Blue Moon Festival

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2016 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Once a decade the Moon festival becomes the Blue Moon festival and everything gets crazy. As a constable from the festival city I had constables that came in to help for my squad. Sometimes just breaking up a fight can be more than we thought and very dangerous.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   First   .

It was late spring or early summer depending on who you talked with. The festival city of Bella was already beginning to fill with vendors and shopkeepers. Banners and streamers were being hung from second and third floor balconies. Draft horses and large wagons were everywhere bringing in supplies for the show houses and the taverns and saloons.

Constables from all over the country were arriving to learn the layout before the huge crowds began. As for me, I was a constable from here which was slow normally. The Moon festival came every year but once every ten it became the Blue Moon and things got wild. The moon changed color and became a vibrant blue.

Every blue moon there were huge parades with moving shows and pretty girls dancing. Of course there is always two sides to everything. With the huge crowds and the thirty days of parties came over drinking and theft. Fights were common and most of the time it was over drink or a woman.

My set of rooms were in the back and on the top floor of the Golden Cage. That was a show house during the festival and a tavern the rest of the time. The golden painted cages hung from beams and women danced and flirted and enticed patrons between shows. During the festival they would make enough money for the whole year ... sometimes.

My rooms had six inch thick cork walls with four inches under the floor. I was dressing when there was a knock and glanced at the door, "who is it!"

The door opened and my mother looked in, "sorry George but I have a couple of girls that need a place to sleep."

I sighed because she had done this every year since I was fourteen, "mother."

She held the door and I blinked as two girls walked in. They wore very little which was normal for festival. One had silver hair and waved, "I am Crysta."

The other girl had brownish blonde hair and she smiled, "Willow."

I looked at my mother and she smirked, "they are cage dancers."

I shook my head and finished dressing and put the equipment belt on, "make yourself at home girls."

I headed for the door and went down to the ground level and through the show house. The street was busy but not like it was going to be in another day. I walked the streets and nodded to those I knew. I walked into the constable station and headed to the side and into the huge briefing room.

During festival we went from three shifts to six and in our station from thirty officers to three hundred. The room was full as I moved to my seat and nodded to the sergeant checking people in. After we got the normal warnings and alerts we headed for the door. I was twenty and instead of a training officer I had six older constables I would be showing around.

My area was a thirty minute walk and I pointed out places and people along the way. I turned into Jungle street and slowed before I shook my head. I crossed the street, "make sure no one can climb up onto the balconies. These banners have heavy cord someone could use so we warn the owner to remove them."

I glanced at the other constables, "if they can climb up they can fall or pull someone down."

They grinned as I walked into the show house and looked around, "Mr Allis!"

The room quieted and a small bald man stepped out of a side door. I smiled, "you know better than to put out rope or cord someone can climb. Take it down or I will cite you for everyday it is up."

He started for the door, "it was not supposed to be low enough for anyone to reach."

I glanced around and turned, "well it is. By the way those dancers looked very nice this year."

He grinned back at me, "they are from a dance school."

The constables laughed and I pointed out the cord. He shook his head, "I will have it shortened George."

I headed down the street and pointed to a couple of taverns that had a bad reputation for fights. As it grew dark more people emerged and the establishments became louder. I had the constables split into pairs and patrol in intervals. I moved quickly to the sound of something breaking in a tavern.

It was just past the mid of night and I pushed open the front door to see several men fighting. I blew my whistle before I shoved through the small crowd. When I reached the four men that were fighting I caught one and started to turn him. He spun and took a swing and I ducked and struck up under his ribs.

He gasped and folded as he tried to breath and I moved to another, "ENOUGH!"

I pushed one man back and stepped between him and the other two men, "the next one that..."

I caught the fist that swung at me and twisted and stepped and slugged the man. He went down and I pulled my nightstick, "ENOUGH!"

The other two men held up their hands as the other constables pushed through the crowd. I looked at the smug owner, "how did this start?"

He lifted his hands, "I have no idea constable."

I nodded, "very well Mr Egel. I will be issuing you a citation for public disturbance."

He straightened, "you can not do that."

