Sperming Family Females

by Dr Scribble

Copyright© 2016 by Dr Scribble

Incest Sex Story: A follow-up to 'Sperming My Girl' and 'Sperming My Nieces'. Dan won't fuck closely-related females because that would be incest. 'Fucking' he defines as sliding his cock in and out of them until he cums. But jacking off and squirting into their open pussies is okay, in his mind. Of course, the women still get pregnant, and when Valerie, his sister-in-law comes to stay, she's quite happy for him to sperm her pussy too.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   InLaws   Pregnancy   .

"For goodness sake! Just do it!"

My wife Hayley's voice had a frustrated edge as she encouraged me to actually fuck our daughter. As Chérie is over five months pregnant with our child, you might be forgiven for thinking Hayley had a point – what, really, did it matter if I simply did what I longed to do – insert my prick in my daughter's warm, welcoming and wet vagina and slide it in and out until I filled it with another large wad of my seed – or stuck by my principle of refusing to commit incest, and agreeing only to firing my wad into the girl while she held her entrance open, and only afterwards, sliding my prick into her, hard, and stop, to push all my jizz as far up her baby-tube as possible.

Of course, all the women in my little 'harem' had mastered the art of massaging my ensconced cock, often to the point where I erupted again and refilled their thirsty pussies, but that, I had decided, didn't count as 'incest', despite my 'harem's' consisting of my daughter and nieces...

I resisted my wife's command. Chérie held herself open and I occasionally dipped my fingers into her juices to lubricate the movement of my hand along my cock shaft, quickening my motion as I felt my climax approaching.

"Cuuuummmmmiiiinnnnggg!" I grunted.

Hayley grabbed my cock to steady its aim while Chérie wriggled so the head was almost inside her and impossible to miss. Wads of creamy white sperm erupted, firing deep into my daughter's writhing pussy. Her abdominal muscles rippled and she groaned happily. As soon as I felt my spasms cease, I leaned forward. Hayley released her grip and my cock slid home in the welcoming depths of my daughter.

She's beginning to show a nicely rounded belly, which I find so very sexy. Her cousins, Selina and Joanne were not so far along, but happily for the twins, both had caught at the same time, as far as we can tell. Their mother, Valerie, continues to have periods, but, frankly, she's been avoiding sex outside of the ten-days following when one ends, so I'm not sure she wants to have a baby as much as she claims.

Her sister, Hayley, is, as far as I know, on the pill. But I can fuck her like a man should, so there are compensations. Valerie gets me so worked up and takes the superior position, so when I'm practically helpless, she fucks me, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I found myself suckling on my daughter's nipples. Her breasts have been growing, along with her baby, and I have fun flicking the stiff little stubs with my tongue and then opening wide to get as much of her areole into my mouth as possible, to suck and lick. Chérie seems to love this, and nearly always reciprocates by squeezing and spasming her vaginal muscles around my cock until I can't avoid giving her another bellyful of my sperm.

I know I shouldn't, but the damage is already done so really, it doesn't matter, and nobody's getting hurt. Hayley has been the architect of my situation. She led me into sperming Chérie, and later our nieces, with Valerie's approval. All three of the girls are now pregnant, despite my refusal to fuck them, because I don't approve of incest. Fucking, in Hayley's definition, means repeatedly shoving one's stiff prick in and out of a woman's pussy. Which is why I will only agree to sperm the girls, wanking off until I spurt my cream into their twats, through an air gap. And only then, shoving my softening prick into their bodies and pushing the sperm up inside them.

Chérie's rippling muscles tripped my trigger and I fired more thick, potent sperm into her while she rubbed my ass cheeks and back in encouragement, almost purring with pleasure.

I rolled off her. As my cock pulled out, she put her hand down to hold the lips of her pussy closed. I passed her a tissue from the box beside the bed, which she scrunched into a ball and pushed inside her. We turned to face each other, and cuddled. In no time at all, we were asleep.

I woke up to find myself in bed with my wife, and it was full daylight. I tried to turn over, and discovered I was also in bed with Selly and Jo. Even in a king-size, space was limited.

Sometime during the night, Chérie had gone – presumably to her own room – and the others had moved in. Where Valerie, Hayley's sister, was, I didn't at that moment know.

She came into the room, looking agitated.

"Oh, good. You're awake," she said, looking at all the bed's occupants but settling her gaze on me. Valerie is just beginning the third week of her cycle, so if she followed her usual form, she wouldn't be fucking for a couple of weeks yet.

"Your brother's coming to see you," she went on. "The phone rang, so I answered it, since everyone else was still in bed. He's dropping in with his wife and kids on their way to Langmere, apparently to spend a week bird-watching.

"Seems a hell of a long way to come just to watch some birds," I observed.

