The Proposition

by Chloe Weedon

Copyright© 2016 by Chloe Weedon

Erotica Sex Story: Sierra is a homeless young woman just trying to get by when she is confronted with a proposal. What will she do?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Double Penetration   Tit-Fucking   .

Sierra was dead on her feet as she moved from one table to the next clearing the leftover remains of the diners' meals. From the plates that didn't have snubbed out cigarettes on them, she found pieces of leftover steak and rolls and she crammed them into the big pockets of her black apron. She was so tired of being hungry and not knowing where her next meal was coming from. She was alone in the world and had no one to look out for her but herself. So she did not let her pride stand in the way of taking the food that was on the plates. Her job was to clean tables and take care of the dirty dishes. The night was just about over and she could leave soon, although she truly didn't have a place to go. How she wished that she could go to one of the rooms upstairs and fall into a bed. Only for her wishes never came true. Tonight would be no different than the others. She finished with the last table and worked her way back to the kitchen.

"Did you see her," Sean asked his friend as he watched Sierra move away.

"See who?" Tyler wanted to know as he turned to watch Sierra move through the swinging doors.

"What do you think? Think she might go for it?" Sean asked.

"Only one way to find out," Tyler said as he got up and headed for the double doors.

When he entered the kitchen, he found Sierra at an industrial sink scraping the scraps from plates and running them under water. When she looked up, she found Tyler standing there looking down at her. He noticed her auburn hair, which was pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were the clearest green. He couldn't recall ever seeing that color of eyes before. She was timid and she fidgeted under his stare. Who was this man and what did he want with her?

"Sir this place is for kitchen staff only. You shouldn't be back here," she stated as she gazed upwards at the man's expression. God, he was handsome and he was dressed well.

"It's ok, I'm part owner of this hotel so I come and go as I please. My friend and I noticed you while you were out there clearing the tables. How long have you worked here?" he asked as he reached out and touched her hair.

She pulled away from him and backed up against the sink looking at him dumbfounded. What gave him the right to touch her, she wondered? She fidgeted in front of him because she was speechless at the audacity of the man's actions.

She looked up at him, "Today is my first and last day since this is a temporary job. Management knew that it would be a busy night so they had the agency send me here to fill in since there was a need of extra help tonight," she said feeling a little humiliated.

"Where do you live?" may I ask.

"I don't see why that's important," she said as her face turned crimson.

"I'm willing to bet that you don't have a place to stay."

She gave him a pleading look, "I don't see where it's any of your business where I stay," she told him.

"Yes, you're correct. It is none of my business, but we noticed that you were putting scraps of food in your pockets while you were out there cleaning the tables. Why were you doing that?" he demanded with a grim voice.

"Is that a crime?"

"No, it isn't, but we were wondering if you would like to have a hot meal tonight and a place to stay?"

She gave him a suspicious look, "What do I have to do in order to get this hot meal and a place to stay tonight?"

"All you have to do is come party with me and my friend."

"And if I decided to come to this party, where do I go and how do I get there because I don't have a car?"

He broke out in a smile, "You don't have to go that far from where you are right now. Just come up to room 720. We'll be waiting for you," he said as he turned to leave.

Sierra stood there as she watched the man retreat. Stunned at what he had said to her. She thought for a minute. She asked herself could she do it. After finishing the last of the dishes she went out into the lobby. It was a nice hotel she decided. The man's words filtered back through her mind. She made her decision. Stepping over to the elevators she got in and pushed the button for the 7th floor. She was filled with anxiety and her stomach was in knots. When the elevator stopped, she got off and headed for room 720. When she reached it, she stood there for a couple of minutes debating on whether or not she was making the smart move. Feeling like she was selling her soul to the devil himself, she reached up and knocked on the door.

She was standing there with her backpack hanging on one shoulder when the door opened and a different man was standing there. He smiled brilliantly at her and opened the door for her to come in. She stepped into the room and took it all in. There was a California king size bed with a navy blue spread over it. She noticed that it had several pillows stacked on it. The walls were light blue with Berber carpet in a darker shade of blue on the floor. Over in the corner was a table with four chairs around it. On the wall over the bed was a large contemporary piece of art. The room was nice and she stared at the bed with longing in her eyes. The new man reached out and took her backpack from her and set it on the dresser.

"We don't even know your name," Sean said to her.

"Sierra," she answered.

"Well, my name is Sean and you have already met Tyler over there."

"I didn't know what his name was," she said as she glanced over at Tyler.

"Tyler man, what the fuck?" he threw his friend a heated looked. "How old are you Sierra?"

"I'm twenty three."

