Kathy and Roy

by Bushhairs

Copyright© 2016 by Bushhairs

Romantic Sex Story: A story of growing love and very odd circumstances.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   .

When they were 3 years old, Kathy's family and Roy's family moved into houses next to each other. The families had bought new houses that had been built only twenty feet apart with a fence exactly halfway between them. As a result, both families paid extremely low prices for their otherwise very nice homes.

The afternoon that they both moved in, Roy's mom and dad went out to their pool deck and collapsed into the deck furniture to recover from the move. Kathy's mom and dad were in their back yard mapping out just where they wanted to make a garden.

Roy's mom and dad got up and called the other two over to the fence and introduced themselves and invited them to come over and relax with them so that the four could get to know their "Close" neighbors.

The two families seemed to hit it off well, especially when the two moms found that they both had 3 year old babies with the same birthday. "Oh, we are going to have some GREAT birthday parties for them", Roy's mom exclaimed.

"I'll bet we will be asked to install a gate in the fence, next", Kathy's dad mused. "This weekend would be a nice time for that", Roy's mom quipped.

The windows for the two nurseries were directly across from each other and the two moms began to talk together through them as they did their baby care chores.

Kathy and Roy became instant and inseparable friends at first encounter. It had became necessary to put them together for their afternoon naps or experience the crying of two heartbroken children. The parents got along together better than most families, and their lives became almost communal with the love and closeness that developed.

Three years after their first meeting, tragedy struck. On his way home, Kathy's dad was T-boned by a large truck and killed instantly.

Roy's mom and dad instantly took over operation of the house, cooking, cleaning, preparing for the funeral and anything else that needed to be done ... Except the care of Kathy, which her mom would not relinquish... , AT ALL!

Roy's mom understood that Kathy's mom was protecting the only blood relative that she had left, and so, never insisted or pushed.

Kathy and Roy were together constantly before, during and after the funeral, and Roy kept his arm around Kathy and they both cried together. After the funeral, Roy promised his 6 year old love that he would always be there for her and that he would never stop loving her. Kathy replied by turning to him, putting her arms around him and bringing themselves tightly together, cheek to cheek. After a few minutes, she pulled back a little and kissed him long and deep, both pouring out tears and shaking with a combination of grief and love.

The three parents watched their two children in awe and amazement as they slowly worked their way through the ordeal. "I think that I love Roy as much as I love Kathy", her mom told his parents, "He is the sweetest, kindest and most caring child that I have ever known or seen."

"Well, he has chosen his friend and love without hesitation", Roy's mom said, "I expect that you and I will be 'In Laws' one day". "Oh, God, I hope so", her mom replied, looking into the distance wistfully.

From that day on, Kathy and Roy were known to everyone as "a pair" and the two never denied or discussed their relationship with anyone. Where you saw one, you saw the other ... PERIOD! They were frequently the topic of conversations among other children and adults, teachers in particular, because of the way that they openly exhibited the love that they shared, holding hands, kissing, hugging, never disagreeing and constantly smiling with and to each other.

One night, when they were 12, Kathy noticed Roy watching her undress. She was down to only her panties. When she saw Roy, she screamed at him, demanding that he never look into her window again. She snatched her curtains together and secured them with clothes pins.

Kathy was horrified at what almost happened, but was upset with herself for reacting the way that she had. In her remorse, she turned out her lights and carefully peeped through the curtains to see her love. Roy had stripped to take his bath and was standing naked, looking for something in a drawer. Kathy immediately became fascinated.

Kathy was light-headed as she stumbled back onto her bed.

The next morning, she ran over to Roy's house before breakfast, telling his mom that she had to see him for a few minutes. His mom smiled at her serious look and told her that he should be down any second.

When Roy came into the kitchen, Kathy ran over and kissed him and apologized profusely for what she had said. He smiled and immediately forgave her, telling her that none of it ever happened. She kissed him again, warmly and they said a short goodbye until they walked to school 30 minutes later. Roy's mom rolled her eyes and told him what a lucky little boy he was to have Kathy as his friend.

