Demon Bride
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Badger is an out-of-work construction worker soon to be evicted. Lady Lucinda Demon's Shadow waits for someone just like Badger as her hunger grows. This is the story of their romance and how love touched both their lives. Yeah, right: it's the story of how she drinks his soul. Except she'd never do that: you eat souls, and she will only eat his soul if it is what he most desires. It is, however, definitely their story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Magic   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Rough   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Voyeurism   Caution  

As the sun sank, Badger Happily Toiling trudged along the dirt road. The dust of the road joined the dust of countless construction projects ground into his overalls and worn shirt. A dilapidated felt hat perched atop a short crop of straw hair to complete his ensemble. The hat, like the rest of his clothes, had surrendered to the dirty brown of the dust.

Badger dejectedly pondered his future. He'd found a few odd jobs lately, but nothing significant since the water works project had ended a couple of months ago. Leaves Whispering in Wind, the craft manager, made it clear that unless he found a way to contribute to the community, he was out at the end of the month. There was some talk of one of the noble families buying land near Passion Mill for some grand project, but so far, no hirings. He'd been out speaking to some of the small holders and business owners trying to find something. The discussion with the infrastructurist had been promising, but ultimately disappointing as he didn't have quite enough skill with pipe fitting.

He had continued to plod along slowly, until out of his eye he saw someone standing in the field beside the road. As he looked more closely, the figure resolved itself into a naked woman beckoning to him. He startled. What was an attractive woman doing out here this late? She was young, probably in her mid twenties, but even a child would know the folly of being outside a bounding after sunset. Surely she risked shadows, demons and who knew what else, unless her passion was quite strong and well grounded in her community's web. However, he'd never seen her before, so her community must not be close.

With a chill, he realized that he ran all those risks too. His lover's work had been about as successful as everything else in his life recently. Badger realized with dawning horror that the demon before him risked nothing, and that his only chance lie in running for all he was worth. With a burst of fear and speed, he pelted down the road. She followed, running slightly faster than Badger with no apparent effort.

Badger redoubled his efforts. The demon, for at this point he was almost certain that is what she was, continued to out-pace him slightly. Two more times, Badger reached within himself and found more strength and speed. Each time, though, the demon matched and then out-paced his effort. Soon he would reach the rise over which he could catch sight of Pine Hills; he doubted he would make the community before she caught him, but he might see the chance of safety one last time. However, even this was not to be. With a burst of speed he would not have guessed possible, she over-took him. He found himself struggling to come to a stop to avoid running head-long into the demon. She reached out a well-manicured hand and grasped him to prevent his fall.

"Hi, Badger Toiling," she said as her face broke into a beaming smile. "It's such a pleasure to meet you!"

Badger panted heavily, his heart pounding with terror and exertion. By this point he had given up. She had her hands on him, and she was so fast he had no hope of escape. He hoped the end would be quick, although every story he'd heard suggested otherwise.

Badger had to look up slightly to catch the gaze of his captor's dark brown eyes. He would meet his end eyes-open with full awareness of what was to come.

The demon waited calmly. A minute passed and Badger realized that he was not yet dead and had not even been hurt. Perhaps he had entirely misjudged this situation. Still, how did she run so fast? How did she know his name? Eventually, he regained control of his breathing enough to speak.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"I'm Lucinda. I'm your demon bride," she said. She looked at him shyly, her lashes falling briefly, and continued: "That is, if you'll have me."

"That's not funny!" Badger said. "I thought that's exactly what you were. I thought you were going to drink my soul!"

Lucinda laughed. "You're silly. You eat souls, not drink them," she said. "Besides, I'd only eat your soul if it was the thing you most wanted in all the world."

Badger was confused. She seemed so serious, and she still hadn't explained herself. This was far beyond what he would tolerate as a joke.

"Enough!" he said. "This is far too serious for a prank."

