My Wife's Hidden Fantasy

by J. Darmok

Copyright© 2017 by J. Darmok

Erotica Sex Story: A husband pushes his wife to tell him her wildest sexual fantasy. What he finds is a side of his wife he never knew; her desire to be taken by a large man with a large cock!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Voyeurism   Size   .

My wife and I are in our early thirties. I’m pretty average, 5’ 8”, not bad looking, but no hunk. My wife, Anna, is pretty hot, 5’ 1”, 115 pounds, a killer ass and great legs. They look awesome in high heels, even though she doesn’t like to wear them. I’ll keep this story short and to the point, it’s about my wife’s long hidden fantasy and what it led us to. We met in our late teens and had always had really hot sex ... roll playing, dirty talk ... the whole bit, but still pretty normal stuff. After we hit thirty, the sex was still hot, but less frequent and maybe a little boring. We would often talk of how to spice it up. Now I love to look at porno, especially on the net. I really like to watch small girls taking big cocks and LOVING it and often fantasized about my wife fucking a hot, ripped guy with a thick 9 inch dick, so I suggested that we look at some porn on the net one night before our love making. To my surprise she agreed and thought it was a good idea.

I spent the next few nights book-marking some good sites that featured two-somes and three-somes with petit girls and good looking muscular guys with big dicks. When Saturday came along I had a hard-on almost all day. We got comfortable by the computer and I showed her what I found for viewing pleasure. During the first few movie clips I noticed she became really aroused, gasping a few times. I told her to feel free to comment on what ever she felt and to masturbate if she wanted. She said that she always thought that porno guys where not hot, but that these guys were the hottest she’d ever seen. She did not mention their cocks yet, but she started masturbating. Her nipples looked like they would pop off her chest. I felt her pussy and she was drenched!. To my shock she had an orgasm in about ten minutes, and when she recovered she demanded that I fuck her hard! The sex was incredible ... I noticed that she kept telling me to fuck her with my big cock (I’ll tell you now that I am just shy of 6 inches long and average thickness and never considered myself big). I kept thinking she was fantasizing about the guys and their big cocks fucking her. This routine went on for a few months, each session just as hot.

As time went on I started to ask her about her fantasies and what she liked about the porno we were watching. She avoided the fantasy stuff at first but told me that she liked that the guys where all ripped, good looking, and hung and that the girls were all hot too. She surprised me again and told me that she liked the way the girls would talk about the guys cock, and say that they were being stretched, or that it was so deep ... especially if the girls sounded breathless when she said it. This was actually after a hot fuck session and her talk got me painfully stiff again. She was still drenched so we started to fuck again, but this time I told her to imagine that she was fucking the hottest, biggest guy she saw. As we fucked I described the scene in vivid detail. after about 15 minutes she exploded in an awesome orgasm.

After we calmed down and were having a drink, I told here that I never saw her have such a hard orgasm before. She told me she hasn’t had orgasms that hard since she was 15 and started to masturbate. I could not let that one go and asked for details, but she clamed up. I decided to wait until the next session during foreplay to ask again. I waited until she was aroused and looking at some hot sex on the screen to ask her why her orgasms were so great when she was 15. I hit on something when I asked if it had to do with a fantasy of hers ... she gave me a big embarrassed smile. I convinced here that we should tell each other our fantasies, that it could make the sex even hotter. Right there, while she was masturbating, her pussy drenched, and her nipples hard she told me the following story: she said that she had discovered masturbating at about 14 years old, she knew it was about sex but used it mainly to relax and fall asleep. About a year later while snooping up in her mother’s room (she had a single mom) she found a small chest with a lock on it. It wasn’t a very good lock and was easily pried open. She could not believe what she found ... a stack of books and magazines about sex, some where foreign. All of them had a similar theme, all the girls were petite and pretty and the guys were all muscular, either rugged or handsome, and had big, thick dicks. At first she though there is no way she would be able to have sex with men like that, she wondered how the girls in the pictures could. But she noticed that now when she masturbated, she thought about those pictures and had really intense orgasms. Whenever her mother was out for a while she would dive into the chest. There were books with erotic stories that told the details of what a women felt when entered by a large man, not a horse cock but one of 8 or 9 inches and thick ... how at first it hurt, then it felt wonderful ... the stretched and stuffed feeling, and of course how the men could fuck for hours.

At this point in the story she had an intense orgasm, and immediately after we fucked like mad. The whole time I painted pictures for her of sexy “big” men fucking her brains out. After a few sessions like this I asked her if this was her biggest sexual fantasy and she finally admitted that it was. But now she pressed me for an answer as to what was my fantasy. I told her that I had the usual fantasy of two women together with me and each other, but admitted that my biggest fantasy was to see her with a hung guy who was muscular and that really turned her on, and to see her in ecstasy as he fucker her.

At first she didn’t say anything, but then she asked if I really meant that, and I told her I did. She began to feel bad thinking that she some how mad me feel inadequate. She reassured me that sex with me was very satisfying and that she would usually have an orgasm. But I got her to admit that when she was watching and thinking about her fantasy that she had really intense orgasms. I convinced her that this turned me on tremendously!

