Ski Tahoe Nude

by LiteroCat

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Erotica Sex Story: It started as a prank on a 'shy' gf by her bf and 2 friends. After conflicts, she gave in to the trip and kept pretending to be shy - briefly. The 2 couples expose to each other and end up swapping partners twice. They expose themselves to strangers, dare to ski naked and learn about an adult only lounge for more exploits.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Wife Watching   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The prank wasn't working out so well. Not now, not in the last hundred fifty fraking, bitchy miles! She made it so hard for us to hold our tongues. I didn't know if I could wait until we arrived to tell her November 14th is NOT really Nude day, not National Nude day anyway.

Sue has a complicated past that took me years to understand and finally see the truth. Despite her good intentions and generous nature, she has huge barriers defending her core self. As a child, she learned to 'fix' problems by running from them and lying to everyone. She learned that things were easier if she told people what they wanted or expected to hear. So with equal sincerity, she would tell opposite 'truths'.

When actions speak louder and more reliably than words, you must follow them regardless of what she says. Of course, she HATES that. And she hates that I figured it all out. There must be some peace in being incognito that I don't understand. She feels trapped and frustrated by her own actions and sordid past. Fifty miles into the trip, we let it slip that this was National Nude day, it isn't, and we were all expected to participate, PUBLICLY, though we were just hoping for a private show.

"How and WHY the hell did you talk ME into this knowing how modest I am? So why would you think I'd want to go for a National Nude day romp? If that's not bad enough, you invited my friends to come. Fat chance I'll be part of THAT!" I squeezed the wheel tighter, clenched my jaw and didn't answer. No one did. Somehow, I resisted the temptation to drive over the edge and stayed on the narrow mountain road while Sue's intense anger flooded our black coupe. Little did she know that this trip, this adventure, wasn't even my idea.

Rae had brought up a ski trip last winter, but all she could get from Sue was "Maybe next year." Though Rae occasionally brought it up in the months since then, she decided to approach me separately about it.

Sue believed that I wanted her to be very modest and shy, so she pretended to be that. I eventually figured out she was a closet exhibitionist (see Out of the Closet) and she felt she could expose herself if it wasn't her doing or fault. Rae and Sue frequently got blitzed on booze and other mind benders. Both could then drop their guard, behave badly and blame the booze.

Sue elevated that to a perfected art form. She'd then conveniently forget most of what she did while under the influence, or so she said. It was this amnesia that let me pull convincing pranks on both of them. Rae and I began telling her that she already agreed to the ski trip months ago in a 'play date'. When she finally bought that, SHE insisted we go during the summer.

She began believing that a summer ski trip was HER attempt at a prank. Haaaaa! We let her think she pulled one over on us and planned our trip to include National Nude day. We conspired and decided not to tell her about the Nude Day resort Rae chose, at least until she agreed to the trip. Rae thought it would be hilarious payback for some of the pranks Sue pulled on her. I wasn't so sure.

We all agreed to let Rae schedule the trip and make all arrangements. Rae didn't want to wait nearly a year for her ruse, so she suggested, solely to me, that she ALSO plan a weekend trip as soon as we could and keep the July trip a secret surprise. Rae let us know what she found before committing and even pointed out that we'd be away on Bastille Day. That was my Francophile contribution to the subterfuge since Sue didn't know of the overlap with the real Nude Day.

She called Sue directly and told her the bad news that the resort was booked for the summer. After a long conversation, she convinced Sue to go for a winter trip instead. I was the one who suggested we tell her late into the trip that November 14th was National Nude day.

Rae said the only cabin choice was a single room chalet. I never learned if that were true, but I would have made the same choice. So after two months of teasing and anticipation, we four were on our way. The trip was fun and we all sang with the radio and teased each other about listening to or even watching each other have sex in the one big room, leaving that uncertainty in play ... Until we passed the little town of Beare Hamlet at the foot of the mountain.

The town had renamed itself after Billy Beare, born locally, when he won the gold for skiing. A big banner and strings of lights arced over the town's entry portal, somewhat like Reno's gaudy entries. Len managed to distract Sue from reading the early announcement that proclaimed the town was the county center for National Nude Day festivities on 7/14. When she asked what the sign said, we all stammered like we didn't want to tell her. She INSISTED we tell her. Len hesitantly told her what it said, except for the date. At her suspicious insistence, he told her it was November 14th. The trap was sprung!

