Vengeance Is Mine

by Lady_Sith

Copyright© 2017 by Lady_Sith

Horror Sex Story: Meredith summons help in her quest for revenge

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Horror   Oral Sex   Squirting   .


I knew when I felt the summoning spell, that caster had used human blood to make the spell stronger. The power he or she wielded was great. It felt nothing like being summoned by a novice. Usually the summoner was trying to bind me to them. This felt completely opposite. Someone was trying to bind his or herself to me. I would let this play out, but was prepared to fully unleash my power if something was wrong. I felt my body shift completely to my demon form and then answered the pull from my realm to Earth. When I arrived at the source of the spell, I was still invisible. The only light source in the room, were the five candles the young woman had burning at the points of her perfectly drawn pentagram. I looked at the summoner and noticed that she was smaller, but very voluptuous. She had already finished the summoning part of the spell; the rest was pretty much ceremonial, but needed nonetheless.

She knelt on the floor at the head of a pentagram, eyes closed, completely nude, and speaking to my mother, “Lilith, I ask for your blessing in my endeavors and I thank you in advance for your guidance and help. Let my actions be pleasing to you so that you will look favorably upon me.” She said. She turned and lit a folded piece of paper that had her blood on it. “I burn this in your name so you will know my desires and needs.” She spoke. I watched it burn down to nothing. As she finished the casting, she took the ashes, put them into a glass of water and drank it. Before she put the glass down, she said, “Let this purify my body for your use Lilith.” The second the glass touched the floor, I appeared. I had one knee on floor in the center of the pentagram. I could tell this little girl was a bit startled by my sudden appearance. I slowly stood up and extended to my full height of 6’4”.

I completely unfurled my black wings. They were large enough that they stretched from one side of the room to almost touching the other side. I felt my tail swing between my legs and around my left leg. My hands were moving up to my neck and then down my body. My right hand moved over my chest and down to my very large breasts. I softly pulled and pinched my nipple while my other hand moved to my very wet slit. I moaned softly as I pushed 2 fingers into my shaved pussy, pulling them back out, and brought it up to my mouth to suck on. I stared at the young girl who summoned me. I smiled an evil grin at her just so she could see my fangs. I wasn’t wearing anything. Clothing is something I did without. It felt un-natural and constricting, especially with my assets. 42F breasts were not something you kept bound up for long.

Breathing in deeply, I could smell the desire and lust coming off of her; I smelled something else as well but couldn’t determine what it was. I moved closer to her and knelt back down in front of her; my red tinted skin glistened in the candlelight. I narrowed my black eyes as I looked at her. I could see that she was surprised and unsure of what to say. As I looked at her, she started to fidget a bit. Her breasts were large and sat high on her chest. They sagged only a little bit due to the size. I could tell she was VERY turned on. Her nipples stuck out almost an inch from her chest and were about as big around as a human dime. Her long hair was tastefully done up in a ponytail to keep it out of her way. Her VERY hazel eyes were smaller, but fit her face. Her darker skin and hair told me that she was Greek or Italian by decent. I decided that regardless of what she wanted, she was going to be between my legs VERY soon.

I stared menacingly at her and asked, “Why have you called me here?” The little girl kneeling before me started to say something but stammered initially,

“Th-th-thank you daughter of Lilith, for coming to aid me in my time of need. I am Meredith. I ask your help with a problem I have.”

I looked at her skeptically for a minute. “I appreciate your sense of ceremony and respect for my mother ... Meredith. But ... you have 5 seconds to stop me from dragging you back to my realm and have my way with you for eternity.”

She snapped back to reality. It was like a switch was flipped in her brain. The fear and nervousness she had shown when I first appeared was gone. She stood up straight, took a step forward to the pentagram where I knelt, and with her foot, brushed an opening in it for me to exit. She took 2 steps back and stood straight with her hands folded in front of her. Bowing her head, she said to me, “I offer you my mind, body, and soul for others lives.” she responded.