Sean gave Tyler a knowing look as if to confirm what he already knew about the young woman. Tyler stood and motioned Sierra over to the table and pulled out a chair for her to sit. He placed a menu in front of her and told her to pick anything she wanted to eat and they would have room service deliver it. Sierra picked the menu up and slowly glanced over it. Everything sounded so good her mouth watered. She looked at the burgers. There were several to choose from. She was so hungry that she really didn't care which burger she chose. She moved her finger down the line and stopped when she got to the number 6 which was a burger on a Kaiser roll with mustard, coleslaw and pickles. It also came with a side of fries and a large Coke. She wanted a brownie for dessert. When was the last time she had had a brownie? She remembered the last time and it made her a little sad. It was in her mom's kitchen, one afternoon after school. How things had changed for her since that day and not in a good way. Her mom's live in boyfriend had come home early that day. He was drunk and spoiling for a fight. Her mom had sent her to her room where she listened to the two of them fighting from the crack in her door. She was so scared for her mom. Things had quieted down and she jumped when she heard the sound of a gun going off. She could see it all so clearly now, her mother lying on the kitchen floor in a puddle of blood with the boyfriend leaning over her body when Sierra eased herself into the room. He looked up at her as he stood ready to move over to her. She screamed and ran out of the apartment. She could hear the sirens blaring as she pounded on her neighbor's door. The neighbor opened the door and pulled her into the room. Things moved so fast after that and before she knew it, she found herself being moved from foster home to foster home. A home that was a joke. She was nothing but a meal ticket to her foster parents. Until the day she threw some things into her backpack and she ran. She had been living on the streets ever since then.

Tyler broke her train of thought when he asked her what she wanted. She told him and observed as he dialed room service and placed the order. After he had ordered the food for her he looked at Sierra as she sat there. Eventually, Tyler spoke. She seemed to be studying the two men sizing them up like a prize fighter before a fight.

"After you eat, we can get this party started and Sierra anything goes," he said as he reached over and laid his hand on hers. She worried her lip. "Relax, you're among friends. I promise we won't do anything that you don't want to do. It'll be fun." She nodded her head and seem to visibly relax.

"It's going to be a few minutes before room service gets here," Sean told her. "Would you like to take a shower?"

"Yeah, that would be great," she said as she pushed herself up from the table. She picked up her backpack and headed for the bathroom. She turned the shower on and while it was running she dug around in her backpack searching for clean panties. After she found what she was looking for, she held them up for inspection. They were just plain white cotton panties, but she decided they would have to do. She moved around under the shower spray washing the grease from her hair using the hotel's shampoo and conditioner. After she had finished with her shower, she got out and decided to ditch the panties. They wanted a party, well she would give them one she thought as she wrapped a towel around herself. God, it felt good to be clean. Showers were a luxury that she didn't have often enough. She stepped out into the room.

"What gives? You guys are still dressed. I thought you said this was a party. Am I underdressed?" she teased as she moved to the table and sat down.

Tyler gave Sean a what the hell confused look at the unexpected turn of events. The two men looked surprised at the sudden twist of affairs, the sudden assertive and aggressive nature of their guest. Maybe this girl wasn't what they thought she would be. It seemed that she wanted to take charge of them. Fine Tyler decided that he would play along with her. Tyler looked at Sean, who just looked right back at him and shrugged. There was a knock at the door and Sean answered it. Room service delivered the meal that they had ordered for her. He set the food down in front of her and she delved into it. As she ate she would lick her fingers as if she didn't want to waste a bit of food. After she ate, she pushed the tray away from her and looked at the guys.

"I'm waiting," she said as she looked from one man to the other. "Are you gonna get undressed or not." Tyler and Sean could not get out of their clothes, fast enough and when they did Sierra moved her eyes over each of their magnificent bodies, each man was built and she could just picture the sight they made when they worked out. Her eyes glittered with heat as she ran her pink tongue around her lips. They didn't know it, but this was her fantasy come true and she was amazed by the boldness in her actions. She didn't know why she had been so anxious before because she definitely wanted this. The knots in her stomach were completely gone. She stood and dropped the towel and it pooled at her ankles as the men stared seemingly stupefied at her curves.

She caught the expressions of pure lust spread across their faces. She recognized that she would be the one in command. She glanced at the bed and then looked back at them. "Why don't we get more comfortable?" she asked them as she moved toward the bed. They followed watching her ass as they moved behind her.

She sat gently on the edge of the bed. "So, you guys want a party, huh?" she asked as she took both of their cocks in her hands and massaged them. Sean moaned softly and Tyler reached out his hand to touch her pussy finding her soaking wet. They kept their eyes riveted on her. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," she told them. It appeared she wanted to control the situation and both men seemed ok with it. She had them get on the bed while she followed.

"Tyler I want you to get at the head of the bed and you Sean are going to eat me out while I suck Tyler's cock. Do either of you have a problem with that?" In unison they both shook their head to let her know that they didn't have a problem at all. One of Sean's favorite things to do was to eat a woman out and Tyler would never say no to a blow job. They all got into position and started doing what she had asked. Sean was quick to get between the V of her legs and go to work. Sierra moaned her pleasure as he did this. Tyler was bent over by the side of her head as she sucked on him. She licked and kissed his cock enjoying the way it felt inside her mouth. Sean was putting pressure on her clit, causing her the most delicious sensations. He did this like he had a lot of experience to do so. She pushed down on his tongue wanting more of what he had to give. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would find herself in the situation she was now in and she decided she liked it. It was so provocative and she relished the situation.

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