A Wild Night

by Write or Wrong

Copyright© 2016 by Write or Wrong

Erotica Sex Story: Max, a lonely traveler, just wanted a beer. Instead he lucked into the night of his life when he hooks up with a beautiful local named Emma. Now the only question is how far the night will take them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

The bar has a typical Thursday evening crowd. It could be almost any downtown bar across the country and you would find a similar mix of suits, students and laborers all trying to get over the day's stress. I went in for a beer with no notion of what the night held in store.

I pushed my way past a boisterous group to the bar that ran the length of the room. After several attempts I managed to flag down the bartender and order a draft stout. With drink in hand I head to watch the pool games in progress. I feel lonely despite the crowd.

It's always this way when the job is done and I have one more night before I head home. No matter how much I travel I always miss it when I'm home, but I always feel lonely on the road. It seems hard to remember the last time a woman kissed my lips, wrapped her body around me and pulled me into her body ... thrusting, pumping, sweating, screaming as we...

"Hey, you okay?" A voice snaps me from my erotic daydream and I find myself looking at a very attractive woman in a short flower print sundress. "You know it's not healthy to drink alone. You are here alone aren't you?" Her outgoing demeanor adds to my arousal. I like a woman who knows what she wants. But there is something about her look - her sly smile, the laugh that has a hint of nervousness hidden beneath it.

"Do you play?" I ask, nodding to an empty pool table.

"Only in bars. And you?"

"Only with beautiful women."

"Well, tell me if you find one." She laughs grabbing a cue from the wall rack.

"I think I have." I say as I rack the balls. "Ladies first."

"Ah a gentleman. And does the gentleman have a name?"

"Max." I say reaching out to shake her hand. Deciding to play I bow over her hand and kiss it. When I look up she is laughing and I ask, "And may I have the honor of your name?"

"Emma. So are you always a goof?"

"Only with beautiful women." I say grabbing a cue for myself.

As she breaks I ask, "So what are you doing here alone?"

"What makes you think I'm alone?" Emma replies standing close to me.

Even though the bar is not crowded we find reasons to stand close to each other as we play, slyly touching under one pretext or another as we continue the meaningless small talk banter. Emma is shorter than me by a good four inches, making her at most 5'8". Our height discrepancy lets me smell the apple scent of the product in her flowing brown hair.

By the second game there is no hesitation when she brushes against me with her ripe breast - nipples standing proudly out - or smooth round ass as we move around the table. These teases lead to more obvious caresses by us both. The game ends in a close match with me winning again as I sink the eight ball in the corner pocket. The shot was made under duress as Emma was running a hand down my ass and back up the inside of my thigh so I ask, "Well, what does the winner get?"

"Who said you get anything?"

"I should at least get a kiss."

"A kiss?"

"Sure." I say moving close to trap her against the table. "One kiss."

"Okay." She said reaching around my neck with both arms. "One kiss." I lean in and kiss her softly at first but then with more pressure and finally with open mouth as she holds me to her. She tastes of the sweet fuzzy navels that she has been drinking.

When we come up for air I ask, "So, what now?"

"I guess I should check on my friends. I'm not sure why but I had been feeling like a third wheel." She points to a couple who looks like they are attached at the lips and hips in a dark corner booth. "Oh, well I guess some people are like that."

"Are you like that?"

"I could be, why what do you have in mind?" Emma said still holding on to me.

"My car is right down the street, we could go for a drive, and you could show me the sights." She slides a hand down between my legs and squeezes my hard bulge.

"Sounds like a plan." Emma whispers in my ear, letting her tongue glide across the lobe. She leaves me for a minute to grab her purse and tell her friends she is leaving. Then with my hand on the small of her back I guide her out of the bar into the warm night and down to the car - a rental Chrysler 200. Unlocking the door I touch her soft hair and steal a brief kiss pressing close to her before she slips in her seat. I close the passenger door and quickly move to the driver's side.

Starting the car I ask, "Where to?"

"How about somewhere quiet."