Valerie shrugged. My brother is a 'twitcher' – at the first hint that some rare avian has entered our shores, he's off, with camera and million-millimetre lens – so heavy the tripod supports it rather than the camera – to try to get an award-winning shot of whatever it is. I assumed the first sight of a lesser-spotted dustbin diver, or some other species unheard of by the rest of the world population, had reached our shores, and Bill was dragging his wife, Portia, and teenage offspring, Mark and Gemma to Langmere, which was a great place to watch birds, but offered absolutely no entertainment – or facilities – for those family members not sharing the bird-watcher's enthusiasms.

"You should get up. He said they'd be here just after lunch."

I sighed and glanced at Valerie's daughters. Both were still asleep, which was a shame as I'd planned on sperming at least one of them before having to get out of bed. Hayley stirred, the other side of me, and wanted to know what was going on. While Valerie told her, I got into the shower.

I'd just finished washing myself down when the cubicle door slid open and Joanne stepped in with me.

"Morning, Uncle Dan," she said blithely, getting her hair wet – and the rest of her. Her pregnancy was not so far advanced that it had started to show for real, but her belly was more rounded than it had been, especially to the eye of someone who wanted to see the evidence that his baby was tucked away safely in the girl's womb.

As I was nearly finished washing, just the feet to go, I sat on the tiled seat along one wall of the cubicle so I could do a bit of sole-searching. (Joke! Ha-ha!).

Jo shampooed her hair, and grabbed the shower gel to start on her body. I couldn't help but watch as she rubbed her body with the detergent, and of course, she noticed.

"You want to finish me off, Uncle?"

It was an innocent enough question, asked in an innocent-sounding tone of voice, but there was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes which suggested we were sharing the shower with a double-entendre. My cock, always with an eye to the main chance, began to sit up and take notice.

I took the shower gel and began applying it to her boobs and belly, finally letting my fingers work their way between her legs, along her pussy slit.

Jo moaned her appreciation and pushed her pudendum into my face. I took the hint and used my tongue on her pussy lips, and as they parted, onto the treasures they normally protected. I used one slick hand to maul her nipples which were standing up, delighting in the sensations she was apparently experiencing.

She straddled my knees, and slowly sat down, her mound pressing against my cock which was almost painfully stiff, and now trapped between her belly and mine. She wriggled against it, then holding my arms, she leaned back to let the shower wash the gel off her boobs. When she straightened up again, she stuck a nipple right in my mouth. I took the hint, and chewed on it, sucking where, in a few months, our son or daughter would be getting their nutrition from.

Jo loved it, squealing with pleasure and bouncing up and down on my lap. She grabbed my cock and was rubbing the shaft, pausing occasionally to give the sensitive head a bit of extra stimulation. I was going to shoot very soon, but as she was already pregnant, it didn't really matter whether my seed went inside her or somewhere else.

"I'm going to cum," I warned her.

"Good," she said with what seemed like a very cool and calm look in her eye, which I wasn't expecting, since I had thought she would be in the throes of ecstasy like I was.

She stood up, moved closer and aimed my cock at her opening. In a moment, she sat down and began to bounce on my spike, grunting with the effort, but in a happy sort of way.

"I shouldn't be fucking you," I said between pants.

"You're not, Uncle Dan," she said without pausing in her efforts, "I'm fucking you."

"But it's incest!" I said.

At which point, my balls emptied themselves deep into the girl's baby tube. As she felt the injection of seed hit her vaginal walls, she went into spasm, her internal muscles cramping around my spurting cock while she sat down hard on it.

It felt soooo good! I didn't have the heart to argue. If I'm honest, it was getting harder to stick to my principle of not fucking close family – except, of course, for Hayley, who I could pump full of my baby-makers all day long and not get her pregnant, as she took her contraceptive pills religiously. I think she was the only female on her side of the family that believed in contraception, as both her daughter and nieces were in what they used to call, 'a delicate condition'. Her sister, Valerie, didn't use artificial means to prevent pregnancy, but she took care not to have sex from just before she ovulated until her period ended.

There's an old joke that the medical term for women who rely on the 'rhythm method' to avoid getting pregnant is 'mothers'. However, it, the method, had so far proved reliable for Valerie. To be honest, I was getting rather frustrated by the success of her system of contraception. Unlike her daughters and niece, she'd never let me simply sperm her, shooting my wrigglers into her baby tube from a distance; invariably, she managed to impale herself on my cock and actually fuck me, so when I came, I shot my little tadpoles as high up her insides as possible. Yet, her tummy remained resolutely flat. Was there, I wondered, something she wasn't telling me – like, she'd had her tubes tied, or something?