Sue abruptly turned and sat rigidly, angrily staring out the front window, her chest heaving, her fists clenched and blanching menacingly. I felt the steam build in her gut and then escape thru her ears and mouth! She shouted, "IS THIS WHY YOU AGREED TO A SKI TRIP NOW INSTEAD OF IN THE SUMMER? ARE YOU SCREWING WITH ME?" I said nothing and took the brunt of her outburst away from our friends. So here we were, driving up the mountain in strained silence on a Friday start to a LONG weekend, fighting the urges to shout back or even laugh at the prank.

Rae was Sue's friend from work and I met her thru Sue. She was hot and flirty and a serious tease. Len was her current squeeze and a player. He met her when he was her neighbor who would often be lurking at her fence when she was catching some rays, topless. He let that slip when he was high and bragging about how great Rae's tits were. Sue and I had to agree though no one admitted that we had ALL seen her big, beautiful boobs.

He stopped abruptly, just short of comparing her jugs with Sue's tiny tits, barely. He half-slipped that he saw Sue's tits when she was topless with Rae. The car went deadly silent. Sue had never told me and I wasn't supposed to know that escapist lie of omission.

After a little prodding, by me, he admitted, and Rae confirmed, that she started sunning totally nude FOR him. Rae laughed that the first time she convinced Sue to go nude too, the wind blew away the sheet she'd hung to 'protect' her from Len. Len was there, probably peeking around the sheet anyway, and saw her fully exposed, vulnerable body. Rae said Sue ran screaming into the house when she saw Len drooling over her. Of course, that wasn't HER fault!

I could picture her spreading her legs, opening her treasures, for him before being forced to admit that she knew he was watching closely. She certainly spread them to get up and 'accidentally' expose her damp, swollen pussy to him. She surely had to open her arms when pushing herself up so her tits were clearly exposed to him and finally she had no way to cover her beautiful bare ass from the bright sunlit while running away. It wasn't HER fault he got to enjoy seeing every bit of her naked. She surely loved the exposure and attention! Again, I wasn't supposed to know. Odd man out once more. Secrets! This was one of those we didn't, couldn't, talk about since it would embarrass my 'shy' girlfriend.

When we left for our trip, we supposedly had never been intimate or naked together. That was our shared pretense. Yet, we HAD watched porn together and watched Len grope Rae under her shirt. Sue wouldn't allow any public groping, even just with the two of them, not over and certainly not under her shirt or even over her painted-on jean's ass.

Being a flirty prude who was very liberal in bed were some of the contradictions she left me to figure out. She wouldn't discuss them since I 'should know without telling me'. Despite her 'modesty', we four were comfortable sharing a room and I expected the girls would both spend the night in minimal and casual sleep wear. I looked forward to some 'accidental' exposure. I'm sure Len expected some too.

When we arrived at the ski lodge/chalet, Sue, still fuming, refused to leave the car or fold her seat though she was blocking her friend in. Rae and Len had to awkwardly leave by my door. "Let her cool off there. She'll come in when she's ready." This was a poor omen for the weekend.

Just as we got the last of the bags inside, Sue stormed in a huff. She looked around at the single room and glared at me. It was much bigger than expected, about 30x30' with an open kitchenette. Two queen beds were on opposite walls. One side wall had two big windows. The mountain top had just received a surprise dump of heavy snow due to an inversion or something. It wasn't going to last long due to the unusually warm weather expected, but for now, eight feet of snow blocked the windows with only a one foot gap to the snow mound.

The opposite wall had an open closet between the kitchenette area and the DOORLESS bathroom. Well, it wasn't quite doorless since it had the accordion plastic doors common to mobile homes and RVs. Minimal privacy there. The 80-degree room threatened to melt us and the snow around the chalet. Several minutes later, Sue sat roughly on a bed and angrily said she just knew without a doubt that the ONE room was my idea. I was about to let her off the hook, but Rae cut me off. She reminded Sue that SHE made the reservations and accepted the single, shared room.

Sue finally accepted that and relaxed some. Her humor returned. There was zero privacy in the room so we were nervous and titillated at once with the possibilities. We chose beds and laid out our bags on the floor along the window wall. After surveying the sparse room, I opened a window and touched the nearby snow wall. Though it was fifteen degrees outside, the snow wall created a dead zone of still air that felt like a balmy fifty. But doesn't SNOW have to be 32 degrees just to avoid becoming water? "I guess this is all right. As long as we ignore this Nude day crap." said Sue.

The girls went into the bathroom together to change for the slopes, still embarrassed to even partially strip in front of the boys. That's a bit odd since Len had fucked BOTH girls. See, I wasn't supposed to know about his screwing Sue either. I didn't know if Rae knew about that, so it was a strained secret.