I bent and yanked one of the men up, "you are responsible for what goes on in your place so yes I can. One more citation and we will pull your license for the year."

I gestured to the others, "these will be going to the holding cells for the night."

The constables started putting them in restraints while they protested and I called for a wagon. I pulled my citation book and wrote out the citation and gave it to the tavern owner before leaving. Most of the fights we broke up the owners told us how and who had started it which meant they did not get cited. In the last four hours we arrested thirty people.

I sat inside a small café and sipped coffee while writing the shift report. The others looked tired but I knew this had been a quiet night. I checked in with the sergeant and left the report in the main street corner box before heading home. The sun was coming up when I pushed the doors open and nodded to the cleaners.

When I walked into my room I had forgotten all about the girls. I stripped and sent my uniform down the laundry shaft before heading to bed. When I reached the bed I pulled the sheet back and stopped as I saw the two naked girls. Crysta reached out and her hand wrapped around my cock as it got hard, "I really want this."

I froze and then let her pull me in and over her. She spread her legs as I lifted and positioned my cock. I pushed into her and buried my cock before I settled. She groaned and shivered, "all those horny men watching made me horny."

The other girl Willow giggled, "me too."

I looked at her and then at Crysta and sighed before I gave her a kiss, "well I was a virgin."

I pulled back as she hugged me and I started to fuck her firmly with long strokes. She lifted her hips and her pussy tightened, "mmmm!"

Her pussy was very warm and my thick cock stretched it. A couple of minutes and she was clinging to me. Her pussy was slippery and she shook and shuddered as she yelled, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I continued to fuck her and began to press into her and rub. She bucked and struggled and as her pussy kept grasping my cock. She stiffened and then wailed as she thrashed around, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

I fucked her hard and deep as I kissed her. She hugged me tight and wrapped her legs around me. I shoved my cock into her and held her as I gushed spurts of cum. She spasmed and jerked when she felt the sudden flood of warm sperm, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed and when I was done I relaxed. She was panting and grinned as she sagged to the bed. I pulled out and looked at Willow and she pulled me over her. She struggled to guide my cock and then I pushed into her slippery pussy. I sank all the way into her and gave her a kiss, "you are horny from teasing the men too?"

She grinned as her pussy squeezed, "yeah."

I began to fuck her slowly but buried my cock each time. A couple of minutes and she was humping and shuddering. I grinned and started to fuck her hard and deep and she grunted and clutched me, "YES!"

I kept it up as she struggled and jerked while her pussy kept grasping. After several minutes she was thrashing around and bucking, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

She twisted and jerked while I continued to bury my cock as deep as I could. By the time my balls were churning her eyes had rolled up and she had gone limp. I shoved into her and held her as I gushed spurts of cum. She shivered while her pussy kept squeezing but her body was still limp.

I relaxed and waited and she finally took a deep breath and opened her eyes as her messy pussy clenched. She shuddered and groaned and I gave her a kiss before I pulled out. Crysta rolled over onto her stomach and spread her legs as she looked over her shoulder. I grinned as I moved over her and pushed into her cummy pussy.

I woke to someone knocking on the door and shifted as I turned my head to look at the time keeper. I woke the girls and climbed out of bed, "bathroom and showers?"

They stretched and grinned before following me. Their bodies were as amazing this afternoon as they had been this morning. I finally dried them and myself and went to open the door. I took my uniform off the hook beside the door and went to dress. I called down and a few minutes later I opened the door for my mother.

She smiled as she carried a tray in, "how did you sleep?"

She was looking at the girls who smirked and I shook my head, "like a baby."

She put the tray on the table and laughed, "enjoy your lunch."

I had a few hours so after we ate I took the girls down and out. There were a lot more people in the streets even though it was daytime. I took them to little out of the way shops and even bought them a few very skimpy costumes. We talked and ate snacks and treats and looked at bits of flash the street vendors were selling.

I finally led them back to the Golden Cage and gave them a kiss before I left. The wagons and carts were slowly moving off the streets as I made my way to the constable station. I checked in with my sergeant and then the notice and alert board. I went to the briefing room and waited for the constables assigned to me.

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