Banging the Bosses Wife

by Marcus Allen

Copyright© 2015 by Marcus Allen

Sex Story: A semi-true story about something that happened after my best friend and her husband got married.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

A friend of a friend got married to a closer friend. She looked absolutely beautiful but by the cut of the dress I could tell that it was very unlikely she was wearing any kind of bra but it was still possible.

The friend was Jamie and the groom was named umm ... I don't actually know we always called him Boss because he used to look like former and late professional wrestler Ray Big Boss Man Taylor. Maybe the groom was named Ray maybe not. I truly had no idea. The wedding was beautiful and I was even able to dance with a couple of the groom's cousins. I had to drink to dance because otherwise I would not try dancing.

I went to house warming party about a week after their wedding and I brought them a plant and a framed picture of The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. I knew Boss would like that as he was a big fan of Notre Dame. We actually both were and we were actually there to watch a Notre Dame game. At the time the team was still undefeated.

The get together was supposed to start at 12 noon but I showed up a bit early. The game started at 2:30 and at the wedding Boss told me that most people would show up for the game and leave as soon as it was over. At the wedding he also told me he would party until the get together. I didn't believe him one bit cause the wedding was on a Sunday and the game was the following Saturday. I knew he liked to party but 6 days was a lot of partying.

Jamie grabbed my shirt and pulled me down stairs and then once we got down stairs in the family room she dragged me over to another door. She opened that door and then took me into the basement. I looked around the basement and could tell from some features that it was sound proof. She looked into my eyes and suddenly without either of us saying a word she took her shirt off. It appeared that she had just woken up and it seems she doesn't wear a bra to bed although her being a newlywed might be that she doesn't wear anything to bed and she threw that on when the doorbell rang. She grabbed my shirt and lifted it off as well. The only time my eyes were not visually locked to her boobs was when my shirt went over my head and blocked my view. As soon as my shirt joined the pile that her shirt was in I was staring at her boobs again. I was not sure what was going to happen next but I was pretty sure what was going to happen ultimately. Jamie continued to undress dropping her pants and oddly enough she did have on panties on under her pants. It appeared to be a thong but sometimes from the front it is hard to tell if a thong is a thong or not. I had been spending a lot of time at Boss's parent's house with him in the months prior to the wedding and Jamie would stop by on her lunch break from work. I never saw a thong or any type of panty peeking above her pants and it seem no matter how much a man, woman or child tries their underwear at some point peeks above their pants but that just didn't seem to be the case with Jamie. She turned slowly around seemingly modeling her thong and God that butt was a thing of beauty. I wanted to grab it but she continued turning until she was facing me again.

She went to work on my belt and undid that and pulled my pants down and with it came my boxers. She dove for my cock and threw her hands back and took it balls deep right into her mouth. I was not fully hard but I would be there soon enough. I loved having my dick in her mouth and every second or third stroke down she'd snake out her tick and the tip of her tongue would tickle my ball sack and God did that feel good. I just remained there until my knees started getting weak at which point I had to sit down. She didn't miss a beat as I took the few steps back to the couch she remained locked on to my now fully erect cock. She was by far the best cocksucker ever.

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