My Youth-hootchgirl

by Hellraser

Copyright© 2017 by Hellraser

True Sex Story: Some painful parts left out of My Youth. It took a lot of soul searching to write this part of my life and losing a family I'd grown to love.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Military   Incest   Mother   Group Sex   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

This is an true story of events that took place some 45 years ago. I’ve only written this because I wanted to be able to keep the memories fresh as I get older and because my “friends and lovers” have either moved on with their lives or passed away, but since the intent of this opus isn’t just pure sex, some realistic ‘fill’ was necessary. I apologize that this is rather short, but it was very painful to write. © Hellraser 2014

This particular part of my life was glossed over in the Caroline part of the series, primarily because some of it was classified. It took some careful questions to be able to write what I can.

Time – late 1960’s, place – South Vietnam

Leaving the other members of my group anonymous the story begins as we camped outside a quaint little village. The people of the village were simple rice farmers and as was normal as a medic, I treated various cuts, bruises and broken bones as best I could with the supplies I had. One family consisting of a 14 year old girl, her widowed 26 yr old mother and grandmother, CÁ [never asked her age and had no way of guessing ... she was just OLD] lived in a neat but rundown hut. The girl, I will call Sunny [Ánh sáng m?t tr?i – name is too long] and her mother, Flower [Hoa]. Grandma was just Grandma or CÁ. Sunny and Flower worked the communal fields by day and scraped together what passed for a meal after dark. Flower flirted with me from the first time she saw me, giggling and running away to gossip with the other village women. An American GI were both an oddity and a prize. My two cohorts stayed vigilant but outside the village not wanting to become familiar.

Once I was accepted as a ‘good GI’, [The North has told people we roasted and ate babies] the people of the village seemed to welcome me into their midst and Sunny and Flower made it known that I was welcome in their hut whenever I was in their vicinity [we did a lot of moving around]. Flower made it known she would be happy to share their small hut with me and take care of my laundry or anything else I desired. I had no problem discerning her total meaning once she an her family got a little used to me. I was happy to share the few American dollars I had to supplement their food supply or whatever else they needed. THEY thought MRE’s were evil ... a thought shared by most GI’s.

We settled first on the laundry – I would pay them for everything they did for me. Fair was fair and it only added to the hard life they already endured. I made it known to them I WASN’T a guest ... I would pay my way. This seemed like a foreign concept – if they invite, then I’m a guest. At first, I had a pallet of my own but soon Flower seemed to creep into my bedroll. I was a little uncomfortable with it at first because every time she did, Sunny watched us like a hawk and I think Grandma was getting an eyeful too. This seemed like a very welcome part of being a house guest. I later learned Flower’s husband had been ‘recruited’ by the north Vietnamese as a soldier, conscripted on pain of them killing his family. That was earlier in the conflict long before I arrived on the scene. He, along with the other conscripts were given up for dead. That meant Flower had been without a husband and Sunny without a father for some time.

Something I noticed, CÁ appeared to be ‘coaching’ Sunny on the intricacies of pleasing a man as they watched Flower’s seemingly inexhaustible sex drive- oral, vaginal, anal ... didn’t matter. She used one or all every time she crawled in my rack and who the hell was I to complain.

It took only a week or two as I remember, [its been about 45 years since this happened], before not only was Flower in my bed at night but Sunny was curled up beside me. When Flower rode me or vice-versa, she encouraged Sunny to clean me off, thereby introducing her to blow jobs. Before long, Sunny was getting me hard for her mother to impale herself or pull me on top of her. Things really seemed to be picking up – a teenager fluffing me and her mom fucking my brains out while Grandma watched and chuckled at her progeny’s antics. I could never see across the hut to CÁ’s pallet in the dark but I always wondered if the old girl wasn’t pleasuring herself while observing. The ‘coaching’ with Sunny went on day by day, like she was being groomed.

Flower got a visit from her monthly and she encouraged Sunny to take up the slack. It seemed the younger female occupants of this hut felt like they hadn’t done their job if my nuts didn’t stay drained, but hell, you think I was complaining? Sunny was not my first virgin but given the circumstances, possibly the strangest. Her becoming a ‘woman’ in the eyes of the village raised her status and especially since it was with their ‘GI’. Contrary to the bar girls and street whores you ran across in the cities, there were no moaning and crying like you were splitting them in half with your ‘American’ dick. I learned, like a lot of GI’s this was all for show. Hell, you probably needed a 2x4 strapped to your ass to keep from falling in some of those pussies. However, this was way out in the bush and Sunny’s new status made her the envy of the village girls.

Out on one of our patrols I had a chance to contemplate what my situation was in the village – I appeared to have inherited a family of three generations on the face of things, but Flower was pushing Sunny to the front. Oh, she demanded her share of bedtime gymnastics but made Sunny the main attraction. After her initial deflowering Sunny was an avid pupil for anything her mother or I could come up with. Through a lot of gesturing I indicated some mother-daughter togetherness and that was a shock to both. It was not a commonly shared concept in their society. Females did men, females did not do females and it took a lot of sad looks from me to get them to finally try it. You would think I just introduced them to the 20th century, fire and electricity. What a concept these devious Americans had ... bisexuality. For once, Grandma has nothing to say, no advice, just sat slack jawed and watched her daughter and grand daughter enjoy each other. I later learned this was a major source of gossip among the other women/girls of the village. If they were trying it themselves, it was a closely guarded secret. God help them if the men learned they were not the center of the universe.

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