I pull the car from its space and follow her directions into the hills on the edge of town. The cool air from the open windows causes her hair to blow against her face giving her an innocent childlike look. The wind also lifts her thin sundress revealing her black thong panties nested between her creamy thighs. She runs her hand through her hair holding it back, but makes no move to pull down her skirt. I reach over and stroke her exposed skin, scratching it lightly with my fingernails. She sinks further in her seat and pulls down her panties exposing her smooth, shaved slit. Once they are off she pushes the moist black material in my hand whispering above the wind, "Can you feel how excited I am?"

In reply I take her hand and put it on my prominent bulge asking, "Can you feel how excited I am?"

"Can you take it out?" She asks stroking me through my pants. With her help, and a bit of maneuvering, we are able to open my pants and set my hard cock free. She squeezes it and rubs her hand along the long shaft. Slowly at first, then faster she pumps me. I look over and see her right hand rubbing over her flushed pussy lips as she starts to alternate from long strokes of my shaft and rubbing the bulbous head in quick circles.

"Are we nearly there?" I ask feeling myself less and less able to concentrate on the road.

"Yes, turn off here." She pants as she strokes her clit in quick circles while watching what she is doing to me. We pull onto a dirt road that leads to an overlook of the city. There is already a pickup and another hatchback parked in the turn off, but to judge from their steamed windows they will not complain about us squeezing in. We park behind the pickup truck on the side of the road with the passenger side facing the view of the town lights bellow us. Before I kill the headlights we get a flash of a woman's naked body bouncing inside the truck in front of us. "God that is hot." Emma says reaching up to caress her own breast. As soon as the engine is off we are kissing hard, view and people forgotten for now. My hands replace hers as I cup her warm flesh and pull on the nipple through her dress. Soon I move down to stroke up her legs to her wet center.

"Hold on." I say tired of awkwardly leaning over the console. I hop out and hurry around the car holding my Dockers up but leaving my cock to bob in time with my steps not thinking about the others around us.

Debbie smiles, thinking that she opened her eyes just in time to see the young man moving around his car with an impressive cock bouncing in the moonlight. Jack's equally impressive cock - filling her from bellow - was still throbbing inside her as the last spurts of his eruption flows back into his lap. Maybe, she thinks, if we are patient we will get a show from those two.

Emma opens her door and moves around to face me before pulling my hands off my pants pushing them and my briefs down and leaning over to take my cock into her mouth. Her tongue dances over me and she smiles up at me. "Tasty." is all she says before she swallows half of my rod into her throat. I am content to hold onto the door frame and let her control the speed of the blowjob because she swiftly proves herself as an expert, pumping her mouth and hand in a smooth rhythm that has me ready to blow in a few minutes.

"Shit I'm going to cum." I warn her but she stays glued to me and swallows my spunk down as I shoot into this vixen's willing mouth. Emma leans back smacking her lips and licking at the thin streams of cum that are running from the corners of her mouth.

"Thank God I felt like a drink this evening." I say kneeling down to kiss her. She tastes salty and sweet.

Braking away Emma said, "Thank God you looked so cute and lonely that I had to go and talk with you."

She moved to stand up, but I stopped her. "No, no. My turn."

"My you are a gentleman." She says leaning back across the seats. Moving lower between her white thighs I kiss my way up to her warm core. Emma leans across the console arching into me and moans as I dart my tongue into her. Working my way up I circle her clit and push a finger deep inside her. A few twists and turns and I am able to find her G spot, making her cry out. Her legs creep over my shoulders pressing against my ears. I keep licking smoothly and flicking my finger inside her and within a few minutes am rewarded with her legs tight around me as she starts thrashing. Even with her thighs muffling my ears I hear her cry, "Yes. Oh Max. Just like that. Don't stop. Yes. Yes! YES!" Emma reaches down and grabs my head to hold me in place forcing me to continue to lap smoothly as she thrusts through a hard climax, dripping over my fingers.

Slowly Emma comes back to herself as I pull out from between her legs. She sits up and caresses my moist cheek saying, "Fuck Max. I like a man who knows how to treat a woman right."

"Just here to serve Ma'am." I say before licking off my wet fingers.

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