"No, of course not. I really am a demon bride, and you really are my mate. Why else would someone wonder around naked and alone out of a bounding this late? How else could I run that fast? Also, how else could I do this?" she asked as she leaned forward to kiss him. As their lips touched, Badger knew without any doubt that Lucinda loved him unconditionally. There was nothing she would not do for him, nothing she would not give him that was hers to give. Tears leaked down his face: he had never felt so valued or desired in all his life.

His stomach clinched as he realized that he could think of no better explanation. He'd heard of really strong connections in a web of passion, but he was sure that he didn't share anything like that with Lucinda, and besides, such connections could only help open one to feelings that were present. Her complete all-encompassing love was unnatural. He was confused; apparently demon brides played with their food, but even though it must be true, he found it impossible to believe that Lucinda would do that to him.

Lucinda stiffened and pulled Badger into a hug. "I'd never trick you," she said. "Take the time you need to trust me and decide whether you want me. Go to Pine Hills tonight as you planned, take a lover, and open to your passion. Then decide whether you want me as your mate."

"You will let me leave, let me just walk away?"

"Of course."

"You aren't much like stories of demon brides, trapping weak lovers and consuming their souls."

A shadow crossed Lucinda's face. "Stories are always incomplete."

Badger asked, "May I take a look at you before I go? I'm the only one I know who has ever seen a demon bride and lived to tell."

"Of course. As long as we both live, I am your slut. I delight in your enjoyment of my body."

Badger stepped back and examined the woman before him. She didn't look very demonic. She was voluptuous, boasting large tits and full curves. Her face was very expressive. At the moment it was beaming brightly at him, a child-like joy dancing behind her eyes. However, he saw signs of past sadness in the corners of her lips. Her hair was very close cropped. She smelled of the woods, excitement and sweat.

Badger imagined losing himself in the softness of her arms, his mind supported by the joy of her love. He imagined taking her, filling her, marking her as his. Reluctantly, he supposed that fucking a demon probably wasn't such a good idea. Eventually after he had had his fill of gazing on Lucinda and running his hands across her smooth skin, he broke away and continued towards Pine Hills.

His encounter with Lucinda had brought forth a bounce in his step and he made much better time than over the last hour. Partly, he was delighted to feel valued, to feel important. Partly, he was afraid of the close call and couldn't believe that somehow she had let him go.

Soon, he reached the weathered door of Pine Hills community house three. He hoped to slip inside unnoticed, but Mossy Stone, the defense manager for the community, met him at the door.

"Where have you been?" Stone asked. "First bell was five minutes ago."

"I've been looking for work. Leaves in Wind has been after me to contribute or move on. I got turned around."

"Well, you're really lucky. I would not be out at night were I you. Look, though, I think I can help with that at least. Ocean Pearl is yours for the evening. She asked that you take her in her room; she is waiting there now."

Badger smiled: Ocean Pearl was no small prize. He was a couple of years her senior, but they had never been lovers before. She had both a mother and father, and they both had money. If he recalled correctly she worked with her father as a banker.

She was attractive. From what he had heard she was an accomplished slut and a good fuck. If Stone had offered Pearl to him yesterday, then his entire month would have brightened. Between Lucinda and Pearl, things were really looking up.

"Thank you very much," Badger said.

"You are welcome. I care about maintaining our bounding." Badger would have felt even warmer if Stone expressed care for Badger himself.

Badger walked toward Pearl's room. He looked forward to a night with a woman in her own place instead of yet another evening in a common dormitory.

He found her squatting naked in her door finishing a small offering to the boundary of her room. "O, there you are," she said. She examined him critically and said, "If you want five minutes to throw on something cleaner and freshen up, I guess it won't hurt."

Normally Badger would have been embarrassed at this point that his lover found his appearance and clothes wanting. He realized though that Lucinda's love and confidence for him remained an ever-present feeling in the back of his head. She believed in him and he could believe in himself. Pearl might not comprehend that he didn't have any better clothes. Sometimes he had more-recently washed clothes (although regrettably not at the moment), but what he had was long-past the point of cleanable.