Still, Project Get-Valerie-Pregnant would have to wait if we were to tidy the place up before Bill arrived with his brood. First thing was to get Joanne off me, get us both dry and dressed. She'd rested her head on my shoulder and seemed to have dropped off to sleep, so I had to nudge her to wake up and get moving.

Bill, Portia and their teenagers, Mark and Gemma, arrived at half-past two. The house was immaculate, testament to the effort we'd all put in to changing bed linens, picking up discarded items of clothing, catching up with a few household chores which had been neglected while we'd been spending so much time fucking – or sperming, or getting spermed.

Chérie had had a moment of doubt about letting them see her in case they recognised her baby bump for what it was. Both Hayley and I assured her that we'd do our best to distract the visitors from realising.

"I'd suggest you spend a lot of time eating ice cream and chocolate, then they'll just think you're a bit fat," I said. "Your cousins might be encouraged to help." I managed to keep a straight face, as if believing this would be a terrible sacrifice to make, and Chérie, give her her due, played along nicely.

"Oh, well, if you really think I should! I suppose I can do it. Ice cream and chocolate, you said? Both of them?" She sucked air in through her teeth.

"Yes. Sorry, but it's the only way I think we can lay a false trail," I said, sounding brave but determined.

She grinned at me and went to find Jo and Selly to give them the good news. Normally, we all try to eat sensibly, a balanced diet, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, not too much red meat, and avoiding processed foods loaded with fats and added sugar. As much ice cream as the girls could cram down their throats, followed by chocolate, ditto, would be a treat, and if allowed to continue would see all three young women bloated and fat quite apart from their developing pregnancies. So they all knew this concession would be short-lived.

I hadn't seen Bill and his family for a couple of years. They live in Scotland, where he works out of Aberdeen on the North Sea oil and gas production platforms. Bill is a big, burly man, his face reddened by exposure to the wild sub-arctic weather, and a bristly 'full set' of beard and moustache, which undoubtedly helped him keep warm when outside a structure on whichever platform he was working on. He's about six feet three, and built like a rugby player – massive barrel chest and arm and thigh muscles you couldn't wrap your hands round.

Portia is a very trim five feet six, and probably 75 kilos. You'd never believe she'd given birth twice – or should that be once, as Mark and Gemma are twins, born within ten minutes of each other, and seeming to be joined together at the hip ever since. This is unnatural for a brother and sister, in my view, but probably understandable in twins – though I'm sure I've read that some twins get on each other's nerves and squabble as much as any other siblings, after they reach their teens, and especially after puberty strikes.

What surprised me were the changes in Mark and Gemma's bodies since I'd last seen them. He had developed broad, muscular shoulders, like his dad's, and was over six feet tall, while she had 'filled out' with all her womanly curves, and legs long in relation to her body. I found I was holding my breath as I looked at her. Her bosom had definitely grown, her breasts held in place by a strong brassiere, and thrusting forward, challengingly. She wasn't wearing particularly tight clothing either, just an overall dress with no shape to it. Her hair was glossy and neat, while her complexion simply glowed. In fact, she resembled a girl who had recently been well-fucked.

It was a stray thought, and I didn't know where it came from. I glanced at Mark, who was standing with his arm round his sister's shoulders, occasionally glancing down at her from his height advantage, some six inches taller than her. Bill kept watching him, while Portia was not looking comfortable, her eyes occasionally clicking to her children and husband.

"It's good of you to take them in," said Bill.

I politely indicated that I wondered what the hell he was talking about. I thought they were simply intending a stopover on their way to the south coast.

"Valerie said you were going to look at some birds at Langmere," I said.

He looked away. "Um, yes. Well, I am, but I was hoping Portia and the kids could stay with you just for a few days. You've got a nice big house, and I might need to camp out overnight, so it's best, if they..."

Portia looked at me – still with that unhappy expression. "The truth is, we need a few days apart, to sort something out." She glanced at Gemma, who was looking every bit as serious as her mother – and her brother, I noticed.

I sensed there was some kind of personal problem in Bill's family, so obviously, I would do anything I could to help them work out a solution.

I glanced at Hayley. "We can do that, can't we?" I know I'm the husband and master of the house, but I would never take a decision like this without consulting the 'management'.

Hayley nodded. "No problem. I'll make up some more beds."

"I'll help," said Portia, getting to her feet rather more promptly than I think Hayley or I had expected. Hayley led the way upstairs to the spare bedrooms.

Bill waited for them to go then walked over and shut the door. He came back, looking worried.

"I've got to tell you something, Dan, and I don't want you to mention it to anyone else."

I shrugged. "No problem."

He drew in a breath. "Gemma's pregnant," he said.

I glanced at her and Mark. It probably explained the protective behaviour he was exhibiting.

I looked at Bill, my head tilted sideways in silent enquiry. Was there any more to this?

