Caution Thrown to the Wind

by Marduk

Copyright© 2016 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A new story of Rick's association with Elizabeth who had left for England and then returned, but now she was to be regarded as just a fuck

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Rough   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   .

It was now six months since Elizabeth had finally decided that the relations with Rick were not going to achieve a divorce from his wife or even a separation. Her last text had been to advise him that she was breaking it off. This really was no problem for Elisabeth no matter how obliging she had been was just another name in the 'black book' of female acquaintances that he had collected almost from the start of his marriage that had existed through obligation and responsible. It was a pity to lose her but he had stuck to his suggestion to take her to the airport on her way to England made before she had indicated a break in the relationship. As he sat slowly drinking a coffee he muttered to himself as he thought about her. 'I should have parked in the short term area and got her to suck me off, a sort of 'farewell' gesture, I never did get her to suck me while parked in a car and I did have a few occasions where it may have happened. Oh! Well it was nice while it lasted'.

He finished his coffee, wiped his mouth and was just getting up when a female voice stopped him in his tracks, he turned. "Elizabeth", he gasped for his surprise was genuine because she had told him that she may stay in England and had even sold her vehicle, what she did with her unit, she didn't say or did he ask. "When ... when did you get back? I thought you were considering staying in England?"

"I didn't like the weather", she said as she accepted his invitation to sit down.

"Would you like a coffee?" he asked. She gave a nod and he ordered, naturally including himself. "Now tell me about your holiday. Did you meet anyone that you would consider worth settling down with?" She just smiled and it was only after the coffee was delivered that she told him about the holiday and yes she had met a number of men, but none she thought much off. "Oh! They were always nice and polite", she said. "But they were so boring and I was beginning to feel that my presence was becoming a strain for my cousin's home wasn't big and I had taken over one of the children's rooms. I think they were relieved when I told them I was coming back".

"What are your plans now?" he asked. "I know you sold your vehicle, what about your unit did you keep that?'

"Yes! I did keep the unit. I had arranged for it to be rented but that could also be another reason for my returning; the real estate company told me that the unit had been damaged and the so called tenants had left without paying or repairing the damage. In the couple of weeks I have been back I have been repairing the place. Lucky the damage wasn't great but it has taken me some time to get it back to what it was".

"If you had notified me I could have helped with any repairs. I'm not unskilled in doing maintenance", he said with a smile.

"I ... I didn't because I wasn't sure of your reaction for it has been many months since I broke off our arrangement". He smiled and as the coffee was finished got up and asked. "What are you doing now?"

"I came by bus so I will return by one". Whether it was the tone of her voice or the silly expression on her face that decided his invitation, he didn't know but when he said; "I have my vehicle would you like me to give you a lift?", her answer did surprise him. "Oh! Rick that would be wonderful".

Whatever her thoughts were he had no idea but she latched onto him as she had done when they began to explore each other in the intimate way and as they approached his vehicle he had a good chance to observe her. She had put on weight, her hair was longer but lacked the care that she had always aimed at and her face seemed a lot harder and there were wrinkles that he didn't think were there before. 'I think her stay in England wasn't up to scratch', he thought. 'She is back and by the way she is behaving I think I will throw caution to the wind and drain her of every pleasure I can get'. He smiled at his own thoughts as he unlocked the vehicle. She made no objection as he embraced her, in fact seemed to welcome the attention. There was no pecking on the cheek, but a full blown kiss and while that was occurring a thorough feel of her tits. She had always been eager to grope for his groin and that desire was again present and as he worked her bra loose and slipped under it to feel the soft and naked flesh and pull on the nipple, her fingers squeezed his interested cock. "Hold a minute", he whispered. He unbuckled his belt and eased his trousers down till she could hold the real item. Her touch was electric and even before he pushed her head down and positioned his cock level with her mouth, he was rock hard. "Suck it Elizabeth and drain my fucking balls".

She had sucked him off a few times in their relationship, but not in a car in a public car park; she hesitated but now he was determined to throw any concern for her out the window. She had always been 'hot' and 'cold', sometimes eager for a 'close encounter' and at other times reluctant to bear a tit, however, now he was just going to treat her as he did with other women, she was just a cunt and that was how she was going to be treated, gone was the 'nice guy'. "Stick it in your mouth you silly cunt and suck me dry. Suck it Elizabeth, just suck me off". With that he pushed her head hard into his groin and gave a gasp of pleasure as she performed a task he enjoyed. He held her as he did with all women, till ever drop had gone from his balls and only then was she released. She pulled up, saliva and the essence of his balls dripping from her mouth. He handed her a towel and smiled for the expression on her face was comical. An expression mixed with shock and surprise.

