The House Guest

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A religious woman is invited to stay as a house guest but although gaining the reputation of a pious woman, in fact is the opposite something the man of the house takes advantage off - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

Robert wasn't surprised when his wife, after reading the church pamphlet, asked if he would mind if they accommodated a visiting delegate from interstate. "It is only for a couple of days", she said. "I know the church has had difficulties finding accommodation for the delegation. I don't know any of the women but if you don't mind I will say we can offer facilities for one". He put down the paper, his mind registering on one word 'woman'. "Yes we do have the space", he said. "But I wouldn't want it for too long, just a few days I don't have any problems with", he concluded. Normally a wife would have been delighted and given her husband a kiss and maybe even sucked him off in gratitude, but his marriage was not one based on intimacy, in fact it was so long ago since even the slight touch of intimacy had been done, it could be referred to as ancient history.

Days passed and the household continued on its rather boring existence, everything was done under the labels 'obligation' and 'responsibility' no further mention was given to the 'house guest' suggestion; in fact he had forgotten it so he did get a bit of a surprise to find a plump and heavy breasted woman having afternoon tea with his wife. He smiled as his wife addressed him as 'dear', a word that was as alien in the house as men from Mars. He was introduced, the woman was one of the delegations that were from interstate, she would be with them for three days; her name was Marlene. He gave a nod of welcome and left her to continue the chit-chat with his wife.

At first the woman was a little hesitant in engaging him in conversation. He didn't take that as an affront for women in general he liked but that was not always the returned attitude. She was here as a guest to attend some form of church activity and that was none of his business for his association with the church or any religious organization was very negative, something that his wife had come to accept after a ding-dong row some years before. However, this evening she seemed eager to talk and he knew his wife may froth at the mouth but when asked his opinion and beliefs he let fly with both barrels and although said in a civilized manner the hostility in his voice did cause her to gasp in either horror or disbelief, he really didn't give a darn; she had asked the questions and he had replied. He really thought that would have ended his association with the woman but he did get a surprise later that evening when his wife had retired, still smarting from the hostile comments that had circulated about an institution she was as fanatic about as that mob that called itself 'Islamic State'. He was sitting in the lounge, flipping through the channels for since his wife had altered the programmes there was barely anything on that didn't include religion. Finally he gave up when she entered and sat down.

"You don't like religion?" she said.

"No I don't", he replied. "Religion has stuffed this marriage up; their ridiculous attitude to any form of intimacy that isn't association with reproduction becomes a sin. You know Marlene I haven't had any intimacy with my wife in decades, touch her on the tit that is a sin and kiss her that is a sin. Fuck I hate to know what sort of sin it would be if I got her to suck me off or fucked her up the bum, maybe the world would come to a screaming half. Now you know what my attitude is, we don't normally talk about it, but you did ask earlier". Several minutes passed as he got up and put the kettle on. "Like a coffee or tea?" he asked. She got up and stood in the doorway as he emptied the used tea bags and put hot water into the teapot said. "I'll suck you off if you like. I know my husband goes all funny when I do it to him. He tells me it is almost better than a fuck and we fuck daily". Robert nearly dropped the teapot for her comment was so out of the blue and certainly unexpected that it was minutes before he could reply. "Seriously?" he stammered. She smiled and after he put the teapot on the table, she undid his belt, pulled down his trousers and jocks and there in the kitchen she took his cock into her mouth and slurped and slobbered till he gave a gasp, pulled her head into his groin, thrust himself forward so not a fraction of cock on display and emptied his balls. He held her till she had drained him and cum and saliva were seeping from the corners of her mouth, only then did he release her. She pulled away, wiped her mouth on the tea towel and got up and headed for the bathroom. A typical action with all the women who had sucked him off for he didn't miss out on a sexual association, his wife may loath it but over the years he had enlisted the aid of various women and on the sly was in contact with a few a Nicki, a Kim, a Karen and Elizabeth, all very good at sucking.

Marlene reappeared some minutes later. "I'll have a coffee", she said and then with a giggle asked. "What do you think your wife would have said if she had come out while I had your cock in my mouth?"

"Marlene I have no idea for I doubt if she would have known what you were doing. However, if she did I suppose there would have been a sort of eruption". Marlene giggled and just shook her head but the smile on her face was very encouraging for it gave a clear sign that she was willing for further sexual activity if the occasion arose.

The programme for the conference that Marlene plus the other delegates attended was to start at eight in the morning and finish around nine in the evening; it was a long day and by the time Marlene returned she was quite exhausted. This evening the second since she had arrived she voiced her intention of retiring early. "Well goodnight", his wife said as she too retired to her room for there was no intimacy in the marriage and separate bedrooms had been in vogue for many years. It was after eleven when he turned off the television and the DVD 'The Cave' was put into its case. "Oh! Well maybe I'll do what the others have done – retire. I have an early ride in the morning, we are taking the bikes to one of the towns along the Bay", he muttered as he closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. He hadn't closed the bathroom door, just pushed it, it hadn't caught. He dried himself and turned and gave a gasp for Marlene was standing in the door, dressed in a light blue dressing gown. For seconds he stood, totally naked, just a few feet from her. She smiled. "Well don't just stand there Marlene", he said. "Suck on this, harden it and then...", he didn't finish for she undid her gown, she was naked and if there was any slackness in his cock it disappeared for he loved heavy breasted women and her tits hung like melons nearly level with her navel and his other item of interest the growth of hair at her groin was immense so by the time she was slobbering on his cock he pushed his groin into her face and where that seven inch erection went, he didn't care but there wasn't a fraction out of her mouth. She sucked for several seconds. "That is enough for now", he said. "Turn around and let's fuck 'doggie style'. A request that she willingly agreed to and for the first time in ages he was fucking a woman like an animal would do and Marlene was responding, working in rhyme to the cock giving her much delight. He emptied his load with a gasp and then slowly withdrew. She got up and then washed his lubricated cock. "Sleep with me tonight for when my husband fucks me it is an almost not stop marathon and I want more than one screw". She led him into her room and time and time again during the night her grunts and his gasps echoed and bounced off the walls.

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