Double Trouble

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Erotica Sex Story: The only thing more tempting than one teenage girl is twin teenage girls. How much temptation can one man resist? How great a reward can those twin girls give him when he stops resisting?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Small Breasts   .

I’m a lucky guy in a lot of ways. It’s nice that after ten years of marriage my Filipina wife still is in love with me. That’s surprising, especially since I’m a lot older than her. I’m seventy, and she is in her thirties. My body stopped cooperating, and I can’t get it up any more. For the first nine years, we fucked like bunnies, so my brain still imagines sexual stuff, but my body just doesn’t follow instructions from my brain.

My wife owns a beauty salon in Manila. She just hired a new stylist, and the woman’s twin daughters come to the salon after school and wait for their mom to get done with her work. The girls are cute and smart, and they are just at the age where they are turning from girls into women. I have to admit I have a weakness for girls that age.

Karen is the more outgoing twin, usually is the spokeswoman for the pair, and the one who seems to be in charge of their team. Sharon is more shy and quiet. The girls’ mother has been divorced for a number of years, and the girls don’t even remember their dad. He was an American, so the girls have fairer skin than most Filipinos and a slightly less Asian face with definitely Caucasian eyes. To show proper respect, their mom has the twins call me Uncle George.

My wife likes for me to hang out at her salon because there is a certain status to being married to a white guy, and she likes to show me off. She still thinks I’m gwapo (Handsome in Tagalog) and I tell her she needs new glasses. Still, I’m flattered she thinks so, and I try to spend some afternoons at the salon, then take her to dinner.

One afternoon the salon was crowded and I was sitting on one of the couches in the waiting area. The twins came in to wait for their mom and the only available place to sit was on the couch. They sat down with Sharon next to me and Karen beside her. The couch was crowded so I didn’t think much of it when Sharon kind of smushed herself against my side.

I once read that if a kid sits close to you that you shouldn’t try to move away because they will think there is something wrong with them. I really didn’t have anywhere to move, since I was on the end of the couch, so I just stayed put. I kind of enjoyed having a teenage girl leaning into me like that, and my over-active imagination sputtered to life. Mostly low level stuff, wondering if she was imagining what it was like to sit next to her dad. I have to admit I did slip into my pervy universe and wonder if such a cute girl might have any sexual feelings from being so close to an old man.

At quitting time, the girls left with their mom, and I didn’t think about it again. Well, that’s not exactly true. After my wife left for work in the morning I did think about what it would be like to have two hot teenage girls in bed with me, but even masturbation doesn’t work anymore, so my mind quickly abandoned that line of thinking before it could turn into chafed skin and depression.

The next time I was at the salon the whole “sitting on the couch” scene was repeated. This time it seemed less coincidental, and Sharon seemed softer and cuddlier than a teenage girl sitting next to a stranger. After an hour Sharon yawned and put her head on my shoulder. My pervy imagination went into overdrive, and I thought I felt a firm, budding breast pressed against my arm.

Over the next year the scene was repeated many times, always with Sharon sitting next to me. One day Karen complained to her mom that she was feeling too sick to sit and wait in the salon. Their mom asked me to take the twins home. I agreed, and was carrying Karen’s book bag when we left the salon. The girls grabbed an arm each and had me between them. They walked me away from the transport terminal and into the lobby of the “discreet” hotel.

Karen looked into my eyes and said, “Sharon wants you to get a room.”

I didn’t say anything, I just got a deluxe room with a King bed. The old woman at the desk looked at me and frowned as she handed me the room key. The girls steered me to the elevator and we rode up to the floor with them pressing tightly against me. We walked to the room and I unlocked the door. We went inside and Sharon locked the door and fastened the safety chain.

Karen said, “Sharon REALLY likes you Uncle George. She wants you to teach her how to kiss. If she likes that, she wants you to teach her to do other stuff. I have never done anything either, so I want to watch. It’s OK with Sharon, if it’s OK with you.”

Sharon smiled shyly up at me, and I bent down to kiss her. Our lips touched, and something exploded in my brain. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. Sharon looked up at me with that admiring glow every man wants to see on a girl’s face when he kisses her.

Sharon whispered, “Something happened when you kissed me. I feel different, and I want to do everything with you a boy and girl can do together. I feel like I’m burning up inside. I want you to kiss me forever.”

I started to tell Sharon that I was broken and couldn’t do everything she wanted, when Karen said, “Sharon, can I try? I feel all wet between my legs just from watching you kiss him.”

“Oh I suppose. I swear, I thought you said you didn’t want some old man pawing you, so I would finally have someone all to myself. Get your skanky ass over here and kiss him, then shut up and let him teach me how to do the other stuff,” Sharon said.

Karen was sitting on a chair across the room. She got up and walked over to us. Sharon reluctantly let go and Karen plastered herself against my front. She kissed me like she knew what the hell she was doing. It was a very sexual kiss, but I didn’t get the fireworks I did with Sharon.

Karen said, “For some inexplicable reason Uncle George likes you way better than me. He’s a good kisser, but I guess something about your prissy little innocent ass gets his pervert motor running. I’ll just watch, since I never do well being second choice.”