Intrigued, I softened my glare and smiled. “You offer yourself in exchange for someone else? How truly noble of you.” I said sarcastically to her. She looked over at a small table close to her, grabbed a folded piece of paper, bowed her head respectfully, and with both hands, held it up to me. I opened the paper, looked at it, and noticed that there was nothing written on it other than, “I, Meredith Mackagen, freely give myself to you in service, Daughter of Lilith...”

As I looked at it, I felt the power pulsing from it. She had written this in cursed ash and signed it in blood. She had essentially pre-written a blood oath to me with no conditions and in exchange for nothing. Who was I to turn down a free soul, “If I agree to this, there is NO backing out. If you try, I will drag you, body and soul to my realm, and you will suffer greatly for eternity.” I told her.

She knelt down in front of me, knees together, and started to recite the passage from the spell that bound her to me, “I swear to you, daughter of Lilith, that this oath is binding and will not be broken by me.” I stepped back in surprise. She obviously knew what she was doing if she’s willing to give a blood oath to me without any negotiation. “If I break this oath to you, I swear to you, here and now, that I am wholly forfeit and yours to do with as you wish.” She paused in her recitation, reached behind her, grabbed an obsidian dagger, and cut her palm open. As I watched the blood pool in her hand, she restarted her oath. “By my blood being spilt and burned, I swear this to you, Lilith, and to you, her daughter, my Mistress.” After she completed the oath, she squeezed her hand into a fist and dropped her blood on the closest lit candle. I felt the oath start to move into place in the back of my mind. This was no ordinary oath; she was binding herself to me without hesitation or question. The power that this one commands is surprising for someone so young. In the past, I’ve made oaths’ with others that were much older, yet had MUCH less power than what Meredith possesses and wields.

I reached out with my mind and quickly probed her soul. I felt anger, ambition, lust, and at the center of it all was revenge and the desire to be strong and powerful. In the back of her mind I could feel sadness and deep depression from loss. I reached deeper and looked into her soul. There was an emptiness that was driving her. She was looking for something to fill that hole and satiate that need. I pulled out of her mind and looked at her.

I watched as she applied some sort of salve to her hand and wrap it in a towel to stop the blood flow. I grabbed her hand and held it firm in front of her. I looked down into her eyes and at the same time, I moved my index finger over the cut and healed it. I let go of her hand and moved away from her. She looked at where the cut used to be and nodded respectfully in thanks. She dropped to her knees and bowed her head. I took four steps away from her and sat in what was a very comfortable lounge chair. She turned and faced where I sat. I motioned for her to kneel in front of me. She moved to within 2 feet of me and dropped down on her knees, putting her hands flat on the floor again, bowing in subservience. “What is it that you want so badly that you would give yourself over to me without fore-thought? You wrote and signed a BLANK blood contract. Do you know what you’re doing? Maybe you’re someone who thinks they know what they’re doing but hasn’t realized that they’re in WAY over their head. Who taught you the spell to summon me?” I asked her.

She kept her head bowed in submission and replied, “Daughter of Lilith, before I answer you as to what I desire, I’ll tell you what you want to know. My mother, Allison, she was the one that taught me the summoning spell.”

I looked at her for a moment and then asked her, “What was your mother? Did she think herself a potent user of the dark arts?” I said with disdain.

The little girl looked up at me with anger in her eyes, and responded with, “She was an accomplished user of the dark arts and magic. She taught me all that I know. How many people my age would know to use human blood to increase the power of the calling? How many people my age would know to use a piece of cursed ash wood to write the oath and to sign it in my own blood? Respectfully, I say to you that she was more than accomplished, she was a master at the dark arts.” After that she bowed her head again.

I was impressed to say the least with her. I felt the power radiating off of her, no denying that. She had been taught, but the extent of her learning, I had no idea. I quickly stood up and moved to the other side of the bedroom ... She was still kneeling where I had left her. I waited and stared at her for a couple minutes. “I was taught that when you summon and swear yourself to a demon, you wait for permission to move.” Meredith said.

“Submit yourself before me.” Quickly she stood. Her pussy had been recently shaved and I could see the wetness glistening as some juices ran down her leg. She knelt down on both knees in front of me; her legs were spread, and her hands were flat on the floor in a submissive pose. I took her chin in my hand and lifted it up to look me in the eye.

