Mama Knows Best

by harry lime

Copyright© 2016 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A mother who plays by her own rules.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Candy's mom was not what one would call a "knockout" but she did have a fairly attractive body and she was always dressed in the finest up to the minute fashion and practiced the most hygienic measures imaginable to mankind.

Now, her daughter Candy on the other hand was truly a "Hot!" number.

She was barely eighteen and had only been vaginally penetrated by two men. Both of them were middle-aged and close friends of her mother's leaving no doubt to their financial success or their health status. Candy flirted outrageously with lots of young men but she never followed through on her promises. She considered her friendly attitude to be more platonic than sensual despite the fact she often happily allowed the young boys to see her physical assets up close and personal and thoroughly enjoyed their pathetic slobbering afterwards.

Candy had not had an orgasm as yet through no fault of her own, but that was probably due to the fact that both men she had experienced were more interested in draining their inquisitive tools with speed and accuracy most probably cautiously concerned that the beneficial effects of the Viagra cocktail would wear off before they were fully consummated with full satisfaction.

She had no idea about such matters but enjoyed the sensation of having such accomplished males work diligently to sweep her to the heights of passion just like in the films she loved about women of adventure and romance giving up the secrets of their feminine core to their male mentors.

Her mother applauded her consistency in that effort to bring credit on the family name with her compliant attitude and used her daughter's fairness of face and superiority of profile to gain certain financial perks in her own right which she held in confidence even from her own daughter.

It was the assignation with the police constable that caused Candy to question her mother's motives because the big, ugly man was not really refined enough or wealthy enough to meet her parent's usual firm adherence to minimum qualification standards for poking rights to her daughter's pretty quim.

The man was quite obviously drunk with too much spirits and had a meanness about him that made Candy blush when he treated her soft and yielding behind with absolute rudeness. Under similar circumstances she would have appreciated the hard palms on her rear cheeks but this old fool was determined to humiliate her in front of others and she found that to be exceedingly distasteful even at her early age.

She and her mom had a bit of a "falling out" because of the unhappy set of circumstances but Candy was not one to hold a grudge and her mother expected she would forget all about it after a good night's sleep.

The young girl was not in the least bit spiteful but she became convinced that Gloria was more concerned with the monetary aspects of finding her suitable companions than in the likelihood of discovering a qualified spouse for her daughter. She had few female friends of her own age to consult with and most of the books in her library were lacking in things like romantic advice or descriptions of normal male to female relationships. There were a large number of photographic prints always scattered about with graphic portrayals of sexual positions, females sobbing at loss of all dignity and even the inevitable "over the knee" favorite of most of the men that visited her home from time to time.

Candy knew the photos helped the males to place their sometimes reluctant members into the proper mood for spirited coupling but they really didn't quite have that effect for her. In fact, she found most of them to be completely disgusting and lacking in the thing she valued the most. She was heavily dependent on the ability of the men she met to arouse her passion with "words". They could either be their own creations spoken from close quarters or those that they read from some book with an inspired tone of voice that stirred her privates.

Once she was conscious of the familiar wetness of her feminine folds, Candy merely allowed the men to manipulate her into a position of desirability and surrendered her secrets with little reluctance and indeed with an attitude of complete cooperation.

She noted that a number of the men often mentioned the word "Love" in their auditions of compatibility and she was tempted to have them explain the meaning to her because there were so many variations of definition that she was confused about its intent. Her mother said,

"I love you", quite often, it is true.

But Candy found it lacking in explanation for her matchmaking with men of carnal intent.

Then, the men so "up close and personal" inside her inner circle whispered,

"I love you" with bated breath and lusting eyes.

She heard them talking at the breakfast table explaining a suicide in hushed tones.

"She did it for love!"

It was so confusing that she began to wonder if the concept of love was a will of the wisp, a soft promise never to be experienced but yet discussed at length.

One fellow deep in his cups was persistent in his approach, constantly pestering her with his demands.

"I love you so much. I want to make love to you. Please give me your love and I will be eternally grateful."

Finally, she broke down and led him up the circular staircase to the horizontal paradise above and told him,

"You may make love to me and tell me "I love you" but please don't expect me to do the same because I fear I am a person incapable of "Love" for I comprehend it not."

The man was not completely understanding of her meaning but his long thick shaft was fair bursting at the seams of his expensive trousers and he scurried to the bedroom to show her his brand of "Love" was the very best.

He pulled down her unmentionables and she kicked them off her ankles. The man dangled her precious posterior at the end of his rod and entered her swiftly before the spell was broken.

Candy was disappointed because his cock was the same as all the others. She didn't get a sense of love at all but the gentleman was beginning to give her the "tingle" that she had come to value in her carnal pursuits. He certainly was well-endowed in manly functions and she appreciated the way he worried her flanks with his eager hands roaming and slapping her joyous flesh at every opportunity. She was quite certain none of this was the thing called "Love" but it was most certainly satisfying in that special spot between her legs.

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