"I have few enough clothes, and after a while the clothes forget everything but dust."

She laughed nervously. "Well, come in. We'll have them off soon enough. She took a step back and he entered her room. She wrinkled her nose. "Although perhaps you'd like to take me to a shower and have me there first?" she asked.

Here too was an excellent opportunity for embarrassment and discomfort. Truthfully, he'd love to wash off the smell of fear, dust and travel. However he was sensitive to how someone who had more money and was more successful viewed him. Before Lucinda he might have challenged her, asking if she were uncomfortable being given to a construction worker, or asking if she were uncomfortable with an honest day's sweat. Both of them would feel horrible and their connection as lovers would be off to a bad start. It would become a duty and dread to both of them.

Today though, Lucinda valued him; it wasn't the end of the world if Pearl thought him smelly. Besides, she was absolutely right. "I bet you have access to shower stalls. Are they big enough for two? Or would you rather me take you in front of everyone under one of the shower heads in a common bathroom?"

"O, certainly we can use my family's bathroom if you'd like; yes, the shower is big enough for both of us. Although I don't mind if you'd take me in front of everyone," she said. "Look, I may be bungling this. I just want you to have an opportunity to feel your most comfortable."

She grinned wickedly. "If I've messed this up and made you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you'll have to spank me."

He laughed. "That's not really my style, but perhaps you could clean and take care of me in the shower."

"Absolutely!" she said smiling.

Badger felt good about himself. He'd managed to hear her when she said she was trying to help and had not let his insecurity get in the way of receiving that message. She was already naked and he soon joined her. She led his way to the nearby bathroom, wiggling her ass as he followed behind.

He took an opportunity to examine her more closely as she adjusted the temperature of the water. She was slender with small, perky tits and thick brown hair. Her hips were somewhat pronounced. Badger appreciated her expressive face as she looked up at him, her eyes sparkling. Soon, the water was ready and she motioned him into the shower.

Pearl was silly enough that Badger felt himself relaxing and smiling. She used her body to soap his torso, playfully rubbing against him. He relaxed into her touch, and her hands as they explored and cleaned his body. When he was at last clean, they began to play in earnest. She pressed her tits against him, as her hand found his cock. She smiled as she rubbed her body and jacked him.

Soon she was on her knees before him, his cock in her mouth. Badger had his hands on her as she bobbed on him. She was good: her lips were responsive to his need and she had no trouble keeping up her work. He enjoyed looking on her as she sucked, water running down her hair and back.

"If you want to be fucked, we might want to go to your room before I come."

"Hmm," she said as she flicked her tongue against his glans, grinning at him. Reluctantly, though, Pearl slowed her efforts, kissed his cock and stood. He turned off the water and they stepped out of the shower to dry themselves. He led the way back to her room, his cock standing proud before them both.

She spread herself before him on her bed. He bent toward her, his breath stirring the curls of her bush. He inhaled, smelling the clean freshness of the soap atop an underlying hint of the musk of her excitement. Her lips were slightly engorged, the tip of her clit peaking forth.

His cock was quite hard and he was filled with lust. He was happy that he'd managed to connect with Pearl, to step past the problems caused by class and his frustrations. Truthfully though, his lust was half for Pearl before him, and half for Lucinda wherever she might be. He imagined slutting for the demoness, offering thanks with his passion for the help and joy she brought into his life. However, Pearl was before him now and he would not waste Lucinda's gift and fail to actually act the part of the respectable slut and lover for Pearl.

His tongue darted out teasing her cunt lips. Then he began to lick in earnest, exploring her cunt and clit. She pushed herself against him, squealing as he played her body.

She asked him to mount her; she said she took great pleasure from fucking. He slid forward, lips connecting as he offered her taste back to her. His cock found her and he entered.

