Brandy's Lucky Day

by Chloe Weedon

Copyright© 2016 by Chloe Weedon

Erotica Sex Story: Brandy is a girl out on her on.Her life is so boring until she meets a stranger who sets her world on fire.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Something woke her up from a sound sleep. She listened for where the sound was coming from. " They are at it again," she said as she listened to the bed banging against the wall in her roommates room. "Sarah was so lucky to be to be getting fucked this early in the morning. I hadn't done that in such a long time."

"Well, screw it. I get so hot when I hear what's going on in her room. Jesus Christ, they are really going at it." She reached for the drawer to her nightstand. She opened it and felt around in there until she found what she was looking for. Finding what she was searching for, she kicked the covers off and tossed her Victoria's secret panties on the floor. "You're my best friend lately," she said running her fingers up and down the vibrator. She turned the setting to low on her blue penis shaped vibrator and moved it up and down her folds. "Ah, that feels so good," she said, mumbling as she inserted it in her pussy. The vibrations felt awesome and she was keeping up in time with the bangs coming from Sarah's wall.

"Oh god I'm cumming," she heard Sarah scream and at that moment she touched the vibrator on her clit and there it was. Her orgasm was intense. Her body quivered as she came back to earth. She held on to her best friend as her hand fell to her bed. What a shame. She reached over and laid it on the nightstand.

She got up and made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Pinning her shoulder length blond hair up on her head, she reached over and turned the water on. It felt good to have a shower first thing in the morning. After opening the cap on her body wash, she took a whiff. God, she loved the smell of vanilla. Lathering up and using a loofah sponge she cleaned herself from head to toe. This made her skin tingle and felt invigorated and ready to take on that job that she loathed.

After returning to her room, she dug through her lingerie drawer searching through it. She didn't spend money on very much, but she did buy sexy lingerie. It was the only luxury that she allowed herself. Picking up a red and black, this should do nicely. She put the bra and panties on and stepped into her gray and white uniform dress. Applying her strawberry lip-gloss to her mouth and putting her hair up in a ponytail she headed for the door.

After parking her little Toyota Camry in the employee's parking lot, she headed for the house cleaning section and pulled her cart out of storage. Extra towels, washcloths, clean sheets, check, paper napkins and cups check, cleaning supplies check, and small vacuum check. She had everything she needed to do her job. She stopped by the office and picked up her list of rooms that would be vacated that day. Well, no better time to get started than the present pushing the cart toward the elevator. She moved from one room to the next. Same old same old as she moved up and down the hallway working at a deliberate pace. By lunchtime she was so tired and went to the employee's lounge to catch her breath. Just two more floors and she would be finished for the day and she could head home to her boring old life.

"Mandy?" she heard her name over the intercom.

Well, so much for break time, she picked up the receiver. "I'm here," she told the front desk.

"Room 402 needs fresh towels."

"Oh, what now?" she mumbled. "Ok, I'll take care of it. Christ, I can't wait for this day to end." She didn't know why she worried about it since she knew that she had no plans for that night.

When she reached room 402 she knocked, but got no answer. She knocked again and still no one came to the door.

She took out her key card and inserted it into the lock. She pushed the door open and said, "Housekeeping." Still nothing so she grabbed a hand full of towels and started for the bathroom. When she opened the bathroom door, she got the surprise of her life. There he stood in all his naked glory. Her mouth fell open as she stared at his face and dropped her eyes to look at his cock. "Oh lord," she said as she shoved the towels at him and started backing out the door. He wasn't even embarrassed as he took the towels from her hands. "Sorry" mumbling as she backed out of the door to the room. She was so embarrassed. After returning to the employee's lounge to try to recover from that experience, her face was still red. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to see that guest again before he checked out.

"Mandy?" she heard over the intercom again.

"Now, what do they want," she mumbled under her breath as she picked up the receiver? "Yes Marine."

"Room 402 needs more ice and cups."

"Well can't Anna take them to him?"

"No, he asked for you specifically."

Ok, I will take care of it she just stood there with her face in her hands. Ok, ok, I can do this. I will just knock on his door and wait for him to answer.