When she confessed her lapse, Sue claimed she didn't seduce or strip for him, but, while we were on 'a break', she allowed him to fuck her when she was drunk. Rae had made herself scarce so he fondled her under her shirt then yanked it over her head and sucked her tits. That seems like encouraging to me. After heavy drinking and wet kissing a long while, he guided her to her bed and laid her down.

Her inculpability was rooted in her 'resistance'. She sedately watched him unbutton her pants and asked "shouldn't we wait a bit?" Then she let him strip her and even lifted her ass for him to pull her pants and panties off. He kicked the door closed, not noticing that it bounced back, as he licked his way down her belly. She evaded questions about how much anal contact they had, if any. I asked only since she always claimed she didn't like any anal fingering or fucking. More lies?

That all happened at Rae's place after a late Halloween party. Sue lived there for a few months during our 'break'. Her door was still open and his girlfriend, Rae, would have seen them if she went by so I had to assume he didn't care. Did Rae? Sue confessed that she offered only token resistance, before letting him pull off her clothes. That would account for her feeling awkward changing in front of him now, maybe. She was very complicated!

Her confession came shortly before she asked to get back together. She was surprised at her feelings of guilt and told me everything.

Rae had her own secrets. I'd seen her partially naked many times, but she'd slowly cover up and pretend it never happened. She wasn't shy and often laid out topless or nude in her yard even with her door unlocked when expecting visitors. In a huffy mood one time, she bent far over while in a grey cutoff shirt and no bra. Her big, beautiful tits fell out the bottom while she shifted stuff and were exposed a very long while to me and Sue. Sue gaped at her tits, then me then, bracing with a deep breath, seemed about to shout a warning to Rae, but sat back, relaxed and smiled at me as we stared at the big tits swinging nakedly just four feet from us.

Yet, the best view for me was when I saw her standing before a mirror right after a shower, brushing her hair - completely naked. I froze in her bedroom doorway and she pretended to ignore me gawking at her phenomenal body. She actually looks better, curvier, naked than in any clothes. I often fantasized with that beautiful image, but never acted on it. I expected, hoped, that would change very soon.

So there I was, in a room of opportunity, once again feeling odd man out. Len suddenly bellowed, "Hey Sue, did you get that big smiley face off your ass yet? Come on out, drop your pants and I'll check it for you. Do you remember daring me to draw it on your bare ass last night? I put the chin under your cheeks and made your puckered asshole the tiny, shocked mouth." Wouldn't Rae be first to see and check my Sue's ass and blow his bluff?

This was a little beyond typical of the pranks we pulled on each other. We'd slept at their house last night and gotten a little high. As I said, Sue tends to get very loose and forget what she does while high, so she's a great target for these pranks. She laughed it off, certain her ass was safe.

It was, but no one would confirm that for her. When Rae left the bathroom, we all snuck to the accordion door and peeked past the gaps at both ends. Sue had her pants down and was pulling her panty across each cheek as she checked for the painted face in the mirror. She smiled at her bare, immaculate ass and we snuck away. Damned Len got another peek at her.

I don't ski. Sue wanted to try it and calmed her nerves enough to try that first day. She's also an adrenalin junky. Len and Rae had tried several times but were still novices. Len changed next to his bed, slowly, really taking his time so the girls could catch him and his stubby boner in his underwear. They were in ski clothes and laughed teasingly at Len in his excited briefs. I didn't need to change since I wasn't going skiing.

We went out immediately to the slopes. I took photos and hung out in the café. Sue whispered "Did he really draw on my ass last night?" Rae pulled her away from me before I could answer. While they seemed to enjoy the snow, they returned in two hours, much sooner than planned. The rental boots didn't fit well and the hard poly case rubbed and squeezed their toes. They were all sore and cut the ski day short.

We had a late lunch/dinner at the café and all took some snacks back to the chalet. The room was still too hot, the thermostat was immutable at 82 and I had left the windows open as the only way to chill it at all. I noticed the opened luggage by the open windows was soaked with melted snow, for better or worse. All our clothes were dripping wet, so all we had were our sweaty day clothes. Despite the main resort walkway passing our front door, I propped open the door to vent the heat.

Len took off his ski suit, leaving him in just his jocky underwear. The girls peeled off the suit tops and slacks, leaving them in light shirts and panties! Sue blushed. They all removed shoes and socks, propped their aching feet on one bed and we watched some TV.

