Smooch Me All Over, Love

by harry lime

Copyright© 2015 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A story of streetwalkers. The oldest profession of all time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

Gretchen was cold. In fact, she was chilled right down to her pretty toes all painted red and sticking out the front of her expensive high heels. The only reason she was wearing them was because they made her ass look just right and ready for action in the light of the streetlight on the corner.

Gretchen was a lady of the night. She had so many bills to pay that she had to work every night just to keep her pretty head above water.

The attractive real blond was tall and she had a nice figure that insured she got her fair share of clients from the constant traffic that flowed down the long dimly lit road that was empty of pedestrians except for the little clumps of provocatively dressed females that seemed to have nowhere to go.

Most of the girls were young.

In fact, half of them were still in their teens because it was a dangerous sort of business and a kind of work that wore them out quickly turning them into shells of their former selves.

Gretchen was the exception.

She was just past thirty and still going strong. This street was one of many streets she had walked in different cities and in different countries. Gretchen had started her career in prostitution when she was only sixteen in one of the larger cities of the German Republic and her first customer was a policeman that happily took her cherry with a smile on his happy face. For some strange reason, she associated that with him laughing at her following orders flat on her back taking his huge cock and his overweight pot belly that crushed her like a little bug underneath. She tended to avoid policemen as clients after that unless they were of a less aggressive nature and more inclined to show their appreciation with protection or cash or both.

It seemed to her that she had been taken in almost every conceivable position known to humankind and managed to pick up some tricks along the way that helped boost her earning potential drastically.

Tonight she was paired up with Sandra.

Sandra was a half white and half Jamaican beauty with a soft impressive bum and a smile that invited men to hop onboard for a nice ride and a happy ending. She was only eighteen and had already serviced hundreds of men with depraved needs that went far beyond simple humping.

Gretchen had done her best to train Sandra in the rules of the game and the ways of perversion so she at least had forewarning of what to expect behind a closed door or up against a wall in a dark alley. Sandra had been lucky thus far and hadn't met one of those special breed of males that liked to dish out pain to their partners. Gretchen had her fair share of that type of macho men and most of the time she found them a nice change from the namby-pamby office workers too shy for girlfriends and in desperate need of pussy.

She didn't think Sandra would last long in the game because she was adamantly opposed to taking it up the bum and still had an aversion to swallowing no matter how much the gentleman promised to pay her. She was a too much of a "nice" girl to last long with the customers that preyed on the easily influenced street girls and played with their emotions like poker players with unreadable eyes. Gretchen thought she was hiding a boyfriend on the side that she was siphoning cash to like she was some sort of piggybank that creating money simply by spreading her legs.

A banged-up car slowed and pulled up next to them. The driver lowered the window and Gretchen saw he was dark-skinned and extremely young. She allowed Sandra to make the pitch because of her age and her darker skin tone.

"Are you looking for some fun, good-looking?"

The young man swallowed hard and sort of stammered out,

"All I have is fifty, is that enough?"

Gretchen nodded to Sandra because she could see the girl was interested in the gentleman for her own reasons.

Sandra opened the door of the car and told the young lad in a firm voice,

"You can have me for half an hour but give the cash to my friend here so we know you are not pulling a fast one."

The car pulled away with a little screech of the tires because Sandra was practically sitting in the boy's lap and purring like a kitten. The trio of dark-skinned females on the corner under the light stared daggers at Gretchen but she knew they were only being competitive and had no nasty thoughts about her on their mind. She knew they were a good sort and not inclined to make trouble like some of the girls in her old spot near the university. Some of those girls were actually students with a need for fast cash and they were a bunch of spitfires with claws and teeth and no love for their fellow man. They were willing to sell their cunts for cash but still thought men were totally unnecessary in the scheme of things in the world today. Gretchen had no doubt that any of them would take it up the bum without extorting wads of cash for the privilege.

From the very beginning, even back in Germany, she had taken men into her rear entry if that is what they wanted. She saw no difference between a load of spunk in a condom in her fanny or up in her tight little pucker with lots of lube. In a way, she liked it back there better and liked the "doggie" position for sex best of all even if they used her natural female slit. She liked to keep her crotch free pantyhose when she was working because they kept the men's hairy legs from her sensitive skin and it seemed a little more proper to take it with the black nets covering her white skin from her toes to her hips. She always felt that the client's shafts and sacs slapped harder and made more satisfying sounds when she had her pantyhose on and it helped her to come close to an actual orgasm which was almost as good as the real deal.

Each morning, Gretchen spent a least an hour on the exercise bike to keep her legs in shape and make her bum tight and ready for action no matter how strenuous. She prided the fact she didn't jiggle much taking it "doggie" and had even gotten some bleaching treatments and hair removal to make her pucker more attractive to men interested in using the tightest hole possible. It was hard for her to understand why most of the street girls discouraged their customers from taking the rear door route to happiness in favor of exercising their overworked vaginas.

A car pulled up and then moved down to the trio of teenagers under the streetlamp. She wasn't upset because she saw there were three men inside. They negotiated with the girls for a few moments and they all packed into the van and moved off swerving slightly because of crowded quarters.

That left her alone for the moment but she was unafraid because it was a fairly good crowd of regulars that used this particular street for their nocturnal needs.

A nice looking black sedan pulled up and she saw a pair of young men who looked to be university students or young professionals. They were definitely not the working-class type that generally spilled out of the pubs after last orders.

The tall one with the ginger hair did the talking.

"Don't you have a friend? There are two of us."

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