"I needed that, you have improved that would be one of the nicest suck jobs I have had, you must have got a bit of practice while away", he smiling said as she spat into the towel and wiped her mouth. She didn't reply but his words did hurt for what he said was right on target. She had sucked for all the men wanted it, especially her cousin's husband who, without any invitation, had dropped his trousers in the kitchen while his wife was out, dragged her head into his groin and snapped. "Payment for board and lodging, suck my fucking cock". It was to become almost a daily choir, protest was not considered for she had arranged no other accommodation and although she never told him, or gave any indication that she enjoyed it, by the time she left actually appreciating the attention for the other men, yes she had sucked them, but they were not that interesting, now she just sat and thought of those occasions as Rick drove her home.

He pulled up outside the group of units. "Coming in?" she asked. He gave a nod, locked the vehicle and followed her, noticing again her weight that was more pronounced in full day light. The unit was pretty much as he remembered it, sure there were differences and he gathered, although he didn't ask or did she comment but the walls were repainted, there was a new rug on the floor and a new coffee table, maybe because of the damage she had mentioned. "Sit down I won't be long", she said as she left the lounge room. On past visits there was always a magazine or such like that he could scan, this time there was nothing, no paper or magazine. Minutes past and then she appeared, dressed in the same dressing gown that he had got used to and virtually the same layout, it was open and she was naked. "Join me in the shower?" she asked but without showing any expression of eagerness or joy.

They soaped each other up. She worked as she had done on a number of occasions on his cock and balls, while he massaged her tits, tits that were sagging a lot from when he had washed them before and of course that heavy growth of hair at her groin. "Fuck that was nice", he said as they got out. "You are a pleasure to wash Elizabeth, something that I have missed. The wife won't let me anywhere near her, which is a bloody nuisance for she does have nice tits, a growth between her legs and a nice bum", he concluded as he finished drying himself. Elizabeth was wiping her feet, her bottom level with his hardening cock; she turned. "Do you want as written invitation to fuck my bum?" she asked. This statement did take him by surprise for she had always been reluctant to place herself into a 'bum fucking' position but it was an invite that secretly he had always wanted, for in reality and now even more, her bottom has been very desirable.

"You randy cunt", he gasped. "I thought your bum wasn't on the agenda. But you want it fucked Elizabeth, well fucked it is going to be". Lubrication for his cock was handy; he pushed his cock between the cheeks of that attractive bottom, gripped her tits and shoved. Elizabeth gave off a loud grunt as she grabbed the side of the vanity basin for support. Rick anchored himself, enjoying a sensation that he didn't think was on the menu but what did surprise him was the ease his cock slid in. "You have had it up the bum. Why didn't you tell me you wanted your bottom serviced, cripes I would have been up it like a rat is up a drain pipe". For seconds her only response was the standard grunt as he worked his cock in and out, ramming it till his balls were banging against the cheeks. "I ... I didn't", she gasped as he gave an extra hard thrust. "My cousin's husband fucked me one morning in the bathroom", she paused as he thrust again. "I ... I was bent over. I didn't know he was there but I sure felt it". Again she paused as Rick worked towards a climax his cock sliding in and out like a well-oiled piston. As his balls exploded she was rocking in rhyme and as gush after gush of hot cum was slammed up her backside she gave an utterance that really was music to him and it was a clear sign that fucking her up the backside was now definitely on the table.

"Fuck that was nice", he uttered as he pulled out and wiped his cock over the cheeks of her bottom. "I haven't fucked a woman up the bum for a while and to be frank Elizabeth I have wanted to slam my cock between the cheeks of your backside almost from the day I met you. I have certainly enjoyed your cunt and the way you sucked was icing on the cake, but your bottom was always a beckon begging to be serviced".

"I'm all sweaty", she said as she straightened up. "Fancy another shower?" a request that was readily taken up. "Have you anything else on for the rest of the day?" she asked as she hung up the towels. "No I have not", he replied as he followed her out into the kitchen, she hadn't dressed and he liked the swing of her tits that swung back and forth like the pendant on a clock. "What about your wife?" she asked as she put the jug on, "I don't suppose she would be happy to know that you had serviced me or that I had sucked you off, does your wife suck you Rick", she asked with a big smile for she already knew his answer.

"You have to be joking", he replied as he rubbed her tits and worked her nipples. "I don't think the silly cunt would know what 'a suck' meant. Elizabeth was still giggling when she put a hot cup of coffee and a few biscuits in front of him.

Silence followed for many minutes, both to their own thoughts for Rick he not only enjoyed the snack but also the nudity of Elizabeth for her weight, plus the more sagging of her tits he did find rather erotic. "You are rather desirable now Elizabeth", he said. "Whatever else England did or didn't do I think you have gained in appearance".

"In what way?" she asked as she accepted his invite to snuggle in closer.

"You have gained weight and I like the way your tits have developed and sag, you are getting to be the ideal woman, at least the type I like", he concluded as they kissed.

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