In exchange for staring at nascent camel toes, I felt compelled to strip off my slacks so my tented briefs would fit in with the liberal dress code! When one of them moaned in pain, the others often matched the sweet agony. Their toes were red and some were blistered.

Since they bought too many snacks and we had no freezer, I suggested we store the excess ice cream cups and cones in the snow bank. It was surely much colder than the room and below freezing, so we expected the dessert to stay near frozen and last the night. I even covered the tops to further insulate the frappes.

Rae's toes were the worst with heavy blisters and swelling. I suggested she soak them in cold water then elevate them. When her feet were soaking in a small tub, I scrutinized them seriously and said that a cold whirlpool jet would help speed recovery. She agreed. In a sudden inspiration, as if it JUST came to me then, I suggested she put her feet in the toilet and flush a few times. She saw thru the gag and laughed at me. I kept a serious face and shrugged.

Though she only wore clothes to bed in the coldest winter nights, Sue had brought a long, oversized, football night shirt to sleep in, but, since it was soaked, she'd have to match Rae in sleeping nude, at least that first night. Since we couldn't drop the heat below 80, we'd only use a thin sheet, at most, to cover our nakedness. She bitched, but was secretly thrilled that she could get away with flaunting her body without responsibility when she'd later kick off the hot sheet, accidentally of course.

Rae was more cavalier and already intended to stay nude under a sheet. Yet at bedtime, both girls asked us to keep the lights off until they were covered in bed. We grudgingly agreed though we each wanted to see both women gloriously naked. I wanted to force the issue and expose Sue's dalliance with Len and flash her sexy body.

The snow reflected moonlight into the room so even with the lights off, we could see to get around the room. Our 'shy' women asked if we could see them. Since THEY could see each other, they only wanted deniability, so we gave it to them, and lied.

Sue sat on our bed and somehow watched Rae and Len begin to strip in the 'dark'. We could not see them clearly, but they were not black shadows either. We were all covertly aware of the show we would each soon perform for the others.

Len's shadowy woody bounced stiffly when he dropped his shorts, paraded across the room and pretended he was safe. Rae and Sue giggled at the clear outline of his footloose dick. I 'stumbled' in the dim light to the luggage and, still in the subdued window moonlight, quickly pulled off my underwear and thrust my semi stiff pecker into the dark room. I heard more giggles, got stiffer and slapped my bare dick against Rae's warm shoulder as I turned.

Rae confidently dropped her panties then her shirt. Sue shot up as if challenged by the naked seeking couple. She moved closer to me, but faced her friends. It got steamier when she yanked her top over her head and confirmed she was braless as usual. Her tiny tits still rebounded and I caressed one while her arms were still tangled in her shirt. She lurched away a little. When I twisted a nipple, she groaned angrily that they might see. "But love, if they CAN see, it's too late to be modest. If they CAN'T see, we can do everything right here in the dark, open room and you're still safe. So which is it?"

If I pushed her too soon, the kicks were over. I hoped she would choose to keep deluding herself ... I had plans... "We don't want to spoil Rae's fun, do we?" Apparently she agreed and, knowing that we could see her, but not admitting she knew, she hesitantly pulled off her panties too. For a moment, she stood chin up, akimbo, soaking in our admiration. The fuzzy outline of her untrimmed bush was obvious even in the low light and our horny imaginations quieted the room. I whispered, "Now, hon, go stick your tits out the window and feel the cold air. I want to feel and taste your tall, thick, dense nipples."

Rae and Len moved in for a better view of my totally naked girlfriend as she closed her eyes and thrust her chest outside into the cool air and bright moon light. Her absolutely perfect, hard nipples quickly rebounded stiffly and even I drooled. She came back in and whispered, "If they can't see, I can get away with this too!" When she wrapped her hand around my stiff cock in a single move, I knew what she meant. She began stroking it in the silent room and said, "Rae, IF you haven't undressed yet, I think it's time." though she knew Rae was already naked.

"Umm, right, I already started. I'm down to my bra and panties, so don't peek." Hah! She lied. We all watched her undulate her big D cups. She loved to say "you've seen one, you've seen them all." So why was she hiding the girls from us? Her stiffening nipples were deliciously visible to us. By the time she'd started stripping, our eyes had acclimated completely to the low light. When she'd bent to drop her panties, her tits clearly swayed and we all saw that her hairy, shaped runway obviously needed some trimming.