"We think the baby—"

"Dad!" squeaked Gemma, who up to this point had been silent.

Bill looked at her unhappily. "I think he deserves to know everything, sweetheart."

Gemma was silent, but her bottom lip stuck out in a real, unmistakable pout.

Bill went on, turning back to me. "We think the baby is probably Mark's," he said, dropping his gaze to look steadfastly at the floor. "But it might be mine."

I know my eyebrows shot up. Gemma was blushing and Mark was holding on to her tightly, looking at me impassively, as if daring me to criticise.

I thought for a moment, then excused myself, left them alone in the lounge, and went in search of Chérie and her mother.

I found my daughter first, poring over a magazine in her bedroom. She looked up and smiled.

"Chérie, darling," I began, "I need to ask you something."

She patted the bed beside her. I sat down and she pressed herself against me, holding me in a pleasant cuddle.

"How would you feel about our coming clean to Uncle Bill, Auntie Portia and your cousins – I mean about your being pregnant, and who the father is?"

"What?" She sounded horrified. "After all we've been planning, to avoid having to identify you. Won't they report you to the police – I mean there's absolutely no chance this baby is anyone else's."

"I promise you, they will keep the secret – and will expect us to keep theirs."

"What secret is that?"

"Gemma is pregnant, too, only in her case, while the baby is probably Mark's, it could be her father's."

Chérie moved away from me, looking shocked. "The stupid girl," she said. "Why couldn't she wait until she was sure she was pregnant by one of them before sleeping with the other."

"Because, sweetheart," I said dryly, "she's obviously not as bright as you are at thinking ahead."

Chérie rolled her eyes. "I guess there really isn't any harm in telling them about us," she said. "Hang on, I'm coming downstairs with you."

On the way, I stopped off at the bedroom where Portia and Hayley were making up a queen-sized bed, and asked them to come downstairs with me. We collected Valerie from her room, too.

With all of us present, family secrets from both sides were laid bare.

We'd watched the national, international and local news at ten o'clock, and the television had been turned off. We were sitting around the silent TV, and it looked as if one of those awful embarrassed silences was about to engulf us – like when someone has farted and nobody owns up, and everybody studies the expressions on the faces of those sitting in the drop zone.

Jo was the one who rescued us from the situation.

"Uncle Dan, I want to sleep with you tonight."

Selly was quick to speak. "Me too!"

For a moment, Bill looked astonished at such openness.

Gemma grinned. "Dad, you and Mark can sleep with me.

That left Hayley, Valerie, Portia and Chérie without male partners for the night. I expected they would manage without one.

During the night, the activities of Jo, Selly and me caused the duvet to slip off the bed – something we were too exhausted to notice – so when Valerie popped her head round the door in the morning, it was to see the three of us, naked, on the bed. Both girls had dried cum around their pussies, and Selly was still leaking a bit.

I'd begun to wake when the door opened, and through slitted eyes, I saw Valerie come over to the bed and have a good look at everyone's sexual parts. Her gaze suddenly flicked to my face, but I closed my eyes and I don't think she knew she'd been seen.

After early morning showers, we all appeared at the breakfast table, where Portia and Hayley prepared cereals and porridge for everyone. Fry-ups were a thing of the past: not only was the cholesterol bad for you, the women found the smell of bacon in the pan – once so appetising – to be unsettling now they were pregnant. In plain language, it made them sick.

Bill took me aside, into the garden.

"You actually fuck these girls?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, no. Not at first."

He stared at me. "What do you do first?"

I explained about my decision that I wouldn't fuck anyone in the family, because that would be incest. And fucking was defined as sliding my erect cock in and out of a pussy until I came.

"So what did you do?"

"I, uh, spermed them."

Portia appeared. She'd obviously followed us into the garden. Bill and I shut up and waited for her to join us. She looked at Bill.

"Yes, dear, that's what he calls it. And Hayley. She's just told me all about it."

Bill stared at his wife. Then me. "And how do you 'sperm' them? And why?"

"It's because Dan has an objection to incest," said Portia. "Isn't it, Dan? So the girls hold themselves open and you jack off until you cum, and blow your spunk into their greedy little slots. Isn't that right, Dan?"

"Umm, yes." I caught sight of Bill's look of amazement.

"And they let you?"

"And then he tidies them up," went on Portia, "using his cock to sweep up any spillage and push it right inside their hot little holes."

"But – but isn't that the same as—"

"Apparently not, at least in his mind. He has no objection to getting them pregnant, but, since they're family, he won't just fuck them like any other woman."

Bill cracked a smile. "Well, that's good news, otherwise I'd be worried that he had designs on you."

I studied Portia's expression. There was the hint of a smile, and she looked at her husband somewhat askance.

"Quite so, dear."

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