Boy's Night
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Long time friends, Paul and Ben, seeking fun and excitement and manage to find what they are looking for and a little bit more. First chapter sets up the story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Coercion   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   First   Size  

"Now where are you taking me?" Paul had just missed his normal turn off. Paul was known for being a bad influence on Ben. Just ask Ben's wife.

"Titty bar!" Paul yelled out as if he had struck gold.

Ben let out a sigh. Paul just grinned bigger when he heard Ben mutter "What the fuck." Ben knew it would do no good to argue with his longtime friend, so he just sat back and listened to 'Free Bird' from the one remaining cassette that worked in Paul's 'classic' collection.

When they pulled into the parking lot, Paul gave his friend the reason for this special occasion. "They have a special attraction this week. I hear she's pretty hot. Got these big old titties. All natural."

Paul was right about the tits, plus she was actually a pretty gal. Blonde with big boobs on a small frame. Up close she showed some age. Ben probably would have been ok with staying if not for the other trash begging for dollars. Ben worked hard for his money. While he didn't mind handing over a few bucks to the cute blonde, he sure wasn't going to support those other excuses for dancers.

Ben was surprised how easy it was to get Paul to leave. Typically, Paul didn't leave until they threw him out, which wasn't always the end of the night. But of course, Ben was wrong to assume they were going home. Instead Paul headed further north to a nearby campground.

They made their way through the rows of RVs until they came to the far edge where they spotted an RV with Arkansas plates. The lights inside were on but there was no vehicle around. Ben guessed no one was there. "That's it."

"That's what?" Ben asked.

"That's where they're staying."

Ben was confused. "Who the hell you talking about?"

Paul continued. "Big Tits. And her manager. That's their RV."

Having been friends for years, Ben knew Paul would not lie. But he didn't see why they were there either. "So we drove over here just to see their RV? What the fuck, Paul."

Paul laughed as he made his way out of the park. But it seems he still had something going on as he headed in towards the lake. When they got to a secluded spot, he pulled over and shut off the engine. Ben sat there and waited for his friend to let him know what he had schemed up for the night.

"She'll just be finishing up her last set and so they should be here in 30 minutes or so."

Ben shook his head. "Oh man! What are you getting me into here?"

Paul, always the optimist, replied "It'll be fun. A quick poke and a squeeze and we'll be on our way."

"What about the guy?"

"We'll just grab him as he gets out of the vehicle. Throw him in the trunk or something." Ben sat there as Paul got out of the vehicle. He thought through all the reasons this was a bad idea.

The sound of Paul's hand slapping the hood caused Ben to jump slightly. Not one to let his friend down, Ben exited the car and he slowly followed.

There were a few people moving around and near the RVs. The dancer's RV was still quiet, as was its closest neighbor. Lights were on but curtains were drawn. The two settled near an old swing set and waited.

Paul pulled out a bag of nylon ties and a couple rolls of duct tape. He handed Ben a roll and a few ties. For the next ten minutes they both sat there in silence, waiting. Ben could feel his adrenaline start to kick in. His military training led him through different scenarios. Moments like this are why Ben and Paul were such close friends. Paul showed Ben what is what like to be a man as nature intended man to be.

When their truck pulled up, the two were arguing. Seems the manager was also the husband. Ben found it odd that a jealous husband would have a wife in this business and be her manager. He would be there each night watching her grind herself on guys for a few ones and fives.

She was definitely dressed more conservatively than last they saw her. She had on shorts and a blouse with minimal cleavage. Minimal for someone who makes her money flopping her tits around the stage. She was actually taller than her husband. Ben thought to himself how she could do so much better. He was a bit round in the belly and had one of those comb-overs going on.

They waited in the shadows until the RV was opened. It all went rather quick. Still arguing, they were taken completely by surprise. Ben had hubby on the floor and contained in a few seconds. Paul had the lady restrained with her arm behind her back. Both Paul and Ben looked up when they heard the voice of a young male from the other side of the RV, "Mom?!"

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