"Are those goose bumps around her nipples?" I whispered to Sue mostly because I wanted her to KNOW we all could see each other. "I want to bite those big tits." Sue squeezed my dick extra hard. "Ooops, did I say that aloud?" Of course I did, and loud enough for her to hear.

Starting to feel frisky, Rae moved between the bed and the window and confirmed she'd taken all off in the 'dark' before parading around the dim room on any excuse. Sue joined her in the middle of the room. She rubbed her mound, pulled her nipples and stood still in the bright moonlight. Both naked in the 'dark', they twirled and spun and danced in a joyful circle flaunting their raw nakedness before three OTHER people a foot or so away.

"Doesn't this feel really naughty? We're naked with no clothes nearby. If the boys turn on the lights, well HERE we are!" More giggles.

Two dicks, lurching, said in one voice, "We wouldn't do that. Right?" We much preferred watching four bouncy tits and two great asses jiggle. I was still pissed that Len had fucked Sue covertly. If I played it right, I'd be fucking Rae shortly though he may get his dick in Sue again. I hated her deceitful lies even more than her catching or eating his sperm!

After a few minutes, the girls' painful feet put an end to the dancing. Rae took one of Sue's tits in hand and before she could complain, assuming she would, Rae sucked Sue's tall, hard nipple. All four of us moaned. Rae dropped to her knees and licked Sue's snatch. Time for serious fun.

Sue pulled Rae to her feet and pushed her tongue into her mouth while she pinched her nipple. After a moment, she put Rae's big tit into her mouth and bit it. Rae moaned, our dicks twitched. Sue stroked Rae's pussy and we could see her finger disappear inside. Rae bit her other tit in excitement and revenge and pushed two fingers into Sue's twat.

We watched Sue lovingly retaliate and shove two fingers into Rae's pussy. After a minute of squishing, noisy pussies, the room filled with the scent of aroused women. We saw them move the four soaked fingers between their mouths and French kiss over the saturated fingers. Juicy fingers chaotically moved from mouth to mouth.

God, I wanted to suck those fingers and pussies. My iron rod pushed me to dare more. "Ladies, cover your eyes." Before they could react, I turned on the room lights. Len's stubby dick was as hard as mine. We defiantly, obscenely aimed and jerked them at the girls who were still kissing between us. They screeched and grinned and tried to cover tits and pussies. But not too desperately. The ice was well broken. Len grabbed Rae's wrists and pulled them to her sides to give me and Sue an unobstructed view of her beautiful body. He moved his dick to the outside of her thigh for Sue to savor.

Meanwhile, Sue still cupped her pussy and managed to cover one nipple with her arm. We laughed at the futile effort. I understood it was my turn to display my girl to this other couple. Sue fought me briefly, all for show, then let me pull her arms to her sides to completely expose her to our friends - by MY choice, not hers.

Rae tried to look around her leg for my hard cock. Sue reached back, squeezed my balls then pulled my long, hard dick out for Rae to enjoy. I pulled her head back a little and kissed her, tasting both women's luscious nectar. "Mmm, I can taste two distinct pussies on her tongue. I know Sue's delicious pussy juice, but I taste what can only be Rae's pussy mixed in. Len, you should taste them in Rae's mouth."

I knew he'd already tasted them separately. While twisting Sue's nipple with one hand, the other brushed her pubes up to expose her swelling clit to our friends. I pushed her legs apart and she moaned in my mouth. Len copied me with Rae. Her thick clit was already standing tall outside her hood.

We moved closer together until we could all touch. I reached across and tentatively pinched Rae's nipple for our first contact, Len pinched Sue's. He boldly swished his hand down her belly and cupped her snatch. I matched the move on Rae. Her thick, swollen lips were so much hotter than her thighs, they felt feverish. When I gently squeezed her clit, she convulsed and her knees weakened. Len held her up, but I caught some of her weight on the three fingers that I had slipped into her soft, wet pussy.

Sue vibrated against me, shuddering from her own orgasm. I saw Len pull her clit hood open then slip two fingers inside her drenched twat. We were each finger fucking the other's girl. I'm sure I never held my girl up so someone else could finger her and cause her orgasm. It was surprisingly exhilarating.

Sue then began slowly jerking my yearning, stiff dick. She pulled it around her thigh and passed it off to Rae. The change in how the new hand gripped me made my eyes cross. When I looked down, I saw Sue take Len's short, thick dick in hand and begin stroking it too. What a sultry picture we must have made!

I wanted my tongue in both beautiful pussies and I'd bet everything that Len did too. He was such a hound though, I think he'd rather just shove his dick in them without the foreplay.

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