After I convinced her that this turned us both on, we started to talk about whether a regular woman (non- porno women) could actually take 8 or 9 inches. We did some research on the internet and found that most women’s vaginas are about 3 to 5 inches deep un-aroused. We also found that most could be stretched to 9 inches when aroused, even smaller women! I told her that we could buy a dildo and try it. I went to the local Adult Video shop and bought an 8 inch, thick dildo with lots of veins. The next time we had a session, we did our normal thing? watching hung guys fucking petite women, and then we fucked. She is always very tight when we start to fuck, but feels opened up after a few minutes. It was at this point we tried the dildo. As I eased it into her I described a scene for involving some muscular stud she was just watching on the computer and how he was taking her. Not only did she LOVE it, I got the whole dildo in, almost up to the end. She could not believe it either. This became our new “sexual routine”. We would watch big dick porn, she would masturbate, we would fuck, then I would use the dildo on her. Sometimes she would use the dildo herself?.if was really hot!

This routine went on for some time; all the while I paint different erotic scenes involving her being taken by muscular hung men. I would always tell her that I would love to watch her with these men’that I though it was hot that I would open her up with my cock, then she could fuck the stud with wild abandon. Finally one night she asked if I was serious about watching her with another man, or was it just a fantasy. Up till that point I wasn’t really sure myself. I told her that the thought really turned me on and that as long as she loved me and that the sex she would have was just lustful sex I think I would enjoy it. I asked her if she really wanted to try it. She told me that at first she just considered it a fantasy, but admitted that lately she was thinking about it a lot, and even sometimes masturbating in the shower while thinking about it. She was almost apologizing, thinking that I would feel bad or inadequate. On the other hand she was happy that I got her to revive the fantasy she used to masturbate to when she was a teen. She said that in the past few months that she had been having the most intense orgasms that she ever had. With that I decided to spring an idea on her. I told her that there were these swinger clubs where like minded people got together in a club or a house setting to mingle with other couples and singles with the intension of swapping or having threesomes, or even for finding men for wives to have sex with. She still was not sure.

We started to look at some swinger sites on the net and searched for swinger clubs and events. We were both surprised that there was a club on a nearby city that was all about swinging. The good thing was it was designed to be a normal club, no live sex or orgies just a club setting that got people together. I think my wife liked the idea that we could go there and just see what it was like and leave if we wanted to. We decided to go the following Saturday night. All week I could tell she was nervous but excited. We fucked 3 times that week and talked about what might happen Saturday.

Saturday finally arrived. She asked me how she should dress, I told her to dress sexy but not slutty. We were both nervous (and aroused) until we got there and had a drink. There were all kinds of people there, not all attractive, but there were defiantly some girls that caught my eye and some guys that caught hers. Our problem was we didn’t know how to approach anyone, that is until another couple asked if they could sit with us. We all made small talk until the drinks began to flow and then Julie (the other couple) finally broke the ice and asked what we were looking for. My wife clammed up and turned red and Julie said “don’t be embarrassed, everyone here is looking to explore their fantasies”. With that I figured I better speak up or it would be a quick night?I told them that we both had this fantasy about Anna having sex with another man who was well built and hung. My wife put her head in her hands, but Julie made her feel better and said “honey, don’t be shy, half the women in this room are looking for that. In fact that’s how Ron and I got into the life style. It took a while to find the right guy, but I think I can save you all of the head ache. We found a real hot one that’s hung, ripped, and fuck for hours?he’s gorgeous! That got Anna’s attention and Julie asked if she was interested. Anna didn’t know what to say, I think it was all to fast for her but Julie made it alright. She said “if you’re not sure, how about you watch him in action. Anna said “how would we do that”? Julie went on to describe another club that went to that was closed to the public and was members only. In this club couples (and certain singles ... meaning hot ones) could mingle and get “together” if they wanted. There were private and semi private rooms. Julie and Ron offered to bring us as their guests, and she would find out when Paul (the stud) would be there. She said that she would fuck Paul and we could all watch. Julie and Ron then described that they love to watch each other having sex and also loved being watched by others. She also reassured us that we did not have to participate and this seemed to put my wife at ease. Julie and Ron would email us when they had arranged the date with Paul.

That night we had another hot session fantasizing about Paul taking Anna after I had got her “ready”. It was about 3 days until we got an email from Julie and Ron; they gave us the date and time to meet at the club if we still wanted to, I responded that we would meet them at 9pm in the parking lot a week from Friday.

The week went very slow, but we had a lot of sex! Finally we were in the parking lot of the club and right on time Julie and Ron showed up. Anna was very nervous but I could tell she was excited, her cheeks were all flushed. After we went in, Julie went up to the bar to a man standing there having a drink, and introduced us to Paul. He was just shy of 6 feet talk, handsome, and even though he was dressed very nicely in loose fitting close, you could tell he was in good shape. Julie and Ron introduced my wife and I and said that we were just here to feel out the “scene”. Paul look at Anna with the eyes of someone who liked what he saw, and my wife was sucking up. I see her nipples were slightly hard. Later she told me that she kept thinking “I could fuck him if I wanted to”. At this point I wasn’t sure what Julie had told Paul, so we all just talked casual for about 20 minutes all the while with Julie rubbing up to Paul. Finally Paul said “I reserved us a private room upstairs for 10 O’clock, why don’t we go on up and continue the conversation”. On the way up Paul talked to Anna and I asking us what we were into, I was ready to speak but Anna spoke first saying that we were new to this and wanted to explore?hmmm.

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