Holding a bucket of ice and a stack of plastic cups she stood in front of room 402. Taking a deep breath, she blew it out and knocked on the door. Dressed in a bathrobe, he opened it and she said, "housekeeping." He opened the door a little wider as she shoved the things at him.

"Do you have a minute Mandy?" he asked her.

Now, what she just stood there not moving.

"Really, I just want to apologize for what happened earlier." he told her.

"If anyone should be apologizing, it's me. I shouldn't have barged in on you like I did," she felt her face redden again.

Damn she is so fine, he thought to himself. "You're not married are you Mandy?" he asked her.

"No, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"What time do you get off work?"

She gave him a wary look as she said four o'clock."

"Since we got off to a bad start I would like to introduce myself. My name is Connor Overton. It's nice to meet you, Mandy."

"How did you know my name," she asked him with confusion on her face. His eyes fell to her name tag,

"Well, that's what your name tag says. Am I wrong?" he looked at her face.

"No, you're not wrong," she said as her eyes dropped to her tag. She looked up at his face. "Ok Mr. Overton if that's all I need to get back to work;" she told him and turned to leave.

"Just call me Connor, Mandy. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

She turned back to look at him, that's not necessary.

"I know it's not necessary, but I don't know anyone here. You're the first person that I have met who I haven't had to discuss business with. Come on let me buy you dinner." he said pleading with her.

She reached in her pocket and took out a pencil and paper and wrote her address down and handed it to him. "Would you like to pick me up at seven o'clock?"

"Seven o'clock I will be there." he told her as she turned to leave, but then she turned around and said, "I need to give you directions."

"I have a GPS on my car so I will find you."

Ok then, see you later. After hearing the door close, she did a fist pump in the air. She thought of his appearance. He was very tall with brown hair and green eyes. It would be no hardship to sit across the table from him at dinner.

She thought the rest of the day would never end. Finally, she punched out. Mandy thought about what she would wear. Dressy jeans and a light sweater would do nicely. But she wanted something nice to go under them. "Oh, screw it," she said as she parked in front of Macy's.

She headed right to the lingerie section and started her search for the perfect set of underwear. So many bras to choose from whispering under her breath as she picked through the row of bras. She found a purple one and a matching thong to go with it. Picking the lingerie up and looking at it, she knew that it would match her lavender sweater perfectly. After making her purchase, she headed for home.

It was time to pamper herself. The first thing she did was a manicure and pedicure. There is something so sexy about painted nails. Letting the polish set she ran a bath using her vanilla bubble bath. She just could not get enough of that scent. She shaved everything finishing with her legs. Satisfied, she stepped from the tub; towel dried her body and put on her pink chenille robe. Moving to the kitchen, she took a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator and poured herself a glass. After sitting down at the table, she sipped her wine while she ran the day's events through her mind. She couldn't believe she was going on a date. After sipping a little more wine, she could feel the effect of it.

Mandy went to her room and put her new lingerie on. She stood in front of the mirror. "Yes, that's what I am talking about, " she said as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. God, she felt sexy. She dressed, finishing with a pair of black satin stiletto heels. Sitting at the vanity, she brushed her curls out and applied a light coat of makeup. She was a natural and didn't need much makeup.

Waiting in the living room, she heard a knock at the door. After giving herself one last examination, she opened it.

"Hi Connor, I see you found me. Did you have any trouble getting here?" she asked as she picked her purse up and stepped out onto the porch. Connor pulled her door closed and put his hand at the small of her back as he led her out to his car. "Oh, you have a Beamer, I am impressed," she said with envy in her voice.

"It's just a rental. I don't drive anything near this nice when I am at home. I drive a car like that one," he said as he pointed to her car. "Really that car belongs to me. Wow, that's wild, " she said totally amazed.

"I guess like minds think alike, isn't that what they say?" he said.

After they settled in the car he asked her where she wanted to go for dinner.

"What are you in the mood for?"

"I'm a meat and potato kind of man," he told her with a small smile.

Damn, he has dimples. Why didn't I notice that earlier today? "I always order grilled chicken so I recommend that we go to Outback. That way we can each get what we want."

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