Kathy kept her window curtains closed together from then on and they never again talked through the windows as they had since they were 6. Roy understood that she was a girl and that girls normally didn't let boys see them naked, even if, like Kathy, they had no boobies yet. He left his curtains pulled back and from then on, never worried about being naked with his window open since Kathy had clothes-pinned her curtain.

On their 14th birthday, they decided that after their party, they would go to a movie. Roy said that he needed to take a bath after all the outside activities that he had participated in. Kathy agreed that it would probably be best if she did also.

Kathy heard a noise as she was preparing to take her shower and carefully peeped through the curtains. Roy had stripped to take his bath and was standing naked, looking for something in a drawer. Kathy immediately saw his dick and was fascinated. She couldn't help but stay at her window awaiting Roy's return.

When Roy came back into his bedroom, Kathy's eyes couldn't believe what she saw. Roy's dick was standing out at a 45 degree angle upward. He lay down on his bed and fondled his hard little tool for a few minutes. Finally, taking it with 3 fingers and his thumb, he began an up and down movement. After several minutes, Roy's face turned pink, then red as he increased the speed of his hand. In another minute or so, he raised his head and shoulders up off the bed, went completely stiff and shot a white substance out of his dick and about 2 feet into the air in diminishing spurts. He then lay back down and went limp with his hand still around his still stiff prick.

Kathy was light-headed as she stumbled back onto her bed, completely consumed with sexual desire and in awe of what she had just witnessed.

During the movie, they sat as they always did, with his arm around her and her holding his other hand. An actor in the movie felt a girl's boob and she seemed to like it. Shortly afterward, Kathy pulled Roy's hand under her shirt and up to one of her boobies, opened his fingers and put his hand on it. Roy jumped at the touch of her smooth, firm and very warm skin and Kathy quietly told him that they both were for him to enjoy in any way that he wanted. He began feeling her little 'A' cup mounds and kissed her deeply as he did. She reached down and found his rock-hard dick and felt it for the first time. She asked if it could be hers and Roy gasped "Yes" as he instantly unloaded again, this time into his pants.

"Uhhh, I gotta go to the rest room, NOW", he whispered, hoarsely.

When he got back, 10 minutes later, he offered the excuse that he had to do more than pee. Kathy understood, smiling to herself, having felt what happened as it had happened.

From then on, at least once a day Roy made sure to get in touch with Kathy's sweet little boobies, gradually working his way up to kissing and sucking them hungrily. Kathy responded by making him mess his pants up in return. She never actually touched him there, just through his pants. He soon developed the habit of wrapping a washcloth around his dick to prevent the problem from recurring.

She wouldn't let him even start to touch her below her navel. She said that she would wait until they were married to go any further sexually.

This procedure continued throughout high school and into their first year in college.

When they were 19 years old, one afternoon, after classes they were in the pool swimming. Later, as he was making love to her boobs, he pulled her close and felt something hard and round in her swim suit bottoms. He suddenly reached down and pulled out the front of her swim suit bottom and saw a perfectly proportional three inch circumcised penis in full erection.

She screamed "NO" and tried to get out of the pool. He reached out and held her in a firm grip demanding that she explain.

She was completely devastated and crying hysterically.

He insisted that she explain, and she blurted out that she loves him but knows that he cannot possibly love her now.

He demanded that she explain why she has such a beautiful body with perfect boobs and has been telling him that she was in love with him since they were 6 years old while she had "THAT" on her.

She told him that she has always loved him but knew that if he learned her secret that he would drop her like a hot coal.

Angrily, he demanded to hear why she looks and acts like a girl but, obviously, is not.

Kathy jerked her bathing suit down and showed him that she had a vagina under the penis and that she IS a girl but with a real penis. She then peed out of her penis for him and told him that they elected to not surgically alter her because it would prevent her from having sexual gratification if they did because she had no clitoris and that she was just a grossly fucked up piece of trash, and not worth anything.

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