I looked down at her and with a hint of cruelty in my voice. “You have no idea what you have done. I am one of the four original daughters of Lilith. Do you know what that means?” I asked her. I watched as she shook her head. “I am older than you can imagine and I’m more powerful than you will ever know. You swore yourself to me with blood and I will take ALL of your freewill. You are my slave to beat and whip endlessly if I wish it.” I let go of her chin so she could think about that.

Now looking down at the floor Meredith responded with “Daughter of Lilith, I have no one. Those I loved were taken from me with no warning. I’m so tired of what I endure daily. I have lost more than I ever thought I would from my life; it holds no meaning or joy for me anymore. I use this last bit of my free will, knowing that I will have purpose and desire again, even if it is in service.” I looked at her for a second. She didn’t move at all. She showed no fear, apprehension, or indecision now. She was ready to finish binding herself to me.

“Meredith, my slave, its time to complete your oath.”

She looked up at me and said, “Yes, daughter of Lilith, I’m ready.” I took a moment and looked at Meredith and let her hair down. The lust and anticipation was coming off her in massive waves. She was eager for this and wanted it more than life its self. “Do you know what this next part will entail?” I inquired of her. “I know that you’re required to say your part of the oath, but after that, I’m not really sure, I’ve never had cause to summon a succubus before.” I smiled and replied “You’ll like what comes next if you truly give yourself to me freely.”

She came alive with desire and nodded. I felt that she was ready so I recited my part. “Meredith Mackagen, I accept your oath with the spirit in which it is given.” I paused for a moment and looked at her. She was staring at me with reverence and respect, but I could feel the cold fire of desire rising in her. “You’ve sworn your mind, body, and soul to me, I accept your offering. You are bound to me through your oath to Lilith, and by the blood you have spilt. Rise and serve me.” She rose and walked closer and looked up at me. I raised my hand and motioned for her to kneel down. She was kneeling and was level with my sopping wet pussy. I looked down at her saying “Pleasure me, and you will finish binding yourself to me.” A split second later she leaned forward, extended her tongue, and proceeded to service my pussy.

I was pinching my nipples hard with one hand. I put my other hand behind her head and pulled it deeper into my wetness. In turn she moved her hands to my backside and grabbed my ass in both hands and squeezed. Her nails were digging into my skin. I could feel the lust coming off her like a typhoon. She stared to suck on my clit with such force that I moaned. I ran my fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked. She ran her tongue around my clit and then proceeded to lick down one labia and then back up the other one. I lifted one of my legs up and put it over her shoulder so that she could get to my cunt better.

When I did that, she actually covered my pussy with her mouth and proceeded to suck on it. “I see that you’re no amateur at this. Good, you will please me well.” I said to her through my moaning. I felt her smile as she licked. At the same time, I felt her left hand creep across my backside and down under me till it was close to my pussy. She pushed 2 fingers as far as she could into my cunt. After she got them soaked with my fluid, she pulled them out and moved her hand back up. I felt when her fingers touched my sphincter. She started moving her fingers in a circular pattern around my asshole as she continued to suck on my vaginal cavity with her mouth. I felt a finger slide into my ass up to the first knuckle. I threw my head back as a wave of pleasure came over me. After a minute, she slid the other finger in and proceeded to fuck my ass with her hand.

I was so turned on that I almost forgot why I was there. I stopped myself from sucking on her life force and just rode out the feeling. She had her fingers up to the second knuckle now and had stopped sucking on my pussy. Instead, she had used her other hand to push 2 fingers into my pussy and she started to rub my G spot. My hips were starting to shake from the coming orgasm. I looked down at her and said, “When I cum, you will drink it all, and you will be completely and eternally bound to me.”

She looked up and replied, “Yes Daughter of Lilith...”

She leaned back in and proceeded to suck on my clit again as hard as she could. When she stopped the sucking, she used the tip of her tongue to lightly flick it back and forth and then up and down. She did this for a couple minutes till she felt my orgasm closing in. I felt her fingers start to rub my G spot faster and faster. I also felt her other hand sink all the way into my ass.

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