Sharon said, “Thanks twin.” Then we were kissing again. It was the same as the first time, fireworks and earthquakes and volcanoes. She started taking off her clothes. I gasped involuntarily when I saw her lovely teenage breasts sticking straight out from her chest like perfect twin volcano cones. Before I knew it my hands were cupping her tits and I was rolling her pointy brown nipples gently between my thumb and finger.

Sharon gasped and asked, “Does everything feel this good?”

She was looking up at me with that look between sexual hunger and worshipful awe every man wants to see on a woman’s face when he touches her. I grinned at her and said, “Baby girl, that’s only the beginning. The other things we can do feel so much better, there aren’t words to describe it.”

Sharon took off her school uniform skirt and wiggled out of her white cotton panties. I felt like I was in the presence of a goddess as this lovely teenage girl stood there naked, asking me to teach her to make love.

Sharon pulled back the duvet and spread herself wide on the snowy sheets. “I want you. Come make love to me,” Sharon said.

Suddenly Karen was taking my clothes off. She was naked too. Both of the twins had small breasts. I was guessing somewhere between AA and A Cup. Karen’s tits were perhaps a millimeter bigger, but to teenage girls, that’s huge. Sharon snapped, “Get your skanky ass and big tits back on that chair. You get to watch, but not touch. If I have to tell you again, I’ll toss you out in the hall naked.”

Karen went back to the chair. I filed that information away. Apparently when Sharon was pissed, she was not to be messed with. I took the rest of my clothes off. And got on the bed. My dick was soft and small. Sharon said, “Are you feeling shy with me?”

I answered, “I was trying to tell you that I’ve been broken for a few months now, and I don’t get hard anymore. There’s still lots we can do together and it’s going to feel really good. I probably won’t be able to have intercourse with you, so if that’s a deal breaker for you, at least you’ll know I was honest with you.”

Sharon looked disappointed, but she said, “Show me what else we can do. Maybe when you get me all excited, and hot, and wet; and you see how much I want your dick inside me, your cock will change its mind. I guess I was expecting the ‘impressive steel hard organ’ they write about in romance novels.”

“Starting around fifty men can have trouble getting hard. Different health problems and the medicine you have to take for them can make it even more difficult to have a steel hard organ. I want you to know that it’s all stuff wrong with me, and nothing in the world wrong with you. You are goddess status when it comes to being sexy,” I said.

We went back to kissing, and when I had her mind off my uncooperative penis and just feeling the good feelings, I started kissing her neck. Sharon gasped and whispered, “Oh I like that!”

I kissed down to her pert breasts and covered her firm cones with kisses. I began kissing, licking and sucking on her pointy brown nipples, and that got me pleasure moans. I felt more excited than I had in years, but my cock stayed soft.

I kissed down Sharon’s flat tummy to her hairless vulva and I began covering her mound with kisses. Sharon purred, “You didn’t lie. Everything you do to me keeps feeling better and better.”

She spread her legs wide, and I slipped in between her silky smooth thighs. I find girls this age arousing because their thighs were slim and smooth. I gently parted her pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I began tracing her slit with my tongue, then gently spread her labia with my fingers and licking the inside of her labia. I slipped a finger in between her sex lips and gently rubbed her so that my finger got wet and slippery from her juices. I grazed her clit and she moaned. I worked the tip of my finger into her tiny hole and slowly moved my finger into her up to the first joint, then pulled it back.

Sharon groaned, “Is that what fucking feels like?”

“It’s a poor imitation, but better than anything you’ve felt before,” I told her.

I began licking and sucking on her dark pink clit. I was aroused by its size. Sharon’s clit was as

big as her little finger to the first joint. It made licking her and sucking her very satisfying because her pleasure button was erect and wonderfully responsive. There was no ambiguity about her response. I was grinning like the village idiot when I brought Sharon to orgasm the first time. I kept her cumming and I kept moving my finger a little deeper into her each time, so that before long I was finger fucking her while I was eating her pussy.

Sharon made the cutest little sounds when she came. They were sort of like kitten whimpers.

Was it my imagination? I thought I could feel my cock start to stir.

I turned my hand over so it was palm up and I began curling my finger to press her g-spot. I kept licking her clit, and before long I was rewarded by giving Sharon the hardest orgasm she’d ever had. I was pretty sure the twins did stuff with each other, but I knew I had brought Sharon to a level of paradise she hadn’t visited before. After I’d helped her cum a few times Sharon pulled me up so we could kiss. I was shocked to see my dick was almost half hard. It wasn’t a romance novel worthy, impressive, steel hard organ, and was too soft to penetrate a tight virgin pussy, but it was so much better than anything I’d had for the past months that I was ecstatic.

As we kissed, Sharon moaned, “I need you inside me NOW!”

I was just about to offer a second finger inside her pussy when Karen got on the bed. “I don’t know if this will work, but it’s worth a try,” She said.

