Sue's Prone Bone Romance

by harry lime

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sue is in search of Mister Goodbar but all she can find is kinky girlfriends and married men with strange desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   .

Susan Swan didn't feel young any longer.

She was pushing twenty-six. That was the age that her mother told her all young ladies should have a husband and at least one young one in a pram or growing inside. In all honesty, she had to admit almost all of her female friends had already gone down that road and she had watched them in a state of confused dismay wondering where she had gone wrong.

It wasn't a question of not trying her best to cut out a male all her own from the herd and guiding him into constant sessions of love-making on a daily basis just for the purpose of bragging rights on her own little one. Most of her relationships turned out to be with married men and men that had no intention of ever tying the knot of marriage. In those situations where she had an eligible opposite gender partner close to the necessary proposal, they invariably backed out because of the way she tended to cling much too closely and exhibit signs of unnatural proprietorship.

Her current significant other was actually a female.

That was a scenario that she had never considered possible but eighteen year old Amanda was the most assertive bitch ever and once she had Susan underneath her, she was determined to keep her there as a permanent fixture. Susan knew she was being far too submissive and that the beautiful Amanda was out of her class in good looks and personality but she was under the demanding girl's spell and in a certain way she enjoyed being told what to do without worrying about the consequences.

It was obvious that she would not be walking up the aisle with Amanda anytime soon because none of her friends and definitely not her parents knew anything about her closeness to her room-mate and Sue wanted to keep it that way. Still, it was nice to be ordered into the bedroom and told to push her tummy into the mattress for her exercise in complete submission. The younger girl was blessed with the most prominent of clitorises and she was happy to employ it to bring her room-mate to the heights of tingling orgasm.

Of course, there were a lot of other things that Amanda did for her that made Sue a true believer in allowing their relationship continue unabated for as long as the young girl was willing.

Sue didn't consider herself to be a lesbian but just a bored and lonely girl needing companionship and something hard and determined shoved into her greedy slit from behind. She loved the weight of Amanda's pretty body on top of her and when she came to the point of no return and had to squirt her guilt into the mattress, Sue had the feeling that she loved her room-mate more than anything in the whole wide world and she was willing to submit to any demand that the young girl made on her sex-deprived flesh. There was no doubt in her mind that Amanda's talented clitoris was just the thing she needed to fulfill her nocturnal desires with complete satisfaction. They did both admit to each other that the occasional cock was just what the doctor ordered every now and then to keep them on their toes and ready to deliver the goods at any time.

They decided to invite the boy who delivered the pizza to join them after he got off work and he showed up at midnight with an extra crispy pepperoni. At first, they were competitive over which of them would take his cock into their thirsty slit but Sue decided she would take his mouth with greedy assertiveness whilst Amanda captured his cock with her eighteen year old vagina. She looked over her should and saw her room-mate riding the tough little pizza delivery boy with an accelerating rhythm. That gave her the opportunity to sit on the boy's face and make him do her at the same time.

"I want lots of tongue, Mister. Give mama that happy boy tongue right where she wants it the most."

Sue surprised herself with the gratuitous sex-laden talk but she like the sound of it in her ears and it helped motivate the pizza boy whose name was Mario to improve on his inspired pussy-eating efforts that helped push her into a fantastic orgasm before he had a chance to flood Amanda's slit with his teenaged brand of special delivery.

It was obvious that the boy was much more attracted to Amanda because they were the same age and he probably considered Sue a bit old even though she was only twenty-six.

Amanda saw that this bothered Sue and she suggested to Mario that he "Prone-bone" her room-mate as her reward for letting her go first. He was so naïve that he had to ask Amanda exactly what that entailed and she gave him detailed instructions and told Sue,

"Ok Sue honey, I want you face down right there in the middle of the bed with your legs tight together just like we do when you need it badly. This will be your chance to see how it feels with an actual live boy dick up hole from behind. Remember to stay relaxed and whatever you do, don't move or raise your hips up from the mattress. Just take what Mario gives you and try not to squirm or wiggle no matter how deep he gets inside."

Sue did her best to follow her room-mate's instructions and it took her mind of the fact that Mario's cock was the biggest thing she had ever seen in her life. She hoped he wouldn't make a mistake and shove it up her brown eye by mistake because she wouldn't be able to walk straight for the next few days.

Fortunately, Amanda was inclined to act as a guiding hand for Mario's thick shaft and she made certain it was poised directly over the wet spot on Sue's drenched cunt with unerring accuracy. Sue could feel the pizza delivery boy pause and press his pre-cum dripping head on her ready and willing entry and she was tempted to push her hips up to greet him with her needy flesh. She remembered her instructions and remained absolutely still and was rewarded by the sensation of Mario's thick cock slowly sliding into her cunt from behind and only stopping when he was fully bottomed out deep inside her core.

Sue wanted desperately to move and shake her bottom but she obeyed her room-mate's instructions.

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