Zoann and Berkeley

by Pierre et al

Copyright© 2015 by Pierre et al

Erotica Sex Story: Berkeley's profoundly erotic relationship with Zoann--and a few of their polyamorous friends--is featured here.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   .

Zoann was 5'8" with a sweet looking, round face, baby-fine blond hair, beautiful teeth, and a head that was rather small for her stunning body. Her long legs were strong. She had big calves and thick, strong, yet soft looking thighs. Her stomach was fleshy without being fat, and her chest too was fleshy, and also robust. Her breasts were broad but not large and they stuck straight out. But they were also soft and they jiggled when she moved. Berkeley was looking at her as she stood in his living room. Jodi and Maryam had brought her over to meet him. Maryam stood there in her jeans and t-shirt. Jodi was wearing her svelte dark blue wool suit.

Berkeley's two friends talked him into undressing in front of the three of them.

"So Zoann can see what you're really like," Jodi said, snickering playfully. Zoann looked Berkeley's naked body up and down. Her smile was broad and engaging and her eyes were shining. She was wearing a short black leather double-breasted sport coat, black lycra tights, and black slippers. She removed her jacket, looking Berkeley straight in the eyes, and she was bare-chested underneath it. When she smiled her upper lip nearly touched the bottom of her nose. Her hips looked as sleek as a seal and flexed as she shifted her weight. Still looking directly at Berkeley, she kicked off her shoes and stripped off her tights. Her breasts jiggled. Berkeley gasped at the sexy swank of her hips. Pinkish blond hair covered the base of her stomach.

Zoann visited Berkeley frequently by herself. She would be standing in the doorway smirking, a cigarette dangling from her lips. She contrasted the adorable, youthful appearance of her face--her long eyelashes over the big brown eyes, the soft, peachy complexion, and the big, curving lips--with a tendency to swagger around in a way she described as "Bogarting." She loved to walk around naked in Berkeley's apartment and would stay naked when Felix and Romy were around. She would lay around languidly. She would drink whiskey quietly and smoke cigarettes, like a cat on the sofa, while the company laughed and joked and smoked marijuana. But when one of the others looked at her, they almost always caught her brightly taking everyone in. There was a light in her eyes almost all the time. When Felix and Jodi were at Berkeley's and it was just the four of them--or sometimes when Maryam was there too, making five--Zoann would suggest that Felix and Jodi have sex in front of them. And they would. And Zoann would watch intently but contentedly from the sofa. Sometimes, while Felix and Jodi lost themselves in their acts, Zoann would get down on all fours on the floor for a better look, holding a cigarette between two fingers and blowing smoke out her mouth. "Felix is really good for rump humping because he's always so rigid," Zoann remarked with an enthusiastic emphasis on the last word.

When the company left, Berkeley could see she was quite drunk. She would become suddenly sullen and drag Berkeley into the bedroom. He would already be excited by the movement of her flesh as they marched through the apartment. For all her drinking and smoking, her flesh looked particularly healthy and glowing. She was certainly well built, with good proportions, legs that were long and strong, and a robust torso. She would toss herself backward onto the bed and pull Berkeley on top of her. He would kiss her between the legs, but she would insist, "Come inside me," and tug at him until he crouched over her, put her legs over his shoulders, wet his penis with saliva, and slid it inside her. The soft, wet walls of her vagina gripped the entire surface of his penis as he moved it gently back and forth within her. Zoann wouldn't kiss or hug him but would lie back, her arms outspread and whimper as her body jarred from Berkeley's motions. After he came, she would insist immediately on having intercourse again, and then again and again until, finally, she would fall asleep while Berkeley was still sliding his penis around inside her. When she fell asleep, her soft vagina would clamp down even more tightly on Berkeley's penis, making his final orgasm one that was drawn even more intensely from his shaking, exhausted faculties.

She fell "crashingly in love," as she put it, with Berkeley. She was a complainer, but she liked Berkeley because he was clearly happy to be with her. She had an apartment half a mile away, but she moved in with Berkeley. She didn't bring her possessions, but she lived in Berkeley's apartment.

Deborah was an austere looking person. Her face was dark and framed narrowly by dark brown hair pulled back in a bun. Her face in repose exhibited a stern if not dour countenance. She was about five feet six inches tall and slim and muscular. Her head was rather large for her body and that seemed to add to the impression of severity in her countenance. She let her hair down. It cascaded over her shoulders in rich looking, brown waves. She undid her shirt dress and deftly stepped out of it. She was naked. Her slender body was all hard muscle. She was long waisted and her legs were short but strong and shapely. Berkeley's mouth fell open as he watched. Her big head surrounded in dark hair and her long torso with its crimped end made her look savage. She walked back and forth in front of the window for several minutes. Then she poured herself a glass of whiskey from a bottle on a table, lit a cigarette, and stood in front of the window, smoking her cigarette and sipping the whiskey. She jauntily propped one foot on a hassock. When she finished her cigarette, she took another slug of whiskey and began to work with her hair. She was putting her hair back up on top of her head. Berkeley watched entranced as she stood with raised arms putting pins in her dark hair, the flesh of her torso and flanks flashing sensuously in the orange glow of the lamplight.

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