyages to far-away places too difficult to either pronounce or remember with any degree of clarity. She would cast her lust-filled eyes on any male in proximity with time on his hands and a restless look to his tightly-fitted trousers. Her youngest daughter's male friend was in her home on a daily basis and she wondered what treasures his trousers concealed and if her daughter had already sampled his wares. The poor girl was so shy in such matters; the mother doubted she had tested the waters to see if it was her sort of nocturnal delight.

Patrick felt that his Mary was a darling of a girl and he was quite happy to wait for her to agree to accept his offer of marriage. Poor young Mary was not enthusiastic about settling for the diminutive Mister Maloney because he had no land of his own and no family to give him stability in a place where family is everything.

Of course, Patrick was polite enough and was wise enough to do things almost exactly the way Mary wanted to do them even if they did not seem the best course of action most of the time. He had little time to form opinions and hardly ever took a stand one way or the other for fear of making people dislike him on the other side.

Mary's mother Eileen with the long slender legs of a girl and glorious bosom that had suckled three young girls rather liked the young man that was her youngest daughter's constant companion. She saw the value of his attitude and he had the advantage of being present in her household whenever he was not working at this job or the other trying his best to save up for the wedding day. It was a future in which she was certain that her dubious daughter still hoped for something better to still come along and save her teenaged romantic notions of carnal relationships. Besides, in her infinite and mature female wisdom, she had noticed the rather large bulge in his trousers and she was certain it was not some sock he had stuffed inside to give a girl a start.

The mother kept her suspicions to herself but she wondered if her youngest daughter Mary had already discovered the secret in Patrick's trousers.

Mary's two older sisters were easily described as "hot" numbers from the top of their pretty heads to the tips of the red painted toes. The both of them slept together in the same bed and it was hard to honestly decide which one was sexier and which was more sensuous than the other.

Sometimes, Kathleen and Ruby would double-date and in the middle of the date switch boyfriends just to see their reaction. It was a naughty thing to do and they had a lot of fun doing it to keep their boyfriends on their toes.

Mary was happy to at least have Patrick to fall back on because she wasn't getting many offers from the other lads all chasing after her two beautiful Sisters Kathleen and Ruby. She would often borrow her sister's dirty undies hoping that their sexiness would some way rub off on her and she could attract a really handsome fellow with lots of good prospects. In the meantime, she would have to make do with the uninspiring Patrick because her sisters had all the other young men lined up for the taking.

The two older sisters were miffed because most of the local lads had gone north for the field work in another farm. It was that time of year when the work had to be followed from field to field and the workers all banded together to get the job done on time before the rains came in.

Kathleen, the oldest sister at twenty-three was fit to be tied because she had not had a proper humping since before the last holiday and that seemed like a long time ago to her now. Besides, she was green with envy as a Christmas tree about her young sister with no looks at all having a steady boyfriend like Patrick even if he was such a boring pain in the ass most of the time.

The middle sister Ruby just recently turned twenty-one was equally as envious as her older sister and she also was almost as certain as her amorous mother that Patrick was packing quite the surprise in his pants. She was positive her silly sister Mary had not latched onto his hidden asset as yet because there was no way she would have been able to keep a secret like that hidden from either of her sisters for very long.

The combination of the missing male contingent from the village, plus the fact that the father was still at sea leaving the mature and still attractive mother starving for male attention left Patrick conveniently sitting pretty in the midst of four nubile sexually attractive females in good health and undeniably in a state of easily recognized female heat.

It all came to a head with the frantic sound of flesh on flesh on Patrick's namesake day.

The tableau of age old desires and natural instincts made the inside of the Kelly cottage the scene of frayed nervous frustration and raw primitive passion the likes of which had not been seen in that part of the county for quite some time.

Patrick was aware of the tension inside the home but he felt that he was more of an observer and not an instigator of any orgy that might be brewing under the surface.

It was the mother Eileen that made the first move by toasting Patrick on this his feast day with a long draw of the brew that they kept in hiding under the kitchen cabinet just inside the pantry door. The girls all had a nip at the wild-berry wine and Mary giggled like a silly schoolgirl she was that excited at seeing Patrick so close and all and only a few feet from her suddenly anxious hands.

Her mother Eileen pushed her youngest daughter into Patrick's waiting arms and told her,

"Give him a nice kiss, luv and don't forget we Kelly girls like to use a lot of tongue to let our fellows know we have a nice fire in the furnace."

Mary kissed Patrick flush on his happy lips and his long thick branch started to unfold right on top of her pubic mound like some cobra visiting from the Eastern climes looking for a nice Irish field to plant with fertile seeds. She gasped at the sensation of his oversized length and girth hoping her eagerness for humping was not too discernable to her mother and her two sisters.

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