Badger's lust was great and he was tempted to pound her quickly. However, he decided to savor the experience and stroked slowly. He adjusted himself so he could cup her tits, thumbs against her nipples. She bucked under him, throwing herself into their joining. Eventually she shrieked her release, her cunt clinching against his own cock bringing him over the edge.

After they recovered, Pearl rolled on top of him. She rubbed her cunt against his belly, smearing the cum dripping from her across them both. "That was fun, thank you," she said. "I heard that you were surly of late," she said. "I was a bit nervous when I heard you were given me."

"I've had a rough time," he said. They lay together, Badger rubbing her back. He told of his trouble finding work and of the resulting frustrations in his life.

She expressed sympathy. She talked of the importance of keeping offered lovers at a level of professional detachment. She could not directly help him. He understood. He imagined it would be really awkward to be stuck with a lover who was begging for a loan. However, she said that she did often become aware of jobs and she absolutely would pass along any that seemed to fit.

Badger was pleased that she was happy to host him for the night. He drifted toward sleep. He wondered how Lucinda would feel about the joy he took in Pearl. He was worried that a demon might not understand the importance humans placed on being open and available sluts and lovers. However, he continued to feel her reassuring support and love in the back of his mind. He hoped that was a real connection, not just some delusion on his part.

The next morning, Badger woke refreshed and ready to face the day. He'd see if there were any jobs to find. He also wanted to visit Lucinda; he was concerned that seeing her again was a bad idea, but he couldn't get thoughts of her out of his head. He decided he'd try and get some real answers from her.

Then he realized that he had no idea where to find her. It seemed unlikely that she spent her entire life wandering around that field where she caught him the previous evening. Well, perhaps that was for the best. He'd spend some time later searching and then hopefully when she failed to appear it would be easier to move on.

Badger went to find Mossy Stone to note that he'd potentially be out late. He didn't tell Stone that he was searching for a demon: that would surely end badly. Stone was not supportive of Badger's request. "That seems like a really bad idea, Badger. When things are rough is no time to be taking risks; you need to reinforce your bond to this community."

Badger said he would think about Stone's concern but might need to be out late anyway. Stone probed for information, but Badger simply mumbled something about hoping for a job and trying to create a good impression.

Badger ordered lunch in the pub two doors down from the community house. He was trying to bring himself to mention Lucinda. He wondered whether anyone else had seen a demon. He wondered whether the common conceptions were inaccurate and risks over-stated.

He had just casually mentioned that he thought he saw a demon bride on his way home. The conversation came to a dead silence.

"What did she look like?" asked an infrastructurist at his table. Eagerly, Badger described Lucinda. At that point Mossy Stone entered the pub and asked for a private word with Badger. Badger was afraid and angry, but he felt Lucinda's calm and decided to figure out what Stone was about before reacting defensively.

"Look, Badger Toiling, I was concerned about your request. So, I decided to debrief Ocean Pearl on your lover's work. I was really surprised," he said. Badger clinched his jaw and folded his arms.

"She had a great time and was pleased with your approach to slut. You've had things rough of late, so I think you can understand that I'd be nervous, but it appears that things went very well last night. Look, I know you need the job; if you need to be out late, then do so but please be careful."

Now it was Badger's turn to be shocked. He took a moment to collect himself and thanked Mossy Stone for his understanding.

By late afternoon, Badger was frustrated. His luck at job finding continued dreadful as ever. No matter how much of a slut he made of himself, he wouldn't have money to offer Leaves Whispering. No one was going to hire Badger as a whore; even Lucinda's joy couldn't make Badger that good of a slut and lover. So, while he was happy about Pearl and happy that things were off on a good foot with Stone, none of this would save him.

He left in search of Lucinda. To his surprise, he had a strong impression of which direction to go. He didn't really trust that sort of feeling, but he had nothing better to try.

After about an hour's walk, he came upon Lucinda among the trees of the sparse woods bracketing the fields. She was walking toward him.

