Keeping It in the Family

by TheWatcher58

Copyright┬ę 2016 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: He was a teenager who had developed a taste for older women. First was his own mother who discovered his huge cock, and then it was his step-mother who felt short-changed by his dad's little dick.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Size   .


"Oh god" I thought as my brain registered that my 17 year old cock was being expertly sucked and devoured.

I was just waking up from a great night's sleep.

My eyes gradually opened and focused on the blonde haired lady kneeling between my legs. She had my long 10 inch cock in her mouth bobbing up and down on it with her soft hand massaging my big egg-sized balls.

"Oh fuck ... I just love being woken this way" I groaned.

"Mmmmm" was the sound of her agreement as she continued to suck me.

I laid back and enjoyed the sensation for another minute or so before saying "I will cum soon if you continue ... but I want to cum in your beautiful pussy instead".

She responded by deep-throating me just one more time before sitting back on her knees.

She had a beautiful mature body that many younger ladies would be jealous of. B-cup tits with hard dark nipples surrounded by a tan-coloured areola dominated her chest. Oh ... and she has beautiful face, smiling back at me whilst her hand continued to play with my cockshaft.

Knee-walking forward she positioned her pussy over my cock, and with some guidance from me she positioned my cock at the entry to her pussy canal. Easing down carefully, my cock slid into her hot wet pussy - pushing her lips apart and into her tightness.

"Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!" she moaned. Her canal was stretching to accommodate the fatness and length of my cock.

With my hands on her hips to steady and guide her, I helped myself to her wonderful pussy ... thrusting in and out until her ass came to rest on my hips.

"You have all of me inside you ... you are a greedy bitch" I told her.

"A spoilt greedy bitch" she retorted just before she started fucking up and down on my embedded shaft.

My hands slipped up to cup and caress her rounded tits, with my fingers pinching her nipples as part of the play. I knew that nipple play would ramp up her arousal levels to astronomically high levels.

"Oh ... ahhh ... oh fuck me ... I'm cumming" she gasped. A torrent of her sticky juices streamed down my cock and across my balls with the arrival of this massive cum. I let her ride my cock for a little more before I quickly flipped her over onto her back.

I was now kneeling between her thighs with her legs looped up over my shoulders. I leant forward, doubling her over until I was able to bring my lips into contact with hers. Our lips collided in a passionate tongue-filled kiss.

I could feel her pussy continuing to spasm around my impaling cock, and I knew that I could push her over another peak with little additional effort. My balls were coming to a boil too so I knew that a mutual explosion was most likely.

"Ahhh ... oh fuck" i groaned as I powerfully fucked her - deep and strong until I could hold it no longer.

"Yesssssssss!!!!" I yelled as I unloaded a massive load of my hope cum into the depths of her orgasming pussy. I squirted long and hard for the next 30 seconds or so until I came to a stop with my balls temporarily drained.

I kissed her tenderly.

"I really needed that son" she murmured.

"Any time at all mum" I responded before kissing her again.

She and I had been lovers for the last few months, sharing the same bed ... and normally fucking night and morning before she left for work. She had quipped after one particularly strenuous and satisfying fuck that I must have gotten my cock genes from my uncle Jim (her brother) because my dad only had a four inch cock.

I let that comment go without asking more ... and she never mentioned it again. It got me to wondering if our incestuous liaison was not the first one of her life.

"Fuck me" I growled when I realised that the problem with my dad's pool lay near the bottom of the pool.

I was at my dad's house. The house that he now shared with his new wife Tanya. He and my mother had been divorced for about three years. We were not particularly close - he treated me like a young kid, and I hated that.

Tanya was a 30 year old redhead with big rounded tits. They looked fake, and at least an E-cup.

I got on reasonably well with Tanya - she was a little ditzy (she could have been a blonde in a former life). I found it easy to talk to her, and she treated me as an adult.

Dad had asked me to come and look at his pool. He was having a problem, and he hoped that I could sort it out for him. Both he and Tanya would be at work so I let myself into the back yard.

I had not come prepared to get into the pool, but I knew that I would have to dive in and swim to the bottom to unsnag the outlet near the bottom.

They kept a hamper of spare towels near the day bed so drying off would not be a problem. I had decided to go 'commando' that day so I had no underwear to swim in either. The solution was to strip off naked and dive in.

So after a little hesitation, I undressed and dived in, swimming to the bottom to clear the outlet. I was surprised to find that it was a very small pair of panties - obviously belonging to Tanya. I threw them up onto the edge of the pool before relaxing in the pool.

It was a hot day, and the sensations of a nude swim on my body was wonderful.

I'd been swimming for about fifteen minutes when I heard a voice "Hey ... how's the water?"

I looked up to find Tanya standing by the edge of the pool in a very brief bikini.

"Oh ... uh ... oh ... it's good" I gasped.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked as she dropped her towel on the edge of the pool.

"Oh ... hold on" I gasped. She stopped and looked at me.

I hesitated then I finally said "I'm ... I'm naked in here".

"Oh" she responded.

I could see that she was thinking.

"Does it feel nice swimming naked?" she finally asked.

"Um ... yes ... haven't you done it in this pool?" I asked her, genuinely surprised that she may not have swum naked in her own pool, and a little curious as to how her panties got to be snagged on the outlet at the bottom of the pool.

"No ... your dad says that its not proper" she explained.

"He's a fool" I blurted out before placing my brain in gear.

Tanya paused for a moment, still looking at me. She could not see anything with me being close to the pool wall.

"I will join you ... naked" she finally responded. Then she peeled off her tiny bikini. leaving me wondering no more about her body. She had a little tuft of red hair on her mound, and tiny pink nipples on her full rounded tits.

She jumped into the water beside me, splashing me as the water parted around her beautiful body. She surfaced right next to me. Tanya had a very beautiful face with a smattering off freckles on her face and upper body. Her short red hair was now very wet and it was plastered against her scalp at the moment.

She started talking to me, completely uncaring that both she and I were naked and in close proximity. My eyes were continually drawn to her tits that seemed to float on the surface of the water. She caught me a number of times looking at her tits, but she said nothing ... but she did however move closer and brush her tits against my chest.

My cock was on the rise with the touches between us.

I found that we were now continually touching, with my cock brushing against her firm ass under the water.

"Is that all you?" she finally asked.

A little sheepishly I responded with a "Yes".

"Can I see it?" she surprisingly asked me.

I hesitated before she suggested "Sit on the edge for me".

I moved across to a shallower part of the pool (near the submerged seat) before bolstering myself up out of the pool to sit on the edge".

"Fuck that's a nice cock" she gasped as she moved close ... very close. Close enough for her hand to snake out and grasp my cock by the root. She proceeded to gently milk the shaft of my cock.

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