Karen put me on my back and had Sharon kneel so her pussy was over my mouth. I kept licking her clit and making her cum. Karen started licking my cock and wonder of wonders, it got hard enough to be useful. Karen helped her twin to straddle my dick and guided the head inside her sister’s hole. Sharon pushed her hips down, and her tiny cunt slowly swallowed my cock. Suddenly I was completely inside her. Sharon had a rapturous look on her face as she rode me.

After a few good orgasms, Sharon moaned, “Put me on my back and fuck me!”

Her pussy was incredibly tight but so wet I slipped in and out of her easily. Her heat and tightness were keeping my dick hard. I helped Sharon onto her back and knelt between her wide spread thighs. I eased my cock back into her cunt and began to fuck her slowly and gently.

I brought Sharon to a gentle, sweet orgasm. Karen moved up and started sucking on one of her twin’s nipples. Karen said, “I hope you don’t mind. I popped her cherry with the handle of her hairbrush. You got to skip the crying and cursing.”

Sharon said, “Do it faster and a little harder now.”

I was happy to comply. It was a very unusual first time for Sharon. It took me so long to get hard that she was red hot by the time I sank into her. It took me a long time to cum, so that she had multiple orgasms before I finally spewed hot cream deep inside her. When we were cuddling after our mutual orgasms, Karen said, “I think we were both ovulating today. Would you be upset if Sharon got pregnant?”

“I guess it’s too late to worry about it now. I suppose you girls should take a shower and head home,” I said.

Karen smirked and said, “Don’t worry, mom isn’t going to be at home worrying about us.”

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door. Karen wrapped a towel around her and checked the peep hole before unfastening the chain, unlocking and opening the door. The girl’s mother came into the room, turned and relocked the door. Bess shed her clothes quickly and got in bed with her daughters and me.

Bess was taller than her daughters and that emphasized how slim she was. She was very young looking and didn’t wear makeup. Her tits looked like they were about 32B and they were so firm, they begged to be cupped and squeezed just like Sharon and Karen’s did.

“How was it?” Bess asked Sharon.

“Dreamier than in books,” Sharon replied.

Karen said, “It looked sweet, like in books, but then there were some things like porn videos, but nicer. He likes girls, so he doesn’t do nasty things or try to hurt a girl. Scaredy-cat Sharon loved it, and she’ll want to do it a bunch more.”

Bess looked at me and said, “I need you to take care of my other daughter so she doesn’t get jealous and do something stupid.”

“Karen said they were ovulating. I should go get condoms,” I said.

Bess chuckled and said, “No, it will be good for them to get knocked up and be pregnant together. Besides, it will be a lot more fun for Karen to take you bareback the first time you fuck her.”

Since I had their mom’s permission I started making out with Karen. It still didn’t have the emotional depth I felt with Sharon, but I was hardly in a position where I could tell their mom, “No.”

Karen was eager and wanted to be in charge. I let her fuck me until she had cum a few times and taken the edge off for her. I whispered, “Sometimes it is fun for a girl to let the guy do things for her. Just relax and let me give you the next orgasm and see how you like the way that feels.”

I sucked on Karen’s clit until she came. Her clit was fatter than Sharon’s but not as long. I think Karen had a little bit of performer in her, and she was noisier than Sharon. I wasn’t sure she really came harder, but from her whimpers and moans, it seemed like she did.

I did pretty much the same stuff I did with Sharon. When Karen begged me to fuck her, I felt Bess start sucking my cock. She was talented with her tongue, and pretty quickly Karen was on her back and I was pounding her little pussy with a surprisingly hard dick. We fucked hard and fast from the start. When Karen had a really big orgasm, her pussy started milking my rod and I blasted a big wad of cum against her open cervix.

We collapsed on the bed, and Karen seemed more cuddly now, and less of a bossy bitch who wanted to be in charge all the time. We took another nap with Sharon on one side of me and Karen on the other. The sexiness of having their mom, Bess, naked and in bed with her just fucked twin daughters got me thinking pervy thoughts as I went to sleep.

I awoke to the sensation of getting my cock sucked. This time Sharon was licking my dick. Karen was eating her mom’s pussy, and as soon as Bess came, I was sticking my dick into her swampy quim. I didn’t even pretend to be gentle with the twin’s mom. I pounded her from the start.

Bess said, “That’s it, pound me good and fuck my brains out. It’s been so long for me, I forgot just how good it feels to get fucked.”

Karen was sucking one of her mom’s nipples, while Sharon was sucking the other.

“I see what you were trying to tell me about lying back and enjoying. Fucking is a team sport, and I don’t have to act like I’m playing singles all the time when you want to help me feel the best a girl can possibly feel,” Karen said.

Bess’ pussy was getting sore when she started whispering, “You never knew you were a stud, did you? You gave two teenagers their first orgasms from a cock in their pussies, and made them cum until they felt like they were going crazy. Then you fucked their mom until her cunt is sore and she’s afraid she can’t take any more. My pussy is all swollen from you fucking the crap out of me. Now I need you to be the big stud you are and fill up my cunt with as much cum as you dumped in my daughters, because I’m ovulating too, and I want to be knocked up at the same time, and by the same stud that impregnated my two little girls.”

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