"Hi, Badger," she said beaming. "Did you want me after all?" Naked as the day before, she folded back her arms, pushing forward her tits.

"I've certainly been thinking about you. Is there somewhere we can go and talk?"

"Sure, follow me."

"How will I be able to get back?" Badger asked; navigating woods was not a great strength of his.

"I want to take you to a clearing where I've got a backpack and blankets. The road is that way, about five hundred meters," she said pointing. "I'll keep you up to date as we travel. Besides, if you ask, I will take you anywhere I can get."

Badger appreciated that she did not require him to trust her to take him somewhere after their talk.

Eventually they reached Lucinda's clearing and she retrieved her pack from a hollow between two trees. She spread some blankets on the ground and they sat next to each other.

"These are nice. Where did you get them?"

"Someone I knew a couple of years ago got them for me. He wanted it to be more comfortable when we spent time together."

She continued, "So, did you have fun fucking Pearl last night? She seemed like a nice slut."

Badger was uncomfortable. How did she know? How would she feel? Was this when the fangs emerged?

"Yes. How do you know that?"

"How can I be the perfect lover if I don't know what you need? Your needs, thoughts and feelings are all open to me."

Badger really didn't like the sound of that. What if he needed to hide his feelings? What if he was angry but didn't want her to know?

"It's OK. I love you enough that anger could not turn me away."

Badger thought this was creepy. Lucinda offered to try not to make it obvious that she knew him that deeply. He decided to change the subject slightly.

"So, you effectively watched us, feeling everything I did?"


"What did you feel while it was going on?"

"I was happy for you. I was proud that you gained the confidence to approach her with strength rather than defensiveness."

"But while we slutted together?"

"O, that was hot of course. I teased myself some, but mostly I was just enjoying your passion."

Badger felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. He wanted to be desired; he wanted her to need him. Yet he was relieved that Lucinda could support him in the joy he found with Pearl. "I guess I thought you might be disappointed that I didn't meet you as lover last night. Do you not want me sexually?"

"Not want you sexually?" she laughed. "Brace yourself."

Badger was panting in an instant, his cock hard, lust rolling through him, driving all thoughts from his mind. To his surprise the lust faded over a few seconds, leaving him aching and drained. "What the fuck! What was that?"

"I shared a good portion of my lust for you so you could feel it. Yes, I want you, and when you are ready, I will enjoy taking you with all my being. However, I will take joy in all the pleasure and passion you find with me or anyone else."

Badger gulped. "You feel that all the time? How do you stand it?"

"Well, I feel it somewhat more strongly. After a few hundred years of lusting for your lovers, you get somewhat used to it. It serves to keep me on edge, to keep me focused, to give spice to life."

Badger didn't know what to make of that; it was too far outside what he knew. By this point he was sure Lucinda was not human. He was sure that not even a noble who spent their entire life studying the magic of slut and lover could have that fine of control, not even in their own seat with a lover they had woven themselves by the seat's long name. He'd never heard of web magic carrying thoughts or vision the way Lucinda seemed to reach. His mind shied away completely from considering her lust for him.

His body on the other hand had no trouble. She was hot and he wanted her. Yes, some of his desire was probably left over from what she showed him, although he'd also been thinking of her all day. "Can I touch you and explore your body?" he asked.

"You can do anything you want to me," she said.

Badger scoffed; he expected her to be more mature than that. Every child was taught the importance of boundaries; everyone had some boundaries even if some were bad at articulating them. "I doubt you'd be saying that if I took out my anger on you, heedless of whether I scarred you or broke bones."

"Actually, yes, that would be fine. But to understand that, I'd like you to try and break my finger. Trust me, there will be no harm." She offered her left hand. Badger clasped it; it felt small and delicate against his calloused palm. A lot of that was that her hand was absolutely smooth with thin, unmarred skin. Badger wondered how someone who spent their entire life away from civilization, running around in the woods, could maintain such perfect hands.

He was nauseous at the thought of hurting her. However, he felt her confidence and her desire that he try to hurt her. He figured he'd learn that she was invulnerable or something like that. So, he braced her arm and applied all the force he could to her pinkie finger.

It cracked, bending back at a sickening angle. He felt the sharp stabbing pain through their shared connection. He was horrified. "O fuck! But I thought ... But you said ... Fuck!"

She laughed, took a deep breath, and her hand was whole. Badger was so upset that he had not let go of her hand. He felt it was slightly warmer than it had been before. He marveled at the repair and bent to kiss her finger.

"Don't do that to me. That was dreadful."

"I'm sorry," she said. "It was nothing for me: that took less effort that running after you last night. As you can see, physical damage is not that big of a deal."

She looked at him earnestly. "However, I mean exactly what I said. If you will have me, I am yours. There are ways you could hurt and even destroy me. If you wish I will explain how. I trust you'll only do that if it is truly what you want of me above all else."

She paused and continued, "Of course, you'll know the pain and loss I feel; you'll know the full measure of my fear and suffering. If that brings you joy, then you will also know my joy, or at least excitement, to be consumed at your hands, to fade away at your will." She was panting slightly.

"Why? Why the fuck can't you take care of yourself like you're there for me?"

"It's only fair," she said. "I dropped into your life knowing you deeply; imagine the power I could have with that."

"Besides," she said licking her lips, "this way, anything you offer me is freely offered without compulsion; I can enjoy it fully."

"So, shall I tell you how to truly hurt me?" she asked.

"No! Wow, you really are something else. Scary, big responsibility. It feels nice to matter that much though," Badger said.

"we can take it slow."

"Yeah. So really all I was looking for now was to play with your body."

"O, I think that for the most part, we'll enjoy that more than you proving my lack of limits." She lay back and opened herself for her mate. He looked on her, feasting his eyes on the perfection of the dark tan of her skin. He had become used to her face, its playful dimple, the oft-present smile, her laugh, and that serious look that stole across her visage without warning. He ran his hands across her flanks, exploring her belly.

She was ample. He imagined snuggling into her, losing himself in her softness. However, as he explored her with his hands, he felt a core of muscle beneath that softness.

Her tits followed a similar pattern: ample and soft. He reached and hefted them, leaning forward to pillow his head against them. He felt her breath in his hair. Through their strange connection, he sensed her joy at having him pressed against her.

They shifted to lie on their sides, looking into each other's eyes. His hand drifted down between her legs and began to tease her bush. She delighted in his touch. Soon he was palming her mound, pressing against her.

He began to tease her slit and soon had a finger in her cunt. It was nice and tight. He enjoyed her responsiveness as he fingered her. He thought it would be easy to get used to the novel sensation of fully experiencing her lust as it rose as if it were his own. Perhaps he would have enjoyed the lover's art more had he paid more attention to web magic.

He was not in a hurry, but had no desire to prolong her climb to pleasure. He felt he owed her for Ocean Pearl. He also wanted to show her that he valued her. He eagerly anticipated her coming on his hand. Soon, his wish was granted. He felt the strong spasms of her cunt against his fingers as she shouted the joy of her release.

He made to roll her onto her back so he could enter her. "No, I don't think you're ready," she said. "I think you still have doubts. If you fuck me now, you'll spend the entire night wondering if you did the right thing."

"I thought you said you would do anything for me."

"I will. If you really want it, roll me onto my back, spread my legs and take me. I will enjoy that immensely."

She continued, "However, I think it best for me to walk back toward Pine Hills with you. When you are ready, return and I will ride you to the biggest comes of your life."

Badger knew she was right. He was still shaken by what Lucinda had told him. He couldn't believe her description of how he could do whatever he liked with her. Also, something seemed a little off about that last comment about fairness and no compulsion.

They walked together. Badger felt happy to hold her hand, to be next to her. He felt a spring in his step as he realized that joy was shared. Lucinda was pleased. She left him at the last rise before Pine Hills. He entered shortly after second bell and made his way to his dormitory.

Badger Happily Toiling lay on his pallet lusting for Lucinda. There would be time enough to consider the thorny problems, but he was sure going to take some time to enjoy his lust.

She was definitely his kind of girl. Pearl was nice, but she seemed fragile to him. Somewhat physically: he supposed that her slender frame might appeal to some, but he felt he needed to be a bit careful. However, he was absolutely certain that Pearl could not take all his rough edges, frustrations, and insecurities.

Lucinda on the other hand knew him fully and already accepted him. Then there was her body. She was soft enough to shelter in. She was also substantial enough that they could play rough, let go, surrender fully to their passion.

He began jacking himself thinking of how the evening could have gone. He imagined himself pushing against her as they lay side-to-side, her eventually giving into his need and rolling to her back as he crawled atop her. There lips would have joined, tongues exploring as his hands found her nipples. She would open some of that lust she felt and share it with him.

He continued to jack as he realized the last was not imagined: Lucinda, wherever she was, was turned on watching him masturbate as he thought of taking her. He felt her amused delight as her lust came to the forefront. Her fingers gently teased her cunt lips. "Yeah, slut, play with yourself and come for me," he thought. She responded, her lust growing as she spread the moisture flooding her cunt throughout her slit. Badger wished he could see her; their connection gave him a fairly accurate play-by-play, but if they got together again he'd definitely ask her to put on a show.

He was quite hard as he imagined himself atop her, pressing a knee between her legs, rubbing against her bush and cunt. He continued to jack; she matched his rhythm as she rubbed her slit. He imagined the pleasure as he repositioned himself, his cock's head at her cunt. He imagined the joy shining on her face as he slowly spread her with his cock.

However if the lust they were building now was any sign, he would have soon begun to pound her with relentless speed. She began to fuck herself with two fingers, mirroring the rapid pace of his hand on his cock. Badger basked in his building lust and the lust Lucinda offered him. with immense control, he held back as she came, battering him with her Ecstasy. Badger found it incredibly exciting to know that somewhere, she thrashed and screamed in pleasure because he desired her.

Soon his entire body locked in his orgasm, his cock spurting cum across his neck and belly as he screamed his pleasure. "And that's only the fantasy. I can still fuck her for real," he thought contentedly.

"Excuse me," said a voice to his right.

"Yes?" Badger panted. He turned his head and caught sight of a woman around his age looking at him, her head propped on her elbow.

"That was really hot. I've gotten excited watching you. I was wondering..."


"Well, um, could I come over there, sit on your face, and have you eat me out?" she said in a rush.

Badger was surprised. He couldn't remember ever being directly approached for sex like this before, at least by someone he didn't know and who was not given him for the evening. Well, there had been that one time in that construction camp, but it sure didn't happen often. He was kind of turned on. He adjusted himself to see the woman better. "Give me a good look," he said.

"Sure," she replied. She squatted, legs apart, her shaved cunt on display. Badger Happily Toiling examined her. She was curvy and voluptuous like Lucinda, although her complexion was lighter. Her hands and feet were scarred and calloused; like Badger she was no stranger to labor. As he had already noted, instead of Lucinda's full bush, her cunt was bare. She looked at him nervously but also with a hint of challenge.

Badger smiled. "Sure, why not?"

She stood up and crossed the distance between their pallets. He lay back and she mounted his face, bracing herself against the wall behind him. Badger didn't really have to do much: the woman, whoever she was, clearly had already surrendered to her lust. She made slut atop him, furiously grinding against him. Even so, he approached her, exploring her slit and the depths of her cunt with his tongue, nipping at her clit.

She climaxed, leaving him with a face full of her sweet cum. She thanked him and headed back to her pallet.

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